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Hoverboard Football Challenge!!


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  • Team Edge
    Team Edge  Year ago +1022

    Hey guys! Did you see that awesome touchdown I made? If you haven't seen our other sporty challenges, go check out our Drone Baseball Challenge!!

  • Peyton Markowsky
    Peyton Markowsky Minute ago

    That false start

  • Lisa Cantu
    Lisa Cantu Hour ago

    Read the rule book

  • rmendoza1004
    rmendoza1004 23 hours ago

    Conner sucks

  • Yolkyjoker 622
    Yolkyjoker 622 3 days ago

    Did anyone see joeys face when he got the pick six

  • Eli Ortiz
    Eli Ortiz 4 days ago

    You dont play flag football like that j-fred you had to move forward

  • Jeanie Ewing
    Jeanie Ewing 4 days ago

    Always crying why you always crying a a stop drop enroll

  • JakeWeaverSays Jacob Weaver

    How tall is J-Fred

  • Aaron Chevez
    Aaron Chevez 5 days ago

    Connor cheated

  • deadmax Deluxe
    deadmax Deluxe 6 days ago

    Brian Just Seemed so salty this whole time what a prick

  • penguin 4205
    penguin 4205 10 days ago

    This was the first team edge episode I ever watched.

    TEAM WALLPAPER 15 days ago

    Do you know what I find funny at 6:33 when they called off sides it would actually be false start

  • Chase McConnell
    Chase McConnell 16 days ago

    Bobby counted way to fast

  • Sweetiebelle/Twilight
    Sweetiebelle/Twilight 16 days ago

    I thought they well bryan said the loser of football game gets punished

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 17 days ago

    Touchdowns are six points

  • Horror 23
    Horror 23 17 days ago

    U guys should do hoverboard volleyball

  • Joe Torres
    Joe Torres 17 days ago

    Oh dang

  • Drew Bark
    Drew Bark 20 days ago

    Connor is dum

  • Devin Cupit
    Devin Cupit 20 days ago

    bobby cheated so bad he didnt even count to 3 Mississippi he just goes 123 mississipi

  • Ethan Cartagena
    Ethan Cartagena 20 days ago

    I’m watching this while riding a hover board

  • Lovey Dub
    Lovey Dub 21 day ago

    3:50 Turn on captions. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… What great translation.

  • Skittle boy plays rolblox

    whers that other guy

  • 501hitman Seal team

    # Conner is trash

  • Ajay Amundson
    Ajay Amundson Month ago

    9:14 did Bobby swear?

  • 3-KAMs
    3-KAMs Month ago

    Wait what the blue team won but they did the punishment? And that’s a fun punishment

  • James the dabber charles

    Your not holding the ball right

  • hafiz husna
    hafiz husna Month ago

    Connor sucks

  • toxicmoon42
    toxicmoon42 Month ago

    When the beat drops

  • Aidan Kellogg
    Aidan Kellogg Month ago

    Do this but on giant stuff like football's and helmets

  • Wynn Skidmore
    Wynn Skidmore Month ago

    Does Bobby have a brother named Danny

  • Skylar Gardiner
    Skylar Gardiner Month ago

    Bobby: Ah papaya hike

  • Catherine pender
    Catherine pender Month ago

    That is good

  • Yolanda Campos
    Yolanda Campos Month ago

    A td is not 7 points its 6 but great video

  • LoathVision gamer
    LoathVision gamer Month ago

    Football in 2020 but with hovercraft

  • Brainstorm Bricks
    Brainstorm Bricks Month ago

    That's fine

  • Cash Frederick
    Cash Frederick Month ago

    Bobby is so funny I love j Fred

  • Joshua Pyle
    Joshua Pyle Month ago

    BOBBY COUNTS WAYYY TOO FAST. It’s not β€œ1Missippi2Missippi3”. It’s β€œone Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.”

  • Zac Pedrajas
    Zac Pedrajas Month ago

    bryan is stupid

  • Kelly Brady
    Kelly Brady Month ago

    My ad scared me for life πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜§πŸ˜¦πŸ˜―

  • Aniya Quinn
    Aniya Quinn Month ago

    that ref is dome

  • Everything mini Clipped

    Connor is actually trashπŸ˜‚

  • Jeremy Karakusis
    Jeremy Karakusis Month ago

    i say that it is still 14 14

  • Jeremy Karakusis
    Jeremy Karakusis Month ago

    that is dumb i say it does not count


    Connor sucks

  • Calder Dupont
    Calder Dupont Month ago +1

    can i have 100 likes cose it is my birthday

  • Joe Koffler
    Joe Koffler Month ago

    I love team edge

    KGMEJEL Month ago


  • Krista Cancelleri
    Krista Cancelleri Month ago

    Connors name is spelled right

  • Elizabeth Day
    Elizabeth Day Month ago

    You look like the joker with that helmet on your face!

  • JordanMKV
    JordanMKV Month ago


  • Maci Hawks
    Maci Hawks 2 months ago

    your boddy has to croos

  • Rich Miller
    Rich Miller 2 months ago

    J-Fred actually got 100 points because 1st one is 10 second is 20 which is thirty. Then he caught it so it adds fifty. Which is 100

  • Alex Juarez
    Alex Juarez 2 months ago


  • Nalu Boy
    Nalu Boy 2 months ago

    You guys said the hover board has to pass the line but Joey only mad the ball pass

  • Nalu Boy
    Nalu Boy 2 months ago +1


  • Fuapau Siovaiata
    Fuapau Siovaiata 2 months ago

    Everybody who is saying it's 6 points per TD they know that but you can't punt/kick it on a hoverboard

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin 2 months ago

    Every touchdown is 6 points

    • Fuapau Siovaiata
      Fuapau Siovaiata 2 months ago

      Once punt it it's 7 but you can't kick on a hoverboard so they made it seven

  • Gary Nagel
    Gary Nagel 2 months ago

    Jfred stinks

  • Nathaniel Williams
    Nathaniel Williams 2 months ago

    Bad couch

  • The real Water god
    The real Water god 2 months ago

    Blue jays is baseball

  • Karson Moore
    Karson Moore 2 months ago +1


  • GamingBeFly
    GamingBeFly 2 months ago

    Gibson is actually a good ref

  • GamingBeFly
    GamingBeFly 2 months ago

    Browns need to sign Nick

  • Lio Medina
    Lio Medina 2 months ago

    I subscribed

  • joann201170
    joann201170 2 months ago

    they're are 4 downs if it's pass inference it stays that down

  • Speedy99
    Speedy99 2 months ago

    To fast booby

  • Jacob Velasco
    Jacob Velasco 2 months ago

    you have to go into it not reach over

  • Billy Clark
    Billy Clark 2 months ago

    a touchdown is 6 points not 7

  • max yellow eagle
    max yellow eagle 2 months ago

    I,m go at football

  • Arron Roshan
    Arron Roshan 2 months ago

    Connor sucks/cheater

  • Ian Montgomery
    Ian Montgomery 2 months ago

    Play real football

  • Dylan Tierney
    Dylan Tierney 2 months ago

    Who else thought Connor was really annoying with him always saying I got pushed off

  • Julie Aguilar
    Julie Aguilar 2 months ago

    can I join team edge i subscribed and lived a like on the video

  • KGF_Verti Β·
    KGF_Verti Β· 2 months ago

    Those helmets aren't safe if a mistake happened head to head you would of had a concussion

  • Tiffany Holliday
    Tiffany Holliday 2 months ago

    Conner got a horrible throw

  • Chris Heminover
    Chris Heminover 2 months ago

    Connor is a little baby

  • Nicthegod 12
    Nicthegod 12 2 months ago

    I am getting a hover board for Christmas. Which one should I get

  • Georgia Cook
    Georgia Cook 2 months ago

    Y’all are stupid a touchdown is 6 points

    • Fuapau Siovaiata
      Fuapau Siovaiata 2 months ago

      What do you mean you are stupid they made it 7 cause you can't kick on a hoverboard stupid

  • the zombie slayer m
    the zombie slayer m 2 months ago

    This is how you do it 7:05

  • Matt Nobody_CRU
    Matt Nobody_CRU 2 months ago

    Hmm biase much

  • Micah Devoe
    Micah Devoe 2 months ago

    Love the vids

  • Micah Devoe
    Micah Devoe 2 months ago

    I've the vids

  • Cruz Carley
    Cruz Carley 2 months ago

    Yes that was an awesome touchdown

  • Cruz Carley
    Cruz Carley 2 months ago

    I think you should do a flying drone baseball challenge

  • Asa Vuong
    Asa Vuong 2 months ago

    Bryan and Bobby is a weenie

  • Darrell Baker
    Darrell Baker 2 months ago

    Totoro release starchy in one Apple Watch and none of your videos no more and I’m very OCD I will put a dumb downs🀜🏾😭

  • shannon lobb
    shannon lobb 2 months ago


  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown 2 months ago

    I am 9 years old

  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown 2 months ago

    I Play tackle football

  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown 2 months ago

    I play

  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown 2 months ago

    A touchdown is Worth six points

  • joel gum
    joel gum 2 months ago

    I can teach them how to play football like if you agree

  • Nathan Stewart
    Nathan Stewart 2 months ago

    Do more football

  • Juliana Veliz
    Juliana Veliz 2 months ago

    I hate Bryan

  • Top Banana
    Top Banana 2 months ago


  • Meredith Robinson
    Meredith Robinson 2 months ago

    7:31 was a pick 6

  • Gideon Kane
    Gideon Kane 2 months ago

    This looks fun

  • Ethan Keller
    Ethan Keller 2 months ago

    That pass interference on bryan was not pass interference because that is just blocking a pass and even if it was one of the guys on the blujays did that same thing except bryan was in the endzone

  • Sh3ll3y214
    Sh3ll3y214 2 months ago

    Bobby should have tried to intercept the pass

  • ii_SaVaGe-ii
    ii_SaVaGe-ii 2 months ago

    Umm, the last touchdown did not count. You have to either have half of the overboard on the touchdown, Or full on hover board exat on the touchdown.

    • Fuapau Siovaiata
      Fuapau Siovaiata 2 months ago

      What it's they're rules did you make the rules no so shut up