Magic Max, Haas Anger And The Best Team Radio | 2019 German Grand Prix

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • One of the most dramatic, unpredictable races ever meant busy airwaves around Hockenheim...
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Comments • 3 041

  • Blackthored ChaseElliott#9 fan

    1:01 and 2:33 Max verstappen: Spin and win

  • Ryan
    Ryan 6 days ago

    Protect Lando at all costs

  • Arif Bagus
    Arif Bagus 14 days ago

    Magic toda

  • Andrea Saetti
    Andrea Saetti 15 days ago

    Music?? Music ?? Thanks!

  • Mentolado
    Mentolado 20 days ago

    0:55 Sainz spins “sorry guys”

  • Joaquin Alonso
    Joaquin Alonso 20 days ago

    Magnussen:I'm really not comfortable racing this guy

  • Mattias BANGSGAARD
    Mattias BANGSGAARD 22 days ago +2

    Gasly and Leclerc sound the exact same when they say NOoOoOo

  • Brian
    Brian 24 days ago

    I never knew that the F1 cars tilted downward and the back end is higher, I always thought they were evenly flat

  • ItS_JoE
    ItS_JoE 24 days ago

    "Give me normal gloves it wont fit on" -OJ Hamilton

  • Christian Navelgas
    Christian Navelgas 29 days ago

    2:05 "Valtteri, it's James"

  • Daniel Tart
    Daniel Tart Month ago

    U guys are the worst people to exist. People have bad races like how Mercedes have. Ferrari, Red Bull and every other team had bad races. I can tell you that one day, you selfish motherf****** would start to apologise to Mercedes and be grown up.

  • Dy1xn
    Dy1xn Month ago

    Does anyone know what the song is called? 😂

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton Month ago

    Magnusen is stupid and will always be stupid

  • Youngjo Kim
    Youngjo Kim Month ago

    I wonder why no one talks about stroll saying "for you" even tho that means for himself because its his team

  • eman kcin
    eman kcin Month ago

    Everyone else: "something wrong in the car/ no grip / wrong setup / tricky conditions
    Hamilton: "My gloves wont fit in guys"

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson Month ago

    Anyone else think leclerc ang gaslys “nooo” s sounded the same

  • Polar
    Polar 2 months ago


  • mun yus
    mun yus 2 months ago

    And finally sainz got his podium place in Brazil.

  • Prince
    Prince 2 months ago +1

    everyone - *calm*
    kvyat - *inaudible screaming*

  • Eddie Tiller
    Eddie Tiller 2 months ago

    2:03 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  • jock3l
    jock3l 2 months ago

    Does anybody know the song's name? (I know, it is not Darude - Sandstorm)

  • Fathi Allababidi
    Fathi Allababidi 2 months ago +1

    Who watches this after Brazil GP after Gasly got a win in Toro Rosso ?

  • Moonshine
    Moonshine 2 months ago

    Magnussen should leave F1

  • Nerfgunner 360
    Nerfgunner 360 2 months ago +1

    Who came after Gasly's P2 run

  • Leo ?
    Leo ? 2 months ago +3

    Everyone: Perfect to go.
    Also Everyone: Skids and spins.

  • GhostsKuriboh
    GhostsKuriboh 2 months ago +1

    Looking at Pierre here, it's astonishing this is the same guy flying in the Toro Rosso and just finished in Second place

  • GloomGaiGar
    GloomGaiGar 2 months ago +1

    November 2019 here: Carlos finally tasted something great :)

    • ViPDriver GT
      ViPDriver GT 2 months ago

      The chilli master tasted the champaign

  • aidan
    aidan 2 months ago

    rush podium cyka blyat

  • Бодя Св
    Бодя Св 2 months ago

    Give me normal gloves
    Steering whell

  • Adam Mačuga
    Adam Mačuga 2 months ago +1


  • Dr Danny
    Dr Danny 2 months ago

    Christian and maxs engineer sound the sams to me i dont know why ahahah

  • fozzzy
    fozzzy 2 months ago

    No one :
    That Russian kid from CS GO with a bas mic : 3:18

  • Smiler Entertainment
    Smiler Entertainment 2 months ago

    "Can you describe to me the track conditions at the moment?"


  • Kieran Slapman
    Kieran Slapman 2 months ago +1

    I’m still not sure if this race happened

  • alex jomain
    alex jomain 3 months ago

    Magnussen : I'm not confortable racing with this guy
    Oh, the irony...

  • Артур Роблокс

    3:17 comrades, *KVYAT* on podium! let's dance to tri poloski and cheeki breeki

  • X NoLxve
    X NoLxve 3 months ago

    Im from Denmark like Kevin but I’m started hate him now because of that with his teammate, is he really blind

  • denisdailyfangamer 46
    denisdailyfangamer 46 3 months ago

    Formula drift

  • James Rocher
    James Rocher 3 months ago

    *************got it copy 😂😅🤣👍☺️

  • TheTopMax 93
    TheTopMax 93 3 months ago

    lance : you gotta happy with that boys?
    radio man : we are happy with that, we are happy ( lawrence stroll aiming him with a gun )

  • grimmriffer
    grimmriffer 3 months ago

    Weird optical illusion at 1.08, I thought we were going off the edge of a building!

  • Bumgodrums
    Bumgodrums 3 months ago

    **** HE TURNED
    That cracked me up

  • Lucid Hydra
    Lucid Hydra 3 months ago

    gasly and leclerc screaming nooooooo, sounded very ummm same>?

  • SG 7104C
    SG 7104C 3 months ago

    2:03 Thumbnail

  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic 3 months ago

    Song name ?

    • ??
      ?? 3 months ago +2

      Jim Breese - Feel(instrumental)

      Search on

  • Rishangamer
    Rishangamer 3 months ago +2

    Me in every online race

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson 3 months ago

    F off grosjean

  • Blackthored ChaseElliott#9 fan

    Max verstapped: spin and win

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 4 months ago +2

    0:40 when your mom sees you driving on the highway

  • Lola Solarin
    Lola Solarin 4 months ago

    How much was the outrage

  • Louis Guidotti
    Louis Guidotti 4 months ago

    0:49 Antonio channeling his inner Kimi?

  • EA361
    EA361 4 months ago +3

    0:10 HAM [captions on]: „gimme the noble gloves, NOBLE gloves!“ 😂 ... love it.

  • Chris Artiga
    Chris Artiga 4 months ago

    Wtf aren’t grosjean and magnussen the same team??

  • Bobbi
    Bobbi 4 months ago

    1:14 for some reason that “Come on, Charles” just made me die laughing, that was so cute

  • Иван Миронов

    There were six drivers in this year on the podium: Leclerc, Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen. And Kvyat!

  • André Gouveia
    André Gouveia 4 months ago

    Name of the soundtrack of the vídeo?

    • ??
      ?? 3 months ago +1

      Song:Jim Breese - Feel
      Search instrumental version of this song on

  • Daniel Lord
    Daniel Lord 4 months ago

    Classic volteri. Dude is a cucumber

  • giorgio ciaravolol
    giorgio ciaravolol 4 months ago +2

    Kvyat third??? Wtf is happening?! 😂

  • CrowKYS
    CrowKYS 4 months ago

    Im not a fan of leclerc but that sadness in his voice is hearth breaking

  • Fahim Sarwar
    Fahim Sarwar 4 months ago

    Magnussen is an idiot..