Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Zoomer goes on Dr Phil and its epic
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Comments • 39 216

  • Pros Mc
    Pros Mc 4 hours ago

    its another bhadbhabie

  • WonnyBoi
    WonnyBoi 5 hours ago +1

    Here before this vid’s one month old lmao I don’t know why

  • Fist of Water Polo, Carbonation!

    “I don’t have an ego”
    I see your point, boomers

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 8 hours ago

    Bruh i must say the Dr Phil videos are some of his best. Wish they were monotized so he could do more

  • Dylan
    Dylan 9 hours ago

    3:32 Sounds Like cartman to me. Exposed

  • Ultimogamer 60
    Ultimogamer 60 9 hours ago

    The ego says he has no ego

  • Xenomorph George Barabash

    And I hope that so called "relevant" kid goes to fricking hell and I'm keeping my profanity to myself at this point

  • Xenomorph George Barabash
    Xenomorph George Barabash 10 hours ago +1

    I may be a zoomer to but they are just a bunch if idiots.
    I'm well known on alot of discord servers yet I'm not getting arrested.

  • dean
    dean 10 hours ago

    i would rather listen to an 8 hour mp3 of forks scraping on plates than watch this video any longer bye pewds im sorry ill find another vid of yours to watch.

  • Craftsy Bean
    Craftsy Bean 10 hours ago

    ''send him to jail and the ranch!'' i need this on a shirt

  • Libster1950 AJ
    Libster1950 AJ 10 hours ago

    is pewds being transphobic though? he misgenders her a lot in the vid

    • Leedle Bob
      Leedle Bob 7 hours ago

      No, he explained in a later video that it wasn't on purpose. Either way the kid deserves it for being an asshole.

  • Ruby [Eyeball]
    Ruby [Eyeball] 11 hours ago

    *Stupid zoomers.*

  • Xautik
    Xautik 11 hours ago

    I hate my generation

  • S K
    S K 13 hours ago


  • ConeyGames
    ConeyGames 13 hours ago

    Felix: “internet is bad”
    Me; “that’s your job”

  • Isabelle Harold
    Isabelle Harold 13 hours ago +1


  • ContumeliousEggs
    ContumeliousEggs 14 hours ago


  • Fiona Harris
    Fiona Harris 15 hours ago

    (Whispers) but I love Cardi B

  • Creeper Cat
    Creeper Cat 16 hours ago

    Love ya, but the red shaking in the background....hurts the brains

  • Theblackchulo
    Theblackchulo 16 hours ago

    Dr Phil: *asks a direct question*
    Larz from Steven universe and Walmart Jeffrey Starr: *asks another indirect question back*

    That’s not how conversations work

  • Clario40000
    Clario40000 16 hours ago

    Dude get on dr.phil pewds

  • Cash Veteto
    Cash Veteto 17 hours ago

    Did she just say video phone?🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    MSP POCKYQUEEN1 17 hours ago

    Zoomers are lost kids, Boomers been found and belong to the cool old music..

  • Olya Lyandzberg
    Olya Lyandzberg 17 hours ago

    Omg this boy with long hair. Thank you for shaming the trans* community and making people think that all trans and nonbinary teens are like this.
    (Please dont judge our community by this person, it's such a bad example)
    Edit: I call him "boy with long hair" NOT because I think trans*women are not real women. Actually, I'm nonbinary myself and I'm trying to respect other identities. He just even not deserve to be called a part of our community.

  • White Butterfly_46n2
    White Butterfly_46n2 17 hours ago

    I watch youtube everyday. First time I've ever heard of these 2 self centered ridiculous children. I feel ya Felix. The world today is as strange as ever.

  • Evan670 0
    Evan670 0 17 hours ago

    Mom, your so irrelevant so i’m not going to talk to you

  • Maddie Biggs
    Maddie Biggs 17 hours ago

    I’ve never heard of them

  • Aaron Abbott
    Aaron Abbott 19 hours ago

    I was so confused as to why their voices were SOOO deep, and then I heard dp and was like "Ahh"

  • A dumby named Conor
    A dumby named Conor 20 hours ago

    She looks like she auditioned for the Hills Have Eyes.

  • 3revos
    3revos 20 hours ago

    I like how much pewds tried to make this video not get demonitized

  • Cunning Fox
    Cunning Fox 20 hours ago

    At this point, I *firmly believe* we need the firing squad.
    I mean seriously...
    There is no hope for a brain that screwed.

  • kaitlyn fletcher
    kaitlyn fletcher 21 hour ago

    sweedish daz black here guys

  • Wil Cisco
    Wil Cisco 21 hour ago

    Is there somebody knows what kind of phone pewds holding?

  • Lim Keyi
    Lim Keyi 23 hours ago

    Boomer squad

  • Spedward Trianglepants
    Spedward Trianglepants 23 hours ago

    She said she was from the "hood" and legend has she socialized with the locals and got shot. She probably gets 12 plays on sound cloud(9 being her friends) and thinks shes famous

  • Julia Kerr
    Julia Kerr 23 hours ago

    I think they are gay

    CAPONE PLAYZ Day ago

    Are they dudes or chics?? Super confused

  • Muhammed Nihad
    Muhammed Nihad Day ago

    About that girl rapper, i noticed that she got her inspiration from wanna be rappers like takashi69, lil pump and bhad bhabie. They absolutely have no talent they just stand in front of a camera and shout as high as possible and that gets them money, somehow. There are alot of young kids who are great lyricists and rappers but when you ask them they always say they got inspired by great deceased rappers like tupac, bigie smalls...etc. these kids just want money and fame, desperate shout to fit in and wanna be rappers. Sad and disgusting

  • Muhammed Nihad
    Muhammed Nihad Day ago

    Viral? This is my first time i’m seeing them

  • Alpha Fail
    Alpha Fail Day ago

    which phone/tablet is that in the starting game ad?

  • 0v3rCr4ft 22
    0v3rCr4ft 22 Day ago


  • TacoTiger 07
    TacoTiger 07 Day ago

    OK boomer.

  • Floopy
    Floopy Day ago

    Im 13 but I think that dr.phil is a good person and he is cool

  • Sanamana _
    Sanamana _ Day ago +1

    I’m 16 I play fucking over watch and fail my studies but I can never understand what retardation some of these other fellow teens have

  • Slash or Slice
    Slash or Slice Day ago

    bruh her name is bameron

  • Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi

    'Bro you just BOSted CRINGE'

  • Luc Pare
    Luc Pare Day ago

    This is your culture. You created this lmao dude so happy my kid turned me on to you

  • Christian Cabe
    Christian Cabe Day ago +1

    Are those their real voices???

  • K0B3
    K0B3 Day ago

    This vid kinda sucks ngl

  • Adrean Goul
    Adrean Goul Day ago +1

    "The vibe"

  • Adrean Goul
    Adrean Goul Day ago +1

    OMG I am pewdiepies old friend I will get famous cuz I said this
    Ps in case you didn't know that was a reference to 7:25

  • Krish Jasuja
    Krish Jasuja Day ago

    they have the same voice

  • Krish Jasuja
    Krish Jasuja Day ago

    im a zoomer but wait for it...I have common sense

    XxS4VAG3NINJ4xX Day ago

    What is that girls voice jesus

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango Day ago

    Jeffree Stars' rejected son friend: "that's how relevant I am"
    Me, a normal person: dude, a fucking fish is more famous than you.

  • Sir Ducka
    Sir Ducka Day ago

    I hate these they give us zoomers a bad rep

  • MagicalRanter224

    Ok zoomer

  • Maddy Jane
    Maddy Jane Day ago +1

    Can we get Danielle chon on here!?

  • Dyani B
    Dyani B Day ago

    This dude looking like a wannabe Morticia Addams🖤

  • Andrew Duffy
    Andrew Duffy Day ago

    birth control pills mustve also been irelavant