EVERYONE LITERALLY CRYING Over Joe Wilkinson's INSANE Poem!! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
  • Watch the new series of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown every Friday at 9pm on Channel 4
    Dr John Cooper Clarke encourages the teams to write their own poems... Joe Wilkinson's poem has everyone in stitches.
    Watch the full episode on All 4: goo.gl/dNM8NJ
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  8 months ago +463

    How excited are YOU about the new series?! goo.gl/iKwZAx

    • john adams
      john adams 19 days ago

      Cancel it. It's shite.

    • baws28
      baws28 Month ago

      If rather see "8 out of 10 cats does Jimmy Carrs Tax Return"...

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 2 months ago

      +s sw I thought Sean Lock was going to die in an Asthma attack, just so bloody funny. Joe Wilkinson out Oddballs himself and nearly derails thr show, brilliant.

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz 4 months ago

      as long as someone has the Scrooge scraped off and Post Them to Youtey, we'll be fine. but we'll have to wait for some pirate uploader to bless us

    • Paul Werder
      Paul Werder 5 months ago

      Wat series and episode is this from??

  • ScoobZ94
    ScoobZ94 20 hours ago

    Wonder what the emotionless Ramesh Ranganattons would've been like if he was on the panel, make Sean AND Romesh laugh would be quite something

  • Joseph Bloe
    Joseph Bloe Day ago

    Yes. Insanely not funny

  • kat treasure
    kat treasure Day ago

    fucking John Keats who?

  • Guitar Guy
    Guitar Guy Day ago

    everything about katherine ryan is annoying as fuck...everything

  • J F
    J F 2 days ago

    I want a Sean Lock balloon doll!

  • Nicky OldfieldDesciple

    Fun Fact : Joe was born on the same day as David Beckham.

  • AldGregg
    AldGregg 3 days ago +1

    One of the best moments on TV ever. It reminds me of those moments as a kid at school uncontrollably laughing at some puerile thing that's makes no sense but is utterly brilliant.

  • Jason Miles
    Jason Miles 5 days ago

    Hello police- Hello p- Hello police officer who's just been sent to the toilets because they've had reports of someone naming people's penis. 😂

  • gold star
    gold star 5 days ago

    Jimmy Carr KILLS IT With His Brexit Joke!!!
    10 Cats Out of 8 Does THE Countdown.?????

  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter 7 days ago

    This must be a British thing; really not that funny. I guess you had to be there.

    • AldGregg
      AldGregg 3 days ago

      Toilet humour is a universal thing. Naming your Johnson is a thing. Combine those two things into something so anti-social and absurd and that's the joke.

  • Stacey Stokes
    Stacey Stokes 8 days ago


  • Pete g
    Pete g 8 days ago

    Joe Wilkinson is the man

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz 9 days ago

    Kathrine just ruined the video

  • Tony Merrett
    Tony Merrett 10 days ago +3

    If this doesn't go down in history alongside the likes of Wordsworth and Keats, then there is no justice

  • StonyRC
    StonyRC 11 days ago +1

    No anthology of western poetry would be complete without this masterpiece of english prose!

  • Glen Telfer
    Glen Telfer 11 days ago

    "Because its looks like it's wearing a polo neck and winking me" 😂 😂😂😂😉😂😂

  • thevoodoo57
    thevoodoo57 13 days ago

    Is it possible for Katherine to say a full sentence without saying 'LIKE"??????

  • cptn_subbeh
    cptn_subbeh 13 days ago

    Christ! my face hurts from laughing, so funny.

  • bindon4
    bindon4 13 days ago

    This is literally the funniest thing I've ever seen - I've cried every time I've watched it (and now the count is up to 10!)

  • TRT Vitor
    TRT Vitor 15 days ago +1

    If only miles was there, that would have made it perfect

  • Crumpetman76
    Crumpetman76 16 days ago

    Does anyone else find Katherine Ryan strangely attractive? (Despite the excessive make-up and/or suspected botox usage)

    • Herbert
      Herbert 10 days ago

      Why 'strangely'? You don't have to make excuses for your preferences. Yes, she's a fine figure of a woman. Not sure I could tolerate too much of her yap, though.

  • 100mythfreak
    100mythfreak 18 days ago +2

    Joe Wilkinson's poem deserves to be put in an anthology.

  • Dylan Hansen
    Dylan Hansen 18 days ago

    notice how they didn't cut to rachel or suzie. i wonder what their reactions were during that reading

  • Jonh Cass
    Jonh Cass 19 days ago


  • Todd O'Brien
    Todd O'Brien 19 days ago

    I'm crying. Haven't laughed like this in ages :oDDD

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 19 days ago +2

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this 😂

    • Matt Thomas
      Matt Thomas 9 days ago

      Jd Mc 28 thanks to your comment 😂

    • Jd Mc
      Jd Mc 9 days ago

      Matt Thomas 27 times?

    WE BE JAMMIN 23 days ago

    you know its funny when Joe breaks out of character

  • MamaMia Virgo
    MamaMia Virgo 23 days ago

    Katherine's laugh during Joe's poem was sooooo forced n fake.

  • Mário Pimenta
    Mário Pimenta 24 days ago +1

    Dear admin of this account: don't you dare remove this video like you did to the Toast of London - Press the button.

  • P O S T
    P O S T 24 days ago

    Where’s the video of his other poem about shitting yourself?

  • Andrew Johnstone
    Andrew Johnstone 24 days ago +1

    I'm convinced Sean Lock wrote this as a dare for Joe. Brilliant!

  • steviecbf
    steviecbf 24 days ago +1

    I hate how fake katherine's laughing is , this is the funniest thing ever said.

  • Michael Simonsen
    Michael Simonsen 24 days ago

    I cant find the full episode ☹️?

  • Pavel Safr
    Pavel Safr 26 days ago

    I got a joke
    Have you heared about the carrot on the street???
    A. Yes
    B. No

    You know what happened???
    It lost his leg...
    Carrots dont have legs ;-;

  • Rowan Aboat
    Rowan Aboat 26 days ago +1

    Take a drink every time someone doubles over with laughter

  • Ynyr Glyn
    Ynyr Glyn 27 days ago

    Joe Wilkinson. The Only being that can bring the essence of evil that is sean lock to his knees...

  • Billy McMonagle
    Billy McMonagle Month ago +1

    I have never see Sean laugh so much ever

  • Kayleigh Davies
    Kayleigh Davies Month ago +2

    this is my kind of humor!! loved this show

  • I'm actually the Stig

    As soon as he said police officer that was it for me......😂

  • bushcraft junky
    bushcraft junky Month ago

    1:11 to skip the shit part

  • Vegard Kaspersen Dillerud

    Comedy gold

  • HiggsField
    HiggsField Month ago

    How wonderful laughter is, I told the wife she should try it sometime.

  • Marcel Gajazov
    Marcel Gajazov Month ago

    I didn't smile once...

    • Marcel Gajazov
      Marcel Gajazov 9 days ago

      +H H I disagree. I just didn't find it funny, that's all

    • H H
      H H 9 days ago

      Congratulations on being dead inside

    • Marcel Gajazov
      Marcel Gajazov 28 days ago

      +swansea007791 correction: I thought Katherine's story was funny, but sadly not the poem... just rewatched it and still nothing...

    • swansea007791
      swansea007791 28 days ago

      Where should I send the prize ?

  • Lyle W
    Lyle W Month ago

    i love how sean is just getting wrecked by this."please stop" LOL. but then, have to kill the buzz a little with katherine ryan. you ever see someone laughing along, just to fit in, even though they have no idea what's funny? now you have.

  • Hooch is crazy
    Hooch is crazy Month ago

    1 minute in before that annoying Canadian cunt shuts up

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair Month ago

    This is the worst acting i have seen since watching David Cameron telling the people of Britain he has to make cuts because of the Recession, when there wasn't one.

  • Pat Ilott
    Pat Ilott Month ago

    Joe Wilkinson has Genius about him

  • Youtube Commenter
    Youtube Commenter Month ago

    Why is Katherine Ryan on tv at all ?

  • Jack Cheetham
    Jack Cheetham Month ago

    Can you image if Miles Jupp was on the panel.

  • Smokindope
    Smokindope Month ago

    this deadass got me dead

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge Month ago +1

    It's not OK to name your willy.

  • Michael Simonsen
    Michael Simonsen Month ago

    Which season and episode is this from?

  • I'm actually the Stig
    I'm actually the Stig Month ago +2

    I was just as much tearful as the rest of them......i can't breathe! Fuck me that was funny.

  • ozzyintexas
    ozzyintexas Month ago

    I think we all wet ourselves when joe said, hello police officer..........

  • veramentestanco
    veramentestanco Month ago +1

    I must've watched this tens of times and it cracks me up every single time!
    The fact that an experienced comedian like Joe Wilkinson cannot keep a straight face whilst reading his own material is absolutely priceless!
    One of the best comedy moment I've ever seen!

  • Bannerman Bear 🐻

    So funny that Jimmys laugh jumped into Sean’s body

  • Helgi Oskarsson
    Helgi Oskarsson Month ago

    Please stop! Hahaha this is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen! I can watch this over and over again. Never seen all of them laugh this much. Just pure Gold!

  • bustermk2
    bustermk2 Month ago

    1600 penises hated this poem.

  • Christopher Augustine
    Christopher Augustine Month ago +3

    Wilkinson is better than Wordsworth.

  • Andy Campsall
    Andy Campsall Month ago

    A bit of wee came out as I watched this so funny 😂😂😂 stupid humour at its best 🇬🇧

  • DogOfKrondor
    DogOfKrondor Month ago

    one of the few times Joe lost it mid gag.

  • Kevin Caldwell
    Kevin Caldwell Month ago

    Katherine is damn cute, too bad I don't find her funny at all.

  • ironman tooltime
    ironman tooltime Month ago

    Rachel is a classic case of spending 100% of ur time on the blonde u won't get when meanwhile the brunette is actually pretty nice.

  • Oskar Pytkowski
    Oskar Pytkowski Month ago

    Watched this with the most straightest fast known to man. Not funny

  • William Steven
    William Steven Month ago +1

    Katharine didn't seem amused.

  • Brett Voss
    Brett Voss Month ago +2

    one of the greatest moments in human history

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey Month ago

    Too funny 🤣🇬🇧

  • howard mckenna
    howard mckenna Month ago

    What happened to Jimmy's 'dying seal' laugh. I think Joe broke him!!

  • Anders Shitpost
    Anders Shitpost Month ago

    my favourite poem

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. Month ago +2

    All the guys are absolutely dying of laughter, barely able to breathe
    The ladies are just giggling and smiling

    • Ryan M.
      Ryan M. Month ago

      mrblack888 well in a date it’s the guys who has to be funny the girl never really has to try to be but I was more talking about how the guys are laughing since they know the Mens toilet rules and that this is just a stupid joke at the urinals, while the girls don’t exactly understand it

    • mrblack888
      mrblack888 Month ago

      Women are not known for their skill with jokes or their sense of humor.

  • broms316
    broms316 Month ago

    English comedy is the best in the world.

  • Midnightrambler3760
    Midnightrambler3760 2 months ago

    If you can have JCC laughing at your poem that is pretty good!

  • NutmegPluto
    NutmegPluto 2 months ago

    Why are women incapable of making jokes about anything other than periods and genitalia?

  • rusty goldfinch
    rusty goldfinch 2 months ago

    The sheer stupidity is so amazingly funny, when joe was cracking up at the police part, that got my laughing my ass off

  • Michelle Childs
    Michelle Childs 2 months ago

    The best clip here, the others creased up is brilliant.

  • Muckers
    Muckers 2 months ago

    You could get away with anything on this show.

  • David McDonald
    David McDonald 2 months ago

    Would be good if Katherine wasn't putting the laughter on. She clearly just wanted to fit in.

  • too late
    too late 2 months ago

    If you find this funny theres something wrong with you

  • jamjamin.TV.
    jamjamin.TV. 2 months ago

    Wasn’t funny in my opinion. More annoying that everyone is laughing and can hardly get a word out.

  • Simon Norris
    Simon Norris 2 months ago

    I was hoping they would switch to Rachel to see her enjoying the joke.

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B 2 months ago +1

    Katherines fake laughing is so annoying.

  • Kendal Bailey
    Kendal Bailey 2 months ago +1

    Katherine had no clue what was going on 😂

  • Goku Force
    Goku Force 2 months ago

    You're welcome I just named you're penis.

  • mort1122
    mort1122 2 months ago

    She’s one dirty bitch

    KING COWELL 2 months ago

    Wheres the funny bit?

  • kwanarchive
    kwanarchive 2 months ago

    The mystery is how Joe even managed to finish writing that poem?

  • Nakatomi Plaza
    Nakatomi Plaza 2 months ago

    It just isn't funny

  • daz a
    daz a 2 months ago

    best ever..

  • Tony F
    Tony F 2 months ago

    Katherine didn’t really find this funny

  • Luke Edmundson
    Luke Edmundson 2 months ago

    Jimmy's real laugh is far beter then his fake.

  • rigdigwus
    rigdigwus 2 months ago

    can skip the first 1:12 minute
    not funny, just bs

  • Lund Artist
    Lund Artist 2 months ago

    1.6k people with no sense of humour

  • Tom Curley
    Tom Curley 2 months ago

    Bill burr funniest comedian to come out of america by far simple

  • Cosmic Donkey
    Cosmic Donkey 2 months ago

    Torn between liking the video because of Joe's stupid poem and Sean Lock's laugh, and disliking it because of Katherine Ryan, who is the fakest person I've seen.

  • Mir Imran
    Mir Imran 2 months ago

    that woman who told the first story felt so jealous cause the dude's poem about naming penises was way funnier. The fake laughs gave it away. lol

  • Andrew [mobile]
    Andrew [mobile] 2 months ago +1

    I don't think many of u get this joke. Its that it's so stupid - that's why they laughed

  • Strawberry Unicorn
    Strawberry Unicorn 2 months ago

    She is so unfunny

  • Danny Nichols
    Danny Nichols 2 months ago

    Could have done without the silly cow at the start

  • hey! dude!
    hey! dude! 2 months ago

    except for the yank girl whos faking it and wont even know who captain birdseye is