Convicts Cook Scrambled Eggs For Gordon Ramsay | Gordon Behind Bars

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • To see what chefs are capable of cooking, Gordon sets up a simple scrambled egg challenge.
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  • Mistuh Cluck
    Mistuh Cluck 2 days ago

    69... no
    69.... maybe
    69.... yes

    No 102,000 convictions

  • sariusmonk
    sariusmonk 2 days ago

    I can only cook scrambled eggs because of a different gordon ramsay video. If I was put on the spot mine would prob be crap too.

    • xen0g3n
      xen0g3n 2 days ago

      Would it be this one? They're tasty!

  • The secret Scaffolder

    I done cocaine at 10 as he wipes his nose

  • Karungthar Marem
    Karungthar Marem 3 days ago

    Cant understand a thing theyre speaking

  • Grandma Shirley
    Grandma Shirley 5 days ago

    I was sentenced to life cuz i murdered by husband vince. He was having an affair with grandma rita from the next street. One day he asked me to make him some scrambled eggs so i got an hammer and scrambled his bollocks hahaha.

  • Logan Parkes
    Logan Parkes 5 days ago

    Gordon is really a good example of an angel that has fought his way to victory

  • GiGa Flux
    GiGa Flux 6 days ago

    Why are the majority of the convicts in this prison Black, when they are an overwhelming minority in Scotland?

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 6 days ago

    This lot can't tell their all from their elbow. 😂😂

  • xBrqndz
    xBrqndz 6 days ago

    To think im watching 1080p...

  • CCz On
    CCz On 9 days ago

    What this really makes me see is that being bad is more complex than what we’re shown. The prisoners all seem like genuinely nice people that just got put into a bad situation or something like that. Overall, pretty cool to look inside what a prison is.

  • Fortnite Master 360
    Fortnite Master 360 9 days ago

    Why does it say 1080p but the quality is so low

  • Daymond42
    Daymond42 10 days ago

    First guy's scrambled eggs look just like mine. Just my preference, I guess.. I like having a little bit of a browned edge to them in areas.

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 11 days ago

    Awwww. Full episode please!

  • Антон Резников

    Гордон ты пиздишь, адрес Крым Джанкой

  • threwlight 88
    threwlight 88 14 days ago

    They sentenced very lightly out there 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Begging ForABeat
    Begging ForABeat 14 days ago

    How do i watch longer versions of these!

  • iowaaaaaaaaaa
    iowaaaaaaaaaa 14 days ago

    Sorry, but this is preposterous. Most people see cooking as a means to an end, people like Gordon see it as an art because it is their job. There's almost no way to make a cooked egg inedible, he should be happy they were all overcooked as opposed to undercooked which could be a health risk. Also scrambled eggs suck compared to eggs over easy. 'You suck at making scrambled eggs' is such a ostentatious thing to say to anyone who cooks in order to maintain sustenance and not impress other people.

    CHIRAG ADITYA 15 days ago

    It is actually the prisoners who fear him

  • Tasha Vladimiroff
    Tasha Vladimiroff 16 days ago +3

    I love how he is always down to make better chefs. And to give people a second chance at life and a real profession.

  • J Perc
    J Perc 16 days ago

    American prisoners laugh at these guys

  • Tonar Silverwolf
    Tonar Silverwolf 17 days ago +1

    is it me, or does British prison seem not that bad

  • Youtube Bot
    Youtube Bot 17 days ago +1

    Gordon: FUCK ME
    Criminal: 😏

  • Tsar R
    Tsar R 17 days ago

    To be honest 99% of people if prison are pricks and this is a waste of time

    • Yeet Yeet
      Yeet Yeet 11 days ago

      If you think giving inmates a second chance is a waste of time then fuck you

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2 18 days ago +2

    Nice job Gord. We need more like you.

  • Still Cryixg
    Still Cryixg 18 days ago +2

    My dad learned how to make a cake out of rootbeer and oreos in prison

    • xXMediaTrix
      xXMediaTrix 17 days ago

      Zero Minty Gordon Ramsay would be impressed

    • Daniel moore
      Daniel moore 18 days ago

      I'd very much like to know how he did that if you don't mind.

  • Chad Michell
    Chad Michell 18 days ago +1

    He doesn't talk shit to the inmates he scared

  • Virgo editzz
    Virgo editzz 18 days ago

    Sometimes Gordon’s attitude disgusts me it ain’t cute

  • DubGames
    DubGames 18 days ago


  • TheSickOldToad
    TheSickOldToad 19 days ago

    0:03 Seth Curry is locked up?

  • Darke sidee
    Darke sidee 19 days ago

    What episode is this, I'd love to see how they turned out.

  • Weston Harris
    Weston Harris 19 days ago

    I’m so confused what some of those convictions mean. I’m from the US, I only go by the laws here. I mean, what is actual body harm? Assault?

  • FenceJumpa
    FenceJumpa 19 days ago

    What a bunch of goobers

  • Miss Chantell
    Miss Chantell 19 days ago

    They wear regular clothes

  • mungers
    mungers 19 days ago

    I didn't know heston was a prison guard :/

  • Frickle Frackle
    Frickle Frackle 19 days ago

    Master chef: Prison Edition

  • Theodore Moundo
    Theodore Moundo 19 days ago +10

    “Maybe I’m the black Gordon Ramsay” 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Theodore Moundo
      Theodore Moundo 18 days ago

      Vicky Lane he’s so proud and confident though 😂😂

    • Vicky Lane
      Vicky Lane 18 days ago +1

      "He's a disaster in the kitchen" 😂

  • Martin McCoy
    Martin McCoy 19 days ago


  • Cyphuss 17
    Cyphuss 17 19 days ago +8

    I cook better eggs than that and I’m 12

  • kunchana fernando
    kunchana fernando 20 days ago

  • dj darden
    dj darden 21 day ago

    This the first prison I seen w a free dress code💀😂

  • Bobillow
    Bobillow 21 day ago

    Chicken shit egg's.

    • Bobillow
      Bobillow 21 day ago

      Not like I can do better.

    ANA HERNANDEZ 21 day ago

    I love what you do, Gordon.

  • Dennis
    Dennis 22 days ago

    I wanted to see one of these guys shank Ramsey's smart mouth. :(

  • RS0mniscient
    RS0mniscient 22 days ago

    British prisons show more respect to inmates than American public schools

  • Trevor Avery
    Trevor Avery 22 days ago

    okay, so i get that it wouldn't be as funny if we had a reality version of what would happen in the event a truly random set of low security inmates were given this shot. in all realness, im not a chef but the common jobs in our class mister 33rd degree is cooks and burglers. {the image of the hamburger burgler is not lost on me} anyway im looking at the table you have for these dudes, no seasoning, an extra pot for some sideways {you should poach an egg in the frying pan as well...duh. no i know you could only use the ones that obviously cant cook water so im not too worried about the lack of common items that create a decent egg. your point was criminals are dense useless boneheads. but you handpicked these dudes. i dont buy into that we in the states are better cooks so much so our prisons are full of dudes who could actually cook meals in circlesw around you, im a con myself and ill walk out into a patch of woods with you and build a better shelter cook foods nature provides while your out looking for berries i put dear attractor spray in your cloths so i just stalk you while you attract my food. f#@%$&*$ over Zealous prick. inmates dont all fall into catagories, no class of people does. maybe explore reality in reality shows. but this was funny. azzhole

  • John Ohkuma-Thiel
    John Ohkuma-Thiel 23 days ago +23

    A minute longer and I would have teared up. These guys don’t know anything else. This is probably the first time anyone even attempted to teach them anything valuable.

  • Darkness aka ELT0077
    Darkness aka ELT0077 23 days ago

    why the camera quality looks like 1997

  • Rajesh Jesus
    Rajesh Jesus 23 days ago +1

    Jesus God


    I didnt know the watter ment it was over cooked, good to know!

  • Bernardo Gonzalez
    Bernardo Gonzalez 24 days ago

    What’s this pewdiepie quality?

  • Benjamin D'Alessandro
    Benjamin D'Alessandro 24 days ago

    Give gordon the diamond play button

  • B G
    B G 24 days ago +1

    Heroin addict & Alcoholic. I did not know that his family was like that. He's come a long way. Soo proud of him!

  • WhiteHair Rules
    WhiteHair Rules 24 days ago

    He is real careful about what he says, just in case some of the convicts have connections outside the prison 😂

  • david forte
    david forte 24 days ago

    These guys live in a paradise compared to American prison

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 24 days ago

    i love my eggs raw

  • anonymous CRS3
    anonymous CRS3 24 days ago

    If that's how you want to punish your criminals, I'm public enemy number 1

  • Dayson Stratton
    Dayson Stratton 24 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay taught me how to cook eggs

  • Ligma exe
    Ligma exe 24 days ago +1

    This is bad quality! I give bad review on yelp!!!

    • Yeet
      Yeet 24 days ago

      I triggers me

  • Jonah Koop
    Jonah Koop 24 days ago

    Can we please keep Gordon behind bars?

  • ToonFool
    ToonFool 24 days ago

    How much you wanna bet they put some bleach in there?

  • hypoeddy
    hypoeddy 24 days ago

    lmao. He was dealt a dysfunctional card because two other people were addicts. Fuck you. Tell us where you've fucked up, don't name other people as fuck ups and take credit as if you recovered from it yourself, how offensive.

  • James Bagwell
    James Bagwell 24 days ago +1

    2 in the am
    I need slep0l

  • Bustavegas
    Bustavegas 24 days ago

    Prisoners wearing LaCoste'.. Wow...

  • Legit Banks
    Legit Banks 24 days ago

    Bruh I was cookin’ scrambled eggs way better then that when I was 7.

  • Daniel Baller
    Daniel Baller 24 days ago

    brits talk like old wizards

  • Happy Person
    Happy Person 24 days ago

    Is it weird that I love my scrambled eggs runny? 😂 my secret is to just add a lot more milk. Juicy eggs

  • leogan gaming
    leogan gaming 24 days ago +2

    Maybe i am the black gordon!
    Ainsley: *HEHE* *BOI*

  • FloraSora
    FloraSora 24 days ago +10

    4:20 "Maybe I'm the Black Gordon Ramsay"
    Damn, rest in peace Etika.

  • Doodle Bob
    Doodle Bob 24 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is nicer to the prisoners than his professional chefs

    • remove millenials
      remove millenials 21 day ago

      Well, he understands why the food is like that in a prison vs a professional chef

  • Artichokehold
    Artichokehold 24 days ago

    I'm the Harriet Tubman of cooking.

  • Tony
    Tony 24 days ago +1

    can't take these convicts seriously because of their accents. Sounds so joyful lmao

  • Corey Nelson
    Corey Nelson 24 days ago +11

    There must be some reason he's not as aggressive with this bunch... Can't quite put my finger on it🤔

    • MrBanditheart
      MrBanditheart 16 days ago

      Guess he doesn't want a shiv to the throat

    • Corey Nelson
      Corey Nelson 17 days ago

      Nothing gets past you Glam!!😂😭

    • Glam
      Glam 17 days ago +2

      Probably because they don't claim that they can actually cook.

  • VADOR 93
    VADOR 93 24 days ago

    Gordon is the older version of Ed Sheeran

  • IosPlans
    IosPlans 24 days ago


  • pizza paker
    pizza paker 24 days ago

    The thumbnail makes me want to commit heart no pump

  • Mr Herb
    Mr Herb 24 days ago

    Gordons Awesome for giving a shit ✌👍😁

  • CeZaR NeBuN
    CeZaR NeBuN 24 days ago criminals...why is the country paying to keep them alive....such a waste...those guys will never change...they love what they do, why work for it, when you can steal and harm other people....idiots

  • Nicolas Courtignon
    Nicolas Courtignon 24 days ago

    1995 called, they want their camera back.

  • Beavis
    Beavis 24 days ago

    I'm in prison for burning the lamb sauce, and the rest of the restaurant.

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 24 days ago

    how comes hes not screaming "THEM SCRAMBLE EGGS ARE SHIT YOU FUCKING USELESS FOUR EYED CUNT OF A TWATTING PRICK " like he normally does ?

  • Leo Calonder
    Leo Calonder 24 days ago

    “Maybe i’m the black Gordon Ramsay”
    Remember Bobby from season 4 of hell’s kitchen? Now HE is the black Gordon Ramsay

  • HyPe Raider
    HyPe Raider 24 days ago


  • Daniel Frank
    Daniel Frank 24 days ago

    How much are taxpayers paying for this

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 24 days ago

    4:32 - 4:36 at Least he can’t say

    It’s focking RAW

  • kamil szakiel
    kamil szakiel 24 days ago

    The eggs are raw

  • William PlsSubscribe
    William PlsSubscribe 24 days ago

    The convicts have good hearts, just they’re in the wrong places.

  • joshua kennard
    joshua kennard 24 days ago

    UK prisons look so chilled 😂

  • Jade Shipley
    Jade Shipley 24 days ago

    Those eggs in the thumbnail made me wanna throw up

  • Max Folsom
    Max Folsom 24 days ago

    Imagine being able to say you met Gordon Ramsey in prison..

  • Operation turn them into sweets

    Looks like deji ain't the next one to get the diamond play button cough cough* Gordan Ramsey

  • Benjamin Jordan
    Benjamin Jordan 25 days ago

    Gordon wanted to roast these guys so bad but he knew he'd get shanked in three seconds if he did

  • Callum Cowan
    Callum Cowan 25 days ago

    Where's the Australians?

  • daniel horton
    daniel horton 25 days ago

    10 million subs today bet ya

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 25 days ago

    I love how Gordon doesn’t insult any of them 🙄

  • Amy Kaur
    Amy Kaur 25 days ago +1

    maybe they did not have a good start in life... Good educating these men... maybe they will one day put back into the community and pick up and get back on the right path...turn around and one day they too will have a good story to tell the World... Great job Gordon...:)

  • kookie from korea:D
    kookie from korea:D 25 days ago +1

    you cant say someones crap in the kitchin if its there firstt time cooking

  • Lil Knarz
    Lil Knarz 25 days ago

    It’s hard to take people with a British accent seriously why tho😭💀💀

  • Holo It's me
    Holo It's me 25 days ago

    Why some faces are blurred out?

  • o k
    o k 25 days ago

    Gordon's so chill with these dudes it's so weird

    • o k
      o k 24 days ago

      @Whiterun Guard a prune???

    • Whiterun Guard
      Whiterun Guard 24 days ago

      o k don’t be a prune.

    • o k
      o k 24 days ago

      @Whiterun Guard uhhhhhhhh sure

    • Whiterun Guard
      Whiterun Guard 24 days ago

      o k sorry mate, I think I had a bit too much to drink when I typed that 🙄😁

    • o k
      o k 24 days ago

      @Whiterun Guard geez I mean like compared to the people he cooked with don't gotta be so serious bout it

  • Ashley Villanueva
    Ashley Villanueva 25 days ago

    5 minute video on eggs
    *itd be a great idea to make a juicy beef Wellington as the outtro*