Fixing My Dead 911 Turbo Requires Removing the Engine-- But It Could Be Worse

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Thanks to J&J Auto Wrecking for continuing to rescue my hoopties with spare parts
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  • iDEaXANA
    iDEaXANA 23 days ago


  • Probably Not my name
    Probably Not my name 23 days ago

    The 911 used to be really popular in the uk and it became known for being a pain in the arse to run.

  • John
    John Month ago

    The VW Wasserboxer was another air cooled engine that was converted to be water cooled with pipes and hoses and shit running everwhere.

  • Scott Vasey
    Scott Vasey Month ago

    Damn you Hoovie! Literally watched your video and the exact same thing happened on my 997 Turbo. Engine out and I only just picked it up yesterday.

  • Coolride17
    Coolride17 2 months ago

    Euro cars are shit, been working on them for 35yrs.

  • Kris Ewing
    Kris Ewing 2 months ago

    What's the reality show that keeps being mentioned? I'm stoked to watch it.

  • Zane Hanson
    Zane Hanson 2 months ago

    You should put fuel injection on the jeep

  • psimac
    psimac 2 months ago

    Didn’t the Imperial need a heater core?

  • Junior Alfaro
    Junior Alfaro 2 months ago


  • michieff
    michieff 3 months ago

    3 grand, no problem. You spent 11 grand on the M5 without looking stressed about it so :D it's all a charade.

  • no bs
    no bs 3 months ago

    Tell these airheads w man 👍

  • A Rated
    A Rated 3 months ago

    Hoovie, i'm not sure but I'm getting the feeling that the wizard is ripping you off with labor money.

  • Death Painful
    Death Painful 3 months ago +2

    Could you imagine you found a different mechanic? The wizard would be bankrupt and out of business. Don't bite the hand that feeds wrench boy.

  • The Original Ryan Danger

    Are the 2004’s the same? That’s the last of the 996

  • Phillip McGuffee
    Phillip McGuffee 3 months ago

    not sure if the same is true for that Porsche but... for my 911sc it was pretty much designed for the engine to be easily removed. probably not the case for a prius.

  • Gavin Mcinally
    Gavin Mcinally 3 months ago

    I heard they band the wizard from working on Ferrari's. Lol

  • Ultra vern
    Ultra vern 3 months ago

    I think it may work out cheaper for Hoovie to just buy the Wizard's garage and employ him full time.

  • ussling
    ussling 3 months ago +1

    I can't cry for you. Those astronomical prices is what one gets for having such cars.
    No sour grapes here, but welcome to automotive reality.

  • Jeffrey Lebowski
    Jeffrey Lebowski 3 months ago

    *only a real mope takes a 996 out on the track without having pinned the coolant lines lol

  • Rare Garage
    Rare Garage 3 months ago

    should have just threaded the hole and gone with AN fittings. looks like engine could have stayed in as well this way.

  • B to the P
    B to the P 3 months ago

    Can we all agree wizard isn't actually a wizard? He's clearly been gifted godlike powers from some holy being. Being a demi-god isn't magic it's more of a religious experience

  • Takyo Bish
    Takyo Bish 3 months ago

    Now they just use whale sperm

  • al Pie del Micro
    al Pie del Micro 3 months ago

    The next car is obviosly an 190E

  • Rick Singh
    Rick Singh 3 months ago

    Put a nitro on the cop car and take it to the track

  • Saifullah Khalife
    Saifullah Khalife 3 months ago

    Hey there's on Ferrari 355 up for sale for 70k

  • Wil Ferch
    Wil Ferch 3 months ago

    "Excellence was Expected".....Porsche book by Karl Ludvigsen...... "they don't make them like they used to".....ahh... no sh_t !!! Shame on you Porsche for this and the many other truly stupid engineering gaffes you've done since the "good days" long gone that built your reputation. Had an 85 911 that was built to an altogether different standard.... not much of a Porsche fan anymore.

  • Wil Ferch
    Wil Ferch 3 months ago

    Also's revenge of your license plate number.....986 = Boxster.....996 = 911 cars.

  • Wil Ferch
    Wil Ferch 3 months ago

    Ahhh,....simply changing plugs or doing valve adjustment on my 3.2 Carrera goes easier with an engine drop. If you've dropped a VW bug engine it's no longer such a big deal.

  • CarProductsTested
    CarProductsTested 3 months ago

    Next Merc: SL600? S600?

  • karl burke
    karl burke 3 months ago

    Glad to see you have moved on from auction hunters.

  • Arosha Fernando
    Arosha Fernando 3 months ago


  • Marcin Ziolkowski
    Marcin Ziolkowski 3 months ago

    @hoovies garage , you’re a smart man I think you’re like Leno on a budget these days . Wizard is your personal mechanic and his shop is your hangar for your overflowing inventory . Just tell us the truth that wizard works for you and this whole operation is the brainchild of yours.

  • Brian Dubbeld
    Brian Dubbeld 3 months ago

    Grand fury a crazy cool for a cop car 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍these cars use to everywhere now never see them .

  • Joel Gaona
    Joel Gaona 3 months ago

    Hoovie! Anyway to watch the show online?

  • Joey Moore
    Joey Moore 3 months ago

    M-B 190e evo2 for the next car?

  • abrrymnvette
    abrrymnvette 3 months ago

    imagine how much money you could save if you weren't scared to get your hands dirty.

  • Colin Mills
    Colin Mills 3 months ago

    "not the wizards fault" sounds like a dungeons and dragons joke

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 3 months ago

    My skoda superb which has mechatronic to0😅

  • Brian Joyce
    Brian Joyce 3 months ago

    Yes Hoovie you can annoy, but in a good way

  • Vinzenz Geske
    Vinzenz Geske 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure those are the original wheels from a W140 Mercedes S class. Maybe even coupe.

    Here in Germany, a lot of people drive them on their (often times lowered) W124 and W201.

  • snapper mower man gaming

    whe do you dig up the rover

  • XTI9
    XTI9 3 months ago

    OMG my heart melted u rolled that Diplomat in at the beginning ! I had an old 85 5th ave that I swapped a police/taxi 8.5 rear end into and did an intake, cam, carb, ignition upgrade (to the 318) when i was in HS and College...absolutely loved every bit of that car!! It was silver and had the silver (I guess) interior, the pillow leather seats were AMAZING. Miss that car so much!!

  • Mike Andrew
    Mike Andrew 3 months ago

    I don't know about yall but he gets me really wet and ready to put it on him💦

  • Juan C
    Juan C 3 months ago

    I blew up my 460 rwhp sr20. I blame the wizard.

    ROBIN GUMKOWSKI 3 months ago

    hoovie buy a camry xse v6 and supercharge it

  • john devine
    john devine 3 months ago

    Nice 317 there Wizard :)

  • elesjuan
    elesjuan 3 months ago

    $120,000 for a car and they can't do anything better than glue coolant pipes in. Yep... Porsche builds nothing but shit, too.

  • Dee Man
    Dee Man 3 months ago

    Just added FYI to my Direct TV , costing me $15 more per month. Hope it is worth it.

  • Ruffas
    Ruffas 3 months ago

    Does the wizard actually charge Tyler all this or its just for the show

  • Kevin McLachlan
    Kevin McLachlan 3 months ago

    Is there anywhere we can watch "Car Issues..." in the UK? Can't see the FYI channel anywhere over here.

  • Opulent Auto Montreal
    Opulent Auto Montreal 3 months ago

    500e The Hanmer ... awesome

  • Ralph Alvarado
    Ralph Alvarado 3 months ago

    Hoovie got plenty of money to blow all those cars to repair

  • onthelibrarycomputer
    onthelibrarycomputer 3 months ago

    The Hoovmeister!

  • kristi selmani
    kristi selmani 3 months ago

    W140 s600

  • Stuart
    Stuart 3 months ago

    We love you wizard, ignore the trolls (not easy i know). All that matters is you, your friends and people close to you know what you do is right and true!

    OFFICIAL KEI 3 months ago

    My guess would be a 1995 Mercedes s500

  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis 3 months ago

    Hoovie just has money to burn and make bad decisions? He must have won an inheritance? These are the worst cars ever made. This must be a conscious decision to buy the worst possible stuff. This has to be some kind of joke? It has to be intentional. It's worse than Three Stooges dumb here. Somehow it appeals to folks. Why though? Is it the stupidity? The ignorance? It seems fake, somehow. No one is that foolish. It has to be staged and intentional, like running full-speed into a garage crammed with a giant hornet's nest. This must be the Johnny Knoxville of car shows.

  • Tigerfire75
    Tigerfire75 3 months ago +1

    Wizard sounds more and more like a stuck up know it all jerk. I am glad I use someone else for my car repairs.

  • Tigerfire75
    Tigerfire75 3 months ago

    Plymouth Fury is a better car then Porsche 911 turbo.

  • sdlausen
    sdlausen 3 months ago

    More proof Porsche builds complete and utter shit.