Doom Annihilation is Doomed (A Rant)

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • Doom goes 'Girl Power'
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  • UndeadHaiena
    UndeadHaiena 6 days ago

    Missed one thing... STILL NO F'N DOOMGUY

  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna 22 days ago

    A doom movie could be a monumental project if they really wanted it to be, they could do the entire film with little to no dialogue at all and let an actor convey through visuals, sounds, and body language what was going on and what they're thinking, it could potentially be a game-changer but since Hollywood is such crap it wouldn't even take that kind of risk with a normal movie so asking them to do something that neat with a DOOM film would already be asking too much.

  • starview5000
    starview5000 Month ago

    Thanks I really needed to laugh tonight. - FOOTBALL PLAYER, BIG F*KING GUN...F*CK!!!

    DEATH IS LIFE Month ago +1

    A female couldn't even take out an antifa cuck, what makes anyone think she could kill a demon?

  • Beriorn
    Beriorn Month ago

    Ever seen the movie The Raid? The movie that's like five minutes of character/world/plot building followed by an hour and a half of a police officer beating the everloving shit out of an entire appartment complex worth of people? Think that, but replace the police officer with Doomguy, beating with shooting, the appartment complex with a Mars base and people with demons and BAM you now have a Doom movie.

  • Soy Bajo
    Soy Bajo 2 months ago

    I want to make my own DooM movie

  • Luqman Ahmad
    Luqman Ahmad 2 months ago

    this 10 sec scene is probably better than the movie 1:35

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 months ago

    It feels like they're trying to fuck up doom movies. I mean 5 college dudes high on speed would make a movie closer to the source material for fuck sake.

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago

    and people wonder why men get paid more.......because they'll do it better just facts

  • Skeepan
    Skeepan 2 months ago

    I wouldn't mind _as much_ if the main girl was butch and chunky as hell, like 6'2 and buffer than Rhonda Rousey.

  • The Bahamian Rainman
    The Bahamian Rainman 3 months ago

    Holy piping hot impshit. I did not even know about this thing's existence until I saw this video.

  • Ezekiel Grey
    Ezekiel Grey 3 months ago

    You're fucking hilarious, man. That's definitely a sub from me 😂
    Best trailer review ever.

  • quelltech
    quelltech 3 months ago

    Call me a filthy heretic, but I don't think a proper _Doom_ movie would necessarily have to be 100% balls-to-the-wall action. I wouldn't mind an _Evil Dead 2_ esque take on the events of the first game, with the Marine's squadmates being introduced and then gorily picked off in various creative ways while he's stuck back at the transport, visibly losing it as the demons mess with him in initially-subtle-but-increasingly-overt ways, et cetera.

  • DarkurSrike
    DarkurSrike 3 months ago

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH i know what's wrong.
    They are making movies based on Doom 3
    Dear movie producers, we want Doom 1,2&4
    3 is shit

  • TheBar20
    TheBar20 3 months ago

    Doom wokeihilation

  • Myrdred Deceiver
    Myrdred Deceiver 3 months ago

    this is supposed to be a soft seboot?

  • FourthDerivative
    FourthDerivative 3 months ago

    If I had a nickle for every video game movie trailer that used some variation of the phrase "THIS ISN'T A GAME ANY MORE", I'd have made more profit than all of those movies combined

  • Cassondra Lewis
    Cassondra Lewis 4 months ago +1

    1:36-1:46 perfect reaction for watching trailers for some of the movies this year

  • Garrett the Ferret
    Garrett the Ferret 4 months ago

    And everybody thought the Sonic movie looked bad.

  • Eric Wellmann
    Eric Wellmann 4 months ago

    They litterally took the best part out of it, doomguy... emphasize on guy

  • Michael Morrill
    Michael Morrill 4 months ago +1

    This is by far my favorite rant!

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody Johnson 4 months ago

    I got 3 seconds into this video, that's all I needed to determine that you sir, are awesome.

  • Joe Chevy
    Joe Chevy 4 months ago

    It's the Uwe Boll Formula. Make a shitty movie to take advantage of tax loopholes. Only this time Uwe Boll would tell them to tone down the suckage!

    ORAORAORAORA 4 months ago

    Sorry but women are not badass manliness is badass

  • cockeroach
    cockeroach 4 months ago

    in the trailer it says WANTED DOOMSLAYER yeah that is what we wanted how did you know ? :/

  • Soundwave
    Soundwave 4 months ago

    The way she just said die die die, was more half assed then my punctuation

  • Timothy Bates
    Timothy Bates 4 months ago +1

    This obnoxious douchebag is super annoying.🙄

  • Funky Giblets
    Funky Giblets 4 months ago

    2 DooM movies. Not one Praetor Suit.

  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone 4 months ago

    Imagine if this movie was actually good (unlikely) and went on to win multiple Oscars. Also this guy sounds like Gilbert Godfrey when angry. He's not wrong through. It's going to bomb hard

  • Oblesoft
    Oblesoft 4 months ago

    It is not that hard to make a DOOM Movie
    1: get a buff man
    2: DOOM SUIT

  • RoeFox
    RoeFox 4 months ago

    Here's how you make a DOOM movie:

    Step 1. Call Brock Lesnar
    Step 2. Ask if you can film his daily routine (Which, if you look at the man, I'm sure looks shockingly like the opening levels of Knee-Deep in the Dead).
    Step 3. ???
    Step 4. Profit

  • jason c
    jason c 4 months ago

    Nevermind the politics of this, but what stupid cumstain has played 2016's DOOM and doesn't know what a fucking doomslayer is?
    And maybe instead of thinking up "witty" remarks (a Weinstein joke? It's old AND lazy) why not look into facts of the movie, like it's not being released theatrically?
    You're whining about what is basically a SyFy movie being shitty. Christ just STFU. This "rage" is fucking fake. You seriously can't be this mad at a movie.... Maybe the Viagra isn't working anymore?
    Get a fucking haircut.
    And a job.
    And a life.
    Whiny fucking bitch.

  • Watcher06242 567
    Watcher06242 567 5 months ago

    Hollywood: "How can we turn this IP into progressive propaganda?"

  • Zeno-sama
    Zeno-sama 5 months ago

    Look a female version of doom guy is great if it's done right

  • Matthew Tenorio_3200654

    If ever they will make a Metroid movie, they should make Samus a man.

    DOAMA 5 months ago

    "A Doomslayer"?... I think you mean *the* Doomslayer.
    Doomslayer (not Doomguy) is a superpowered demigod from the dimension known as Argent, who was blessed by the Seraphim. However, the Boomers that made this shitpile don't understand video games and therefore, have trivialized the name, Doomslayer - lessening its importance to that of a title so women can be "Doomslayers."
    Think of it as Affirmative Action for female characters... They didn't earn the "title" and are not qualified nor do they deserve to be there, yet they are placed in that role to fill a quota.

  • Tate Palmer
    Tate Palmer 5 months ago +1

    Little fact about doom 2006 movie, the script was approved by id software and when it was released, John Carmack actually liked the movie. That right, you heard correctly the creator of doom and founder of id software liked the 2006 doom movie. If even the creator liked it then it is a good movie.

  • Titant2
    Titant2 5 months ago +1

    I just googled the cast, the main character is called Joan Dark... PFFFFFTTTT, fuck me. This is mongoloid level people. It is going to be great XD

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorld 5 months ago

    Should slap Twilight on it

  • Zassou July
    Zassou July 5 months ago

    To be fair ID software is owned by Bethesda and aren't responsible for the failure that was 76.

  • Derfymen
    Derfymen 5 months ago

    The 2005 film wasn't a good doom movie. But I think it was a chill, relaxed movie loosely based on doom. If I could name it, it would be called "The UAC". I liked the movie. And the rock was a real cool doomguy-type character. Not calling him doomguy just to be clear.

  • Retro80sMan
    Retro80sMan 5 months ago

    Your like Alex Jones. But better and less controversial

  • Robert Bittlingmaier
    Robert Bittlingmaier 5 months ago

    Make a video game adaptation sequel and add Annihilation to the title. Because that worked the last time someone tried it.

  • Fun Hat
    Fun Hat 5 months ago

    Ilya Naishuller should direct the REAL Doom movie.

  • CoyoteFH
    CoyoteFH 5 months ago

    Is it just me or has Hollywood slowly been morphing into a shittier Cannon Films?

  • AnIrishMusician
    AnIrishMusician 5 months ago +2

    That woman probably can't even lift an AR-15, let alone the BIG. FUCKING. GUN!

  • Chas Katzman
    Chas Katzman 5 months ago

    fucking hell you're right though you just need a big cunt no acting required and a big gun. But they jumped on the 90 pound girl craze.. fucking 2019

  • Xanatos Clutch
    Xanatos Clutch 5 months ago

    Rob Gronkowski just retired. Couldn't they've hit him up in between him catching up on his GTLing back at ASU to star in this?

  • Solar Coffee
    Solar Coffee 5 months ago +1

    1:31 How awkward this is. The gun looks heavier than she is.

  • Jerky Murky
    Jerky Murky 5 months ago

    There was a phantom remake in 2009?! *Pauses video*
    I gotta go watch that.

  • Un-broken and victorious
    Un-broken and victorious 5 months ago +1

    I can honestly say that I would rather the protagonist were an edgy fifteen-year-old who hates his Parents.................Yes: that is how utterly retarded this whole thing is.

  • Notorious revolutionary, Tommy J

    literally all you have to do is make aliens but replace ripley with a silent murderer and replace the xenos with demons

    Tha TROOPER 5 months ago

    Honestly, the trailer lost me AS FUCKING SOON as she said "Move out" You couldnt phone that in harder from the top of the worlds tallest fucking cell tower with 87 operators ready to connect her!
    And im not against the female character, but as he said, if she is a doom slayer, she doesnt look like she could lift a sandwich to literally save her life from starvation!
    And the "combat armor" looks like it would shatter on meer thought alone! It looks like some underpaid grad student had to throw together on his own, out of pocket!
    Fucking hell, can we get O N E F U C K I N G VIDEO GAME MOVIE RIGHT?! PLEASE?! HOW HARD IS IT TO FUCK UP DOOM?-Well, they did it before...

  • Артур Коптев

    Dude, watching you is more fucking interesting then watching this trailer.

  • Alexandru Guzzonato
    Alexandru Guzzonato 5 months ago

    For a Doom movie, I would cast amn actor that would convey emotions without having to say a single line. I can think of one man, that being Tom Hardy. Also, if you really want a female character, Crash is still fucking available! Or have people forgot all about her?

  • RobertPayne556
    RobertPayne556 5 months ago

    Not my proudest SnapMap.

  • MisterNightfish
    MisterNightfish 5 months ago

    Thank god I grew up in the 80ies and 90ies when we'd just stick Arnold in every other action movie. Okay, the acting wasn't the best but the action was good and it was fun. I'm doubtful this will even be a "so bad it's good" movie.

  • Trevgauntlet
    Trevgauntlet 5 months ago

    It's demons stuck in a room with you, lmao.

  • Leisure
    Leisure 5 months ago

    This guy is like Onyx the fortuitous but unscripted and real. More awesome and smart too.

  • kemp9842
    kemp9842 5 months ago

    They could have done with Star Wars did with Darth Vader - get a really big guy who can emote via body language (in this case the guy who plays Gregor Clegane) and either dub him over with somebody like Keith David or let him do what little talking there needs to be, and embrace the heavy metal insanity that is Doom.

    Seriously, the lady protagonist is literally a photonegative of Doomguy: he's a hulking mountain of a man, she's a scrawny waif whose gun is about as big around as she is.

    Now, what would be a neat twist is that she isn't Doomguy, but a random Marine whose squad ends up finding Doomguy's sarcophagus as they're getting slaughtered by demons, only to watch, awestruck, as Doomguy rips and tears his way through an entire demonic horde.

    Hollywood wants human interaction with their characters? Explore the potential comedy of normal human beings interacting with the force of nature that is Doomguy. The scene that should be the basis of this kind of interaction should be the scene in Doom Eternal's preview that shows Doomguy entering the UAC control room.