Top 6: Virginia - 'Khona' - Idols SA

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Virginia delivers fierce dance moves and simply incredible vocals as she powers through the Mafikizolo hit 'Khona'.
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Comments • 118

  • Horae Ivonne
    Horae Ivonne 24 days ago

    I love you Virginia... from Namibia😘😙

  • Mazvita Selemani
    Mazvita Selemani Month ago

    Eish guys. This was missing something

  • Nelly Dlamini
    Nelly Dlamini Month ago +1

    yooo I feel sorry for this twin xem ..she started with flames now its ashes..

  • Patricia Kinda
    Patricia Kinda Month ago +4

    I personally loved this performance 💕💕💕

  • Sanele Eric
    Sanele Eric Month ago +1

    Wow she is good shut up haters

  • Basani Mathebula
    Basani Mathebula Month ago +3

    Virgina should have chosen another song and pull up her socks

  • Ellen Gororo
    Ellen Gororo Month ago +1

    Flat performance for me

  • Mainza Munsanje
    Mainza Munsanje Month ago

    This was flat all the way through. Virginia seems to be losing her fire and it makes me sad.

  • Lucy Nunu
    Lucy Nunu Month ago +6

    They hav both ovestayed idols.

  • Dumi J Thabethe
    Dumi J Thabethe Month ago +2

    This was torture yoh

  • Happy Noluuthando
    Happy Noluuthando Month ago +2

    Mmmh haai ngeke boh!

  • InnoCent Justin
    InnoCent Justin Month ago +6

    I Didn't See Anything Wrong With Her 🔥😊 She Will Still Be The Best

  • cindy caphuka
    cindy caphuka Month ago +5

    I don't know what she's still doing in this competition

    • cindy caphuka
      cindy caphuka Month ago

      It is done!!!

    • zanele lungile
      zanele lungile Month ago

      Cindy uzobe enza akuzele kuma idols ukuthi akaculanga kahle namuhla akusho ukuthi ayikho into encono angayenza

    • Anelisa Mndini
      Anelisa Mndini Month ago

      I agree with you

  • Sean Masuku
    Sean Masuku Month ago suck i want my money back...Team Sneizy all the waaaaay

  • Mamkhize Msomi
    Mamkhize Msomi Month ago +9

    What matters is we love this gals & honest naked truth is that we all know they capable & they doing it ,the song they are given yes sometime dont do them justice but the fact remain they are d real deal 2019 highlight engibathanda nabo plzzzz let do d rite thing n Vote

  • African Caramel
    African Caramel Month ago +2

    aii is time for you to go home

  • Thembela Mosele
    Thembela Mosele Month ago +5

    Girl is tired now! Bye

  • Mr Cred
    Mr Cred Month ago +8

    It's time we let her go, SA.

  • shuvai mapfumba
    shuvai mapfumba Month ago +1

    Its boring

  • Thabisile Mbokazi
    Thabisile Mbokazi Month ago

    My queen nice one 😍💃💃

  • Bongekile cebolenkosi
    Bongekile cebolenkosi Month ago +1

    I think the twins were supposed to swap the songs... My opinion

  • Charles Mukusha
    Charles Mukusha Month ago +1

    No no hai 👐

  • phakamile nene
    phakamile nene Month ago

    Team twins always I love everything about them they can scream shout but I will always vote for them if they cn b voted out I won't bother to vote for ada contestants

  • ART by Brandin
    ART by Brandin Month ago +4

    wrong song choice

  • TheCheeteh Bara
    TheCheeteh Bara Month ago

    Virginia you can do better than this garlie marn

  • Tamanda Chipungu
    Tamanda Chipungu Month ago +5

    oh well i really do not know what to say but i ddnt like the perfomance

  • Mexidoh Maxwell
    Mexidoh Maxwell Month ago +22


    AN LAKERSZ Month ago +6

    She did very well that song is very hard and her voice was strong 💪,I loved it

  • Martinas Motaung
    Martinas Motaung Month ago +3

    I enjoyed it 100% what a performance... Weldone Virginia 😍.

  • Tanya Tanya
    Tanya Tanya Month ago +4

    It wasn't the best for me

  • Precious Ndzimandze
    Precious Ndzimandze Month ago +5

    It didn't give me goosebumps Shem...

  • Lawrence j
    Lawrence j Month ago +4

    😂😂😂😂😂the way she says sesi ya Rosi

  • Perseverance Gumede
    Perseverance Gumede Month ago +3

    Hmmmmm no...

  • Erica Munerii
    Erica Munerii Month ago +3

    not the best but I was jamming to it eitherways

  • Precious Malebatsa
    Precious Malebatsa Month ago +11

    The twins are not doing it for me anymore they are too relaxed. Other contestants are improving they are getting worse every Sunday

  • Nonhlanhla Maseko
    Nonhlanhla Maseko Month ago +3

    she needed to take a few notes from Sonke....... ayila that thing this performance.

  • Namata Lubinda
    Namata Lubinda Month ago +8

    No twins no idols

  • Aluncedo Aluncedo
    Aluncedo Aluncedo Month ago +7

    Best performance Virginia👏.. The dance moves🙌💯

  • Nonoe Chibs
    Nonoe Chibs Month ago +2

    I just love the twins ,the song choice ws nt perfect bt yu enjoyed urself girl God will see yu thru

    • Nonoe Chibs
      Nonoe Chibs Month ago

      @Sibongile Goge I did not say that thank yu, the other contestants are very good juss commented on her performance

    • Sibongile Goge
      Sibongile Goge Month ago

      So God wont see the other contestants

  • Sikhusele Skush
    Sikhusele Skush Month ago +6

    There's nowhere to hide now

  • selaelo serumula
    selaelo serumula Month ago +1

    Better than viggy

  • wenyasha wenyasha
    wenyasha wenyasha Month ago +4

    Love you viginia.for me its perfect

  • Lina Caroline
    Lina Caroline Month ago +5

    oh gosh I love her so much but she was off-key the sound and her key was not on point

  • Ruchel Mngadi
    Ruchel Mngadi Month ago +2

    U go girl amazing ... Lv this

  • Nora Pleasure
    Nora Pleasure Month ago +2

    Not you best performance but I love you my Virginia. From Limpopo Turfloop siyavuma

  • Epikaizo Mkhwanazi
    Epikaizo Mkhwanazi Month ago +15

    The twins got to go🚮🚮

  • Ronald Mkhari
    Ronald Mkhari Month ago +7

    We all know girls can si g this type of genre, can't they try something else just for a change. Variety is all we need

    • Vhugalahawe MATALA
      Vhugalahawe MATALA Month ago

      So basically you saying she should give you something she doesn't know?

  • Lwazi Songo
    Lwazi Songo Month ago +18

    IDOLSSA pliz next year let contestants choose their songs without having to choose from your wack playlist,coz this is sabotaging alot of contestants

    • Tiffany k
      Tiffany k Month ago +5

      Eish I hope they really get this message I also don't like how they choose songs for the contestants it would be better if they just gave them a theme and let them choose songs according to the theme.

  • Nick Nake
    Nick Nake Month ago +10

    I like virginia more than viggy ...but m not sure she gonna last longer

  • Esther Mabasa
    Esther Mabasa Month ago +4

    wow grl u r a performer

  • Brenda Mwenda
    Brenda Mwenda Month ago +7

    Not your best but still better than the rest 🙌🙌 My love for Virginia is unwavering. I loved you enough to love your sis as well.

  • Brenda Sibanda
    Brenda Sibanda Month ago +38

    The worst performance of the night😎....i didn't feel it shem.... It's just boring


    It's a NO from me

  • Wezi Mando
    Wezi Mando Month ago +1

    Wonderful 💗

  • thando bala
    thando bala Month ago +3

    She's very good, but as Somizi said, it's the song

  • londeka zikalala
    londeka zikalala Month ago +4

    Singing was flat in my opinion.

  • Thabsile Mdluli
    Thabsile Mdluli Month ago +6


  • Daughter Of Elohim
    Daughter Of Elohim Month ago +4

    The vocals gurl❤️💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  • Tshiamo Sefawanyane
    Tshiamo Sefawanyane Month ago +7

    she was enjoying it shm

  • Nkanyiso Shabalala
    Nkanyiso Shabalala Month ago +31

    I love the dance moves. I think she put herself out there than other contestants... Song choice not too sure, however I still voted and encouraged others to vote as well... Team twins!!!