Top 10 Popular Films I Don't Love


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  • xopher314
    xopher314 Hour ago

    This is Star Wars for me. I never understood why it's so loved.

  • Prinz Eisenherz
    Prinz Eisenherz 2 hours ago +1

    You don't get The Big Lebowski because you are a FUC... NIHILIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesús Javier Aguilar Candia

    i love when someone uses the "you just didn't understand it" card when other people says they didn't like the The Dark Knight.

  • yellowburger
    yellowburger 6 hours ago

    If you don't like The Big Lebowski then you haven't watched The Big Lebowski enough times. It doesn't matter how many times you seen it, you gotta keep plugging away, some day its gonna hit you, and hit you hard. Then you will thank old Yellow Burger. Good luck.

  • yellowburger
    yellowburger 6 hours ago

    Dude, The Matrix??? In this case, parody is the sign of a great cutting edge movie, not a movie that went too far. You messed in the head on dis one, mon.

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams 6 hours ago

    There arent muktiple ways to interpret donnie darko. The directors cut explains most of the plot, you cant get it from thebregular movie. Also the website for donnie dark with interviews from the director sums the whole plot up. When you realixe what the plot is after watching the movie thats whenr you understand the movie and it becomes mind boggling. Also now at this time donnie darko has an atmosphere that bringd you back to the early 90s anf is sort of a nostalgia trip.

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams 6 hours ago


  • PSVR America
    PSVR America Day ago

    Well, I wasn't gonna comment but one of the best movies ever made in my opinion is Matrix. The other 2 were garbage and they should have only made one.(I mean he flew away! That's it! It's over!) It's very interesting to me because everything is coded even our DNA. I think it's very possible we could be part of some super computer programming. There are even theories out there that we are living in a simulation. I believe there is definitely a programmer. That's what I think makes the movie good. Yea, the slow motion was cool, and running off walls, and the trench coats, and as you say "bullet time" but the whole movie was good. Just wanted to state my opinion even though I'm a year late :)

  • Amadeus Faigle Vicari

    5:34 "The hype it got was monumental".
    Or should I say... "the hype was Titanic"?

  • DJ Nurse Annabella

    Scrooged with Bill Murray is way better than A Christmas Story even.

  • 21xdantex123
    21xdantex123 Day ago

    Actually, I have to agree with you on all of these films. I feel the same way. They are definitely good movies for the most part, but I mean, not the greatest of all time

  • 21xdantex123
    21xdantex123 Day ago

    Thank you for mentioning Titanic

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 2 days ago

    Spot on! Same here, I liked most of them, but not nearly are they as good as they are popular. The standouts especially are xmas story, donnie darko, and the matrix!

  • Ian Grunke
    Ian Grunke 2 days ago

    Well said dude. Titanic blows

  • movie guy99
    movie guy99 2 days ago

    For me its Blade Runner. I love sci fi and have tried to watch it many times and can barely get through it. Its incredibly slow for me and I don't understand the appeal.

    • lurch321
      lurch321 23 hours ago

      movie guy99 Never understood its appeal either. No wonder it flopped at the time!

  • mace windu
    mace windu 2 days ago

    So is rolling rock ur favorite

  • MaqueGenio
    MaqueGenio 2 days ago

    Jurassic World is super overrated. It rated 7 on imdb but geez, it stinks.

  • TheEoghShow
    TheEoghShow 3 days ago +1

    I didn't really like Citizen Kane either.

  • TheEoghShow
    TheEoghShow 3 days ago +1

    For me, this was "Get Out".

  • Anthony Yanez
    Anthony Yanez 4 days ago

    Fucking La La Land sucked for me

  • afsin hossain
    afsin hossain 5 days ago

    hey where is star wars man...? you put pulp and gf2, but no star wars.

  • Bunbun doe
    Bunbun doe 5 days ago +1

    Hereditary. Coming from someone who is terrified of everything, I laughed through that movie.
    Edit: I agree with pretty much everything you said. My cousins favorite movie is The Big Lebowski. My husband loves A Christmas Story. Ugh.

    • lurch321
      lurch321 6 hours ago

      Bunbun doe He likes A Christmas Story AND westerns? He has DOUBLY good taste, then! Anyway, I'd say A Christmas Story is one of those movies that just isn't for everyone--but for me, it's one of those movies that gets funnier with each viewing. But to each their own.

    • Bunbun doe
      Bunbun doe 23 hours ago

      +lurch321 NO lol. I mean, A Christmas Story isn't horrible but I don't get the hype. Miracle on 34th Street is a lot better. But that's just my opinion. All he ever wants to watch is westerns 😂

    • lurch321
      lurch321 Day ago

      Bunbun doe Your hubby has good taste in movies, then!

    • Bunbun doe
      Bunbun doe 3 days ago

      +J Greezy 100% agree! There were some creepy parts. But I hated the whole "witch cult" ending. It was too much like the paranormal activity movies. They could've done so much with the story, but nope! It was witches. Ugh.

    • J Greezy
      J Greezy 3 days ago

      OMG, that movie was so uneven. Really scary at some points, and then unintentionally hilarious at others. I couldn't take the overacting.

  • José Gallegos
    José Gallegos 5 days ago

    When I was in high school, my philosophy teacher showed us a scene from Matrix 2 (I believe), and we had to answer the morality (moral or immoral) of the statement made in the restaurant with the cake. It was on a test.

  • Saylem Olberg
    Saylem Olberg 5 days ago

    This is exactly how I feel about Mad Max Fury Road

  • Nico
    Nico 5 days ago


  • TheTrash Man
    TheTrash Man 6 days ago

    Marvel movies are horrible in my opinion: every single movie ends in the same way,the good guy fights the bad guy, someone important dies, good guy wins, the end. My least favourite is spiderman 3, because its almost the same thing as the other movies. If you watched one of these movies, you watched all of them.

  • TerrabyteEntertainment

    I feel like Scarface should've been on here

  • Nanusiek
    Nanusiek 6 days ago +1

    You probably didn't understand "The Dark Knight" too much...

  • Ryan Larsen
    Ryan Larsen 7 days ago +1

    I would 100% agree with this list if you replaced the Dark Knight and Donnie Darko with movies like Avatar and Lord of the Rings. Those films are fucking gar-bitch.

  • SuperTelecom
    SuperTelecom 7 days ago

    Oh man, fucken 100% with you on IPAs and hops laden hipster beers, they are absolutely terrible.

  • Jimmy Carevich
    Jimmy Carevich 7 days ago

    I was able to forgive every movie on your list... Until you got to The Big Lebowski. Shame!!

  • Rebecca T.
    Rebecca T. 7 days ago

    For me, it is the Star Wars films. I do not love them anymore. Star Wars was made for 12 years olds (Lucas said it himself) and it is not aging well. I don't know who is to blame, but it is dead. Dead in the mud.

  • Serjohn
    Serjohn 7 days ago +1

    so you dont like crime dramas

  • Serjohn
    Serjohn 7 days ago +1

    so you are a scifi guy

  • Farmando Art
    Farmando Art 8 days ago

    I was being really chill about the whole thing till you put 2 of my top 3 films in a row. I liked the video though, its nice to hear different opinions on these things.

  • Joe V
    Joe V 8 days ago

    So glad someone finally said this about the Big Lebowski. I feel the same way...I seriously don't understand the hype.

  • Jonty
    Jonty 8 days ago

    Ghostbusters (the original)

  • Jordan Hester
    Jordan Hester 8 days ago

    I'm absolutely fine with almost everything, but....Scarface? What a piece of absolute shit!

  • Jake Benedict
    Jake Benedict 8 days ago

    big fan of yours but anyone who doesnt like Big lebowski OR Pulp Fiction can't be trusted.

  • SonicThunder
    SonicThunder 9 days ago

    100% agree on lebowski

  • HarFi
    HarFi 9 days ago

    yeah, i think reservoir dogs is better than pulp fiction, everybody dies in it

  • mikidmv
    mikidmv 10 days ago

    great video, i think you are right about almost all of the movies

  • D G
    D G 11 days ago

    Everything is overrated as you get older and everything that rules to you as you get older comes from your teenage years. Life is nostalgia.

  • Carbon Blue
    Carbon Blue 11 days ago

    What did you think of Primer?

  • Prime LorenM
    Prime LorenM 11 days ago

    Love the matrix...used to watch it almost every day!

  • dota noob
    dota noob 11 days ago

    Avatar, star wars, inception.

  • Jason Hornack
    Jason Hornack 12 days ago

    “The VVitch”. I hated that movie.

  • L S.S
    L S.S 12 days ago +1

    I didn’t like Wonder Woman... at all

  • David RF
    David RF 12 days ago

    My list would be endless :)

  • Hunter Alpha
    Hunter Alpha 12 days ago

    Wow my movie taste is exactly like yours! ❤️

  • ricardo guerrero
    ricardo guerrero 12 days ago

    how dare you disrespect The Godfather part 2 like that

  • blaq heart
    blaq heart 12 days ago

    I hate The Big Lebowski.

  • RoboJokes
    RoboJokes 12 days ago

    The Big Lebowski is not about loud laughter.

  • Anti Holy
    Anti Holy 13 days ago

    Any horror remake.

  • WH250398
    WH250398 13 days ago

    For me it's The Dark Knight and Dunkirk.

  • Trippy James Reynolds
    Trippy James Reynolds 14 days ago

    The just d r aaaaaa g s out. Everytime I see it im thinking why in the hell is this soooooo long.

  • axel_rodd07
    axel_rodd07 14 days ago

    with 2019 just around the corner i'm hoping james can do a mini review for blade runner the original,it can be under 5 min,or maybe reviewing the blade runner game done by west wood as the AVGN,just a thought

  • Anthony Wags
    Anthony Wags 14 days ago

    Pretty good list.

  • Omar Little
    Omar Little 15 days ago

    Fight Club and Blade Runner for me

  • Nate 23
    Nate 23 15 days ago

    I've always felt like this about Basic Instinct. Like other than Sharon Stone's sex appeal there's not much going on
    Edit: also Goodfellas is way better than the entire Godfather Trilogy

  • jvirg
    jvirg 15 days ago

    Angry Video Game Nerd:The Movie

  • Micheal White
    Micheal White 15 days ago

    the problem here James is YOU DON'T SMOKE WEED

  • Wilbert Lensen
    Wilbert Lensen 16 days ago

    For me it's Scarface and Dances with wolves... mannnnn It took a longgg ride to see the end titles.. did totally nothing for me.
    On the other hand... Waterworld did it for me back then.. never understood why the people didn't liked it.

  • Brent Harrell
    Brent Harrell 16 days ago

    FOR MEEEEEE!!!! Crash and The Social Network overrated

  • Mr. DB
    Mr. DB 16 days ago

    Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Elf, Shrek

  • Rage Kage
    Rage Kage 16 days ago

    Cabin in the woods 👎👎

    REDDEVILRUST 16 days ago

    Well.....that's just like your opinion man...lok

  • Phantom thief
    Phantom thief 17 days ago

    I dont like the big lebowski either

  • Tedd Jasiczek
    Tedd Jasiczek 17 days ago

    Pulp Fiction and Donnie Darko are the epitome of overrated.

  • 김원
    김원 17 days ago

    James seems to be such a delicate, well educated guy.

  • durjoy
    durjoy 17 days ago

    Donnie darko is a big rubbish

  • Yash Salve
    Yash Salve 17 days ago

    Instantly subscribed after watching batman and matrix on the list. They are so overrated.

  • Sidharth Sreekumar
    Sidharth Sreekumar 17 days ago

    Avatar is by far the most overrated movie Ive ever seen. The only thing I liked about that movie was its use of 3D.

    • Flea1991
      Flea1991 16 days ago

      Couldn't agree more Sir

  • eartianwerewolf
    eartianwerewolf 17 days ago

    I laugh my butt off at Christmas Story more every time I see it though.

  • eartianwerewolf
    eartianwerewolf 17 days ago

    The Princess Bride

  • Roxanne Taylor
    Roxanne Taylor 17 days ago

    I absolutely hate A Christmas Story, but so many people in my family love it that I usually end up watching it at least once a year. There are some cute jokes, but enough with the mean Santa Claus and the tongue on the flagpole.
    The movie that I never got growing up was ET. I think that with a lot of people they only remember the broad strokes of the movies and how it made them feel. They don't remember that that was already done in another movie or that it's completely predictable.

  • Marco Chacon
    Marco Chacon 17 days ago

    Go back to video games, you're far for being a film critic, Donnie darko wasn't even that popular, and the matrix is an icon. Cela arrive quand une tête de bite, veut changer de stade pour éviter le bouffon a toujours été

  • Patrick Musgrove
    Patrick Musgrove 18 days ago

    Pulp fiction is the shiznit. One of my families favorites

  • Afr0Thund3r
    Afr0Thund3r 18 days ago

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, fuck that, the Matrix was INSANE in 99'.

  • Andreas
    Andreas 18 days ago

    The Dark Knight is the fist film that made me realize I was turning in to an old grumpy man. If your older then 12 and cite The Dark Knight rises as one of the best movies ever, I deduct 80 IQ and presume you're still living in your moms basement. Running around with his toolbelt and scuba diving protruding mouth. Ridicules.

  • Adrian Kittrell
    Adrian Kittrell 19 days ago

    Hope to get more top 10's

  • Adrian Kittrell
    Adrian Kittrell 19 days ago

    In agreement except the matrix & the dark knight. But right on the money with gfpt.2 ,big l , titanic

  • myPAINisSELFchosen85
    myPAINisSELFchosen85 19 days ago

    The original matrix is soo good. I hate your mother James Rolfe

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 19 days ago

    Lost me before reaching number 7; far too verbose.

  • Jayson Hayden
    Jayson Hayden 19 days ago

    Say want u want bout the other movies but please keep christmass story out of it !!! Lol. My mouth dropped when he said christmass story.

  • Emelie Lager
    Emelie Lager 19 days ago

    I rented The Big Lebowski with my friends when it came out on home video because we liked Fargo. I immediately LOVED it, re-watched it several times before returning it and then bought it for my VHS collection as soon as I could find a copy for sale! I guess you have to have a weakness for Peter Stormare, Kraftwerk, White Russian, ridiculous artists and glam life to smile through this whole movie the way that I do! However, what makes me laugh at The Big Lebowski is often the same kind of chain of events that makes me laugh at AVGN episodes! 🤔

  • Frank Masselli
    Frank Masselli 19 days ago

    Well that’s like your opinion man

  • bobolink890
    bobolink890 19 days ago

    How dare you....;-)

  • TheJlook2000
    TheJlook2000 19 days ago

    I agree with the Dark Knight . its a case of the whole exceeds the sum of its parts - ive watched it several times and im never anymore more than impressed with any scene.

  • Sagiri Izumi
    Sagiri Izumi 19 days ago

    A mechanic once told me "some people like crap."

  • SuperShotgun45
    SuperShotgun45 19 days ago

    say what one more time

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 19 days ago

    Avatar and Pretty Woman suck, there i said it

    • Jack Tripper
      Jack Tripper 19 days ago

      same thing goes for return of the jedi, Sucks!

  • Mini KoolAid
    Mini KoolAid 19 days ago +3

    One movie i dont like but is extremely popular is the christmas movie elf

    • lurch321
      lurch321 Day ago

      Mini KoolAid Yep, Will Ferrell at his unfunniest.

  • exappler relppaxe
    exappler relppaxe 19 days ago

    You explained it indirectly by mentioning classic movies. Most people my age and younger aren't interested in learning about the more subtle works of arts of days gone by. This isn't the place to speculate why this is. But if younger people saw and sincerely appreciated Hitchcock, for example, movies would be very different today.

  • Cóndor
    Cóndor 20 days ago

    I agree with all them except Godfather II, that movie is fucking great, it has a great story, great characters and excellent scenes to remember.

  • Eronicavel
    Eronicavel 20 days ago

    Hoo boy, where to start? Clerks, The Dark Knight, The Exorcist, most modern horror movies from the late 90s and onward, the new Star Wars movies, the new Star Trek movies...the list can go on. For television ver, my list includes Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Oddparents, Rosanne, The Brady Bunch, Full House, Good Times when the show focused more on JJ and his antics at the expense of other cast members, etc.

  • kevin sammut
    kevin sammut 20 days ago

    Everyone knows die hard is the best Christmas movie ever made.

  • Rob Marconi
    Rob Marconi 20 days ago

    C'mon, just get on with the list...

  • sebulia1
    sebulia1 20 days ago

    While I don't agree with some of those choices, I very much respect and deeply appreciate unpopular opinions. Personally, I hated "Forrest Gump" and I've never been all that crazy about "The Matrix" either. All art is subjective, and yes, many so-called masterpieces and blockbusters can be very overrated. Hype is a dangerous thing, as well as people who appoint themselves as self-appointed guardians of taste; bashing others who don't agree with their opinions. I salute Cinemassacre for both their honesty and a well-informed defense of their opinions.

  • Edward Wood
    Edward Wood 20 days ago +1

    How about Napoleon Dynamite? I watched it and didn't get it. Maybe it is a generational thing.