Top 10 Popular Films I Don't Love


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  • narebman
    narebman 33 minutes ago

    Pulp fiction is dumb. People say they like it so they appear sophisticated and witty.

  • melvina628
    melvina628 7 hours ago +1


  • Robert T
    Robert T 15 hours ago

    I think you had to put such a long preface because people freak out over contrary opinions. Personally I like hearing well thought out contrary opinions as it gives me another perspective and allows me to contemplate why I hold my own opinions.

  • Robert T
    Robert T 15 hours ago

    It's almost like people have different preferences....

  • jimmy climer
    jimmy climer 21 hour ago

    4 rooms?

  • MillenialHonkey 89
    MillenialHonkey 89 23 hours ago +2

    Forrest gump for me..

    • Chris Turner
      Chris Turner 15 hours ago

      Agree, it's definitely overhyped IMO. I'll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I think I am Sam is a much better movie.

  • Burnsy fishing and outdoors

    Love movies love great acting even love me a good Bmovie

  • Lukacs David
    Lukacs David Day ago +1

    For me its Avatar. Its clichè, dumb and simple plot, bland characters, almost zero character development.
    But for some reason people like it

    • Chris Turner
      Chris Turner 15 hours ago +1

      Only movie I've ever seen in 3D and it sucked. Only saw it once, but that was enough. I just found it long and tedious.

  • gohanson27
    gohanson27 Day ago

    Well after seeing a film a few times eventually you enjoyment will change.

  • Mike Tompkins
    Mike Tompkins Day ago

    Hate Big Lebowski, felt Titanic was a love story that just happened to be on a boat, despise anything Shyamalan has put out...
    Except for Dark Knight, Donnie Darko, Christmas Story, and Pulp Fiction, I do not like the other 6.

  • Retro Crunch
    Retro Crunch Day ago

    Its almost like your just trolling us.. :)

  • Drew Dellecker
    Drew Dellecker Day ago +1

    I agree completely about Pulp Fiction

  • Bill Law
    Bill Law Day ago

    I completely agree with every movie on this list, especially The Big Lebowski.

  • Ronald Ough
    Ronald Ough Day ago

    After you know the twist to the 6th sense the movie gets slower in my opinion.
    The same with titanic. It was beautifully filmed and great special effects but the story was slow.
    You said gremlins and die hard for christmas. Where was lethal weapon?

  • joe guy
    joe guy Day ago

    when Bruce Willis was dead at the end of sixth sense i jizzed in my pants... i just ate a grape

  • Alek Blaylock
    Alek Blaylock Day ago +1

    While I enjoy them, I find the guardians of the galaxy overrated.

  • J M
    J M 2 days ago

    The big labowski sucked. The end.

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 2 days ago

    do you know which movie epythomizes the feeling of this video? drive, with ryan gosling. there was this case that a woman tried to sue the company that made it for false advertizing because the actual movie had almost nothing to do with the trailer which basically just showed the chase scenes.

  • LeNoir679
    LeNoir679 2 days ago

    I LOVE #1, but I reallllly think smoking the mary is the key.....gosh I hate to sound so cliche, and it's not that the devils lettuce magically makes bad things awesome like it is so popularly portrayed, it's just that certain things....connect better. I guess it's easier to identify with The Dude and what he's all about when you're buzzed, and the dialogue kills me, just like your friends I LOL at every line like it has grown funnier over time, like a fine wine. I love you too though James, I respect your opinions. Also, I agree with Reservoir being better than Pulp Fiction as a film. It seems easier to control the story/realism because it's focused. Pulp Fiction is a better experience though, it's wackier and more quotable. I love Kill Bill the best!!

  • Jiffah's channel
    Jiffah's channel 3 days ago +1

    I wasn't all that impressed with Avatar. I don't get why it got THAT big.

  • Randomninja47
    Randomninja47 3 days ago

    I frickin hate A Christmas Story.

  • V Plays
    V Plays 3 days ago +1

    I really want to like Pulp Fiction, but I honestly did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong the acting and cinematography is stunning, but it didn’t do much for me.

  • Myles McClure
    Myles McClure 4 days ago

    Goodfellas is ace

  • Lauren Hill
    Lauren Hill 4 days ago +1

    Hi James, you said you'd be interested to hear the perspective of someone who doesn't like STAR WARS. Okay, here I am:
    I guess I feel about STAR WARS the same way you feel about some of the movies on your list: I respect it for being a game-changer in Hollywood history and how blockbusters and special FX were made. I think the Original Trilogy are a fun and entertaining set of adventure B-movies. But I wish the franchise had ended in 1983. The SW franchise has since been worshipped and oversaturated to the point of absurdity, with people acting as if these are the most deep and profound movies in history. The movies all suffer from stilted dialog, corny jokes, and campy moments. Even EMPIRE, the best in the series, has its share of all three of these flaws.
    Basically, I don't think any SW movie has been good since the Original Trilogy. And as for the Original Trilogy, I think they're fun adventure movies made for the kid in everyone, but that's all they are. They're not great works of art, and they were never trying to be.

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 4 days ago

    titanic. until last year there were only two movies i had never been interested to check out, titanic and lion king. now its only titanic.

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 4 days ago

    citizen fuckin kane, my favorite movie ever! um... followed by frozen. i know, i know...

  • Chloe Morgan
    Chloe Morgan 4 days ago

    Disliking Donny darko and the sixth sense isn't a minority opinion, there're clearly bad films. Pulp fiction and big lebowski? Classics

  • Chloe Morgan
    Chloe Morgan 4 days ago

    He thinks starship troopers is great, nuff said

  • Toby Jones
    Toby Jones 4 days ago

    Im glad I always knew film was just celluloid. Loved horror films but I always respected the fact it was cinema.
    Makes me laugh at all the censorship these days, cant remember when blood looked red on the screen.

  • Chad Singer
    Chad Singer 5 days ago

    shit in their faces.

  • GamingBlart
    GamingBlart 5 days ago

    I recently watched Pulp Fiction and while I liked it, it is most definitely overrated. I thought it was like a 7/10 max. People saying it's the best film of all time seriously need to watch it again and actually analyse the film. The film has a real lack of depth which it masks by splitting the film into 4 parts in random order and having snappy dialogue. I guarantee if the film played in the right order, it wouldn't be so well loved.

  • Handsom Man
    Handsom Man 5 days ago

    Well, thats just like....your opinion man.

  • ashley pyatt
    ashley pyatt 5 days ago

    I do like batman but the orginal my fav just take out the part where joker paint shit like a pop star

  • ashley pyatt
    ashley pyatt 5 days ago

    The big l is cool but not what people think

  • ashley pyatt
    ashley pyatt 5 days ago

    Fuk Christmas story i like Christmas vacation

  • ashley pyatt
    ashley pyatt 5 days ago

    Hey nerd what up

  • GrnArrow092
    GrnArrow092 5 days ago

    The one movie I truly didn't care for is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I watched it with an open mind and saw why people love it. I tried to like it and get into it, but I just couldn't. Other people may love this movie, but I just didn't like it.

  • Scott Fitzpatrick
    Scott Fitzpatrick 5 days ago

    My friend sprinkled the snow in front of the camera in the end credits of Christmas story

  • mario y sonic the hedgehog

    Seeing james so calm is kinda weird

  • That1 Rand0m6uy
    That1 Rand0m6uy 6 days ago

    0:02-0:26 me with Lord of the Rings.

  • That1 Rand0m6uy
    That1 Rand0m6uy 6 days ago

    You dont like the Dark Knight? How dare you have an opinion thats not the same as ours!

  • Jerrod Kinnaird
    Jerrod Kinnaird 6 days ago

    I figured you to be a fan of Pulp fiction. Maybe because you had to pick it apart in school.
    This was some cool content.

  • Andrew Boehmer
    Andrew Boehmer 6 days ago

    "A Christmas Story" is a touchstone for a lot of older people. For those that are younger you just don't understand the difference in lifestyle and social rules.

  • creeser777
    creeser777 6 days ago

    It's startling how similar our list is, but the movies you just "don't love", I kinda straight up hate 😬

  • Marcus Mizerak
    Marcus Mizerak 6 days ago

    What about The Departed? Also John Goodman carried that movie. What about 10 Cloverfield Lane...

  • W-James
    W-James 6 days ago

    The Godfather is overrated!

  • Marcus Mizerak
    Marcus Mizerak 6 days ago

    A Christmas Story is great in a certain way, but not the GREATEST christmas movie ever made...

  • Paulo
    Paulo 6 days ago +1

    The Matrix Is rated so high because it forces you to really reflect on society we live in (corny but its true)
    it was a si-fi concept/world with a underlying message.

  • Michael Heitmanek
    Michael Heitmanek 7 days ago

    Your opinion matters a lot more to me then that of a lot of people.

  • SNJ
    SNJ 7 days ago

    Big Lebowski? Sixth Sense? Pulp Fiction? You wildin James.

  • Maiahi
    Maiahi 8 days ago

    Fuck you for not loving The Big Lebowski. The list was okay as long as I agreed with you, or that I didn't have a strong opinion on it, but disrespecting TBL by not praising it as the best movie ever made? Burn in hell mother fucker.

  • ecabernet
    ecabernet 8 days ago

    Kinda agree on The Big Lebowski. I have never felt the urge to watch it again. Seen it a few times and it is alright. Never had any big laughs. Here is one on my list: Inception. I saw it at the movies, I didnt miss a beat or get confused. I have seen it again, and I have seen 10+ people explain it. I really didnt miss anything. This is not a "I am very smart comment". I am very average. And if I am being 100% honest, Saving Private Ryan is also on my list. The start is amazing. But after they start walking.. Oh jesus fuck me.. While I am digging myself a new grave, anything Tarantino has made since Kill Bill vol 2.

  • Locust Day
    Locust Day 8 days ago

    the last answer is: "the Coen Brothers" ;)

  • thejack13
    thejack13 8 days ago

    Easy a motorcyclist I get general idea behind...but I just don’t like it

  • Stefan
    Stefan 8 days ago

    3:25 for the start of the list

  • TheSmilingVagrantsOfficial

    I really like pulp fiction, it's definitely my favorite Tarantino film that I've seen. I do think it's a tad overrated by intellectuals, but for good reason.

  • Our WDW Family
    Our WDW Family 9 days ago

    Finally found an accurate rant of a Christmas Story!

  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans 9 days ago

    Dude it is crazy how similar our movie tastes are. Honestly your whole segment on Donnie Darko is almost verbatim my experience with that movie as well. Don't ever be afraid to give your opinion. Really enjoyed this video James.

  • Reviews Maximus
    Reviews Maximus 9 days ago

    Someone other than nostalgia critic who hates the matrix!!! Finally!!!

  • Life, Love, and other things

    The reason people love the matrix is because we can relate to the world being so wrong it hurts. Also it was so well done it's really not even fathomable.

  • Bloxed
    Bloxed 10 days ago

    A film I don't get the love for is Gremlins.
    I think it's only because I watched it at a young age and it traumatized me.

  • dustin1202
    dustin1202 10 days ago

    I don’t like Star Wars

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 10 days ago

    Nah, you're wrong, haha. But I like your style.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 11 days ago

    Pulp fiction is great. 6th best film ever made is f*cking pushing it.

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 11 days ago +2

    I feel the same about Jerry McGuire...

    • lurch321
      lurch321 10 days ago

      James Roberts AMEN! One of Cruise's most overrated movies ever!

  • MichaelVitello
    MichaelVitello 11 days ago

    This is how I am with lord of the rings

  • Aristophanes
    Aristophanes 12 days ago

    Also, the reason the matrix was so popular had less to do with the special effects as it was French post-structuralist philosophy, condensed into a consumer friendly story, making it appear more "deep" than it really was.

  • Aristophanes
    Aristophanes 12 days ago

    My friend got me to watch Donnie darko, told me I'd love it because I study philosophy. Ironically, that might be the reason I thought it was utter garbage.

  • Chris Dipper the Irate Shitter

    I hate Star Wars the fanbase is the worst both young and old fans alike.

  • thugie1
    thugie1 13 days ago

    Jean Shepherd was a great storyteller. It's the little moments of Americana that make the Christmas Story special to me.

  • Patricio Diaz
    Patricio Diaz 13 days ago

    let me add one more example of overrated movie/franchise .... STAR WARS

  • Nadia K
    Nadia K 13 days ago +2

    I feel this way about 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson 13 days ago

    Well...that's just like, your opinion man

  • It's the Terminator's eye if you couldn't tell btw

    If you dare say Terminator 2 judgement day then fuck you.
    (I haven't seen the whole video yet)

  • Hrym Thursar
    Hrym Thursar 14 days ago

    what is your opinion for godzilla vs biolante

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross 14 days ago +2

    The Big Lebowski lol. You could have done the entire list on Coen Brothers, alone. Their movies are for d-bags that think they're art critics.

  • Thefuckoutta here
    Thefuckoutta here 14 days ago

    See how he can not love these movies, but still kinda sees why they would have an appeal.
    That's how you do reviews kids.

  • Rodrigo Morfín
    Rodrigo Morfín 15 days ago

    Batman the dark knight is very overrated indeed. 4th place??? Never.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 15 days ago

    The Lord of the Rings live-action films from the early 2000's. I don't think it was a bad set of stories written by Tolkien. However, I was at 2 showings(my sister's were obsessed with the movies at that time) in 2001 and I remember walking out and going to another movie. I did once watch the full 3-hours of one of the three movies. To me, it would have been great as an HBO or ShowTime mini-series. The movies were over-produced, over-rated, and on a side-note...Peter Jackson was better off with movies like: Dead Alive and Bad Taste.

  • bcf6921403 bcf6921403
    bcf6921403 bcf6921403 15 days ago

    For me it would be any of the Star Wars movies, and i mean ANY of them. I'm going to be downvoted to oblivion but I'm sorry. I like them, but not to the level of being enshrined into a religious cult level.

  • Kev_ Bot
    Kev_ Bot 16 days ago +6

    Into the spiderverse was overrated

  • Lee Johnstone
    Lee Johnstone 16 days ago +1

    I don't like The Dark Knight. I've watched it multiple times and still don't get why it's so popular. It doesn't have a very good story or good performances

  • Simpleton
    Simpleton 16 days ago


  • consciousnick -
    consciousnick - 16 days ago

    I was expecting maybe uhhh the Adams family?

  • JasonThe13th
    JasonThe13th 16 days ago +2

    The problem with saying that one doesn't like a certain movie is that it so easily mistaken for, "Oh, you are so stupid for liking that and I am so much more sophisticated and intelligent for not liking it.".

  • eAzydaman
    eAzydaman 16 days ago +1

    Scarface is in another league regarding crime dramas. Damn that movie is awesome, it's in my top 5.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 16 days ago

    The matrix was awesome till 2 and 3 came out. the second and third movies ruined it.

  • Batten747
    Batten747 17 days ago +1

    i agree with every movie here they are all over hyped except for the big labowski ive seen that movie countless times and its by far my favorite movie that was the last movie i would expect to hear about.

    • Brad Paton
      Brad Paton 10 days ago

      It definitely DESERVES to be on that list!

  • Endrank luvs da 4 loko

    Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.

  • RandyJKIt'sJack
    RandyJKIt'sJack 17 days ago +1

    Damn you James I love The Godfather 2 😂

  • obZen327
    obZen327 17 days ago

    'Get out' was a terrible movie. There's no debate.

  • Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen 18 days ago +1

    There are a lot better Christmas movies then a Christmas story.

    • lurch321
      lurch321 10 days ago

      Jeff Owen A lot worse too. One word: Elf.

  • Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen 18 days ago +1

    The revenant with Leo was complete garbage but it was loved by most

    • Toby Jones
      Toby Jones 4 days ago

      Its not the fact that its garbage. Its the fact its overrated garbage. Like a bear just took a dump in the corner of your home theatre.
      Some stains dont wash out.

    • Steamboat Willie.
      Steamboat Willie. 5 days ago

      how can it be "garbage" if "most" loved it?

    • Toby Jones
      Toby Jones 15 days ago

      That movie seemed to drag on for ages. Long drawn out shots of landscapes and Leonardo Dicaprio grunting and screaming.

  • John Norris
    John Norris 18 days ago

    You have a top FIFTY favourite films?! wow... Glad we can agree on some of these though, the matrix has good action for the time it was made I could never get excited about that movie the way other people could. I tried to watch Donnie Dario twice and fell asleep both times, so dull...

  • Turnskin
    Turnskin 19 days ago

    I've never seen A Christmas Story

    • lurch321
      lurch321 10 days ago

      Turnskin You don't know what you're missing!

  • pigidly
    pigidly 19 days ago +1

    James took the blue pill 😉

  • FHsDrakk
    FHsDrakk 19 days ago


  • Kain Dosil
    Kain Dosil 19 days ago

    ah fuck man everything was ok until the matrix made your list.. shit, i love you james but damn...

  • Myles Hoglund
    Myles Hoglund 19 days ago

    For me it definitely is Citizen Kane and Unbreakable.

  • fruitgrapepwnage
    fruitgrapepwnage 19 days ago +1

    You didnt get a 'push' to watch the Matrix? Where did you live?