MAJOR STAR WARS NEWS - A New Trilogy, A Live Action Show, and More!

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • Rian Johnson is creating a brand new trilogy about new characters exploring a new corner of the galaxy! A live action TV show is coming to the Disney streaming service! And EA has announced more free content for the Battlefront II story!
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Comments • 507

  • Star Wars Explained
    Star Wars Explained  Year ago +285

    A lesson I learned today: don't go anywhere without your microphone and mouse. But seriously I can't get over this news. I hope you guys are excited too!

    • Not2u 2u
      Not2u 2u Year ago +1

      I hope they have really cool outfits.

    • Kyle Smith
      Kyle Smith Year ago +1

      Im always stoked for more star wars! I'm really hoping its a new era not explored in canon or legends. People keep screaming for revan and kotor stuff, but then would complain if one of thier favorite characters was changed or if they didn't like the story as much. Enjoy the kotor game for what it is. I wouldnt mind going back in time, but prefer with different characters, planets, stories, etc. Please dont ruin the perfect kotor or bane stories by changing them. Just my 2 cents

    • Artemius
      Artemius Year ago +1

      Alex, if it's not a problem, please don't put any image from the last Episode VIII trailer in your videos. Some of us skipped the trailer, as Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill have recommended.

      CABRALFAN27 Year ago +3

      +burntvirtue So what if it's made with money in mind? You're telling me the OT or Prequels weren't? Just look at all of the overpriced merch, toys, games, and everything else, which has been going on long before Disney's aquisition. Frankly as long as the quality doesn't suffer, which it hasnt so far (IMO), I couldn't give a Womprat's ass whether it's a moneygrab. If they can consistently make good SW content, they've earnt that money.

    • Mike The star Wars Toy Collector Poirier
      Mike The star Wars Toy Collector Poirier Year ago +1

      Star Wars Explained I hope we R around 4 100 years of starwars Andy MtfbwU always.👍

  • Mix N DeL
    Mix N DeL Year ago

    Start on a legends trilogy
    That would be epic

  • Capt.Cronk
    Capt.Cronk Year ago

    Well dang. There goes my chance of writing episodes 10-18. lol.

  • Kaleesh Matriarch

    Rian John is such a brilliant and talented director! I'm definitely eager to check out his work, including this ALL-NEW Star Wars trilogy. Excellent news!! 😀👍🌠💖

  • Richard Bug
    Richard Bug Year ago

    plz dont do old republic its just fan pandering if they do that.

  • Christopher Eason

    In the new trilogy,I'd love some Chiss or Vong-

  • Ladondorf
    Ladondorf Year ago

    A *LIVE ACTION* TV Show? I can just _imagine_ the sub-par CGI.

  • Radio: Gaming
    Radio: Gaming Year ago

    The outer rim? I just want old republic but it's what we haven't seen before so...

  • Mattox Lemley
    Mattox Lemley Year ago

    I kinda think Disney is overdoing it. I mean i love new star wars content and want as much of it as possible. but in my opinion i feel like when star wars films are concerned, I think it should more or less revolve around the skywalker family. Or at least the events surrounding the skywalker family. Disney can make as many spinoffs and sequels as they want but an entire trilogy that is completely unrelated to the skywalkers just seems a bit odd to me. And i'm not saying that the whole star wars universe revolves around the skywalkers. I mean I love stories that have nothing to do with them at all, some of my favorite storey lines in the star wars universe happen before humans even evolved on Notron/Coruscant. So i'm well aware that not nearly everything in the star wars universe is about the skywalkers. Partly I just don't want star wars to be like marvel, with a movie for seoresley every character. However I would love it if this new trilogy was during the old republic era, but lets face it Disney is never going to reintroduce the old republic. At least not entirely.
    P.S. This is just my opinion and i totally get why most people are excited for this new trilogy. Please don't make a big deal about this. As I said this is just my opinion and i totally respect those of you who think this new trilogy is a great idea.

  • jon hawkins
    jon hawkins Year ago

    An old republic film would be awesome! Sith vs Jedi!

  • Dyn Aril
    Dyn Aril Year ago

    I really hope they will make films or the tv series about Revan. There is so much Potential. The Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War, so much content that would be awesome to see in a movie or series.

  • Alex Zabala
    Alex Zabala Year ago

    3 movies about Jared Jared Binks, 1- about his birth, 2-His teenage years and puberty. 3- His death

  • John MacNeill
    John MacNeill Year ago

    nono old republic baby it gonna happen yeha

  • Pops Mifune
    Pops Mifune Year ago

    I WISH they stay by the skywalkers please recast and give me some stand alones between jedi and tfa with some mara jade history line...

  • Shane Gibson
    Shane Gibson Year ago

    What about the discovery of the force or the human exodus, for the new trilogy

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune Year ago

    An obi one movie or series would be awesome :)

  • SomaHobbies
    SomaHobbies Year ago

    Who else can't wait for the Aunt Beru stand alone!

  • LBoaViagem
    LBoaViagem Year ago

    Oh boy, I'm all aboard this idea and I would love if all the new movies released came in december of their respective years.

  • Corwin Dentry
    Corwin Dentry Year ago

    I’m curious if it means we are going to get two Star Wars tv shows in an animated one and a live action or if we will JUST get the live action once Rebels wraps up. Either way, exciting.

  • Mr. Star Wars
    Mr. Star Wars Year ago

    Alex, stop telling Lucasfilm that you're leaving your house to go on a trip.

  • Coolbreeze0988
    Coolbreeze0988 Year ago

    It’s A LOT of faith in this guy... So far we’ve had 1 episode 4 remastered and a pretty boring movie with a bad ass death Vader scene. 1 movie a year is fantastic but I just hope in 3 or 4 years the saga hasn’t become diluted.

  • Heartshinemusic
    Heartshinemusic Year ago

    I don't believe Rian Johnson passed on Episode IX because of this new trilogy, him directing Episode IX was simply not possible schedule wise. He would have to finetune the story, write the script and do pre-production while finishing and promoting the Last Jedi. It would've been impossible even if he really wanted to do it.

  • hyperion303
    hyperion303 Year ago

    Seems like we're all gonna be fed up with Star Wars before 2025.
    Nicely done Disney. You're going to kill off the franchise by making us sick of constant Star Wars flow. I guess it's just in human nature not to be satisfied with the good things and just pursue to get more and more.

  • Geek Cinema
    Geek Cinema Year ago

    Do you think this is a possible over saturation of Star Wars media?

  • jmac2050
    jmac2050 Year ago +2

    don't care for OLD republic as a trilogy, with it's outdated technology; for another 7 years wait, need to see advance tech, better mythology, and new range of force users, would welcome the New Republic

  • Jake Brosius
    Jake Brosius Year ago

    Yoda’s home world/origin?


    Can it be rated R? 😏😉

  • Emery Mulligan
    Emery Mulligan Year ago

    Remember when Star Wars was something special? When a Star Wars movie came out, it wasn't just an event, it was cinematic History. Now we're getting a new movie every year and it's already taking it's toll on the movie industry. Star Wars was made and it shook up the entire film industry, and now it is the industry and it's a bit disheartening. You wanna talk about superhero fatigue? Well get ready for Star Wars fatigue. Maybe this is just me, but I'm really not that excited about a new trilogy. And I'm saying this as a huge fan of Star Wars. Maybe it'll be great, only time will tell, but just coming off the heels of this announcement, I have to be honest, I have a very bad feeling about this.

    • Emery Mulligan
      Emery Mulligan Year ago

      Mastah Frederique I should be more clear about what I mean, I apologise. To me, and from what I've heard, it's a toll on the movie industry, because Disney as a company is trying to push only their films into the theaters, making it much harder for new original stories to not only be made but be seen. They have a mandate out for theaters for when the last Jedi comes out demanding that they keep the film in the theater as long as they possibly can, pushing out other movies, so they can squeeze others films out. That, on top of the news that they're in talks with Fox to buy out their movie studio, and the fact that they already own marvel, means that they're basically monopolizing the film industry. And a brand new star wars movie ever single year for the next ten years just adds to that and is a bit disheartening. I'm not trying to take away your enjoyment of the films by any means, but this all just from my point of view as to why I'm not that thrilled. Hope that clears up what I was trying to say.

    • Mastah Frederique
      Mastah Frederique Year ago

      Emery Mulligan How is it already taking it’s toll on the movie industry? The last two films were huge successes, and there are no signs the next two won’t be.

    • Emery Mulligan
      Emery Mulligan Year ago

      I'm not speaking in terms of just originality. Cause I agree with you completely, the story is far from original, A New Hope is just the Hero's Journey meets Flash Gordon. I'm talking about the experience of going to the theater to see Star Wars. The movies would come out years apart from each other, and you were left waiting and wanting more. Could you imagine being there when Star Wars first came out in '77? It blew people's minds, and then when Empire came out it was even more of an event. That's what I mean, not in terms of the story, but in terms of the theater going experience. They had to wait roughly 3 years between films for the OT and the Prequels, so it was an event. Having a new Star Wars movie out every year for the next 5 years takes that special quality away. It almost becomes taxing.
      I agree with you though, other than the visuals there is nothing special about the story of Star Wars. The world and characters are what makes it interesting.

    • Exile Studios
      Exile Studios Year ago

      star wars has never been anything special just another generic cookie cutter fantasy story but this time with lasers and space stuff don't get me wrong i love it but it is neither original or special it just exists

  • StarBricks
    StarBricks Year ago +1

    Exited for a new trilogy but the lack of a Skywalker may be good or bad

  • Ian Reay
    Ian Reay Year ago

    we will really need more single player dlc missions for BFII

  • StageLined
    StageLined Year ago +1

    "I hope it is set in the Old Republic". NOPE!! I want something fresh, something we've never seen before!!

  • lonewulfyamcha
    lonewulfyamcha Year ago

    PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....PLz be KOTOR .....

  • buzzxr1
    buzzxr1 Year ago

    For the of the fans who care, could they please just let the saga of the Star Wars franchise die!

  • Adam White
    Adam White Year ago

    I feel like Rian's trilogy will be something none of us have even considered. He is the best creative mind they've ever had in the franchise and I can't wait for The Last Jedi and beyond!

  • Wakaz
    Wakaz Year ago +1

    We had a bad week for Star Wars. Now, an amazing one.

  • Random Stormtrooper

    I hope it features non-force users.

  • Paolo Imori
    Paolo Imori Year ago

    You should take a trip around the world. The would anounce 7 new films, 8 new tv cartoons, 3 tv lige actions, 15 videogames, 120 books... Do it, man, for the sake of the fans

  • Prince Of Zakuul
    Prince Of Zakuul Year ago

    Im think maybe Old Republic or a Thrawn Trilogy for movies. And all got about Star Live action is im droping netflix in 2019 for this Disney Streaming service. Its suppose be cheaper than netflix as well.

  • Quill
    Quill Year ago

    Even more movies? I was really hoping it would end after Episode 9, the market is just going to become over saturated with Star Wars, and sooner or later, people are going to get completely sick of seeing Star Wars everywhere. Not to say I'm against more Star Wars media, but that I'm frightful on how much we can beat this horse before it dies.

  • Simple
    Simple Year ago

    I think Rian Johnson is a good choice. From what i've seen so far, like trailers or comments from the cast he has done an amaing job on TLJ. Also he is such a likeable person! He seems to be a huge star wars fan himself and creates these movies with a lot of fun. JJ wasnt like this. I look forward in what he will give us with TLG and the new PORG TRILOGY :D

  • Mr Jay
    Mr Jay Year ago

    I can’t wait! This is literally the BIGGEST news in Star Wars history!

  • Nicholas Cosio
    Nicholas Cosio Year ago

    Am I the only one who actually doesn’t want this? Maybe I’m just insane or something...

  • DawsonEdiger
    DawsonEdiger Year ago +1

    Please dont let Disney turn Starwars into the MCU with literally like 50 different shows that are all MAYBE okay at best. Nobody can watch alllllll of them.

  • Julio Chao
    Julio Chao Year ago


  • Evan Adams
    Evan Adams Year ago

    Ok so here is the deal, Star Wars fans will get together and send you out of town each week. Then we will get MOAR!

  • Emperor Palpitoad
    Emperor Palpitoad Year ago +1

    Oh, so it isn't part if the main canon?

  • Crazy Bosmer
    Crazy Bosmer Year ago

    I hope the new series will be an anthology series (every episode another story)

  • Thatzombiesplayer

    But what about what Kathleen Kennedy saying that there would be another trilogy with Finn Rey and Poe being the stars.

  • Optimal
    Optimal Year ago +1

    I'm hoping Rian does something different and something the fans want, like Old Republic or shortly before Episode. I doubt Disney will screw up this fantastic Saga but if they do... they better regret it. However, I think that fans will stay excited unlike the non-existent Marvel movie hype.

  • ch0k1ngh4z4rd
    ch0k1ngh4z4rd Year ago

    Nobody watching this right now will live to see the final Star Wars film. They will literally make more movies until the year 3017 when they're filming on location in outer space.

  • glrider100
    glrider100 Year ago

    Do you believe (as I do) there will seeds planted in TLJ that grow into new movie ideas. IE. Obi-Wan telling about a crisis of faith in the force, or Luke discussing the history of the Jedi and the Sith. Both of these seeds could grow into an Obi-Wan movie or Brian Johnson's KOTOR trilogy.

  • CN TheBlueJay
    CN TheBlueJay Year ago

    "Has never explored." Yeah sure guys, Old Republic, thats never been explored... at all. Cmon guys. Original ideas are good.

  • Tj Warren
    Tj Warren Year ago

    If Revan and Bane are reintroduced into the canon (I know Bane technically is but we know nothing about him) I think they'll be treated like Thrawn, in that their personalities are very similar but the timeline is drastically changed. If that happens, I have an idea: have the next trilogy follows both Revan and Bane.
    Part 1: Mandalorian Wars- Traya is a mole inside the Jedi order who tricks the Mandalorians into starting the war. She (as Master Kae), Revan, and Meetra lead the Jedi against the Mandalorians much like how they did in the old canon. I'd introduce Bastila here to give her some history with Revan, however, she shouldn't fight at all. The major change here is Bane. He's a Mandalorian who only finds out he's force sensitive after fighting Meetra to a standstill. Traya sends him off to train with the Sith, meaning he avoids the disaster of Malachor V . Revan kills Mandalore, just like in the old canon. Fighting disguised as a Mandalorian to kill Jedi, Sion is nearly killed by Revan but eventually resurrects; it's his first resurrection so it takes him much longer than in the game. Nihilus is already a Sith in this version, but he's still present at Malachor because of Sith temple on Malachor proper. The mass shadow generator turns him from an above-average Sith into KOTOR 2 Nihilus. The movie ends with Revan in the Ebon Hawk with Traya, flying to Rakata Prime. He's got just a hint of red and yellow in his eyes.
    Part 2: Sort of KOTOR 2- It's been a few years Revan's supposedly off hunting the remainder of the Mandalorians and hasn't come back yet, nor have all the Jedi who left. Traya is kicked out of the Sith because Sion is pissed she took Revan as her apprentice. The remaining Jedi including Bastila are overwhelmed by the Sith, especially since Meetra hasn't been seen since Malachor V. This movie goes a lot like KOTOR 2 except Meetra and Bastila work together. They take a ragtag team of former Mandalorians, disgraced Jedi, etc. and defeat the Triumvirate. Bane realizes that there's no way the Sith will be able to stay together, and comes up with the idea for the Rule of Two, possibly from learning about Exar Kun and Ulic and trying to emulate them. He leaves the academy after killing several students and instructors, goes to the Star Forge and overpowers Revan, making him his apprentice. Meetra defeats Sion while Bastila fights Traya. As Bastila runs Traya through, she reveals that Revan is a Sith now. This is where Bastila starts to break.
    Part 3: KOTOR with a twist- Meetra and Bastila lead the attack on Revan's ship, and Bane fires on them, seriously wounding Meetra and leaving Revan to be captured. Meetra being wounded means she's not on the Endar Spire. After the battle, Bane senses a particularly strong presence in the wreckage, it's Zannah. She was one of the Sith soldiers on Revan's ship. He saves her personally and starts to train her. From there, the first act of KOTOR happens on Taris. After that, Meetra and Bastila each take a group and get a piece of the star map after finding one on Dantooine(there are only three, on Dantooine, Kashyyyk, and Manaan). Like in the canon, Bastila is captured and turned, but she's not Bane's apprentice like she was Malak's. Zannah is sent away by Bane before the Jedi arrive, as the Dark Lord knows what he must do to (eventually) defeat the Jedi. The final confrontation on the Star Forge is Revan+Meetra vs Bastila+Bane. Meetra defeats Bane and Bastila seemingly surrenders after Revan confesses his love for her. But it's a trick and she kills Revan after he deactivates his lightsaber. Enraged, Meetra kills Bastila and destroys the Star Forge with the help of HK and T3. From that moment on she vows that the Jedi should not have attachments, as it cost one of their best his life. The last scene of the movie is a lone Sith fighter landing on Malachor. Zannah emerges and goes into the temple, activating the holocron Bane gave her on the Star Forge as she meditates there. She says "I will avenge you my master. Even if it takes a thousand years."
    Hope you all enjoyed my novel. This would fit the canon as the Rule of Two Sith and Jedi-Mandalorian War happen around the same time. It also explains how the Jedi know about the Rule of Two in Episode I, as Revan tells them about it. It also explains why Jedi aren't allowed to have attachments. But most importantly, it brings some great characters and storylines back into canon.

  • TC SWF
    TC SWF Year ago


  • glitcher
    glitcher Year ago

    yep. i think the tv series is underworld. may be the easier one to do. green studio and go. i'm sure ilm has tons of assets to render coruscant sets real quick. :)

  • Artemius
    Artemius Year ago

    Alex, if it's not a problem, please don't put any image from the last Episode VIII trailer in your videos. Some of us skipped the trailer, as Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill have recommended.

  • St. PaddyMad!
    St. PaddyMad! Year ago

    I'm up for more Mandalorian lore within the new trilogy. ;)

  • Sarah Mullin
    Sarah Mullin Year ago

    It is a very exciting time to be a Star Wars fan.

  • T S
    T S Year ago +1

    Please don't let it be another female lead character...

  • JxSparrow
    JxSparrow Year ago

    It's also interesting that it's been said that Ahsoka will be coming back. Perhaps her live action role is coming as a show?

  • Jedimanda
    Jedimanda Year ago

    Such hype!!!

  • AstralGaming99
    AstralGaming99 Year ago

    please old republic!

  • Flathead Gg244
    Flathead Gg244 Year ago

    Disney making an underworld series would be just awesome
    but we all know they will never do

    • Mastah Frederique
      Mastah Frederique Year ago

      Flathead Gg244 You must not watch their Marvel Netflix shows...

  • trkoby
    trkoby Year ago

    Shoot me now

  • Grayson Schrader
    Grayson Schrader Year ago

    Hey alex! I have a question regarding the story Starship Graveyard in the Legends of Luke book. In the beginning, the officer says he is a gunner. Where are the gunner controls located? in the bridge? And also, were the Star destroyers in orbit or in atmosphere of Jakku? Last thing, did the compound Luke and the officer visited temporarily have any significance to the larger world of Star Wars? Wasnt sure if it was Palpatine's from Aftermath and such.

  • Hello There
    Hello There Year ago

    The origin of the prophecy of the chosen one!!! During the old republic time

  • Hello There
    Hello There Year ago


  • Josh McIntyre
    Josh McIntyre Year ago

    So Alex... can you start going out of town every two weeks or so...?

  • cakewalk ed
    cakewalk ed Year ago

    You should tell us next time you're going outta town :D

  • Gonçalo _98
    Gonçalo _98 Year ago

    If Ryan Johnson is allowed to make a new trilogy, that means that THE LAST JEDI might be really good

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    "And will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy Star Wars lore has never explored." That's a pretty big statement. I hope that they mean "on film" because Star Wars lore encompasses a huge portion of Star Wars that includes Legends. While I was disappointed that Rian Johnson wasn't going to return to complete the Sequel Trilogy, I am glad that he's not done with Star Wars and is planning out a new trilogy of films. While everyone and their uncle are clamoring for Revan, I just hope that it *is* something new and "never explored" otherwise it's just going to be another example of Lucasfilm/Di$ney not being creative enough to take risks.

  • Black-Reaper
    Black-Reaper Year ago

    It's SWTOR im 99% certain Snoke is an very ancient beeing so that could hint towards Old Republic if he is thousand of years old

  • christopher Wilson

    I hope it's old republic , give us something different , hate that it's Jedi this and Jedi that , give us sith , give us loads of sith , or give us frickin time travel

  • Цар Лазар

    What about the Boba Fett movie?

  • Brandon Pecoraro
    Brandon Pecoraro Year ago

    ...old republic...?


    Dreams do come true

  • Jordan Keckler
    Jordan Keckler Year ago

    I’m so happy about all this news! What a great day to be a fan! Can’t wait for more announcements about this trilogy and the live action show

  • R J L
    R J L Year ago +1

    It's an awesome time to be alive

  • Hello There
    Hello There Year ago

    Another happy landing

  • Ben Schwartz
    Ben Schwartz Year ago

    If they were not going to do old republic i have no idea what they would do

  • Thurgor Supreme
    Thurgor Supreme Year ago +1

    Crossing my fingers for a Dash Rendar/Prince Xizor trilogy

  • NLO PJ
    NLO PJ Year ago

    I really want to see where this goes and what Rian Johnson does, and if Episode 8 is good, then I will be even more excited
    Can't wait 👍

  • André 2.0
    André 2.0 Year ago

    Such an amazing day to be a Star Wars fan !!!

  • Drace90
    Drace90 Year ago

    You made me way more jacked up about this than I originally was, Alex! XD
    Never stop being a geek!

  • Lego vs. Minecraft

    I wanted to comment something about how we don't need episodes 10 11 or 12, but I think a "Star Wars story" trilogy would be quite nice.

    CABRALFAN27 Year ago +4

    I've seen a lot of people saying they're "pushing out too much at once", or "Over-saturating the franchise", but, to be honest, I don't really care. Idk, maybe it's just cause I got into Star Wars after the Originals and Prequels were all released, and TCW was airing new episodes weekly, but I don't really mind. The way I see it, as long as the quality doesn't suffer, which, IMO, it hasn't so far, they can go as high on the quantity front as they want to. :)

  • Derrick Rose
    Derrick Rose Year ago +1

    "It shows the faith Lucasfilm has in The Last Jedi"
    They don't need to have faith in it, they already know they can make utter crap copy and paste movies like TFA and still get away with it. They will always make billions so a movie every year is only logical and not surprising at all. I expected it when Disney bought the franchise.

  • UraiFen44444444
    UraiFen44444444 Year ago +1

    Nice Video :)

  • Ethan Lutjen
    Ethan Lutjen Year ago

    I'd love to see some old republic, or maybe even something earlier!

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice Year ago

    It better be the bloody old republic

  • Arthur Syne
    Arthur Syne Year ago

    So so so excited
    A live action series that's sooo good and a new trilogy by Rian Johnson can just be awesome according to the work he seem to have accomplished on the Last Jedi
    Can't wait for all of this !

  • arturoicetre
    arturoicetre Year ago

    Thank god for that, can't wait for 2020. i hate the current trilogy... With all the lore in the saga and they just focus on rehashing 1980's

  • G1N HK
    G1N HK Year ago

    Plot Twist: "The last Jedi" fails and Rian Johnson get's immediately replaced by someone else... gotta love those hype news :)
    (it probably CAN'T fail though)

  • gj Beaudry
    gj Beaudry Year ago

    Why not a millennium falcon movie(I know that might sound like a joke but seriously, Amityville horror was about a house, kinda)?

  • James Ofomah-Parry

    This seems like a real opportunity for the old republic series. People want a Netflix series for it but it would be way too expensive to produce

  • David Severn
    David Severn Year ago

    Would it be much to hope for that maybe Boba Fett would finally get a story in either the planned TV series or the New trilogy? I am beginning to have a Bad feeling that we may never see a Fett movie. Keep up the great work that you do for all us Old and new Star Wars fans. (Y)

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter Year ago

    Has anyone noticed that Star Wars always starts in space

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter Year ago

    C-3po and R2 D2 should be in the new triology

  • jean-claude schwartz

    I want Rian Johnson to replace j.j. abrams to direct star with episode 9 other than planning films which were set in the old republic before Episode 1!

  • altri
    altri Year ago

    This is a cool channel