How I Became Wealthy At Age 20

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Hey, I’m Michael and even though I grew up poor, I went to a school full of rich and spoiled kids.
    The worst part was being picked on by my classmate Paul. He always asked me why I was walking to school instead of driving my own car.
    Of course, he knew my family didn’t have enough money to buy me a car, but he simply enjoyed reminding me that his parents were richer than mine.
    Trust me, I hated Paul. But every time he made fun of me, I swore myself that some day I would be richer than him.
    The only question was… how?
    I wasn’t the smartest person in the world and frankly, I wasn’t hard-working either.
    Well, after months of me trying to find an easy way to become rich, I had an idea. What if I would marry a rich and old widow?
    I mean, I was handsome and pretty good at talking to other people. I thought that every grandma would see me as a great catch.
    But where could I meet an old and rich widow? I was just some poor guy from New York. I decided to do some internet research and bingo.
    I found dozens of articles about an old and widowed woman whose rich husbands had died a long time ago. I decided to go for one specific widow, let’s call her Elizabeth. She was 72 and her husband had been one of the wealthiest fashion designers in the world… well, until he died of a heart attack.
    The only question was… how could I meet up with her? I decided to call her secretary and I pretended to work for the New York Times. I asked if Elizabeth was interested in giving an interview about her deceased husband.
    The secretary said: “Elizabeth doesn’t do interviews, but she will attend a charity event inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel next week. You can try your luck and approach her there.”
    Bingo, but then I learned that a ticket to the event cost $500. To be able to afford it, I had to beg my mom for 2 hours straight. I told her if you give me those $500 I will pay you $500,000 back some day.
    When she finally gave me the money, she said “I don’t have much more, so don’t waste it.”I thanked her a thousand times and went on to buy the $500-ticket and rent a good suit for a day.
    When I arrived at the event, I was super nervous. I felt so out of place around those old and wealthy people.
    But then I saw Elizabeth. She didn’t look very happy. She almost looked sad and bored.
    When she came back from the rest room I took my chance and said “hi” to her. She was pleasantly surprised and said “Oh, sir, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”
    I said “I’m Michael. My uncle invited me to this event. But I don’t have anyone to talk to…”
    She said “Oh… come sit at my table… those people here are so boring anyway!”
    Well, that’s how it started. We talked for hours. And we were joking and laughing and the sad old lady turned into a happy and energetic woman again.
    When the event reached its end, I said “if you ever wanna meet again, I’ll give you my phone number.”
    She said “of course, I’d love to spend time with someone as young and fun as you!”
    Then, 3 days later she invited me to her villa inside the Hamptons. Before I arrived I checked the estimated value of her home on and it said 40,000,000 dollars.
    Wow… but I told you, her husband had been one of the richest and most successful fashion designers in the world.
    So when I arrived, her butler picked me up and escorted me to Elizabeth. She was wearing a pink outfit and said “Oh, there you are! I’m so happy you took the time to visit me!”
    I gotta admit, talking to her was a lot of fun. But nothing else happened. At least not on our first date. But on our second date, we had a little bit too much champagne and… we kissed.
    I know, I know… how gross…
    But the champagne made it easier for me and of course, Elizabeth was on cloud nine. She was so happy to have a handsome and young guy like me as her lover.
    She also told me about her family. She said none of them visited her because all they did was partying in Hollywood. She said they only waited for her to die and take her inheritance.
    I told her how sorry I felt for her. And she said “it’s ok, you are a gentleman, you know how to treat a lady like me.”
    That’s where our love story started and for the next 2 years we spend all our time together travelling all over Europe, sleeping in the finest hotels and always flying private jets.
    Everything was going well until her family found out she was dating me, a 20 year old boy. They called Elizabeth and told her to break up with me because according to them I was only after her money.
    But Elizabeth was a smart woman. She perfectly knew that part of why I was her boyfriend was the luxurious life she was providing to me.
    But her family didn’t care that I made Elizabeth happy. They kept trying to destroy our relationship. Well, at least until Elizabeth broke off all contact with them. She was happy having me as her boyfriend and that’s all that mattered to her.

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