💥FOOTBALLERS ATTEMPT: Ronaldo's Bicycle Kick💥 (Juventus vs Real Madrid 0-3 2018 Goals)

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Ronaldo scores an incredible overhead kick!
    Can Zlatan, Neymar, Messi, Salah and friends do it too?
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Comments • 3 420

  • xx JuicyManBroxx
    xx JuicyManBroxx 5 days ago

    No more psg

  • G3ORGE G
    G3ORGE G 5 days ago

    Benzema isn’t good WTF

  • Francis Whitehead
    Francis Whitehead 6 days ago

    442oons predicted bale scoring a bicycle kick in the final and Thomas muller getting knocked out of the World Cup

  • Ajax Amsterdam
    Ajax Amsterdam 6 days ago +1

    Sala is going to Barcelona

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 7 days ago

    So amazing

  • Lola Elias
    Lola Elias 7 days ago

    Fuck this

  • Ajay Menon
    Ajay Menon 7 days ago +1

    I did not se ronaldo take a penalty against juventus in the first leg

  • Lieutenant BIGZ
    Lieutenant BIGZ 7 days ago

    *Bisexual kick*

  • Robin
    Robin 8 days ago

    anyone here after Liverpool won the champions league

  • Linda Coyle
    Linda Coyle 8 days ago


  • dylan Beaven
    dylan Beaven 9 days ago +1

    You can not have autograph because then I'll have to play for real Madrid and not Liverpool and Jourgen said I'm not leaving because I'm better than you, you little wimp I'm going to beat you and win the ball'on dor because I'm better then you you 30 and I'm around 20 so I'm faster

  • Carlos Granados
    Carlos Granados 10 days ago +1

    Zlatan “bicycle kicks are for kids and for Dutch people”
    *2012 EURO*

  • Mohammed Naqvi
    Mohammed Naqvi 11 days ago

    Fam bicycle kicks are Ibras thing. This is just ronaldo attempting ibras magic

  • Kito The Cutie
    Kito The Cutie 11 days ago +2

    Zlatan actually did a bicycle kick in mls omg

  • Fidgety Circle
    Fidgety Circle 11 days ago +1

    U know the drill
    0. Zlatan
    1. Müller
    2. Messi
    3. Dybala
    4. Neymar
    5. Salah
    6. Lewandowski
    7. Sanchez (Alexis)
    8. Bale

  • Roy Gaming
    Roy Gaming 11 days ago +3

    0:15 who is here after zlatan bicycle kick

  • All about sports and fifa

    Who is here after zlatans bycycle kick in the mls

  • TheGacrooney
    TheGacrooney 12 days ago +1

    Morelos should attempt Ronaldo miss have you saw him play

  • Master HYZIO
    Master HYZIO 14 days ago

    1:49 did you predicted this?

  • LetsplayGamer22
    LetsplayGamer22 15 days ago

    Mohammad salahs was the best

  • Imelda Navarro
    Imelda Navarro 15 days ago

    Fuck you zlatan

  • Calum Holbrook
    Calum Holbrook 16 days ago

    Ronaldo’s miss zaza should participate

  • Bobby Hogan
    Bobby Hogan 17 days ago

    Messi is so small he needs a stool.
    He’s still not as tall as Ronny boy

  • Carlos pierre
    Carlos pierre 19 days ago +1

    Rinaldo cut we have good striker

    Angus MCPHERSON 19 days ago

    Lol 3:47

  • tommy ali
    tommy ali 19 days ago


  • Hugi Gunnarsson
    Hugi Gunnarsson 20 days ago

    Why is Nyemar in Real Madrid kit?

  • skender hasa
    skender hasa 20 days ago

    Fuck you ronaldo

  • Khalid Gabir
    Khalid Gabir 20 days ago

    Messi destroyed CR7

  • Andrea Aguiar
    Andrea Aguiar 22 days ago


  • Mikołaj Babiarz
    Mikołaj Babiarz 22 days ago

    Lewandowski is the player in the woooooooooorld

  • Harri Dutton
    Harri Dutton 23 days ago

    Zlatan does not attempt the bicycle kick
    The bicycle kick attempts zlatan

  • johanne kiely
    johanne kiely 24 days ago

    Madrid are bad now

  • jaqueta azul
    jaqueta azul 24 days ago

    dybala kkkkk

  • Tan Bryan
    Tan Bryan 25 days ago +1

    1( messi

  • Mihael Pojer
    Mihael Pojer 26 days ago

    Dybala cry 😂😂😂😂

  • Christian jael Rios
    Christian jael Rios 27 days ago

    Why in Neymar you put nomor
    If you put textmar????????

  • Shamima Islam
    Shamima Islam 27 days ago

    You fuck off

  • Apoorv Sharma
    Apoorv Sharma 28 days ago

    Salah's contract
    1. 6 You must not allow Benzema to film you.
    2.6 You must not pass the ball to Bale.
    3.6 You must pass the ball to Ronaldo all the time.
    4.6 You must agree that Messi is just a little shit.

  • king hala madrid
    king hala madrid Month ago


  • Gaming bro Ollomo
    Gaming bro Ollomo Month ago

    You should have done Ronaldos miss

  • Salma Elzarkawy
    Salma Elzarkawy Month ago

    Salad is the best one

  • Mirac Mec
    Mirac Mec Month ago

    Real Life:Ronaldo 442oons:Arrogentaldo

  • Ален Брат
    Ален Брат Month ago

    1:35 who saw Hole in Ronaldos hair

  • Pulpy Videos
    Pulpy Videos Month ago

    It Mo Salah ....... not Mo Salad
    Mind your language

    Shut up

  • MR .T
    MR .T Month ago

    2:39 anyone else get the South Park reference or was it accidental. 2019 any1?

  • Aine O Leary
    Aine O Leary Month ago

    Real 1-3 Juventus
    Agg. 4-3 once again Reall used the twelfth man to give red and a pen for Penaldo ..... As always

  • Futbol, Dibujos, Juegos 2018

    Nomor is old

  • GalaxyGirl
    GalaxyGirl Month ago

    RONALDO! who would you think liverpool or totthem def liverpool

  • Channel Taro
    Channel Taro Month ago

    1:03 toasty in mortal kombat

  • oh my ball
    oh my ball Month ago

    Messi suck my d*ck

  • Mahmoud Elzeny
    Mahmoud Elzeny Month ago


  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar Month ago

    Turns out Bale took this seriously😂😂

  • Gillian Morrison
    Gillian Morrison Month ago

    what a goal that is

  • Silver Eagle
    Silver Eagle Month ago

    You are out of the world Cup

  • Blobfunkyfifa Youtube
    Blobfunkyfifa Youtube Month ago +4

    First Clause in Salah’s Contract : Do not let benzema film you🤣😂😂😂🤣

  • Choco Krispis115
    Choco Krispis115 Month ago +1


  • Babba Loaeza
    Babba Loaeza Month ago

    I mean give him more respect

  • Babba Loaeza
    Babba Loaeza Month ago

    Respect for Dybala

  • Ee Ee
    Ee Ee Month ago

    Ronaldo is shit

  • Hill Climb Racing
    Hill Climb Racing Month ago

    Mohammed salad,very comic 😠😠😠

  • niko axobadze
    niko axobadze Month ago

    ay em bile

  • niko axobadze
    niko axobadze Month ago

    zlatan is veri goood is haker

  • Thomatebroeders
    Thomatebroeders Month ago

    Im dutch ibra

  • Arpan Gurung
    Arpan Gurung Month ago +1

    Who’s the goat again?

  • FIFA Master of the Goatness

    Thomas muller was right he was out of the World Cup

  • last
    last Month ago +1

    Thank you zlatan I am dutch

  • Osman Omar
    Osman Omar Month ago +1

    Fortunately I don’t know how to box

  • Harald Kristensen
    Harald Kristensen Month ago

    Xavi even though you were here with my family is the only one that was the only thing I can get it from you soon my friend is coming up with me to come to my mom and I have to go back and I have to go back with me to come to my mom and I have to go back and I have to go back and I have to go back and I have to go back and I have to go to the hospital and the Two Strings and you are w I don't know what I want you too 👶 👧 I was like what the duck is wrong with it and you can get a chance to get a new phone number and I'll give you the money to buy me a picture

  • Ik heb de beste Naam

    Im dutch

  • Messi
    Messi Month ago

    Bisexual kick 😂😂😂

  • Ghazal Hajighassemi


  • Bachir Zahaf
    Bachir Zahaf Month ago

    Mohammed Salah you fucking bitch

  • Outwell Ooom
    Outwell Ooom Month ago +2

    Stop coping me Gareth
    Hahaha I am dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • Freddy Rivera
    Freddy Rivera Month ago

    🖕Ronaldo is freaking trash 😑😖😖

  • Mason Macgregor
    Mason Macgregor Month ago +1

    You should call mohammed salad homemade salad

  • GamesTVcool HD
    GamesTVcool HD Month ago

    0:28 error

  • Can Muştu
    Can Muştu Month ago


  • Dogtor 2008
    Dogtor 2008 Month ago

    I like mo salah’s bicicle kick

  • Jan van den Bogert
    Jan van den Bogert Month ago +1

    Fack Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Tirishaanth Raj
    Tirishaanth Raj Month ago

    Giroud's celebration lmfao..

  • kacper gaming eye
    kacper gaming eye Month ago +1

    Ronaldo:real Madrid has already 1 world class striker we dont need anymore
    Me: so why u want to sign Salah
    Like if u agree

  • Kumari Sukumar
    Kumari Sukumar Month ago

    carrot bale.🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • FIF teen
    FIF teen Month ago

    Lewandowski is best footballer in the wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld!!!

  • Fvdcd Hcd
    Fvdcd Hcd 2 months ago

    Pause the vid at 0:01

  • Fvdcd Hcd
    Fvdcd Hcd 2 months ago

    Pause the vid at 00:1

  • carol Wagon
    carol Wagon 2 months ago

    on subtitles it said pray for bale

  • Marcos Neortodoxu
    Marcos Neortodoxu 2 months ago

    Mohamed salad umm 🥗 im hungry... But. Im a liverpool fan...

  • Birk Hesjedal
    Birk Hesjedal 2 months ago


  • Eissa Alrashdi
    Eissa Alrashdi 2 months ago

    My dads name is mohammad

  • รัตนา ดนตรีเสนาะ


  • Lucas Bea
    Lucas Bea 2 months ago

    Sorry I'm late but Dybala has scored a bicycle kick before

    LOLKILLERMAN123 2 months ago +1

    0:32 lol I know you are 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • wan 72
    wan 72 2 months ago

    Zlatan is the Best.... No....


  • Twisted trooper
    Twisted trooper 2 months ago

    Hell no ronaldo salah staying with liverpool

  • Karl Jones
    Karl Jones 2 months ago +1

    Salad also Liverpool fan

  • Bhaskar Paudel
    Bhaskar Paudel 2 months ago

    Bisexual kick😂😂

  • Parth Channel 3
    Parth Channel 3 2 months ago +1

    Ronaldo GOD of FOOTBALL!

  • LFC Josh
    LFC Josh 2 months ago


  • Jk
    Jk 2 months ago

    Looks like nemary will be keeping that kit