Race to Pop the Nasty Balloon Challenge!! | Don't Let it Pop on You!

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Hey guys! In this challenge, we compete in a trivia face-off to see who gets a nasty balloon popped on their head! Every time you get a question wrong, you get a disgusting mess popped on you! Who do you think will win?
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Comments • 2 014

    COOKIES FOREVER 6 hours ago


  • Podimus Boss
    Podimus Boss 6 hours ago

    bobby is a safe boi

  • Thor Melbye
    Thor Melbye 8 hours ago

    11:50 HOW DARE YOU!!!!

  • Avery Amys
    Avery Amys 9 hours ago +1

    Who else loves joey’s scream 🤣❤️

  • Spy Crab
    Spy Crab 14 hours ago

    This was unfair. Bobby had a better pump. 5 pumps did as much as 10 from the other

  • Joey Clark
    Joey Clark 21 hour ago

    This game is suck a cheap game

  • Dakota Graef
    Dakota Graef Day ago

    There are 7 zeros in a million

  • iamyetiman
    iamyetiman Day ago

    We are, and I repeat, we are, Bible Believin' Boys here

  • William LeBouthillier

    J Fred with the gummy ber


    It cost money so I can’t join

  • Alex Galjour
    Alex Galjour 2 days ago +1

    Oqoqoqqooqoqoqoqoqoqooqoq oqoqoqoqooqoqoqoqooq

  • Emilia Porter
    Emilia Porter 2 days ago +1

    "New Zelands beautiful"
    People living in New Zeland 😄😄😄😄😄😏😏😏😏😏

  • The Unknown33
    The Unknown33 2 days ago

    I'm from New Zealand

  • darthvein3
    darthvein3 3 days ago

    "We are bible believing boys here"
    *you lost 10 respect points*
    Your religious BS ruined this video for me.
    Let's keep it fun for everyone shall we?

  • Mackenzie Vaz
    Mackenzie Vaz 4 days ago

    If you pause at 8:45 and just look at Bobby

    just do it (edit - it’s actually closer to 8:46)

  • Lucas Rushton
    Lucas Rushton 4 days ago

    i live in nz

  • Brusky browsky
    Brusky browsky 5 days ago

    That's unfear

  • Steven Griffin
    Steven Griffin 5 days ago


  • DaRell MARTIN
    DaRell MARTIN 6 days ago

    Bryan I live in New Zealand and its not bad but just don’t come here because there are a lot of asians here

  • ʇɹǝsuI ʇxǝꓕ ǝɹǝH

    Plot twist: Whitney gave Bobby Double layered balloons because she felt bad for Bobby always losing.

  • willk
    willk 7 days ago

    I’m they have 6.66 mil subs

  • marlo bales
    marlo bales 7 days ago

    I got saved to today

  • Nina Bogdanov
    Nina Bogdanov 8 days ago

    6:13 it is supposed to say 6 pumps,not 3. BTW I think the editor is NOT smarter than a third grader

  • Gacha games
    Gacha games 9 days ago

    It’s not possible for me to join... so I’m missing out, can you post these on your channel?

  • Student Gerald Tucker
    Student Gerald Tucker 11 days ago

    J FRED insults Zion, Utah's population of 3,161,105 people: click unsubscribe. me: flags video for offensive content dislikes and unsubscibes

  • Wyatt Bostwick
    Wyatt Bostwick 13 days ago +1

    BS Brian so deserves a load of freebies because of how durable Bobby’s ballon was

  • Russell Lannier
    Russell Lannier 13 days ago

    The very last balloon popped so hard it made a flash wtf

  • Elliott Fiorato
    Elliott Fiorato 13 days ago

    bobby got an industrial level balloon

  • Jesus Guillen
    Jesus Guillen 15 days ago

    Love your vids

  • Jia Dong Chan
    Jia Dong Chan 16 days ago

    how is is bobby's balloon not popping already?

  • Sauce
    Sauce 16 days ago

    Cool fact the very first episode of phineas and ferb aired while I was coming out the whoom

  • WarLock_ SniPR
    WarLock_ SniPR 17 days ago

    6:27 is it karma?!?? Bobby survived

  • joseph creekmore
    joseph creekmore 17 days ago

    I just got back from going to Zion national park

  • Αλεξανδρος Ζαφειριου

    Τhats unfair

  • Jinjie
    Jinjie 17 days ago

    Hay I live in New Zealand

  • Sneha N.
    Sneha N. 20 days ago

    that was not a fair game, bryan got so many more right answers than bobby!!

  • Chase Baker
    Chase Baker 20 days ago +1

    not fair bobby was cheating air was coming out so the ballon never popped

  • Daniel Palacio
    Daniel Palacio 21 day ago

    13:40 it made a spark

  • Cool Sisters Show
    Cool Sisters Show 21 day ago

    Hello, I really like the creative ideas you guys come up with.

  • •Gãçhã _ØwØ•
    •Gãçhã _ØwØ• 21 day ago +2

    13:02 bobby said my name

  • Shrek likes jazz
    Shrek likes jazz 22 days ago +1

    Team edge are the first youtubers Ive heard that want to come to New Zealand but I agree it is gorgeous for one of my school camps I went to Arthur's pass and we saw tones of native birds yes I live in New Zealand.

  • Guadalupe Nieto
    Guadalupe Nieto 22 days ago

    Poor Brian so un fair

  • Elijah Zaragoza
    Elijah Zaragoza 22 days ago +6

    Who is watching 2020 and forgot Matt was original before Bobby

  • GlitchJedi
    GlitchJedi 22 days ago

    I keep rewatching this video for Joey shaking the gummy bear XD

  • hi squad
    hi squad 22 days ago

    1:10 from where is that video?

  • Gangsterpigs
    Gangsterpigs 22 days ago +1

    When Bryan said New Zealand 🇳🇿. I thought people actually know about us. That’s hit me

  • SmollLzir
    SmollLzir 22 days ago +2

    “BTS pictures”
    Okay I may be mistaking this but I’m getting interested

    • SmollLzir
      SmollLzir 21 day ago

      DonutDude 5 you mean the kpop group? I swear man

    • DonutDude 5
      DonutDude 5 21 day ago

      Shadow Kid the group is iterally the same dude

    • SmollLzir
      SmollLzir 21 day ago

      DonutDude 5 ctrl + paste?

    • DonutDude 5
      DonutDude 5 21 day ago

      Not the nasty ctrl + paste group, behind the scenes

  • Jazzielyn Enriquez
    Jazzielyn Enriquez 23 days ago +3


  • Mark Laurence de Leon
    Mark Laurence de Leon 23 days ago


  • Gacha BTSfan _ ARMY
    Gacha BTSfan _ ARMY 24 days ago


  • Nuri Tam
    Nuri Tam 25 days ago +5

    When they said BTS I thought they meant the kpop group lmao

    • Kin2973's Aviation (with other stuff)
      Kin2973's Aviation (with other stuff) 20 days ago

      me too because I have a bias

    • SmollLzir
      SmollLzir 21 day ago

      Devan I’m gonna sleep now see ya

    • Devan
      Devan 21 day ago

      @SmollLzir i get it from my brother and sister

    • SmollLzir
      SmollLzir 21 day ago

      Devan Jungkook. You reply really fast unlike most others

    • Devan
      Devan 21 day ago

      @SmollLzir mine is v to. but who is your bias wrecker??

  • Sammie Simmers
    Sammie Simmers 26 days ago +6

    Joey:how many 0's are in 1,000,000

    Me:*uses my alexa for the answer of 6*

  • Sammie Simmers
    Sammie Simmers 26 days ago

    What about matthias

  • chris deming
    chris deming 26 days ago

    I may be wrong but are these people from the first episode of lemon or made

  • D3VOE
    D3VOE 26 days ago

    Let's gooo New Zealand on top

  • [OS]Milky_bot
    [OS]Milky_bot 26 days ago

    I am from new zeal’s

  • itsJust_Moll
    itsJust_Moll 27 days ago

    BTS pictures???? im here for it :)

  • Kain Jaracz
    Kain Jaracz 27 days ago

    Does any one else realize that he didn’t ask in question format? 3:11

  • 《Itż Đ Ťübêŕ》

    6:27 bobby gavr brayan 7 pumps

  • Gray’s world Vlogs
    Gray’s world Vlogs 27 days ago

    This is like an ultimate gassy Guss. If you know what I’m talking about you are an og fan

    • Grace Totton
      Grace Totton 26 days ago

      Gray’s world Vlogs I remember that video that was a good one!