💥FOOTBALLERS ATTEMPT: Ronaldo's Bicycle Kick💥 (Juventus vs Real Madrid 0-3 2018 Goals)

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Ronaldo scores an incredible overhead kick!
    Can Zlatan, Neymar, Messi, Salah and friends do it too?
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Comments • 3 279

  • AA A
    AA A 5 hours ago +1

    Messi Suarez Neymar Ronaldo are friends because messi and Suarez handshake Ronaldo in 3-1 and neymar and Ronaldo are friends 👬 because Real Madrid vs PSG 3-1 Neymar hugged ronaldo

  • Periya samy
    Periya samy 7 hours ago +1


  • Hindi afsomali Fanproj

    Who watched after ronaldo hattrick in juventus agains atletic madrid 😂😂😂

  • Vera Samardzic
    Vera Samardzic 6 days ago


    CRAZY MENSJES 6 days ago

    Thanks I'm Dutch 0:15

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi 7 days ago

    Dybala ha ha ha ha dybala ha ha ha ha dybala ha ha ha ha dybala ha ha ha ha dybala 😀😁😂😀😁

  • Manuel Anaya
    Manuel Anaya 8 days ago

    The mls is shit

  • Diamond Nitro
    Diamond Nitro 8 days ago +1

    0:29 buffon is broken

  • Kidd’o Steele
    Kidd’o Steele 8 days ago +8

    You know the drill.
    1. Ronaldo
    2. Messi
    3. Muller
    4. Bale
    5. Rooney
    6. Buffon
    7. John Terry
    8. Higuain
    9. De Gea
    0. Suarez
    Last number of your like is your new favourite player

  • Daiyaan Nasir
    Daiyaan Nasir 8 days ago

    The end though...😂

  • AgenteX Y O Z
    AgenteX Y O Z 9 days ago

    Hurri-kane i LOVE you

  • Jack Droutsas
    Jack Droutsas 9 days ago +1

    Ronaldo:stop copying me Garth . I can officially say that bale watches 442oons

  • Shobhan maitra
    Shobhan maitra 14 days ago

    1:55 😂😂😂🤣 stud ..

  • Virjinia Mihai
    Virjinia Mihai 14 days ago

    Băgați și pe scorpionul o să vedeți cine este adevărat care face pe Messi Ronaldo și Neymar

  • Salma Elzarkawy
    Salma Elzarkawy 14 days ago

    The best player clip was Salah's clip

  • Farhan Maleq
    Farhan Maleq 15 days ago

    When Paulo Dybala bicycle-kicked Sergio Ramos instead of the ball, I knew he gets the karma for hurting many players including Mo Salah! 😂

  • Lucas Lin
    Lucas Lin 15 days ago

    My favourite clip is Tomashole Muller

  • OK 900
    OK 900 17 days ago +2

    0:33 dont worry thomas it won't last long for your country 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • suhaila sukri
    suhaila sukri 18 days ago

    dybala not kick ball. it kick cavjal 2 yellow🈷️ red card🈴

  • Grandpa Beast
    Grandpa Beast 18 days ago

    He gayrod i scored a scorpin and it’s way better

  • Kim Cruz
    Kim Cruz 19 days ago

    Hello darling I love you 😍

  • Kim Cruz
    Kim Cruz 19 days ago


  • Just_ArryRoblox 1601


  • El Rufai Bello
    El Rufai Bello 21 day ago +1

    2:24 to 2:37 ronaldo already won the puskas award in 2009

  • Ruel Revilla
    Ruel Revilla 21 day ago

    Ronaldo wins yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Aaron Adventures
    Aaron Adventures 23 days ago

    Fuck Zlatan with his for Duch

  • ItzErfan
    ItzErfan 24 days ago

    I love the what the subtitle guy did when Cavani told neymar WHAT

  • Ok H
    Ok H 26 days ago


  • jean-marie nahimana
    jean-marie nahimana 26 days ago

    Girouds goal is awesome

    LOJIK 28 days ago

    Bales was better

  • Erick Lopez
    Erick Lopez 28 days ago

    Oh and bale too

  • Erick Lopez
    Erick Lopez 28 days ago

    Zlatan does it better than Ronaldo

  • The Ultimate Games
    The Ultimate Games 29 days ago

    3:01 would definitely include Morata

  • gaming set
    gaming set Month ago

    Ronaldo was the first to win the puskas

  • Umair Fazil
    Umair Fazil Month ago

    How can thomasshole muller fit a bike in his poket?

  • Ανδρέας Δαρσακλής

    In the miss challenge it would be Morata.
    And he would have scored.



  • Maciek Jozwiak
    Maciek Jozwiak Month ago

    Lewandowski or Muller

  • TheYK HK
    TheYK HK Month ago

    messis goal is quite hard on the stool

  • Kaushik Das
    Kaushik Das Month ago

    Pray for Gareth ? 😄

  • Manali Prabhu
    Manali Prabhu Month ago

    Neymar wearing real Madrid??

  • Football Legend
    Football Legend Month ago

    Bale did it😂

  • LordAcneElf
    LordAcneElf Month ago


  • FHmohy 1
    FHmohy 1 Month ago

    1:48 442oons predict the future 😱

  • Manuel Anaya
    Manuel Anaya Month ago

    Fellani is the elbow kick

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi Month ago


  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi Month ago


  • Muhammad Mutasim
    Muhammad Mutasim Month ago

    The names are insanely funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Hana Ung
    Hana Ung Month ago

    аз тренирам baisekul kick

  • Dark Master
    Dark Master Month ago

    where is salahs crawn

  • King Ally Boi
    King Ally Boi Month ago

    Who is here after he moved to juve

  • Nabil Mallouki
    Nabil Mallouki Month ago

    Why dutch people 0:16???

  • Samuel Yeboah
    Samuel Yeboah Month ago


  • 베타카
    베타카 Month ago

    5대리그 만화

  • kwabena agyeman
    kwabena agyeman Month ago

    Why pogba is not in juventus

  • Nolan Houmard
    Nolan Houmard Month ago +1

    1:18 so true ! Every RM players sucked ronaldo s balls

  • The Skewb of Magic
    The Skewb of Magic Month ago

    Dybala just destroyed the other player

  • Han Kerssies
    Han Kerssies Month ago

    Stop hatting dutch

  • RacoonAnimation Studios

    If Salah signs that contract I swear… 😡

  • shotgun 444
    shotgun 444 Month ago

    Om dutch

  • 20psh
    20psh Month ago


    PIKSI KING Month ago

    You facking siet Robert Lewandowski i champions

  • Claudiu ionut Vistic

    Music from beggin

  • minilik kassa
    minilik kassa Month ago

    I love 442oons

  • Niall Clifford
    Niall Clifford Month ago

    Ramas can,t play soccer match against Liverpool.

  • DarkBloxx
    DarkBloxx 2 months ago

    442oons predicted germany being out in world cup

    SANDKEV SMITH 2 months ago

    Great contract
    1.6 do not let benzema film you
    2.6 do not pass to bale
    3.6 pass to Ronaldo at all times
    4.6 you must agree that Messi is a "little s***"
    That is such a clever contract

  • Aarav Raney
    Aarav Raney 2 months ago

    salah was the best

  • HuliganDabs Vlogs
    HuliganDabs Vlogs 2 months ago

    Alexis Sanchez = Dirty Sanshez = Dirty Sandwich " im such a comedion" if youd agree with me ✌️Can you plz make a charecter of me in 442oons i love your vid i watch it before i sleep CR7 Loves $1000000000

  • HuliganDabs Vlogs
    HuliganDabs Vlogs 2 months ago

    Zlatan is SO DUMB your a hsben and stpd mssi neymar baby g auogauf romaldo coll yy drty sandwich

  • Muhammad  Jan
    Muhammad Jan 2 months ago

    I love 442oons noone watches 442oons as much as i do football is amazing i play it myself im in LFC u9s

  • Boneless Pizza
    Boneless Pizza 2 months ago

    1:51 The Champions league final

  • Denied
    Denied 2 months ago

    Zlatan was the best bicycle kick ever if you know what i mean

  • D02games 1
    D02games 1 2 months ago

    I am Dutch

  • Rage 23
    Rage 23 2 months ago

    Can you score a Bicycle 🧐🚴‍♂️

  • Alex Pollard
    Alex Pollard 2 months ago

    That’s why Germany did not get past the group stages

  • Vineet Bhole
    Vineet Bhole 2 months ago

    Dybala cries with mask😂😂😂😂

  • jacobsrowe
    jacobsrowe 2 months ago

    I love Gareth bale bicycle kick against Liverpool he is probably a bit imbarrised a lot 😅😅☺😁

  • Hello, Zakakas!
    Hello, Zakakas! 2 months ago

    0:35 Mess=======i needs some *heights*

  • Team j&k Is cool
    Team j&k Is cool 2 months ago

    I am dutch i hate you Ibrahimovic

  • Jack Russil 4 life
    Jack Russil 4 life 2 months ago +1

    Mohamed salad lol

  • ibu ff
    ibu ff 2 months ago

    dybala red card???

  • suhaila sukri
    suhaila sukri 2 months ago

    dybala red card????

  • Matias Alejandre
    Matias Alejandre 2 months ago

    Start making Ronaldo nice please

  • Maja Niedzielska
    Maja Niedzielska 2 months ago +1

    Mo-salah was the best

  • Jonas e Silva Pedersen
    Jonas e Silva Pedersen 2 months ago

    A dono , cr7

  • The CraizieGamie
    The CraizieGamie 2 months ago

    I thought Zlatan’s bycicle kick against England was more insane he kicked a bycicle kick like from miles away!!

  • Cady Heron
    Cady Heron 2 months ago

    0:34 Muller predicted the world cup 2018

  • Tôm Béo TV 2
    Tôm Béo TV 2 2 months ago

    Bale do look like Ronaldo in UCL final 17-18

  • you should guess
    you should guess 2 months ago


  • you should guess
    you should guess 2 months ago


  • Lionel Salime
    Lionel Salime 2 months ago

    Ronaldo is on 2.3 meters

  • Lionel Salime
    Lionel Salime 2 months ago

    The team of the year is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renard Renard
    Renard Renard 2 months ago

    0:22 you've never won

  • M k Gang
    M k Gang 2 months ago

    Zlatan i am dutch

  • Zarif Danish
    Zarif Danish 2 months ago

    Make liverpool vs arsenal parody

  • Publito YT
    Publito YT 2 months ago


  • Society Of STUPIDITY
    Society Of STUPIDITY 2 months ago

    Dear 44200ns Rooney already did a BC kick

  • AlbanianGamerTv
    AlbanianGamerTv 2 months ago

    1:34 ronaldos hair bug

  • kushal Agarwal
    kushal Agarwal 2 months ago

    zlatan's bicycle kick is of course Better then ronaldo's.