TMAGOYAKI Bread | JAPANESE OMELETTE Sandwich | Japan Street food | Nishiki Market Kyoto

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019

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  • Denis De Buyser
    Denis De Buyser Hour ago

    At the speed and the amount of egs this is made they never can make a profit i think. LOL

  • aerodog2
    aerodog2 2 hours ago

    The Chef Butters those griddles the same way Fat People have to bathe - with a Rag on a Stick.

  • menoمينو mobailحبيبي

    هيا بلاخير راح يطلع بيض مقلي هاي الي يقلون بيها مثل الكرافه الي عدنا نلم وسخ بيهااااا

    OLBA AFTN Day ago

    What a dirty grill

  • Sim 168
    Sim 168 Day ago

    Mango tree more
    K. Hindi.

  • Laurel Harris
    Laurel Harris Day ago


  • Prinzketh vlog
    Prinzketh vlog Day ago

    Yummy ... Thanks for sharing. ...

  • David Taylor-Garcia
    David Taylor-Garcia 2 days ago

    Why are you calling it bread? Stupid.

  • Travfoodloca
    Travfoodloca 2 days ago

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    PJ LAVELLI 3 days ago

    Coliformes Fecais a Gosto.

  • Lezzet Mutfağım1
    Lezzet Mutfağım1 3 days ago

    I never thought of making an omelet like this

  • Lezzet Mutfağım1
    Lezzet Mutfağım1 3 days ago

    very interesting still

  • Yixuan Xue
    Yixuan Xue 4 days ago


  • Gee Lau
    Gee Lau 4 days ago +1

    I have just lost 11 min of my FK NFG life I cannot get back

    • debotoej
      debotoej 2 days ago

      Obviously you didn’t have anything else going on sounds like your problem

  • Coletta Hughes
    Coletta Hughes 4 days ago

    Asian street food always looks like a health department hazmat zone.

  • Erwin Valencia
    Erwin Valencia 5 days ago

    it takes too much time to make this omelet, is it really worth it?

  • Jiaun Mew
    Jiaun Mew 5 days ago

    This remind me of the chinese thousnd layer cake so many layers 😂😂

  • Sin1stral
    Sin1stral 5 days ago

    That's a lot of egg.

  • A Nguyen
    A Nguyen 5 days ago

    Also known as Japanese damascene omelette.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 5 days ago

    No onion, no peppers, no cheese, no ham, no nothing. An awful lot of work to make a nothing omelet.

  • Latha's Recipe World


  • Trần Thống
    Trần Thống 6 days ago


  • PattyAnn
    PattyAnn 6 days ago

    This was impressive to watch...however the omelette inside isn't cooked through, still runny, when you undercook your omelette like most people do . ... some eggs can produce salmonella which can make you sick.

    • Susie Deagle
      Susie Deagle 3 days ago

      Japanese eggs are super-pasteurized. You can eat them undercooked.

  • ignazio d agostino
    ignazio d agostino 6 days ago +1

    Clean then grill no? Very dirty

  • Daniel Braham
    Daniel Braham 7 days ago

    Does it taste as bland as it looks? The cooking style is sold though!

    • Nyssaki
      Nyssaki 5 days ago

      You do realize nothing in Asia tastes bland? They have spices and sauces for everything. This is a very basic tamagoyaki. Usually you can have different vegetables in the batter too, like spring onion, carrots, bell pepper, etc.

  • M MG
    M MG 7 days ago

    Japanese American restaurants are So Dirty, Enjoy

  • 3k4k Now
    3k4k Now 8 days ago


  • Steam35
    Steam35 8 days ago

    No cheese no meat that’s a no for me dawg

  • Macario Solorio
    Macario Solorio 8 days ago +3

    I want to get a stainless wheel on a grinder and clean that grime, gigantic loaf of egg tho

  • Beth Berry
    Beth Berry 8 days ago

    Where is the omelette part? that is just fried egg.. nothing at all added to it... ?

  • あーちゃん
    あーちゃん 9 days ago


  • Tina Carter
    Tina Carter 9 days ago

    I wonder how many eggs are in one omelet🤔🙄🤔

  • Mickael S.
    Mickael S. 9 days ago

    your grill look too disgusting, clean it ...

  • Edmilson ferreira Freitas

    Fogão sujo eco

  • Fintan Galway
    Fintan Galway 9 days ago

    Scrambled eggs, not an omelette!

  • foofooga
    foofooga 9 days ago

    sir you have hand like steel..ouch,extra flavor from years of experience anita pohla

  • foofooga
    foofooga 9 days ago

    check your many does that feed..I could have made a whole breakfast in that time with vegetables,anita pohla

    • Becca Jones
      Becca Jones 7 days ago

      Its depends on how you cut it, it's usaully cut up in 7 pieces though i think that's still alot of egg

  • foofooga
    foofooga 9 days ago

    a flick of the wrist

    • foofooga
      foofooga 9 days ago

      oh anita pohla so smart

  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa 9 days ago +2

    Man! The Japanese love their eggs.

  • Briddy Hll
    Briddy Hll 10 days ago

    It`s not a mat. is a cooling forming device, if you put it on a plate it will sweat and go gross.

  • Walter Silveira
    Walter Silveira 10 days ago

    Só eu reparei que o fogão ta meio sujo???

  • Jacob Kuo
    Jacob Kuo 11 days ago

    No it's not safe to say your on a egg roll

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies 11 days ago +2

    not impressed, dirty station, adding the omlette to dirty used bamboo mats.

    • Briddy Hll
      Briddy Hll 10 days ago +1

      it was not dirty. just burn stain no germs in that heat. a frying pan always works better left unwashed but you have to be a cook/chef to know these things.

  • Rob Z
    Rob Z 11 days ago +10

    Clean the front of your grill, my Friend.

  • YTglobersan Globersan
    YTglobersan Globersan 11 days ago +4

    I was in, until they wrapped the omelette in a floor mat.

    • Briddy Hll
      Briddy Hll 10 days ago +1

      you are a silly billy.

    • Zockermaniac
      Zockermaniac 11 days ago +1

      thats not a floor mat, mate...just looks like one....something like this is also used to make sushi rolls and stuff ( as far as i know)

  • pddrummer124
    pddrummer124 11 days ago

    What kind of a ladle is that what size

  • Klark Liberman
    Klark Liberman 11 days ago

    Japan fakos

  • Travis Farmer
    Travis Farmer 11 days ago

    did anyone else catch the bug he pulled out of the second pan? gross

  • Marcela Salas
    Marcela Salas 11 days ago


  • Ali
    Ali 11 days ago

    I guess it's not possible in a round fry pan.

    • Ralf Liebau
      Ralf Liebau 10 days ago

      it is possible, shape will be weird, but you could cut ff the edges if you want a suare

  • Ines Choueri
    Ines Choueri 12 days ago

    Tuuuuudo isso pra comer pão com ovo??? Mas isso brasileiro faz em 5 minutos! E fica fofinho!

  • TheSheerokee
    TheSheerokee 12 days ago

    3:26 Incroyable ce coup de main pour les rouler, quel savoir faire c'est passionnant à regarder et ça donne faim!

  • Alice Rabbit
    Alice Rabbit 12 days ago +1

    The slopes eat these with fresh dog.

  • emisode
    emisode 12 days ago


  • Rosa Maria's Page
    Rosa Maria's Page 13 days ago

    Looks great, but I’m lol leave this method to the pros.

  • pr va
    pr va 13 days ago

    9:26&9:27: did he just spit on the omelette as he wraps it in the mat?!

  • Marco Valenzuela 3D Additive Artist

    Gross. It is just a ton of egg and oil.

  • eight Maurice
    eight Maurice 13 days ago

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  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 13 days ago

    One omlete feeds family of Yon

  • Maria Ely
    Maria Ely 13 days ago +1

    Caracas, que comida,brasileiro tem muoto que aprender! 🇯🇵👏👏👏👏👏

  • F S
    F S 13 days ago

    With the stove being that dirty I don't think I would eat that thing.

    • F S
      F S 10 days ago

      @xisyfish It's a JAPANESE OMELETTE Sandwich. Not Chinese. It's burned and raw food. They are gas burners, not wood or charcoal ashes. I strongly suggest diligence in comments.

    • xisyfish
      xisyfish 11 days ago

      In this case, I strongly suggest you don’t ever have Chinese food. The outside of the wok is full of ashes. Of course there are more ashes in and on the stove

  • Florenciajhbvnnn Tagliavini

    Estoy mal o saco un bicho de la sartén?

  • meghan rabren
    meghan rabren 14 days ago

    That is one heck of an egg sandwich

  • Puffamundo
    Puffamundo 15 days ago +3

    Who would dare to eat something made in all that filth? And what was that he kept picking out? Looked like bugs fell in to some of it. Yuk.

  • laura williams
    laura williams 15 days ago +5

    Look ok. But thought an omelet had some meat & veggies in it. This is a well pressed stack of scrambled eggs. Looks nice on that bun.

    • Heather Hancock
      Heather Hancock 12 days ago

      Why would it have meat? An omelette is an omelet; you *can* add veggies; but it is what it is. And it's the fat Americans who add meat. Usually just veggies & cheese overseas.

  • Luis Penieres
    Luis Penieres 16 days ago

    11:01? Y ya fue todo?!!! JJAJAJA 11 minutos de mi vida perdida! JAJAJAJA

  • Luis Penieres
    Luis Penieres 16 days ago +2

    Voy en el minuto 7:41 y huevo más huevo más huevo más huevo así al infinito? Es broma verdad?!!! JAJAJAJA

  • carol saavedra
    carol saavedra 16 days ago

    My concern ,is WHY HE IS PACKING THE EGGS I THAT AREA?....

  • Johanna Rose
    Johanna Rose 16 days ago


  • Cooking with the Blues, Shrimp Gorgonzola Pizza

  • Anushri Lama
    Anushri Lama 16 days ago +34

    Been watching Tamagoyaki videos for the past hour.
    Guess it's safe to say that I'm on an EGG Roll!

  • Nilza Tobaru
    Nilza Tobaru 16 days ago


  • MrJuniorz1
    MrJuniorz1 16 days ago +1

    Looked until he took that bug out!🤤🥴🤢🤮

  • russell perez
    russell perez 16 days ago

    The most watery eggs I've ever seen being ladled out

  • Daria Lee
    Daria Lee 16 days ago

    How many eggs in a big pot? How long does it take to crack em all? Kept watching till the end how that incredibly big omelette be consumed.. Most patient cook I ever seen..

  • misapanda129
    misapanda129 17 days ago +1


  • 고세영
    고세영 17 days ago

    꺼져 일본 핵폭탄 오케이?

  • tiotix
    tiotix 17 days ago

    The eggs are not cooked , what is this ... Disgusting

  • lazer tag
    lazer tag 17 days ago

    japan is precise in everything they do over there

  • Laure Murkuns
    Laure Murkuns 17 days ago +17

    I can't believe he just made all those using only a pair of chop sticks. Damn impressive 😁🖒🖒🖒!!!

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      Ritu's Kitchen Day ago

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    • Laure Murkuns
      Laure Murkuns 5 days ago +1

      Oh look, Ray Ray's a smart ass!!! Wow really.

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 5 days ago

      Laure Murkuns: Glad you can’t believe it because he also used a ladle.

  • EvilRonin
    EvilRonin 17 days ago

    Wow!! a 64 egg omelette, amazing!!! NOT!!

  • ethel newberry
    ethel newberry 17 days ago

    Just way too much fuckin" around with those damn eggs. long have those raw eggs been sitting in that pot!!!???!!! No Frickin" Would I eat that crap!!!

  • Jeffrey Harris
    Jeffrey Harris 17 days ago +2

    The chef contaminates all the eggs by picking bugs out, then continues to cook with dirty utensils! The mats were dirty too! 🤢

    • Jeffrey Harris
      Jeffrey Harris 17 days ago +1

      @Shirley Barnard 🤣 I saw him pick out a few! Whatever is left must be secret ingredients!

    • Shirley Barnard
      Shirley Barnard 17 days ago +1

      I didn't see him get the bug out..Are you sure it just didn't wrap it up in the omelette??

  • 張益晟
    張益晟 18 days ago

    一開始鍋子下面有火, 那個裝雞蛋汁液體 太進去了 ,一旦生產開始容易汙染

  • francesco capretti
    francesco capretti 18 days ago

    Cucina sporchissima 🤮 igiene molto scarsa

  • こまつなひかる
    こまつなひかる 18 days ago


  • NCJ
    NCJ 18 days ago +1

    Was liking this vid on tamagoyaki until I saw the bug @ 1:55. Now it's tamago-yucky. 🤪
    Not even gonna throw the batch away from that pan? Just continue cooking? 😳 🤦

    • scott lane
      scott lane 16 days ago +1

      NCJ it change the whole cooking technique, am I the only one that felt like he was looking for bugs with the chopsticks the rest of the time he was cooking. Looking under the flipped ones and flipping them over to see if bugs where one the back

    • John Dowell
      John Dowell 16 days ago +1

      As is said in the Army: "Don't worry, it didn't eat much before he caught it."

    • Brian S
      Brian S 18 days ago +1

      Doesn’t surprise me with all the grime on+around the pans and on the mats.

  • ggv groups
    ggv groups 18 days ago +1

    All this trouble and it ends up looking just like a slab of tofu!

  • Rodrigo Vidal
    Rodrigo Vidal 18 days ago

    Ni un brillo

  • scott lane
    scott lane 18 days ago +6

    So y’all just gone act like you didn’t see that🤭

    • NCJ
      NCJ 11 days ago

      @shawnstorm It was too early in the cooking to develop a crust. Watched it again and I'm convinced it's a bug. Final answer. 😄

    • NCJ
      NCJ 11 days ago

      @shawnstorm Are you sure? It looked like it was wiggling around. Will have to watch it again.

    • shawnstorm
      shawnstorm 11 days ago +1

      @NCJ No, it was egg crust that was slightly burnt from the side of the pan that he removed.

    • NCJ
      NCJ 16 days ago

      @jo tripodi @ 1:55 the cook removes a bug crawling in the eggs.

    • jo tripodi
      jo tripodi 16 days ago

      he spit on the second one didn't he???

  • Charlene Miles
    Charlene Miles 18 days ago

    Omg! It’s a loaf of egg!

  • Charlene Miles
    Charlene Miles 18 days ago

    Would you like insect with your egg? Ummmmmmm, no!

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 19 days ago

    Does had to be fake eggs .......does places the fake food is very popular in the streets

  • Laura __
    Laura __ 19 days ago

    I'd have added a little cheese on the first egg batch. The rest was excessive. Oh well, the chef did great.

    • Az Inla
      Az Inla 18 days ago

      They use eggs and dashi soup (like fish soup)so I dont think cheese is good for tamagoyaki.

  • Sam Santra
    Sam Santra 19 days ago

    Insect/bug flavored omelette.

  • 保毛穂下男
    保毛穂下男 19 days ago


  • Rud Bagd
    Rud Bagd 19 days ago

    Был удивлен отличным шашлыком в СПБ, попробуйте и оцените есть доставка на дом - @t

    BOOCH CHIE 19 days ago

    All this fancy crap for nothing... why not just fill the pan to begin with?

      BOOCH CHIE 18 days ago

      @HOHO GANG you are correct. Just a joke.

      HOHO GANG 18 days ago

      u have no idea how it tastes like after that process

    BOOCH CHIE 19 days ago

    Can i have the 30 egg omelet please?

  • Muricy Oliveira
    Muricy Oliveira 19 days ago +2

    Es la estufa más asquerosa que he visto.tomense un tiempito y limpienla