SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - 4 Minute Trailers (2019)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Official Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Trailer Compilation 2019 | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | Tom Holland Movie Trailer | Release: 5 Jul 2019 | More KinoCheck.com/film/m1x/spider-man-far-from-home-2019
    Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the Spider-Man: Homecoming series! Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter's plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!
    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) is the new action movie.
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  • Karen Post
    Karen Post 2 hours ago


  • Scott
    Scott 11 hours ago

    So (Sandman) Has been made into (Everythingman) Interresting . . .
    Looking forward to see how (Venom) Is turning out . . Maybe (Carnage) Gets some screen time now??? Who knows

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    I lIke This

  • David Is Here
    David Is Here 20 hours ago

    mysterio is in it!

  • Fayyaz Betra
    Fayyaz Betra Day ago

    Bagi yg tau,film spider man 2019 judulnya far from home or homecoming?

  • CARL WongTW
    CARL WongTW Day ago

    First things first we need to find out HOW he's + others are revived in Endgame :]. Sandman ?
    Something wrong with his passport, doesn't say which year it expires . . and birth date should show year too

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 Day ago

      By whatever the survivors will make on Endgame.
      Not Sandman per se, they confirmed that besides Mysterio, the other villains are these elements monsters called The Elementals, not related to Sandman and others element based Spidey villains *but* some merchandise actually refers to these creatures as versions of Molten Man, Hydroman and possibly Sandman and Cyclone.
      Probably they edited that out so nothing can give away the setting of this movie (although is so obvious this is after Endgame). Remember that trailers often edit some things/scenes.

  • Vegard Veslelia
    Vegard Veslelia Day ago

    teen movie

  • Clover Salad
    Clover Salad 2 days ago

    Spider-Man:I am home

  • Inderjot Josan
    Inderjot Josan 2 days ago +14

    Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Spider-Man: Far From Home
    Spider-Man: *Homeless*

    • GoViral YT
      GoViral YT 56 minutes ago

      No. Far from home is the end of phase 3

  • Adan .V
    Adan .V 2 days ago

    Concuerdo con Tony Stark la tía May de Peter está buena..

  • Josh Villanueva
    Josh Villanueva 2 days ago

    im confused, i thought we already turned into dust. so does that mean this movie is in the time before infinity war?

    • Zsolt Wetterhan
      Zsolt Wetterhan Day ago

      After. Most of them will be brought back in Endgame. That's why I don't care much anymore for these teen films with zero consequence.

  • Milán Sándor
    Milán Sándor 3 days ago

    Where is that spigga from the videocover?

  • Emirhan Sahin
    Emirhan Sahin 3 days ago

    This 15 year old child/kid ass short height looking new peter parker made me hate spiderman. Spiderman should be more than 28 years old. No need to subliminal or manipulate boys to jump up from the window.

  • Hashim Khan
    Hashim Khan 3 days ago

    sexy aunt may 2:00

    DAVIRAGAO 3 days ago

    Homem absorvente

  • Vegito Sama
    Vegito Sama 3 days ago

    Now we know what’ll happen in endgame 😂

    SUMIT CHAUDHARY 3 days ago

    Why the hell did you repeated the whole trailer again?

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 3 days ago +15

    1:54 it used to be "sup dickwad" and I'm sad they changed it😭

    4:17 yay

    • SuperT
      SuperT Day ago

      I like how you can hear the cut it’s like
      “Sup..- loser”

  • Laid Ouldmoussa
    Laid Ouldmoussa 3 days ago

    Spiderman : home alone

  • keegran s
    keegran s 3 days ago

    1:54 *sup loser*
    4:16 *sup! dick what*

  • Hlagza KG
    Hlagza KG 3 days ago

    Didn't he disappear

  • Zachery Gorman
    Zachery Gorman 4 days ago

    3:28 whoever did that lightning and fire to symbolise Spider-Man's colours that's fucken awesome

  • Zachery Gorman
    Zachery Gorman 4 days ago

    1:25 hope that's not in the movie
    That look terrible I'm an editor I saw that trash he didn't even hit the wall

  • Zachery Gorman
    Zachery Gorman 4 days ago

    Really Samuel L Jackson and he's trying to do a German voice
    I wold never think about casting this guy

  • Zachery Gorman
    Zachery Gorman 4 days ago +1

    This guy is practically the same age as me I'm 24
    Other people get that illusions that he's younger I don't see that lol

  • Julio Cruz
    Julio Cruz 4 days ago

    Los elementos

  • Julio Cruz
    Julio Cruz 4 days ago

    Ya son dos pelis yo me llamo gael

  • Julio Cruz
    Julio Cruz 4 days ago

    Es buno el trailer

  • Maverick Dallarte
    Maverick Dallarte 4 days ago

    1:16 When Happy said 'we're all alone' does he just mean that because they're in Europe, or because they're now living in a postworld where Iron Man, his dad who ushered him into this superhero life, is now gone? I need answers. Don't we all? T_T

  • Ritika Gupta
    Ritika Gupta 4 days ago

    He did not have a strong reaction when iron man and thor were mentioned so maybe they don't die

    • Almd Dmla
      Almd Dmla Day ago

      Or maybe he has moved on. Peter can still grieve and not show it all the time.

  • Ritika Gupta
    Ritika Gupta 4 days ago

    How does he know fury?

  • Ritika Gupta
    Ritika Gupta 4 days ago

    How does he have a new suit if tony dies aka he does not die.

  • Mohammed Yakub
    Mohammed Yakub 4 days ago

    That woman probably refused for him to take the banana on the aeroplane because she was hungry and wanted free food

  • Mohammed Yakub
    Mohammed Yakub 4 days ago +3

    United airlines probably paid them so much for that

  • liki ko
    liki ko 4 days ago

    spiderman-home alone
    spiderman-home town
    spiderman-home sick
    spiderman-home sweet home

  • Anish Uzumaki
    Anish Uzumaki 4 days ago +1

    Spider Man: Homecoming
    Spider Man: Far From Home
    Spider Man: Country Roads
    Spider Man: Living On Streets
    Spider Man: Begging For Life

  • Сиджей
    Сиджей 4 days ago +2

    Far from home ? What else
    The homles Spider-Man?

  • user 265
    user 265 5 days ago

    Toby Maguire will always be the best spiderman

  • darshu dev
    darshu dev 5 days ago

    Spiderman : far from home
    Annabelle : Comes home
    Spiderman : finds annabelle in home
    Annabelle : Kills spiderman
    Annabelle : Homealone

  • SGTlieutenant 8903
    SGTlieutenant 8903 5 days ago

    he's alive i knew it and nick fury too

  • Daddy Smash Mouth
    Daddy Smash Mouth 5 days ago +9

    Spider-Man Homecoming
    Spider-Man Far From Home
    Spider-Man Homosexual

  • Daddy Smash Mouth
    Daddy Smash Mouth 5 days ago +1


  • Allan Yuseco
    Allan Yuseco 6 days ago

    How can spiderman be alive in 2019? Ik he died in infinity war but its 2018

  • Michael Delahaye
    Michael Delahaye 6 days ago

    This looks shit this isn’t Spider-Man

  • Boot Chinki
    Boot Chinki 6 days ago

    This movie is going to be a lot better movie than the homecoming..

  • Emerson Queiroz da Cruz


  • Emmary Artistry
    Emmary Artistry 6 days ago

    "No banana, great"

  • Chris Hwang
    Chris Hwang 6 days ago

    Fuck I'm WATCHING THIS!!

  • Cat Meliodas
    Cat Meliodas 6 days ago

    spider man is dead

    tobey maguire was the best. btw

  • A LE XIS
    A LE XIS 6 days ago

    Release spider man:far from home me trailer
    "thanos:Am I joke to you?"

    • A LE XIS
      A LE XIS 3 days ago

      +Daddy Smash Mouth what do you mean its correct spelling bruh

    • Daddy Smash Mouth
      Daddy Smash Mouth 5 days ago

      A LE XIS Totally original also you didn’t even spell home correctly

  • AG_Marine 47
    AG_Marine 47 7 days ago

    Spider Man: Wakanda Forever

  • Mark
    Mark 7 days ago

    Is it me or does this make spiderman 3 look better 😁

  • Mamilo Viril
    Mamilo Viril 7 days ago

    disgusting mary jane

  • Aayush Raghuvamshi
    Aayush Raghuvamshi 7 days ago +26

    1:45 that casual reference to them both leads me to believe quite strongly that both Thor and Iron Man will survive endgame

    • Matt Laurence Mendoza
      Matt Laurence Mendoza 2 days ago +1

      Darling, you have no idea.

    • Infuzed
      Infuzed 4 days ago

      They both die...

    • Ritika Gupta
      Ritika Gupta 4 days ago

      +GLADIUS AR49 it happens after endgame the brother's confirmed it

    • Ritika Gupta
      Ritika Gupta 4 days ago

      +GLADIUS AR49 no it happens a minute after endgame the brother's confirmed it too

    • GLADIUS AR49
      GLADIUS AR49 4 days ago +1

      You do realize that this story happens before Infinity War...

  • Edelito Ogapay
    Edelito Ogapay 8 days ago

    The dumbes spider man ever 👎👎

  • Bambang Mulyadi
    Bambang Mulyadi 8 days ago +1

    You know what's funny, DC and MARVEL were living on the same worlds. But their enemy is different, they never meet each other. Is it logical?

    • AMKM
      AMKM 5 days ago

      Bambang Mulyadi different parallel universe!

  • Trived Sundar
    Trived Sundar 8 days ago

    Did tony died😭😭😭

  • MeekstarM
    MeekstarM 8 days ago

    How did he come back? This movie isn’t out yet and he got turn into dust

  • legend123ify
    legend123ify 8 days ago

    Where is the thumbnail?

  • Meiee Syo
    Meiee Syo 8 days ago

    Lucky that Ned didn't get re-accomodated from the plane 😂

  • Cute Kitty Salazar Kitty Black pink

    This is literally a spoiler of how all of the Heroes Thanos wiped out will be back . . Im Sad about that.

  • one ou Kang
    one ou Kang 9 days ago

    Finally Villan starts to destroy europe, not america

  • Carlos Cabral
    Carlos Cabral 9 days ago

    the main villain is gonna be the airline staff

  • Raquel Kel
    Raquel Kel 9 days ago

    Spider Man:Far from home
    Spider Man:Don't have a home
    Spider Man:Trying to find any house
    Spider Man:The bandit
    Spider Man:Arrested
    Spider Man:Get out of the prison
    Spider Man:Now i'm a beggar

  • Volner Armando Jozsef

    This trailer just spoiled avengers endgame and that in this movie, stark is dead

  • CarterOrtilano12345 Playz

    I like the old peter parker

  • mayank kumar
    mayank kumar 9 days ago

    one minute spider man iss kill in infinity

  • Jake Lavine
    Jake Lavine 9 days ago +21

    1st trailer Flash said "Loser"
    2nd trailer Flash said "Dickwad"

    • Jake Lavine
      Jake Lavine 3 hours ago

      Yeah, PG-13 maybe

    • Faraz Syed
      Faraz Syed 5 hours ago

      I think they tried to make it kid friendly

    • and2d88
      and2d88 Day ago

      +Faraz Syed 1:48 and 4:10. me too. looks like they just get the 2nd one and cut flash scene and right after the "whats up..." and add the "loser" on the next scene. when he says loser, flash is already off screen.

    • Faraz Syed
      Faraz Syed 3 days ago +1

      Jake Lavine yeah I noticed that too

  • Pot1337 Gaming
    Pot1337 Gaming 10 days ago

    1:36 wait Mysterio is being a good guy here

    • Samurai Biscuit
      Samurai Biscuit 8 days ago

      He's manipulating people to make them think like he's a good guy

  • Rodrigo Ramos
    Rodrigo Ramos 10 days ago +2

    If Michelle doesn’t get wit Peter ima get pissed

  • Jolea Harkins
    Jolea Harkins 10 days ago

    Hey Mr Stark you mind going to Europe

  • Samira Kohistany
    Samira Kohistany 10 days ago

    stupid...they rnt even funny...the movie should be serious not a comedy

  • Freddy is Ready
    Freddy is Ready 10 days ago

    Looks awesome

  • alaina
    alaina 10 days ago

    *loving the black suit*

  • Md Jamil Parvej
    Md Jamil Parvej 10 days ago

    I like that...

  • Manuel Tessari
    Manuel Tessari 10 days ago

    Spiderman and nick fury and probably half of the cast was disappeared in infinity war.... Details!

    DEATH NOTE 10 days ago

    Agar is duniya me koi chutiya he to ye channel wala he

  • Matthew Jason Kurniawan

    I Wander if Mysterio is the one who release the Elemental and pretend to Defeat and Hunt them down to get a Reputation?

  • Matthew Jason Kurniawan

    Spiderman Homecoming :Stark suit
    Infinity War : Iron Spider suit
    Spiderman Far From Hone : Noir suit

  • F A C K S H 1 T
    F A C K S H 1 T 11 days ago

    He just Died....

  • oscar perera
    oscar perera 11 days ago

    NO havia desaparecido en infinity war

  • Kaea Mauriohooho
    Kaea Mauriohooho 11 days ago


  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan 11 days ago

    Spiderman - Homecoming
    Spiderman - Far From Home
    Spiderman - Getting Closer
    Spiderman - Almost There
    Spiderman - 5 Miles Out
    Avengers: Infinity War

  • TylerLogan Riley
    TylerLogan Riley 11 days ago

    is this movie real or not i want to see it if its real

  • Eugene Boachie
    Eugene Boachie 11 days ago

    released trailer at the wrong time

  • Carlos.i
    Carlos.i 11 days ago


  • Nexus Gamer
    Nexus Gamer 11 days ago

    Wtf fury is alive

  • Georgina Veronica La Rosa Abarca

    esta obio q thanos murio

  • shack sackle
    shack sackle 11 days ago

    Isn’t he dead

  • Skinny Focus
    Skinny Focus 11 days ago +1

    This spider man far from home is before avenger infinity war ?🤔

    • Skinny Focus
      Skinny Focus 7 days ago

      ok so I must look avenger endgame movie

    • Galip Pehlivan
      Galip Pehlivan 11 days ago

      Nope.This film is after avengers so we can understand avengers will win and they did take avengers who were die

  • Ryan Kenna
    Ryan Kenna 11 days ago

    Spider man might be in end game?

  • EpicFire 1108
    EpicFire 1108 11 days ago

    Is mysterio the good person ??????!?!?!?!?!?!
    Ps:Isnt he bad

  • Bella Maria
    Bella Maria 11 days ago

    Spider-noir? hahahaha

  • Shadow Hedgehog
    Shadow Hedgehog 11 days ago +3

    I think they would be more concerned with the web fluid. It could look to them like a biological or chemical weapon.

  • Brady 417
    Brady 417 11 days ago +50

    I can’t believe they made him say the sentence
    “Peter Parker here to pick up a passport please”

  • the top work
    the top work 11 days ago


  • Donnie Lloyd
    Donnie Lloyd 11 days ago

    Was that Noir Spider-Man ?

  • Chit Senghoung
    Chit Senghoung 11 days ago

    Come on @t

  • Madhav Singh
    Madhav Singh 11 days ago

    Compare with Superman,nice fly and jump

  • Ilir Ahmeti
    Ilir Ahmeti 11 days ago

    aha so nick fury sitting on the couch and spiderman walking in without noticing it WOW BS Spidersenses my ass