'Lowlife' Colbert Video Chats With 'Lost Soul' Fallon & Conan O'Brien

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • 'Lowlife' Stephen Colbert, 'Lost Soul' Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien hold an emergency late night video conference to discuss Trump's war on late night.
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Comments • 2 081

  • Maria Edwards
    Maria Edwards 13 hours ago

    What video calling program are they using?

  • Friendly neighborhood Inquisitor

    ........ I'm sorry, I don't think it was that funny.

  • Exuvian
    Exuvian Day ago

    Conan doesn't even get a proper "presidential" schoolyard insult?

  • Jake Sutton
    Jake Sutton Day ago

    Jimmy Fallon looks so depressed

  • Sukrith Krishnakumar

    Conan Conan Conan Conan Conan Conan!

  • Aplus_Nerd
    Aplus_Nerd Day ago +1

    I only clicked because of the ginger beauty.

  • JessieSevenfold
    JessieSevenfold Day ago

    "No country for brown men" wow...sounds like something trump would say XD

  • JV Strats
    JV Strats Day ago

    Hey Colbert, Trump much?

  • Andersen Pratte
    Andersen Pratte Day ago

    Where is Jimmy Kimmel?

  • Hyper Dee
    Hyper Dee 2 days ago

    1:13 I'm glad that Conan took Jordan's advice about body grooming

  • Holly Broughton
    Holly Broughton 2 days ago

    Looking at conan made me think of a red hen also

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall 3 days ago

    Yeah you should start using this as a funny inside joke
    Kind of like how Trump calls the people at his rallies deplorables
    But funnier because you're not calling a crowd of people deplorable
    At least with the Trump crowds its accurate

  • KingsmanXV
    KingsmanXV 3 days ago

    I love conan!

  • EpicD0m
    EpicD0m 4 days ago

    Oh wow its been awhile since i’ve seen Conan and Fallon together

  • Jeanette Dodson
    Jeanette Dodson 4 days ago

    These comments are as funny as a Trump rally, and equally as intelligent.

  • Batmanofsanantonio
    Batmanofsanantonio 4 days ago

    I love how they turned it against him. Way to go ‘Guy from CBS’

  • Alfa Mail
    Alfa Mail 5 days ago

    Bunch of schleps. Without Trump, they got nothing. Pathetic

  • Rakshith M
    Rakshith M 5 days ago

    this is funny because it is true

  • Panda Phan
    Panda Phan 5 days ago

    They are so lovely!

  • A P
    A P 5 days ago


  • HimKioo
    HimKioo 5 days ago

    Oh my... Apple product... 🍏 :/

  • Brandon Seawell
    Brandon Seawell 5 days ago

    Hahahaha really? Trying so hard to take down Trump a peg. Not gonna work guy on CBS.

  • CashDayYoung
    CashDayYoung 5 days ago

    Yeah, you guys have fun going to the Red Hen. Maybe you’ll see Maxine Waters there too.

  • Zealed
    Zealed 5 days ago

    Seriously? You open up with a Trump joke again? Don’t lump Conan together with these shills. He’s the only one with actual talent and morals left

  • Mycel
    Mycel 5 days ago

    all the late night hosts should qork out the right level to stoop down to, and then mercilessly troll trump like this.

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 6 days ago

    No country for brown men 😂😂😂

  • samurai X
    samurai X 6 days ago

    I think Conan O'Brien is the funniest

  • excellentes
    excellentes 6 days ago

    I knew Conan will do something weird hahahahah mah man

  • Viking Gamer
    Viking Gamer 6 days ago

    Ewww Stephen uses a Mac.

  • Henry Ibarra
    Henry Ibarra 6 days ago

    Trump jokes hahaha.....again

  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez 6 days ago

    Should of had jimmy kümmel

  • MRah
    MRah 6 days ago +1

    I'd love to see Jimmy Kimmel join in 😂 we need more of these

  • newtoninspired
    newtoninspired 6 days ago

    Donald Trump still made his way to entertainment industry even if not being there 😂

  • GraViTyAboVe
    GraViTyAboVe 6 days ago

    This was a treat.

  • David Santana
    David Santana 6 days ago

    0:01 Wait, was Colbert being self aware of his dependency on Trump jokes for everyone of his monologues?

  • Tech With Brett
    Tech With Brett 6 days ago

    What a collaboration!

  • Adub Htown
    Adub Htown 6 days ago

    name a more ambitious crossover, I'll wait.

  • Akennalady
    Akennalady 6 days ago

    Red hen! Lol...

  • Michel Lajeunesse
    Michel Lajeunesse 6 days ago

    This was brilliant!

  • Terry C
    Terry C 7 days ago

    this is what democracy leads to. People and public personalities mocking and insulting the president of their country not out of anger but in order to make him feel bad and have more people on their side. America is going down. There is democracy and there is disrespect. You can do whatever the hell you want but there are still rules.

  • JokerJack
    JokerJack 7 days ago

    That new intro is gold, keep it.

  • Amin Limbu
    Amin Limbu 7 days ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 7 days ago

    You guys are still lowlifes and haven't nothing better to do than insult me.

  • The Infamous Yash
    The Infamous Yash 7 days ago

    Only here for ConeBone69

  • Mereo
    Mereo 7 days ago

    (Colbert = Conan) > Fallon

  • Garundi P. McGrundy
    Garundi P. McGrundy 7 days ago

    red hen eat yo negro jigger...load into stephen hawking voice generator for a self-revelation:
    Conan el barbaro en las mejhas de dupre negro! Conan el barbaro en las mejas de negro el dupre es mansantos si empre! Conan el barbaro en las mechas de dupree negro! Conan el barbaro en las mejas de negro el dupre es mansantos si empre! Mos sansantos!
    Conan the Barbarian comes from the neitherworld. He is other world-lee. Conan the Barbarian is the lover of man. A Negro! He take many women with him to the neitherworld. He likes the strong White woman to eat to pieces. Conan the Barbarian is a Black Spanish man with most furniture made of plastic pelets. He ride the furniture! Yah-who...yaw-haw-ho... what-ami-ghti-hoo! Victor Conan the Barbarian eats women. Conan the Barbarian eat the furniture made of plastic pelets. He ask, "Why so much plastic? In Amerika, the forest of the wood?" Conan the Barbarian in search of the plastic woman made of plastic pelets, that he might eat them. Rubbery women! Conan the Barbarian eat too. Too many form the glue. It's gulten. He drinketh toddy from a jigger. A black jigger with Roosian Vodkaa. He drink toddy, toddy toddy. He drink down the vodkaa. And toddy. Jiogger, Jioegeer, jas-jigger. Jas es dah Jiogger wiz dah toddy. You is dah negro pellet. Conan root big! The Negro root big as a jigger. Dahs drink to the dregs with the drink of the African big root! Drink to the dregs, oh Conan the Barbarbian! Big root.
    Victor Conan the Barbarian eat too many women. Too many form the glue. It's gulten! He use for glue to tie his shoe. String the glue! A ghastly ghost appear in the forest wood. Conan the Barbiarian offereth the ghost the buttox of the young woman. The Black Ghost of a night goot a hoot boot mi bootox... burneth the buttox extra! And, the gluten too! He big root! A giant of a mankind, he drink! He drink toddy from a jigger. A black jigger. He drink Roosian Vodka mixed with drink. Conan drink too! He drink it up. He drink it up eating the buttox of the young women he taketh to the neitherworld. He is other world-lee. Conan knoweth the man in the big jigger. A fruit of a man! The negro man taketh the biggest jigger. He drink it up by the big root! He drink it up. He drink it up eating the buttox of the young women he taketh to the neitherworld by way of the unyversal trolly. A night-castle, he eateth her up the stream of the night jigger. It is a lobby of a castle in the gorge. He is other world-lee. Conan knoweth the man in the jigger. Queen Negro! The man in the Jigger suit! The Black jigger nigger. He sueth the nigerians! He appear in court to disrupt the law case! Jigger-man rideth the trolley. He big man to aid Conan the Barbarian in the neitherworld. The negro man taketh the jigger. He drink it up by the big root! He big man! To talk big in front to the majestic kindgom mothers. He nothers! He has a willow-fringed brook and the garth of the lobby of a castle in the gorge! Otherworldly men cannot touch the big root. Conan the Barbarian killeth them all! He big. Suit up.
    Conan el barbaro en las mejhas de dupre negro! Conan el barbaro en las mejas de negro el dupre es mansantos si empre! Conan el barbaro en las mechas de dupree negro! Conan el barbaro en las mejas de negro el dupre es mansantos si empre! Mos sansantos!
    eeeeehheehhh... Eek pos santos mis sa-si empre! E Conan the Barbarian pistoli en las machas des negros. Es Negeriosos! El sienprenimos.
    Conan el barbaro en las mejhas de dupre negro! Conan el barbaro en las mejas de negro el dupre es mansantos si empre! Conan el barbaro en las mechas de dupree negro! Conan el barbaro en las mejas de negro el dupre es mansantos si empre! Mos sansantos!
    Mis peppesssooo...

  • Techno Addict
    Techno Addict 8 days ago

    haha funny stuff

  • daniel chapurin
    daniel chapurin 8 days ago

    Love it when they say Trumps not doing so well when his approval rating is at like 44%, which is like with 2% of Obama’s rating, so yeah the left better be scared😂😂😂 Make America great again!!!

  • Sugar
    Sugar 8 days ago +1


  • Peter Master
    Peter Master 9 days ago

    So good.

  • NichoTBE
    NichoTBE 9 days ago

    was that supposed to be funny?

  • Aaron Zywicki
    Aaron Zywicki 9 days ago +1


  • Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James

    G.morning folks 😇Conan, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Alec BALDWIN, sooo hilarious comedians, insane 😎🤣😂

  • Nezekeh
    Nezekeh 10 days ago

    This video shows their weaknesses as men, jealous cucks that are so insecure. They just can’t stop talking about Trump, it’s boring now.. grow up girls :-)

  • Goddess shepherd
    Goddess shepherd 10 days ago

    wtf did i just watch

  • bob crawford
    bob crawford 10 days ago

    This guy would have no career without Trump in office..anyone tired of hearing this guy with his non-funny jokes...

  • NES 83’
    NES 83’ 10 days ago

    Red Hen. 😂

  • Troy Weddington
    Troy Weddington 11 days ago

    I used to watch late night It was funny.

  • Test Testing
    Test Testing 11 days ago

    Is this supposed to be comedy?

  • Vaibhav Goel
    Vaibhav Goel 11 days ago +1

    its surprising that trump didnt mention @lastweektonight , probably saved himself an ass kicking XD

  • Amelier
    Amelier 11 days ago

    Life Completed.

  • Caroline Sunshine
    Caroline Sunshine 11 days ago +1

    Stephen is my hero. :D

  • Sejin Kim
    Sejin Kim 12 days ago

    "It's the Late Show with the guy on CBS!"

    LKP LLC 12 days ago +1


  • plnkfloydian
    plnkfloydian 12 days ago

    Bring letterman back. Steven is trash.

  • lestrange dan
    lestrange dan 12 days ago +1

    Never imagine Conan and Fallon would be on the same skit

  • H U M A N huntz
    H U M A N huntz 12 days ago

    Recognize me? I'm everywhere.

  • Maxi Wu
    Maxi Wu 12 days ago

    Lowlife is Colbert, Lost Soul Fallon and No Talent Conan. Sounds pretty good together.

  • J M
    J M 12 days ago

    Actually Conan is the funniest then James, Colbert, Trevor, then Fallon and Meyers if I had to choose who to watch first

  • moo-hair
    moo-hair 12 days ago +1

    no dis against fallon but seth meyers would have been waaaay more appropriate as the 3rd in this proper "clownin" (talkin shit with balls)...just sayin..

  • MAX 330
    MAX 330 12 days ago

    Fake news crew

  • Tom P
    Tom P 12 days ago

    free speech?".. Good show!.

  • Jack Ashe
    Jack Ashe 12 days ago

    Top 10 Most Ambitious Crossovers

  • Simret Sekhon
    Simret Sekhon 12 days ago +1

    Conan makes anything more funnier.. he's a god

  • Dan Murray
    Dan Murray 12 days ago


  • Myk Cambion
    Myk Cambion 13 days ago

    you are all awesome

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 13 days ago

    Trump 2020!🙌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Leo Nards Bro
    Leo Nards Bro 13 days ago

    Wow, you guys are FINALLY making fun of Trump. What took you so long.
    Good job proving you're not biased and keep staying away from that low hanging fruit.
    That shows laziness on the part of a comedian.

  • Nimrah R
    Nimrah R 13 days ago +3

    *Late Night Show hosts, assemble!* ✊🏼

  • John Do
    John Do 13 days ago +3

    Late night hosts colluding against fascism!

  • Lil GoON
    Lil GoON 13 days ago +1

    You late night "comedians" dishing out all types of insults to trump...but when getting a taste of your own medicine, ALL 3 OF YOU can't handle the heat lol so yous put this together ? Lmao

  • Slothy
    Slothy 13 days ago

    Why aren't these 'talented' people running for president instead of just chatting shit about trump

  • mobis ware
    mobis ware 13 days ago +2

    It's funny how Cons are always jealous of successful Amerians

  • LibertyMinded
    LibertyMinded 13 days ago

    Poor Conan...I can tell he’s the only one desperately trying to avoid this tired-ass crap. Meanwhile the other two are just marionettes

  • j-dog anderson
    j-dog anderson 13 days ago +1

    I see Conan, I click

  • Bianca Fit
    Bianca Fit 13 days ago

    Super funny hahaha and true!

  • Logi Bear
    Logi Bear 13 days ago

    I don't know why but the announcer lady annoys me...she's either trying too hard or not hard enough....idk

  • Eric Hauser Sr.
    Eric Hauser Sr. 13 days ago

    the New New New
    three stooges...

  • Maaz Kalim
    Maaz Kalim 13 days ago

    “The Guy” featuring “Other Guys”...°

  • FreaKyWTK
    FreaKyWTK 13 days ago


  • Lord Roo
    Lord Roo 13 days ago +1

    3 cucks !

    THE TWISTED GENT 13 days ago

    These pricks are obsessed with Trump... 😜

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong 13 days ago +1

    The Late Night Cinematic Universe

  • Primo Quartus
    Primo Quartus 13 days ago

    Propagandists swing from lamp posts.

  • Jeet Jani
    Jeet Jani 13 days ago

    Loved that intro scene is back on TheXvid!!!

  • zlaeq
    zlaeq 13 days ago

    Holy when that guy came running in. He’s fast.

  • douglas gawitt
    douglas gawitt 13 days ago

    Colbert’s the only cool one the other two are jackass’s.
    TRUMP 2020!!!! Deal with it!! Lol

  • Richard Gagliano
    Richard Gagliano 14 days ago

    For irrelevant talk show hosts, there guys make way to much money. At least Conan appreciates good guitar playing. Trump will outlast all of them.

  • CatGoesMeWOW
    CatGoesMeWOW 14 days ago

    "Well thats not right....Thats Conan" LOL. (i love Conan xD)

  • Djys Euu4
    Djys Euu4 14 days ago

    Wow wow wow. Jimmy fallon joined