• Published on Mar 20, 2017
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Comments • 456

  • wsser 99
    wsser 99 3 days ago

    He is soo funny

  • BarbaPapa *
    BarbaPapa * 11 days ago

    This is the real bizarre food, just how we like it, the newer series are nothing compared to this.

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee 16 days ago

    He tried it, he was building content for the show.

  • chris bennett
    chris bennett 17 days ago +1

    No Jamaican eat food from sewer
    What the rass

  • Keneil TobyT
    Keneil TobyT 17 days ago

    πŸ‡―πŸ‡² food is always the best πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Keneil TobyT
    Keneil TobyT 17 days ago

    At the Chinns.....its June plum you drink and it's mango on the tree😠

  • Keneil TobyT
    Keneil TobyT 17 days ago

    Listen you!!!!
    Get your facts straight before you come back to our country...its called CURRY GOAT not goat curry.😠

  • Keneil TobyT
    Keneil TobyT 17 days ago

    Yow mi vex a watch dis!
    Mi cyaa believe that a jamaican is with this dude and allow him fi f@#k up our food pronounciation and whe di raasss him seh bout di crab?😠😠😠😠😠

  • Jan Kristian Paulin
    Jan Kristian Paulin 19 days ago +1

    he should've smoked Jamaican weed before every meal. lol

  • Raka Ananda Putra
    Raka Ananda Putra 19 days ago

    Well hit that hot chinese-jamaican vocalist, makes me unfocus

  • Phyre Blu
    Phyre Blu 24 days ago

    Sir, we eat CURRYGOAT not goat curry.

  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay Month ago

    25:10 and 25:16 are the same shot of him eating tripe, different angles. :S

  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay Month ago

    MR ZIMMERN !!! I can't believe the things you've seen, experienced and eaten; and you were grossed out by handling a de-boned pig carpet !?!? Lol, man you're getting soft.

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago

    All thanks to our Caribbean friends, it's very easy to find scotch bonnet chillies in the UK.

  • tech info
    tech info Month ago

    Where is Andrew. Why no new videos?

  • Jay K
    Jay K Month ago

    Is that Hank from Breaking Bad?

  • DonOneBryson
    DonOneBryson Month ago

    Manners and respeck, jamaica

  • Kimmy Campbell
    Kimmy Campbell Month ago

    Point of correction it's not tumeric it beta pack curry

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee Month ago

    It is our fruits are in Jamaica. Period.

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee Month ago

    Cyanide. What? Really man who are you, this is bull crap.

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee Month ago

    This guy really knows how to mince is words. Nothing disenfranchised about how Rastafarians was formed. The rich and poor eat patties in Jamaica.

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee Month ago

    "May not be the real deal" What is he talking about? This is how we jerk without a jerk pan

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee Month ago

    This man eat alot if nasty bizarre food around the world and call it good. He is a ugly fellow.

  • Shelly-Ann Lee
    Shelly-Ann Lee Month ago

    Everything about this is wack. No sewer and the food is hardly bizarre. What is he talking about?

  • junior clarke
    junior clarke Month ago

    me nuh nyam crab

  • Norman Tran
    Norman Tran Month ago

    38.31 the sister are gorgeous and look amazingly thick & heathy. Oh boy here I go again πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks Month ago +3

    I was enjoying the program until that big lie β€˜ our crabs come from sewers β€˜ 😠
    He wants to make his program interesting and keep to the theme Bizzare Foods I quess.
    But it is still disrespect 😑!

  • Sunil Lazar
    Sunil Lazar Month ago


  • Y PREE
    Y PREE Month ago +2

    bro don't come back here..ur not welcome

  • MOODIE1985
    MOODIE1985 Month ago

    Lol I always say there isn't any real Chinese food in Jamaica. I call it Jamanese. June plum juice is a Jamaican juice.

  • Jimi Blue
    Jimi Blue Month ago

    the producer's son is definitely gay

  • Thembinkosi Blom
    Thembinkosi Blom Month ago

    Why eat crabs caught from city sewers while there's abundance of crabs in the sea

    • Shanna Messias
      Shanna Messias Month ago

      @Thembinkosi Blom
      I don't know who told him that but it's not true. Crabs are hunted in swamps, marshes, in the bushes, ocean even on the coast but never sewers, that's a lie.

  • Cavano Montique
    Cavano Montique Month ago

    Out of many one people that's the motto

  • Ian Laver
    Ian Laver Month ago

    Sebastian needs to marry me. Good lord.

  • Hatsumi Matsumoto
    Hatsumi Matsumoto Month ago

    Yes, rude! Sewers? I’ve never heard that before in my life.

  • friendzky
    friendzky Month ago

    chinese jamaican ?? now i know where to find a girl

  • Agus Budiono
    Agus Budiono Month ago

    c'mon make more vids

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Month ago

    14:44 β€œCorrugated tin sheet” aka galvanise 😜

  • Alfie Moon
    Alfie Moon 2 months ago +1

    Fake rasta man eating pork ayah

  • dina review
    dina review 2 months ago

    wowww... I want try jamaica food, a lot of herbs

  • Slimaz01234
    Slimaz01234 2 months ago

    I love being Jamaican our culture is CREATIVE/FUN!!!! But Andrew it's "Blue Draws or Dukunu" & not "Blue Drawers" :) #onelove

  • Adelina Graichen
    Adelina Graichen 3 months ago +1

    25:17 aww she looks so happy and proud of her food

  • Adelina Graichen
    Adelina Graichen 3 months ago +1

    Love how they eat Lion fish. Invasive species is always a good choice

  • ricardo evans
    ricardo evans 4 months ago

    Unu a over dweet with the crab from sewer comment.
    Crabs normally visits sewer areas. The gentleman was just misinformed about the crab but he made jamaica look as kool as it is.
    The only thing some a unu can take away from the video is the one comment about crab n sewer.
    Like really guys.
    Watch the video to the end n hear what he said to his fellow tourist.

  • Jr Neri
    Jr Neri 4 months ago


  • Queen-Anne Edwards
    Queen-Anne Edwards 4 months ago

    Jamaica Killed it....

  • Jun Macam
    Jun Macam 4 months ago

    its not STAR APPLE its TAR APPLE.

  • Luba
    Luba 4 months ago

    I have never seen land crab in any city sewers in Jamaica . I don't know of us catching crabs and keeping the for day to purge their system before cooking and eating them .

  • Tall-Paul 1990
    Tall-Paul 1990 5 months ago

    His bold head annoys me πŸ˜•

  • Shawnah Ennis
    Shawnah Ennis 5 months ago

    Oh my word true the food rass sweet yu nd yu affie find summy bad to say yu tell lie pan we crab but still juice out the rass out a it oh welcome to Jamaica

  • Delawna Brown
    Delawna Brown 5 months ago

    we do not eat crabs from the sewer. they are caught at rivers, sea or swamp areas. And that mango tree at Tessan's house is not a Gimbilin tree.......

  • Shannie Simpson
    Shannie Simpson 5 months ago

    the best place for Curry goat is a hot spot in Spanish Town, St. Catherine called 'sharmz'. the bet ever!! p.s. Jamaica has no bizarre food.

  • Shannie Simpson
    Shannie Simpson 5 months ago

    I'm from Jamaica and I have never and will never never eat lion fish!

  • more. love. Whyte
    more. love. Whyte 5 months ago

    Yeah no problem man Jamaica Jamaica. Irie man.

  • DrJujusJazzClinic1
    DrJujusJazzClinic1 5 months ago +1

    I wish Andrew Zimmern you would respect black people, Indonesian, Philippines, Vietnamese, Chinese, Africans and other cultures with respect like you do with Americans? And can you please come to terms that you're NOT above them as you prorate in your programs with your falseness and foolish attitude towards non whites!!! Get Real!!! U-Dig!!! Yeah I said that..
    Thats why I really respect and appriciate Mark Weins whom is very respectful and so natural with the Human Family!!!!!

  • Dumaine
    Dumaine 5 months ago

    I'm from Jamaica lol

  • Zefan Game TV
    Zefan Game TV 5 months ago

    Be careful who you are you mite get eaten alive

  • Zefan Game TV
    Zefan Game TV 5 months ago

    I'm born in Jamaica we eat crabs from crab bushes

  • Pikiloy Gonzalves
    Pikiloy Gonzalves 5 months ago

    Hope someday I will visit this beautiful country.

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 5 months ago +1

    nothing from a sewer for me

    • Jah Chev
      Jah Chev 2 months ago

      It's not from the sewers the crabs are from swamps they got that wrong

  • Oscar Oscar
    Oscar Oscar 5 months ago

    goat tripe and beans my fav yum

  • ray pay
    ray pay 5 months ago

    i love scotchie's! its the best! it's expensive though

  • ray pay
    ray pay 5 months ago +1

    born and grow in jamaica all my life and i have never heard of the two light skin men at 10:32

  • Clever Burton
    Clever Burton 5 months ago

    U would never find a crab in any sewer in Jamaica. And no Jamaican would eat any thing from a sewer. We are very particular when it comes to what goes in our stomachs

  • Clever Burton
    Clever Burton 5 months ago +3

    In Jamaica we don’t do bland. Every food is flavoursome

  • Toniser Howe
    Toniser Howe 5 months ago +6

    I am proud to be a Jamaican

  • 11kwright
    11kwright 5 months ago

    Cannot believe the Jewish people don't try Jamaica's national food ackee and salt fish. It's one of THE most delicious food on the planet and nothing bizarre about it. The ackee that looks like brain food is a fruit!!!! However, it just needs to be cooked properly and can also be brought in a can in UK or USA. Jamaica is one of the places that everything they cook is absolutely breathtaking delicious. The narrator made another mistake that no one noticed. He said Jamaica is a "country". It is not a country, it is a small island and this is where the respect comes. For a small island, it competes with all the main mammoth countries very well. It is surely on the world map comparing it's size in that everyone knows Jamaica and what's good about Jamaica too. Historically, the foreign government has tried to put it down through jealousy. They have instigated Jamaica turning against itself by creating propaganda and infiltrating fighters to start a war on itself. Couldn't believe the history. It nearly worked and ruined Jamaica. Now the government is turning the country around and accepting zero tolerance for any form of crime. Therefore, Jamaica is now beginning to become one of the safest places to visit. I wouldn't still advocate walking around at night time or literally going down a derelict alley but then I wouldn't advise doing that anywhere in the US or UK either!!! No your history people and not a stupid follower!!

  • Dwayne Simpson
    Dwayne Simpson 5 months ago +1

    This is Not bizzare foods

  • Rochelle Dale
    Rochelle Dale 5 months ago

    You should have tried Busso soup in Portland

  • Xtina_xavi Benjamin
    Xtina_xavi Benjamin 5 months ago

    Did this pussyhole just say "goat curry"? ....bomboclaat

  • Happy Haze
    Happy Haze 5 months ago

    Kinda foolish calling that food bizarre. Mis-labeling the foodstuffs plus misuse of the English language. Is that some sort of bargain, two stupidities for the price of one..

  • Rashawna Green
    Rashawna Green 5 months ago

    The stuff on the banana leaf is called konki.

  • BlacknWhite Truthfully
    BlacknWhite Truthfully 5 months ago

    Somebody please invest in this Rasta
    His food is amazing

  • Amaturrahmaan Bint Vincent

    That fish at the end is not distinctively Chinese, it's totally Jamaican that's what we do stuff the fish with okra callaloo onion scotch bonnet etc etc and him bright bought sewer crab smhh

  • Shaun Chin
    Shaun Chin 5 months ago

    We harvest crabs from the coastal regions,mangroves and wet lands.........not the sewer!!!!!......and the calaloo.....amaranth!!!! for the’s a Moroccan pear........

    • Sa Me
      Sa Me 16 hours ago

      Shaun Chin im moroccan never saw that in morocco sorry

  • Nancy Williams
    Nancy Williams 5 months ago +3

    this eydiot is from the sewers of usa

  • Vascina Duffus
    Vascina Duffus 5 months ago

    Blue draws it bad ,

  • Vascina Duffus
    Vascina Duffus 5 months ago

    Lol a suh we cook in Jamaica, food always nice

  • CHRIS198490
    CHRIS198490 5 months ago

    35:20 it is good going inside lol

  • World Food Network
    World Food Network 5 months ago

    Wide berth no good!

  • teetu tangiia
    teetu tangiia 5 months ago +1

    Wow, AMAZING food and culture and those two Asian Jamaican ladies OMG So Pretty what an Awesome trip YUMMM!

  • RSLR
    RSLR 5 months ago +5

    17:06 For those that are interested.. Rastafari IS NOT a religion, it is a way of life.. It is not just what you believe, but how you live your life, treating others and yourself righteously.. Jah bless

  • Ryan RainTuber
    Ryan RainTuber 5 months ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's not fishy or greasy since when fish don't have omega

  • Ryan RainTuber
    Ryan RainTuber 5 months ago +1

    since when lion fish nasty way me never eat before and since when we eat crab other sewer

  • Diana Maragh
    Diana Maragh 5 months ago

    You should cost here more often

  • Tajoneil
    Tajoneil 5 months ago

    Who ever told u that we eat crabs from the sewer, needs to be shot that's not true, so u can all fuck off with that part.

  • maicoco922
    maicoco922 5 months ago

    Helshier Beach is in st. Catherine

  • Leo Swaby
    Leo Swaby 5 months ago +6

    Come on man!! don't do that dude! SEWER!? you purposely said that to make it sound BIZARRE!..its wrong!! and disrespectful smh..

  • Arty Jay
    Arty Jay 5 months ago

    Jamaica is on my bucket list fosho

  • Jason Avila
    Jason Avila 5 months ago +1

    I want to go to Jamaica for this, whoa!

  • Jim Don
    Jim Don 5 months ago +1

    if i would choose a country to stay and away for this generation. Jamaica. away in the city but close in the ocean and the mountains

  • Bonzo Kaye
    Bonzo Kaye 5 months ago

    @24:00 Dionne Warwicks sister

  • Inspire Strength
    Inspire Strength 5 months ago

    That singer son WOW!!!!xoxo

  • Ruben Gheraw
    Ruben Gheraw 5 months ago +1

    the casava of the jetiman in banana leavfes,You can find this snack also in suriname, They call it dookoe

  • Ferarri Brown
    Ferarri Brown 5 months ago

    Good food. N not too bad people.. it's just a damn shame the country itself is a shit hole.. on two too 3 countries in West Indies have it good.

  • Zoch Buppet
    Zoch Buppet 5 months ago +2

    I find there are always a few MAJOR mistakes on each episode. Jerk is originally a Amerindian way of cooking and Tell me who in the Caribbean would eat crabs from a sewer.
    He somehow has to work in Jews in some way in as many episodes that he can. Why couldn't it be just the regular Spanish that introduced Escovitch. Well if its Jews who brought it then also don't forget to mention that they were also slave traders, and some had slave plantations.
    Would someone shut up and remind him that he's a white guy from America with ancestors from Eastern Europe

    • chris bennett
      chris bennett 17 days ago

      Zoch Buppet don't agree it's Amerindan

  • Lenroy Swaby
    Lenroy Swaby 5 months ago

    I most certainly enjoyed this video. Great job. However, been that the show is called 'bizarre foods', I was hoping he would explain that the ackee is a poisonous fruit that has to be prepared a certain way, and is indeed the National dish or Jamaica. Secondly, while I do not eat crab, I can boldly state, that the crabs are not from sewers. In fact, you have people go outs out in the nights to hunt crabs. Crabs are found in cane fields or bushes close to the ocean. And the name for the food prepared by the rasta man, is pronounced ' blue drawz'. Aka 'tie a leafe', aka Ducunu'. Love the video though. Thanks for highlighting our simplicity.

  • dwight findlay
    dwight findlay 5 months ago +33

    Jamaicans don't eat from the sewer they never do that who ever told you that is a liar

  • Dr. Chopper
    Dr. Chopper 5 months ago

    Delicious food...

  • goonerdotcom
    goonerdotcom 5 months ago

    I'm not very well travelled but where I've been I take my time with. Was in Jamaica for 10 days and I don't know of a more friendly and generous bunch of people. It's pretty touristy BUT it's still got the innocence of the island culture. Been along this entire route and the only thing that was missed was a Red Stripe with every meal and some of the local ganja that does't knock you senseless !!
    Beautiful country, people and amazing food !!