'Lowlife' Colbert Video Chats With 'Lost Soul' Fallon & Conan O'Brien

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • 'Lowlife' Stephen Colbert, 'Lost Soul' Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien hold an emergency late night video conference to discuss Trump's war on late night.
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Comments • 1 717

  • Will Goebel
    Will Goebel 14 days ago

    Love them all

  • Bhavya Venkatesh
    Bhavya Venkatesh 28 days ago

    Oh my God, please post this intro from everyday for those of us who do not live in America!

  • Dhaka1212 BDesh
    Dhaka1212 BDesh Month ago

    I love this guy, he's the best!!

  • Simbonge Zondi
    Simbonge Zondi Month ago

    Trevor noah is missing

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 2 months ago

    conan colbert fallon crossover event

  • Sava Russkiy
    Sava Russkiy 3 months ago

    None redeemable Conan weirdness....

  • Aditya Waghmare
    Aditya Waghmare 3 months ago +1


  • Aditya Waghmare
    Aditya Waghmare 3 months ago +1


  • Abhisek Backup
    Abhisek Backup 3 months ago

    I am a simple guy. I see Conan, I click.

  • Day of Reckoning is Near! Reckoning.

    I think you on drugs!?..

  • Flanfree Chero
    Flanfree Chero 4 months ago

    Orange man bad
    Oɹɐuƃǝ ɯɐu qɐp
    Orange man bad
    Oɹɐuƃǝ ɯɐu qɐp
    Orange man bad
    Oɹɐuƃǝ ɯɐu qɐp

  • Elie Quaicoe
    Elie Quaicoe 4 months ago

    where is Jordan Schlansky's at ? he would be a great add to the group.

  • keksichoi
    keksichoi 4 months ago

    You guys are so awesome

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 4 months ago

    I've never seen so many NPC's on one youtube video. Mainly in the comments.





  • Joel Marte
    Joel Marte 4 months ago

    They say the truth the talk show hosts 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 5 months ago

    What did Jimmy say after Stephen asked what he's up to ??

  • Sebastian Oglethorpe
    Sebastian Oglethorpe 5 months ago

    Is Colbert even capable of doing a show without bashing Trump? I mean, he's a one trick pony. That shit is old and weak. Of course NPCs gobble it up because low IQ humor is all the left understands....Well, that and getting violent with anyone who disagrees with them.

  • Ishtiaque Ahmed
    Ishtiaque Ahmed 5 months ago

    Conan can't be a "lost soul" cause he doesn't have one. Take that Trump. xD

  • wizard man
    wizard man 5 months ago

    Trump forgot to call them THE THREE STOOGES

  • Roadd Jack2
    Roadd Jack2 5 months ago

    they shoulda invited jimmy kimmel to join in too

  • Earth Is A Donut
    Earth Is A Donut 6 months ago +2

    Meanwhile Jimmy Kimmel was having another battle with Matt Damon

  • Norbert Müller
    Norbert Müller 6 months ago

    He colbert your Computer from asfucker Apple, wohhhh, save your as colbert, save

  • Kate Cosette
    Kate Cosette 6 months ago

    Aaaaand more reasons why I love Stephen.

  • Dinara Tengri
    Dinara Tengri 6 months ago

    I love the amount of applause Conan gets.

  • vcarter0723
    vcarter0723 6 months ago

    Sorry Corden and Kimmel, not invited

  • undeserved
    undeserved 6 months ago

    poor liberal brainless idiots where was birth control when it was needed thought inbreeding was wrong (oh yeah liberals came from some.....oh oh butt hole babies)

  • jennifer curtis
    jennifer curtis 6 months ago

    Wtf? Waste of download and air time!😠

  • Marisol Zeledón
    Marisol Zeledón 7 months ago +1

    The holy trinity right there

  • Alex Vang
    Alex Vang 7 months ago

    “Hey! About to start shaving my chest. You guys wanna watch?”

  • Agra Nam
    Agra Nam 7 months ago

    Conan please dont hang with these clowns, youre Trump material is actually funny and doesnt smell of desperate liberal propaganda unlike some of the people in this vid with you.

  • Agra Nam
    Agra Nam 7 months ago

    As if their Bias wasnt obvious enough

  • Fabuloso
    Fabuloso 7 months ago


  • brenda mills
    brenda mills 7 months ago


  • Harold075
    Harold075 7 months ago

    new golden age of comedy when Trump is president

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 7 months ago

    What did jimmy say when Stephen asked what he's up to?

  • mm7
    mm7 8 months ago

    Wait, are Conans abs showing or was that fat?

  • JCTJR98
    JCTJR98 8 months ago

    How things have changed. I remember when late night shows were worth watching because they were actually funny.

  • Sophini 88
    Sophini 88 8 months ago

    Right there, at 1:43

  • Studio footS
    Studio footS 8 months ago

    Fuck yeah ConUn!

  • Hari Ragupathi
    Hari Ragupathi 8 months ago

    Conan is the GOAT

  • Ild lyn
    Ild lyn 8 months ago

    no one wants to see fallon.

  • Sriharsha Karanth
    Sriharsha Karanth 8 months ago

    Mr Fallon has a hangover

    A.K. SALMAN 8 months ago

    No conan. Don't get into this

  • 11matt11
    11matt11 8 months ago +1

    Nice to hear Colbert fanatics cheered Fallon. Jimmy will be fine once Trump leaves in or before 2020,

  • OneofInfinity
    OneofInfinity 8 months ago

    Conan "creepy" as always ;)

  • TBK
    TBK 8 months ago

    Seem like Conan listened to Jordan, he tried something new xD

  • sebastian mccullough
    sebastian mccullough 8 months ago

    I'm a simple man, when i see Conan O'Brien i click

  • Maria Edwards
    Maria Edwards 8 months ago

    What video calling program are they using?

  • Friendly neighborhood Inquisitor

    ........ I'm sorry, I don't think it was that funny.

  • Duribethin
    Duribethin 8 months ago

    Conan doesn't even get a proper "presidential" schoolyard insult?

  • Jake Sutton
    Jake Sutton 8 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon looks so depressed

  • Sukrith Krishnakumar
    Sukrith Krishnakumar 8 months ago

    Conan Conan Conan Conan Conan Conan!

  • Aplus_Nerd
    Aplus_Nerd 8 months ago +1

    I only clicked because of the ginger beauty.

  • JessieSevenfold
    JessieSevenfold 8 months ago

    "No country for brown men" wow...sounds like something trump would say XD

  • JV Strats
    JV Strats 8 months ago

    Hey Colbert, Trump much?

  • AP Club
    AP Club 8 months ago

    Where is Jimmy Kimmel?

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 8 months ago

    1:13 I'm glad that Conan took Jordan's advice about body grooming

  • Holly Broughton
    Holly Broughton 8 months ago

    Looking at conan made me think of a red hen also

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall 8 months ago

    Yeah you should start using this as a funny inside joke
    Kind of like how Trump calls the people at his rallies deplorables
    But funnier because you're not calling a crowd of people deplorable
    At least with the Trump crowds its accurate

  • KingsmanXV
    KingsmanXV 8 months ago

    I love conan!

  • D0mkeyKong
    D0mkeyKong 8 months ago

    Oh wow its been awhile since i’ve seen Conan and Fallon together

  • Jeanette Dodson
    Jeanette Dodson 8 months ago

    These comments are as funny as a Trump rally, and equally as intelligent.

  • Batmanofsanantonio
    Batmanofsanantonio 8 months ago

    I love how they turned it against him. Way to go ‘Guy from CBS’

  • Alfa Mail
    Alfa Mail 8 months ago

    Bunch of schleps. Without Trump, they got nothing. Pathetic

  • Rakshith M
    Rakshith M 8 months ago

    this is funny because it is true

  • Flowers' Beauty
    Flowers' Beauty 8 months ago +1

    They are so lovely!

  • A P
    A P 8 months ago


  • HimKioo
    HimKioo 8 months ago

    Oh my... Apple product... 🍏 :/

  • Brendan Bloomberg
    Brendan Bloomberg 8 months ago

    Hahahaha really? Trying so hard to take down Trump a peg. Not gonna work guy on CBS.

  • CashDayYoung
    CashDayYoung 8 months ago

    Yeah, you guys have fun going to the Red Hen. Maybe you’ll see Maxine Waters there too.

  • Zealed
    Zealed 8 months ago

    Seriously? You open up with a Trump joke again? Don’t lump Conan together with these shills. He’s the only one with actual talent and morals left

  • Mycel
    Mycel 8 months ago

    all the late night hosts should qork out the right level to stoop down to, and then mercilessly troll trump like this.

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 8 months ago

    No country for brown men 😂😂😂

  • samurai X
    samurai X 8 months ago

    I think Conan O'Brien is the funniest

  • excellentes
    excellentes 8 months ago

    I knew Conan will do something weird hahahahah mah man

  • Norse Warlord
    Norse Warlord 8 months ago

    Ewww Stephen uses a Mac.

  • oh okay
    oh okay 8 months ago

    Trump jokes hahaha.....again

  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez 8 months ago

    Should of had jimmy kümmel

  • MRah
    MRah 8 months ago +1

    I'd love to see Jimmy Kimmel join in 😂 we need more of these

  • newtoninspired
    newtoninspired 8 months ago

    Donald Trump still made his way to entertainment industry even if not being there 😂

  • GraViTyAboVe
    GraViTyAboVe 8 months ago

    This was a treat.

  • Tech With Brett
    Tech With Brett 8 months ago

    What a collaboration!

  • Akennalady
    Akennalady 8 months ago

    Red hen! Lol...

  • Michel Lajeunesse
    Michel Lajeunesse 8 months ago

    This was brilliant!

  • T C
    T C 8 months ago

    this is what democracy leads to. People and public personalities mocking and insulting the president of their country not out of anger but in order to make him feel bad and have more people on their side. America is going down. There is democracy and there is disrespect. You can do whatever the hell you want but there are still rules.

  • JokerJack
    JokerJack 8 months ago

    That new intro is gold, keep it.

  • Amin Limbu
    Amin Limbu 8 months ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 8 months ago

    You guys are still lowlifes and haven't nothing better to do than insult me.

  • Infamous Yash Show
    Infamous Yash Show 8 months ago

    Only here for ConeBone69

  • Mereo
    Mereo 8 months ago

    (Colbert = Conan) > Fallon

  • Techno Addict UK
    Techno Addict UK 8 months ago

    haha funny stuff

  • daniel chapurin
    daniel chapurin 8 months ago

    Love it when they say Trumps not doing so well when his approval rating is at like 44%, which is like with 2% of Obama’s rating, so yeah the left better be scared😂😂😂 Make America great again!!!

  • Sugar
    Sugar 8 months ago +1


  • Peter Master
    Peter Master 8 months ago

    So good.

  • NichoTBE
    NichoTBE 8 months ago

    was that supposed to be funny?

  • Aaron Zywicki
    Aaron Zywicki 8 months ago +1


  • Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James

    G.morning folks 😇Conan, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Alec BALDWIN, sooo hilarious comedians, insane 😎🤣😂

  • Nezekeh
    Nezekeh 8 months ago

    This video shows their weaknesses as men, jealous cucks that are so insecure. They just can’t stop talking about Trump, it’s boring now.. grow up girls :-)

  • Goddess shepherd
    Goddess shepherd 8 months ago

    wtf did i just watch

  • bob crawford
    bob crawford 8 months ago

    This guy would have no career without Trump in office..anyone tired of hearing this guy with his non-funny jokes...