Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To French Trim A Rack Of Lamb | Season 8 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF

  • The chefs watch in awe as Gordon Ramsay expertly demonstrates how to French Trim a rack of lamb.
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    Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds. This season is more exciting than ever with a surprise-filled journey that takes the contestants on the trip of a lifetime. Ramsay and the judges will serve as mentors to these skilled home chefs as they compete to claim the title of MasterChef and the $250,000 grand prize on MasterChef’s milestone 10th season.
    Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To French Trim A Rack Of Lamb | Season 8 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF
    #MasterChef #GordonRamsay

Comments • 80

  • GOD๛Mᴇᴛᴇᴏ真神

    hehe boii

  • Nothing Raider
    Nothing Raider 18 hours ago


  • Cil Ordonez
    Cil Ordonez Day ago

    0:29-0:38 My parents waking me up

  • Cil Ordonez
    Cil Ordonez Day ago +1

    Gordon: Breathes
    Everyone: Incredible

    KOSMO 2 days ago +1

    And that is how you wash your hands like a true masterchef

  • Tani Jacque
    Tani Jacque 4 days ago


  • Chau Ba Ngo
    Chau Ba Ngo 5 days ago +4

    Everytime Gordon demonstrates something, Christina looks like she has a huge crush on him... 1:55

  • Axel Arcovendas
    Axel Arcovendas 5 days ago

    I love how you have to take 80% of the meat off

  • Dazzlassies
    Dazzlassies 6 days ago

    My eyes are WIDE as SAUCERS

  • Lei Fu
    Lei Fu 6 days ago


  • sunbla asif
    sunbla asif 6 days ago

    Easy pizy 😒😏😏😏😏😏😏

  • Vish H
    Vish H 6 days ago

    Gordon: I'm going to show you how to French a rack of lamb
    *proceeds to snog meat*

  • Greaser
    Greaser 7 days ago

    That lamb was half prepped before started. Gordon is a wannabe top chef, you never see him present gastronomical dishes world class dishes. Always burgers, beef wellington steak etc. That’s do at home dishes.

  • Idham Muhd
    Idham Muhd 7 days ago


  • L0tnicK
    L0tnicK 7 days ago

    "wwoow" woow" "WOW" .. so pathetic..

  • Dagur The deranged
    Dagur The deranged 9 days ago

    Before the video started I just got a master class ad with Gordon Ramsay in it about teaching cooking.
    Me: coincidence.
    I THINK NOT!!!

  • nguyen thanh chuong
    nguyen thanh chuong 9 days ago

    that is easy

  • SSMatthews
    SSMatthews 9 days ago

    Standard procedure. Regards from the butcher.

  • Шахт:3р Channel

    Gordon Ramsey great cooking

  • Jwen7836
    Jwen7836 10 days ago

    Tried this.
    He was right about the knife.
    Typing with 2 less fingers.
    Lamb untrimmed.

  • Sebastian Taylor
    Sebastian Taylor 10 days ago

    lEt ThE kNiFe Do ThE wOrK

  • someone weird
    someone weird 11 days ago +1

    I have been going on a gordon ramsay's demonstration spree

  • Ed Ddie
    Ed Ddie 12 days ago

    I got a ad of Gordon before watching this

  • bobs and vagene marley

    when the doctor is giving you a circumcision:

  • michael cabrera
    michael cabrera 13 days ago


  • Fanda Konvalina
    Fanda Konvalina 13 days ago

    R.I.P. Knife 😧

  • Anton Carlos Luna
    Anton Carlos Luna 14 days ago

    **like ah masta butcha**

  • cyrill
    cyrill 14 days ago

    Gordon looks like hes just flexing his skills

  • Assault Ghosty
    Assault Ghosty 14 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce

  • Gary The Rat
    Gary The Rat 14 days ago

    Gordon: *walks*
    Mere mortals: OMG wow.........

  • lÝkcirl
    lÝkcirl 14 days ago

    The way he sharpens knife is so indulging

  • Crypto
    Crypto 15 days ago

    So clean wtf

  • spacedisk disk
    spacedisk disk 17 days ago

    gordons corona

  • keigorjai
    keigorjai 17 days ago

    Honestly, I like the taste of the fat.

  • Bánh Mật Coffe
    Bánh Mật Coffe 19 days ago

    The guys who sell meat in the Vietnamese market make this easy

  • Avinash Singh
    Avinash Singh 20 days ago

    1:55 That guy is like "I wish I was that cool" 😏😏😏

  • Renz Briones
    Renz Briones 20 days ago

    He says gently like they're not going to do it under time pressure

  • Awlow 05
    Awlow 05 20 days ago +3

    Gordon: *breathes*
    Everyone: 😳

  • Ubaldo Aldana
    Ubaldo Aldana 20 days ago

    Clearly the knife was a paid actor

  • Sum Gai
    Sum Gai 21 day ago

    Been sitting here for 40 minutes after watching this and my knife is still chilling in the drawer not wanting to do its work...

  • SenditRachel
    SenditRachel 21 day ago

    Where's the lamb S A U C E!?

  • Daniel Robledo
    Daniel Robledo 22 days ago

    U can clearly see that they used a double to do the work. Look at those hands when camera zooms in

  • Metro Mmdk
    Metro Mmdk 22 days ago


  • no.
    no. 23 days ago

    *Good* *luck*
    Always on exams.

  • Sana Ezz
    Sana Ezz 24 days ago +8

    Gordan:sharping his knife
    Random guy :shakes his head
    "*it is a very important step*"

  • SmuGGumS
    SmuGGumS 24 days ago

    What happens to Gordon’s demos of everything?

  • }{entai
    }{entai 25 days ago +11

    Gordong: *sharpens knife*

    The whole crowd: *intense nodding*

  • Mooncalf
    Mooncalf 25 days ago

    Looks easy, is not easy

  • Minecraft Hypno
    Minecraft Hypno 26 days ago

    Today we’re going to try to breath. The one guy: Can we do this today, this is crazy

  • Kevin Skywalker
    Kevin Skywalker 27 days ago

    It’s like they never seen lamp before

  • dPr?!``
    dPr?!`` 27 days ago

    I think,the fat of the lamb,must be on kotelett !

  • Avail GGs
    Avail GGs 27 days ago

    How come every master chief competitor wears the same clothes every episode

  • Andrew Lachica
    Andrew Lachica 29 days ago

    Where’s the lamb saaauuuuuuucccceeee?????

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 29 days ago

    How come the Rudy Rodriguez has to French his rack of lamb

  • Neil John Disto
    Neil John Disto Month ago

    This is the labor of love

  • Bích nụ
    Bích nụ Month ago

    Gordon: breath
    people: Wow!

  • SG gr
    SG gr Month ago

    every kid can do this ! this has nothing to do with skill !

  • Jesus Bourne
    Jesus Bourne Month ago

    i prefer my fat on the racks, litterly the best part

  • PariGamerGirl meh
    PariGamerGirl meh Month ago

    I know how to do this and im only nine

  • vance sedico
    vance sedico Month ago

    Pudge is the master butcher

  • TheReaperGR
    TheReaperGR Month ago

    That's great and everything,but when you allow a strict time frame to prepare a dish and you have the contestants trim the lamb alongside every other thing they have to do, I just don't think it's very fair for them.

  • Michael Ling
    Michael Ling Month ago

    Is it really okay to sharpen your knife on top of the meat you’re about to cook?

  • aneetapadhan
    aneetapadhan Month ago

    Gordon don't be lazy. Give a break to the knife and for god's sake do some work !!

  • Youtubers rule Youtube

    masterchef to master butcher



  • Lina Rios
    Lina Rios Month ago

    Get comfortable with the fish..... Oops sorry wrong video

  • Syphic_jellyjam
    Syphic_jellyjam Month ago

    1:17 for some reason him sharpening that knife is just so weirdly satisfying

    JOTARO KUJO Month ago +1

    *P R E C I S I O N L I K E*

  • Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz Month ago +1


  • JP Productions
    JP Productions Month ago

    Vegans have left the chat

  • Oscar Murphy
    Oscar Murphy Month ago

    Where’s the lamb sauce?

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther Month ago +1

    Backsound name ????????

  • Mitch184
    Mitch184 Month ago

    That's nothing. Jamie Oliver can do this with one hand blindfolded.

  • Ke Zhang
    Ke Zhang Month ago

    Too much lamb wasted...

  • J&R Japanese Cuisine

    Skinned to the bone

  • Drielly Santos
    Drielly Santos Month ago

    Incrível!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Zekushii
    Zekushii Month ago +639

    Chef ramsey: One slip of the knife and you lose a finger
    Chef ramsey slip and lose a finger
    Chef ramsey: see?
    Everyone: wow...

      KANCHAN KUMAR SARKAR 10 days ago

      Then again Ramsey: It's Rawwwww!

    • Valentin Svensberg
      Valentin Svensberg 20 days ago +4

      At the a baking school I was that happend. The teacher wanted to show how to use the dough sheeter safely. In that demonstration on not how to do it he slipped and got his hand in the rolls. Lost his fingers, wasn't nice.

    • Tino Gacha
      Tino Gacha Month ago +4

      Emoji users INTENSEFIES

    • Keerati Verma
      Keerati Verma Month ago +4


    • Trippin' Pizza
      Trippin' Pizza Month ago +11

      Underrated comment🤣

  • wassy doing
    wassy doing Month ago

    Why do americans have to 'woop' everything?

  • ED
    ED Month ago

    Are those people paid to clap?

  • Leslie Kim
    Leslie Kim Month ago

    2:09 Goodluck.