MAKING YOUR FIRST LEVEL in Unity with ProBuilder!

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Here's how you can easily create levels in Unity using ProBuilder!
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  • Brackeys
    Brackeys  Year ago +587

    Hey everyone!
    To those of you who can't find the package: Unity has moved the "Show Preview Packages".
    You can now find it under Edit -> Project Settings -> Package Manager -> Enable Preview Packages.
    If you check that box, you should see preview packages in the Package Manager! :-)
    Stay awesome!

  • Aman Rajput
    Aman Rajput 10 months ago +71

    4. PRESS IT
    10. INSTALL

    • DinoStudio
      DinoStudio Day ago

      Omg thank you SO much you basically just made me a great map when i build one

    • Coding Hero
      Coding Hero 8 days ago

      @ScriptSoldier same bro...i think the video is old that's why this is happening...At the end I was frustrated so I left it

    • ScriptSoldier
      ScriptSoldier 8 days ago

      @Coding Hero i need help with this as well. where is progrids

    • Coding Hero
      Coding Hero 13 days ago

      @Harpx 016 same and pro grids didn't came tooo

    • CodeWithAtharva
      CodeWithAtharva 28 days ago

      Thanks man!!! helped a lot!!

  • red hat man
    red hat man 2 years ago +689

    Big Brack: one of the most fun parts about game development is making your own levels :)
    Dani: ok bois so ive been making maps and baking lights for like 2 weeks straight now *_and i wanna die_*

    • Rat
      Rat 7 months ago

      @red hat man i agree
      edit:i just notice my prof pic is i hate roblox by flamingo
      meh its flamingo

    • red hat man
      red hat man 7 months ago

      @Lorcanzo Roblox isn’t as bad as you think, but I can’t blame you for thinking so bad about it

    • Lorcanzo
      Lorcanzo 7 months ago

      @red hat man *says person with roblox pfp*

    • Burhan Uddin Prottoy
      Burhan Uddin Prottoy 11 months ago

      @red hat man XD

  • BillyBlaze
    BillyBlaze 2 years ago +32

    To everyone who can't get the grid to look as it does in the video because the texture is stretched: You can fix that by editing the UVs. Select the respective face and click "UV Editor" in the ProBuilder window. In the "Actions" window you see the current UV mode. If it is "Manual", convert it to "Auto". Make sure that "Fill Mode" is "Tile" and adjust the "Tiling" X and Y values to the size of your face. If you set them to the same size as the scale of your mesh the grid cells should be exactly 1x1.

    • Black Shadow
      Black Shadow 7 months ago

      @MakaCarMaker You just need to move the first cube (the base of the map) a bit to be aligned with the grid beneath it. It seems like it may appear a bit offset.

    • MakaCarMaker
      MakaCarMaker 8 months ago

      Yes, but if I had to do that on all the objects it would be tedious. Is there any way to automate this?

  • Moki Games
    Moki Games 2 years ago +49

    Saves so much time! And time for us indie game developers, is gold! Great tutorial always!

    • GLassy Can Art
      GLassy Can Art 2 months ago

      @nowash-ms2 r u using Probuilder to build your final levels... tf??

    • nowash-ms2
      nowash-ms2 2 years ago +1

      this is a very uneffecient way of level designing it just makes things more complicated.
      i can only add one material to my level and occlusion culling no longer works meaning it now gives me terrible performance issues. very painstaking tool

  • Timbelion
    Timbelion 2 years ago +432

    Can you make some tutorial on level design? Because that would be very useful after this video.

    • Polygon
      Polygon 4 months ago +1

      use ms paint to make level ideas

    • Lava_ King 7
      Lava_ King 7 11 months ago

      @h3xex I was about to say the same! They have really good videos on the topic.

    • h3xex
      h3xex Year ago +2

      I recommend GMTK

    • Cristal Lagos
      Cristal Lagos Year ago

      Check the video of snaps

    • Aaryan Patnaik
      Aaryan Patnaik 2 years ago +1

      I watch your videos

  • Kerry Bennicke
    Kerry Bennicke 2 years ago +24

    I love your videos and they have helped me so much in learning unity, but one piece of feedback I might give is to add the configuration you are using for Unity in the description or in the Video. I couldn't figure out why my materials weren't working like your until I realized you were using LWRP.
    Just a thought. It would make the newbies like me not be so confused when our setup isn't the same as yours.

    • Edward Roth
      Edward Roth 2 years ago +6

      i think this is the issue i am running into. but when i changed my shader to the lightweight render pipeline, my color goes all fuschia, and i still cant get that progrids texture

  • Lachezar Tsvetkov
    Lachezar Tsvetkov Year ago +9

    Duuude, thank you very much! I am still a very early-phase beginner programmer, and this was very helpful for me because I am not very good at creating levels and was kinda troubled by this, but your tutorial just showed me a very good way to make some simple ones, which I am going to use to improve my skills!
    Thank you again,

  • HAMAM Sofiane
    HAMAM Sofiane 18 days ago +8

    For progrids:
    go to package manager
    on the upper left: click on + and choose : add package by name
    add com.unity.progrids

  • chaosmastermind
    chaosmastermind Year ago +4

    It just boggles my mind the elegant simplicity of it.
    You made an entire symmetrical level with like 4 shapes and a block of water.
    It barely has any polygons at all. I'm impressed.
    This is what I needed to see to realize how to make a game actually perform well.

  • Adel AKA
    Adel AKA Month ago +1

    i would like to join after 3 years or so ... and say that this is one of my favorite maps as well ... I believe the name was deathmatch ... love the video bro
    never mind ... it's not the map I thought off lol
    hmmm ... inspired by the map ... might be the same map idk I confused myself

  • Gaston Malvinas
    Gaston Malvinas 2 years ago +3

    It's an awesome tool for low poly games.
    I make a lot of things with Probuilder and i'm super happy because it works really well.
    When you start with Probuilder, is kinda confusing; but after a few hours, you can make decent models of barrels, houses and other simple things.
    Sorry for my english and try Probuilder because it's free and very, very useful!

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh Year ago +4

    this video made me realize that its so much fun making levels and scenes if you maximize the scene window. but damn, this video was so satisfying that i saved it to my art playlist. its just so prettyyyy

  • Cock Goblin
    Cock Goblin Year ago +1

    If anyone is having trouble with the material portion. You need to install lightweight render pipeline which can find in the package manager. Hope this helps.

  • Luqman Azeem
    Luqman Azeem 2 years ago

    I wanted to get into 3d modelling and I was so scared of using ProBuilder because it was notorious for being overly complicated with little features. But this tutorial made it seem like it was so easy that i couldn't believe it. Thank you for making this tutorial ^^
    Also, can you make a guide on prototyping for beginners?

  • A Few Dragons
    A Few Dragons 2 years ago +1

    Don't have a need for 3d levels yet, but great tutorial. looks really simple and easy to use. Keep up the good work Brackeys.

  • EnUddaGamer
    EnUddaGamer 2 years ago +5

    Appreciate your videos Brackeys. One of the best tutorial channels out there really.

    • Viktor Pennskog
      Viktor Pennskog 2 years ago

      Hur går det med TheXvid videorna? Det var ett tag sedan :/

  • Sergei B
    Sergei B Day ago

    amazing tool! thanks for discovering it to the public.

  • John Weland
    John Weland 2 years ago +3

    I've been curious. lets say you want to allow your player to go in the water, say below the surface. While you added a material to the water and shaded it blue, thats only the surface of the water. when the player is under it the lighting is the same as above. so how do you make under the water "feel" like you're under water?

    • Pumpkiboo
      Pumpkiboo 2 years ago +4

      I would create a post processing volume and have it be set to override the global post processing when you are inside. Then I'd have it tint things blue, add some bloom, blur, and distortion. Anything you want for the effect. Hope this helps :)

  • Aidan Cooney
    Aidan Cooney 6 months ago +5

    Awesome tutorial!! I'm running into an issue though. When I do the edge loop and go to move it, the edge loop sinks the entire object. Anyone else run into this and know a fix for it? Do I need to change a particular setting? Thanks!

    • Aidan Cooney
      Aidan Cooney 5 months ago +1

      @LIfe_isEPicMEme Yup. That was it. Thanks!

    • LIfe_isEPicMEme
      LIfe_isEPicMEme 5 months ago +2

      I think its cuz ur using the tool "select edge loop" instead of "Insert Edge Loop" .

  • CreateiveSteve619
    CreateiveSteve619 2 years ago

    hey brackeys great tutorials as always. I hope you can eventually do a level design ideas type video for puzzle games please.

  • Paul Scobie
    Paul Scobie Year ago +3

    If anyone else is having trouble not getting the tools menu after downloading the ProBuilder and ProGrids. You may need to download the High Definition Render Pipeline or Lightweight Render Pipeline package as well. That should also give you the material option he has.

  • Adalbert Faustinus
    Adalbert Faustinus 2 years ago +10

    man, I'm more impressed by the setting of Post Processing in this level. So soothing and nice. 👍

  • Gay Moist
    Gay Moist Year ago +2

    As someone who has never touched Unity, this helped a lot. Thank you!

  • Marien
    Marien 2 years ago +6

    Lovely how Unity is sponsoring you! Probably one of the more sincere and cooperative forms of promotion on this website. Good video!

  • dfrey666
    dfrey666 2 years ago

    I think I've changed my mind about build-in level creating tools in Unity. I'm always worried about optimisation. Wondering if one can export the map concept to blender and tweak it there. Need to check this out. Thanks for the video!

  • Oliver Tellez
    Oliver Tellez 11 months ago +2

    Thank you for the help I am really struggling and I really needed that thank you

  • Abhishek Patil
    Abhishek Patil 2 years ago +1

    Thank you so much brackeys.
    From few days I m searching probuilder but you made that simple to get.

  • Creative Swirl
    Creative Swirl 8 months ago

    very helpful 👏 I had a lot of fun making my own map :D

  • Gennady M
    Gennady M 2 years ago +1

    Wow thanks. I'm actually surprised this works for PURE Entities. As a programmer this really helps make a decent looking game with no art skills.

  • Semih Akgül
    Semih Akgül Year ago +1

    Hello, than you for your very good videos, my default metarial is different from yours, I have downloaded lightweight render pipeline though but even so I still cannot find it

  • Tom
    Tom 2 years ago

    Hey so I tried this for myself (im on the edge loop bit where you make the first walls of the level) and im pretty sure there was a minor change in where the edge loops are placed, basically when i try and make a new edge loop and move it to the side all is fine, but when i try and do a second edge loop on the same axis it tries to put it at the centre of the shape but now it counts from one side of the shape to the closest edge loop which just so happens to be my first one, essentially making the shape one unit thinner so now the centre is half a unit away from the first starting position. ofc i can simply move it by hand or place the other one two units away and maybe adjust it later but it seems like they would add a fix or have caught the "bug" in testing, so i guess my question is is there something i can change to revert it back? if im working on a bigger project and i forget to move them around or something it could cause unnecessary trouble along the road

    • Tom
      Tom 2 years ago

      also i just noticed that if you try and put it two units away from the edge, place then next edge loop and then move it back to one the bottom of it doesnt move with the top so if anyone encounters this and tries that method remember to move the bottom one

  • Ibtesam Riasat
    Ibtesam Riasat Year ago

    nice video. you guys are so positive. this encourages me and helps me to improve myself. thank you for your support.

  • Iska Toysen
    Iska Toysen Year ago

    such a nice explanation that I wanna watch it once again right after it ends =)

    4UDIOTAPE 2 years ago

    I appreciate this video, as it has helped me a bit. I still don't find ProBuilder intuitive at all though. I don't see why it doesn't or can't (also) function like Hammer's world geometry tool... SO easy to use. Does anyone know if there's a plugin for a similar tool in Unity??

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala 2 years ago +8

    Wow, this is how the tutorials have to be done

  • iroveashe
    iroveashe 10 months ago +1

    If anyone has trouble snapping those two edges at around 7:46, snap all selected objects to the grid worked for me

  • abssuper 20
    abssuper 20 2 years ago

    This is so awesome!! This will make blender and other modelling softwares obsolete one day. Just imagine unity creating packages for all sorts of game Dev components.

    • John McNichol
      John McNichol 2 years ago

      I've used ProBuilder and Blender for years and PB will never come close to what Blender can do.

    • Vivek Negi
      Vivek Negi 2 years ago +1

      It's highly unlikely, almost impossible for pro builder to ever replace blender. Pro builder is for quick prototyping. You wouldn't use it for your final product. Blender is at a completely different level. By the time pro builder will reach blender's level, Blender will be on yet another higher level with more tools and features. It's also open source so that helps too.

  • The Verticals
    The Verticals Year ago +2

    Great video, but ProBuilder should definitely hire some experienced Interface Designers. Too many actions happen uncontrolled, the menu is overloaded (unnecessary items in many contexts) and mistakes can occur too late to correct by undo.

  • Ashutosh Tripathi
    Ashutosh Tripathi Year ago +2

    You can now find it under Edit -> Project Settings -> Package Manager -> Enable Preview Packages.
    After doing this, you can find progrids asset.
    Hope you can!
    Good Luck!!

  • xTasteless
    xTasteless 2 years ago +300

    I'd recognize that level from a mile away.

  • Alexander Grunert
    Alexander Grunert 2 years ago

    I always wondered how Level Designers and Environment Artists create a proper sense of relations and sizes. As in... "What dimensions should a door and a window have? In a realistic world vs. in something like Dishonored?".

  • Joas Moehn
    Joas Moehn 2 years ago +56

    Maybe a series on making a neural network would be a fun idea. Using machine learning to teach an ai something and walk us through it.

    • Timbelion
      Timbelion 2 years ago

      Yead I learned a lot from him too, great channel.

    • Joas Moehn
      Joas Moehn 2 years ago +2

      @Common Hacks yep I know that coding train is one of the main channels who has made videos about this topic, but I thought it might be cool if brackeys did something about it

    • Common Hacks
      Common Hacks 2 years ago +1

      I recently finished writing a c# library for NN for my organization, I learned a lot from "coding train ".

    • Raz - Game Development Tutorials & Gaming!
      Raz - Game Development Tutorials & Gaming! 2 years ago +1

      @Timbelion will check it out ; ₩
      But you must see mine ;)

    • Timbelion
      Timbelion 2 years ago +1

      You have that on my channel.. lol

  • xRotator
    xRotator 2 years ago

    Would making a map in blender be much of a difference? I find it very much easier to model in it
    then for simpler shapes it would be easier to just use provuilder but... yeah.

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 2 years ago +1

    This is actually EXACTLY what I needed to see today!

  • MrViperXD
    MrViperXD 3 months ago

    thanks for making it look easy! but whenever I do a single thing it confuses me even more and since probuilder got updated I can't even tell which Icon to press now! thanks Brackey for going into depth and telling me how to do things! 😄😄😄😐😐😐😂😂🤣😂🤣😐😐😐

    • xhdbt
      xhdbt 2 months ago

      its an outdated version lol this was like 3 yrs ago

  • Enderman Gaming
    Enderman Gaming  Year ago

    for people with the fps character controller and seeing that the probuilder polygons disappear when they move the camera a bit: triangulate the polygons.
    i should add, probably after you make the edits i think

  • Bimzy Dev
    Bimzy Dev Year ago +1

    Thanks for the tutorial! I was able to create some cool levels in one of my game jams. 😂

  • GSystema
    GSystema 2 years ago +1

    It would be nice if there's a part 2 of this
    Pro builder + occlusion culling..

  • Dawn Wilson
    Dawn Wilson 2 years ago

    It'd be great to see a video of using ProBuilder as an in-game building system.

  • AJSquid
    AJSquid 2 years ago +1

    Hey! Great Video!! I have been struggling to find a way to get the GridBox Texture on a material. My layout of the material seems to be different compared to yours. A little help would be a lifesaver!! Thanks!!

    • BillyBlaze
      BillyBlaze 2 years ago

      Is your issue that the texture is stretched, making the grid cells larger than 1x1? You can fix that by editing the UVs in the UV Editor of ProBuilder. Set the UV mode to "Auto" and adjust the "Tiling" X and Y values.

  • Stephen Macdonald
    Stephen Macdonald Year ago +19

    There's a keyboard shortcut to maximize the scene window? Why have I never considered this before? I've always just right-clicked the tab and selected maximize in the past lol.
    In case anyone doesn't know it's shift + space (on windows at least).

  • Gustavo Di Salvo
    Gustavo Di Salvo 2 years ago

    Amazing. Every time I watch a ProBuilder video it's super-easy until I try myself 😂 I need more practice...

  • Erdi Izgi
    Erdi Izgi Year ago

    I was playing with this, but even UV mapping is buggy. I was really frustrated. I went for UModeler, and it's working nicely. I wish Unity had acquired that instead of probuilder.

  • Blen Stream Archive
    Blen Stream Archive 5 days ago

    I was scratching my head in other tutorials because I couldn't find ProBuilder. no one but you mentioned to make sure package manager is showing "all packages" Thank you so much

  • Joakim Rostad
    Joakim Rostad 2 years ago +2

    Can you make a tutorial series where you cover factors in making a game like csgo? (Spraypatterns, enemysounds, controls etc) just the most important parts

  • SquideoGames
    SquideoGames 11 months ago

    I have had trouble following material part, so for people who are having trouble: Create a material and select "Unlit/Texture" as the shader type

  • Kiara Vincent
    Kiara Vincent 11 months ago

    a few questions - what are your unity settings to get this lighting? my camera while using probuilder is clipping. ive changed my camera settings but it still clips when i try to zoom in. lastly, when i build new objects with probuilder, they do not snap into place. only snapping happens when i edit geometry. any help would be appreciated!

  • Jesse Jarvis
    Jesse Jarvis Year ago +1

    I'm just now getting into Pro Builder after all this time and omg I had a feeling I knew what I was missing but had no idea this much.

    • ToxSplash
      ToxSplash 11 months ago

      Go to window > Package Manager > Packages: Unity Registry > then look up pro in the search bar and it should pop up.

  • Kaiziak
    Kaiziak Year ago +1

    Thanks for the tutorial productive Asmongold!

  • GrapesEatPeople
    GrapesEatPeople 2 years ago +1

    Its more like 3DS Max than I thought this is brilliant 😍

  • Maryush XXVIII
    Maryush XXVIII 2 years ago

    What about those shadow glitches that probuilder objects generate? You can see them near stairs (stripes instead of the filled shape), and on these side ramps, in the end of tutorial. I know that this tool is for prototyping, but do you have any ideas how to fix it?

    TN NEXTERS Year ago

    In case you want to make your Probuilder menu like in brackeys's video right click the Probuilder menu>use icon Mode

  • Rob M
    Rob M Month ago +1

    I get less than 1/2 of the Probuilder tools than you get, and it looks like all the best bits have gone in my newer version.
    But also I don't get any of the 'Surface options' in my Materials inspector.

  • David Mullins
    David Mullins 2 years ago +16

    Question: my shadows are reaaaal dark and i can't see the grids when they're shaded. How do i make my shadows soft like Brackeys?

    • Dwight
      Dwight Year ago

      @Gavin1 This doesn't exist, or it's hidden.

    • Tapan Meena
      Tapan Meena Year ago +3

      @Gavin1 Savior

    • David Mullins
      David Mullins Year ago +6

      @Gavin1 my man

    • Gavin1
      Gavin1 2 years ago +13

      Turn on Auto-Generate Lighting in the bottom right. This will cause some weird lighting effects for a second after you move stuff, but it should make the lighting look nice. Just double click in, and in the window that opens up, check the auto generate box next to the generate lighting button at the bottom.

    • audizsy
      audizsy 2 years ago

      Turn off the scene lighting, removes the shadows

  • JackLaPlante18
    JackLaPlante18 2 years ago +1

    Also for anyone that is wondering why their objects/edges aren't snapping to the grid, make sure you have the progrid option to automatically snap to grid. Mine was off my default. It's in the top left corner

  • ClickChapman
    ClickChapman 2 years ago +1

    I love ice world! That is my favorite CS map as well!

  • Patrizio Tamborriello

    I swear I followed this tutorial and I make it work. I was so proud, then I realized I was in Play Mode and it was all fucked in one clic.

  • AlienGamer 234
    AlienGamer 234 2 years ago +7

    I’m having trouble making the walls, whenever I click insert edge loop it affects the the whole platform

  • Sailing Song
    Sailing Song 2 years ago +1

    Hi I have learnt so many knowledge from ur videos. I always appreciate it^^!! By the way, few colleagues recommend me to use UModeler for 3D modelling. If u don't mind, Could u introduce how to use Umodeler or comparing with Probuilder? Thanks in Advance

  • Pixel
    Pixel 2 years ago

    Would love to see how to create water you can swim in. Could be an add-on to this video since the level is already created :D

    INTERYTP Year ago

    I don't see First Person Player in the hierarchy, however thanks for the tutorial! Everything else was successful!

  • Tapendra Shahi
    Tapendra Shahi 2 years ago

    I wish there was something like this for 2d as well.

    • Aethervoid
      Aethervoid 2 years ago

      I mean, TileMaps are pretry much that...

  • Mr.JHackin
    Mr.JHackin Year ago

    Window -> Package Manager -> Click on "Advanced" -> Show preview packages

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Year ago +7

    How does his scene window look so fancy with the soft lighting around the edges and all?

    • Jerry Long
      Jerry Long Year ago +1

      @Gajdhar Saif Thank you

    • Gajdhar Saif
      Gajdhar Saif Year ago

      @tkShadowzzz Always 😇👍

    • tkShadowzzz
      tkShadowzzz Year ago +1

      @Gajdhar Saif Boom indeed. Thank you for this comment!

    • Gajdhar Saif
      Gajdhar Saif Year ago +6

      You can do that also. Just go to window ->Rendering->Lighting settings and in the bottom you see auto generate option just mark it. And boom. And you find intensity too much just select your directional light and lower the intensity up to 0.8 and boom! You have also fancy looking lighting.

  • Nikola Grigorov
    Nikola Grigorov 2 years ago +1

    Map is called fy_poolparty_v1 or v2 for those wondering

  • brixujel
    brixujel 2 years ago

    one video i would loove to see is a troubleshooting video on the list of errors that could pop up in visual studio for users that aren't that familiar with the program

  • bad code hash
    bad code hash Year ago

    amazing tutorial!! Here is a question however, how can you be smiling all the time? I've seen countless tutorials and you always have that wholesome smile plastered on your face.

  • p1x3l
    p1x3l 2 years ago

    When I've added the mesh colider to the merged object now I can walk over the water, how to demerge objects? another important point is that in mac pro builder face selection didn't work as expected, you need to reset probuilder settings in unity's preferences menu.

  • Nkk Ng
    Nkk Ng 2 years ago

    So Nice! Are UVs auto generated?
    I can apply a material with texture on it?

  • Role Games
    Role Games Year ago

    I created 10 edges somehow while dragging the pool down.. is there some way to fix this, I tried using backspace and also fully selecting the circle of edges I created. It seems like doing it all over again would be kinda pointless so I figured there must be some way to fix it.

  • Kieron Rana
    Kieron Rana 2 years ago

    ok i'm kinda new to unity so i've been watching a lot of youtubers like you and btp, and i'm slightly confused as to what this actually does. is there a benefit to using this tool over just creating the levels by hand yourself?

    • Kieron Rana
      Kieron Rana 2 years ago

      @T4O2M0 Ah I see. Thanks

    • T4O2M0
      T4O2M0 2 years ago

      This is way faster and great for prototyping with minimum effort

    • Kieron Rana
      Kieron Rana 2 years ago

      @Peter Hebden ok

    • Kieron Rana
      Kieron Rana 2 years ago

      @Fragmentation123 OK thanks. What I was asking is basically is all of this possible to create using prefabs and stuff, but I guess this would be more efficient.

    • Fragmentation123
      Fragmentation123 2 years ago +1

      Unity doesn't have actual modeling tools by itself so people have to use software like blender or maya to create models, then import them to unity, ProBuilder is basically an integrated modeling software, I hope I helped.

  • J Robot
    J Robot Month ago

    At this part if you're trying to get the edge loop to stay on one block and not on the middle of it, press offset edges and keep pressing it until you fix it!

  • The GamingKing
    The GamingKing Year ago

    Your great Brackeys I know your gone but you still help

  • Zenter Games
    Zenter Games 2 years ago

    Great level for an indie game!

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 2 years ago +1

    Your Unity looks a lot different than mine. I have the newest version and I cant do any of the grid stuff despite having it installed. It does different things. I cant use as base map because there is no base map option

    • SØBI
      SØBI Year ago

      The base map option would be replaced by the albedo checkbox in the material inspector

    • SØBI
      SØBI Year ago

      @Noble Riley if you’re still having trouble, the grid box texture can be found in the little circle next to the albedo checkbox in the material

  • Bad Bears
    Bad Bears Year ago

    Thank you very much.
    Thanks to you I managed to create my first game - Bad Bears available for Android and IOS.

    • TransKatty
      TransKatty Month ago

      Looks interesting..
      Is it like a Angry Birds game or..?

  • Monawa3at COM
    Monawa3at COM 2 years ago

    You're the BEAST of unity ♥ thanks a lot

  • Water Universe
    Water Universe Month ago +1

    him: "most fun part about unity is making your own levels."

  • CorruptedVR
    CorruptedVR 6 months ago +4

    Brackeys: making levels is one of the funnest parts of game development .
    Me: I’ve done nothing but bake lights for 3 days.

  • Parviz Sattorov
    Parviz Sattorov 2 years ago

    Does it have any advantage over importing models from other 3D modeling apps?

  • Robster881
    Robster881 9 months ago

    This is so cool - it's basically Sketchup for Unity.

  • Clas _Real
    Clas _Real 2 years ago +1

    Can you make a multiplayer tutorial. So you can enter a room code and join a room.

  • TheKingArmyRS
    TheKingArmyRS 2 years ago

    I would really love to learn how to create a flying character , for example superman . A basic physic and flying mechanic would be awesome!

    • Aethervoid
      Aethervoid 2 years ago

      Simple is relatively easy, you could follow any general movement tutorial, disable gravity on the players rigidbody(you can do this by script if you want to "acticate" the flying mod midgame) and add a downward force to shift.
      This way you have a very simple minecraft creative mode like flying system. For something like spiderman or gliding stuff is a whole different story probably very difficult

  • Sleepybearxx92
    Sleepybearxx92 Year ago

    I'm having trouble selecting the three walls together. i can either do it individually(would work for now, but i know theres a better way to do it), or i end up moving the whole platform... any help would be appreicated

  • ThatFinn23
    ThatFinn23 2 years ago

    I made the same level as you and when I go into the pool there is a barrier that won't let me get out. What do I do?

  • MR_2JANK
    MR_2JANK Year ago +1

    Hey Brackeys, love your tutorial man. Curious to where I would be able to download the project; your link does not work anymore.

  • Sandeepan Choudhury - 8J - 16

    this video = transmission of a game developer desigining a game level for stone age to directly modern era love you brackeys you shouldn't have quit you are our messiah

  • Diong Ding
    Diong Ding Year ago +5

    Heres how you can find ProGrids if you cannot find by searching normally:
    Go to “Window” -> Package Manager -> click the icon next to the search bar -> Advanced Project Settings -> it will open “Project Settings” and from there you can see “Enable Preview Packages”, check the box next to it -> close the tab and go back to “Package Manager”, you can search and find ProGrids now:)
    Hope Brackeys will come back and make more tutorials videos soon

  • Xipe Totec
    Xipe Totec 2 years ago

    You know you've made it when unity sponsors your videos