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‘The Beast Inside’ Ep. 5 Official Clip | Being Serena | HBO

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • Serena shares the emotional physical training she must go through to become a champion again.
    #BeingSerena #HBO #HBODocs
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Comments • 22

  • O 285
    O 285 8 months ago

    More like « the steroids inside ».

  • Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    Here we go again. White folks comparing us to animals that are not human. Now she has a beast inside? smdh Nice try with the shade but only stupid gullible people can't see through this. Today the cheater Sharapova, who has been getting her arse kicked 19-2 comes up against "THE BEAST AGAIN." I hope Serena beats the crap out of her and then goes over to the side and grabs Sharapova's crapy book and throws it at her. SMDH

  • Zaire hart
    Zaire hart 9 months ago +1

    The guy was kind of mean to her. Like she just had a baby the baby is priority and not to mention she could have died in childbirth. Like come on be sympathetic and caring. Like ya she’s a tennis champion but she’s also a new mom with a baby.

    • Oddkayla
      Oddkayla 9 months ago

      Zaire hart he knows all this. But he is there because she wants to do everything it takes to win. If that was not the case he'd be in France and she'd be in Florida/San Francisco. She's a champion and she didn't get there being soft balled solutions

  • dominique
    dominique 9 months ago +3

    Why is everybody taking this "beast" so negatively. Being a beast in terms of athletics means that you are hungry for a win, you give the sport 110%: work hard,play harder. That's what Serena is talking about. And for those of you calling her"manly," Serena herself said it best, you are "unattractive on the inside".

  • Kelvin Thurston
    Kelvin Thurston 10 months ago

    We all have that beast in us just waiting to come out let that bitch out boo on that court the queen of the court

  • AlexHector
    AlexHector 10 months ago


  • Vic Mwansa
    Vic Mwansa 10 months ago +8

    Loving Serena Williams The Greatest Ever! It's gonna be fun on tour☝️💪✊👏💚💚💚💚

  • cotton bands
    cotton bands 10 months ago +9

    yesss serena go beat them all i can't wait and even if you lose you gonna get 24# go rena!!!

  • Marjorie Tillman
    Marjorie Tillman 10 months ago

    When you are as good as Serena, the haters always follow. This is their daily diet. When I’m browsing I’m looking for uplifting things about my favorite people, but for racist people they are in bondage to their hate because it hurts them to see Serena continue to be successful. The Bible says they (racists) live a hard life, so they are definitely a unhappy lot. So Serena we your millions and maybe billions of fans hope your recovery gets better day by day, because we believe you have a couple more grand slams left before you retire as the GOAT!!!!!!!

  • Rose Higgins
    Rose Higgins 10 months ago +19

    Patrick knows Serena is one of the best ever I'm like give her time dang!!

  • Alex Chiddle
    Alex Chiddle 10 months ago

    Ewww hit ever branch of the ugly tree on the way down,,,, Man woman like hybrid s...

    • ljsrmissy
      ljsrmissy 9 months ago

      Alex Chiddle And you love it. Thats why you clicked.

  • Anna
    Anna 10 months ago +6

    Hey please loose that title it’s foul!

    • 巴刹那
      巴刹那 10 months ago

      they quoted her

    • C M
      C M 10 months ago

      do u mean she is foul or the title itself is foul

  • Ballers TV
    Ballers TV 10 months ago +3

    The thumbnail though she looks constipated

  • Nationalist
    Nationalist 10 months ago +11

    Oy Vey, "The Beast"??? Such a typical, racist depiction of black womanhood

    • Nationalist
      Nationalist 9 months ago +2

      Alex Chiddle, how will you ever recover? You just got btfo by a strong black woman making "yo mama" jokes. Also, Drumpf is not her president.

    • Angela Roberts
      Angela Roberts 9 months ago +5

      Alex Chiddle wow your disgusting, don’t comment if you can’t be kind. What do you look... oh probably a troll since you surely don’t have a pic of your UGLY MUG or better yet post ya mommas ugly mug since she had you we will really see the ugly that you are!!! This woman is the goat and all you can do is comment on her looks. I’m sure your life is amazingly unsuccessful...

    • Alex Chiddle
      Alex Chiddle 10 months ago +1

      jazz live black womanhood??? Since when has her or her manly sister been a whoooooooooooooooman???? Lol

    • Death Dealer
      Death Dealer 10 months ago +2

      jazz live they make her look so masculine