TEMPURA | Step by step how to

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
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    A506.6, Block A, UGLI Campus
    56 Wood Lane
    W12 7SB
    Lotus root
    Shiso leaves
    2 egg yolks
    475ml cold water
    60ml ice cubes
    200g plain flour
    Kombu - soak for 30 mins
    Bonito flakes
    1L Water
    This makes Dashi stock
    1. Clean kombu with damp cloth
    2. 1 litre of water, bring to simmer, just before remove kombu
    3. Add 30g bonito flakes, simmer for 1 min then take off heat and allow to steep for 10mins
    4. Strain and its ready
    225ml Dashi
    60ml soy
    60ml mirin

Comments • 78

  • Umami Dream
    Umami Dream 2 months ago

    Hello Food Busker you make great Tempura that it looks very delicious (^ ^!
    Thank you for writing the detailed recipe video!

  • XY / BY
    XY / BY 7 months ago

    But please don’t wipe off the “white dusty stuff” that’s on the kelp, it’s like natural msg. It will give your broth so much flavor

  • Tenzin Yangchen
    Tenzin Yangchen Year ago

    Chef, what do you call the technique of sprinkling the tempura batter over the vegetables when frying?

  • Lutfi J C
    Lutfi J C Year ago

    You know, that idea about a video to talk about pricing alone, that'd be good content!

  • Graeme Bauer
    Graeme Bauer Year ago

    Classy bit of double dipping from the "chef" on the right. Call them out on it John. It's always the scruffy ones...

  • Torrey Jones
    Torrey Jones Year ago

    I would definitely like to see a video on pricing! One of the things about the food industry that is apparently less than obvious. :)

  • johnroyYHZ
    johnroyYHZ Year ago

    I'm deffo gonna try this recipe, and a video on pricing is a great idea!

  • Anteater23
    Anteater23 Year ago

    I love your personality you are very funny. All of your recipes look amazing too. When I finish my exams I'll be treating my family with your food.

  • Soggy Brick
    Soggy Brick Year ago

    Make udon plz

  • Henrique Sadao Kajino

    NOOO!!!! Don't clean the "white" dust in the seaweed!!! It's the crystalized glutamate of the seaweed

  • David Pumpkini
    David Pumpkini Year ago

    7:19 Too much mate. Sounds scripted.

  • Luke Del Pinto
    Luke Del Pinto Year ago

    You guys’ channel kicks so much ass

  • Muhannad Burwais
    Muhannad Burwais Year ago

    love the idea of the channel glad I came across it today

  • Hiro
    Hiro Year ago

    12 pounds??!!

    DEK TRAN Year ago


  • Dalimil Novotný
    Dalimil Novotný Year ago

    lotus root is giving me tryphophobia panic attacks lol

  • Brad Sutcliffe
    Brad Sutcliffe Year ago

    Anyone else notice the Idubbz vlog music?

  • Josh T
    Josh T Year ago

    12 for some fried veg? You're mad

  • Ankit Bista
    Ankit Bista Year ago

    looks mouthwatering but its no more then 6 quid john...come on

  • Von Kellef
    Von Kellef Year ago

    Mate, 12 pounds? I mean come on. I usually say you under charge but a plate of veggies for 12 pounds, that is waaaaaay to much. 6£ sounds about enough.

  • Gary Lawton
    Gary Lawton Year ago

    This is literally the 1st FB video I’ve disliked! What a shame! I saw the Tempura and was hopeful but no sign of meat or fish? £12 is way too much as others have said! Also, finally but not least, Zucchini! It’s the Uk John so it’s Courgette! 😉

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone Year ago

    12 is overpriced. Nevertheless, tempura came out fantastic.

  • brakjart
    brakjart Year ago

    12 pounds for fried vegetables is waaaay too much, regardless if it's a main or an entree or whatever.

  • Tom Sleep
    Tom Sleep Year ago

    Just out of interest mate, is this all you do in terms of work or do you run a restaurant or something as well? Can’t believe you don’t have more subs!

  • A driaan
    A driaan Year ago +1

    Couldn't you just incorporate with a whisk? Seems that it would be easier than 4 chopsticks, if you already used to it.

  • Yearn Rommel
    Yearn Rommel Year ago

    12 pounds is just ridiculous. i mean im sure what u say is true and u really gotta get the tempura right and the technique and stuff, but in the end its a few slices of vegetables and some leaves fried in a mixture of flour, egg and water. if the portion is really generous and its really good, maybe some vegetarians are gonna pay 7 pounds for that.

  • Surreptitious C
    Surreptitious C Year ago

    Smashed it again Mr Quilter 🙏🏼

  • mok900814
    mok900814 Year ago

    Mate, grab the korean beef ribs n wrap it with the shiso leaf n bits of kimchi. It's life changing!
    And 12 quid for plate of fried vegs, sorry mate. Would pay 8, max =)

  • Pablo Insano
    Pablo Insano Year ago

    Looks scrummy but way out at £12. The people have spoken lol.

  • Miquel Torres
    Miquel Torres Year ago

    There's no way anyone would pay 12 quid for a plate of tempura veggies in the street. You should've seen that one coming, Busker! They look delicious, though. That's for sure. You could've priced it at 6 quid for half a portion and they'd have flown off your hands.

  • heartbreakmanNo1
    heartbreakmanNo1 Year ago

    Let da sea Weed Succ :T

  • SonicShenmue
    SonicShenmue Year ago

    Love me some tempora and this one looked and above all sounded super crunchy! I think a tenner would be spot on... Cheers chef!

  • PommyBastard
    PommyBastard Year ago

    Loving the Japanese inspired dishes you put up. Hard to beat a bit of good tempura! Would love to see your take on Karaage.

  • Monalisa Granted
    Monalisa Granted Year ago +4

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  • 김덕희
    김덕희 Year ago

    It would have been better if the color was little more brown than now.

  • Meanderthal
    Meanderthal Year ago

    Twelve quid? You’re avin a larf!!!

  • Meanderthal
    Meanderthal Year ago

    Twelve quid? You’re avin a larf!!!

  • ChankleTown
    ChankleTown Year ago

    I love how much you love Japanese food!

  • keir hayden
    keir hayden Year ago

    You over priced that sooo much bunch of vegetables in batter. I'm sure it was good but 12 quid for a plate. If it was a enough for 2 then OK but 12 quod for a burger and chips and beans is quite a lot for street lrice

  • Derek Warner
    Derek Warner Year ago

    If there were a few shrimp it would have been 10+ easy, but you just cant sell vegetables for that much on the street. Great video love the japanese stuff!

  • SandrineSmiles VF
    SandrineSmiles VF Year ago +2

    For that whole plate of veggies, I'd pay 10 pounds, or maybe 12 euros max (not sure of conversion rate) . Still looks yummy and if you charged 12 pounds I'd get a plate just for the heck of it :P

  • Harry Longmore
    Harry Longmore Year ago

    Do a video on pricing please!!?

  • Mark Leon
    Mark Leon Year ago

    hahaha went too crazy John... nobody will pay 12 quid for it, especially without a crispy prawn and some rice... good try though. I would love to see you doing a vid about sashimi and how to source good fish in UK or just a Tamagoyaki recipe #Foodbuskerchallenge

  • Gfrommy
    Gfrommy Year ago

    I would like to see a pricing episode. Coming from the USA and managing a restaurant I am having a hard time figuring how you are doing your some of your food pricing. It could be some of the things in the overhead category are throwing things off for me. Overall it could be vastly different for the UK. I would like to see something the breakdown in ingredients cost first so the home cook can get an idea of what it should cost to make something, then a cost for a good restaurant including all the overhead and markup for a final menu cost. For a Vegetable Tempura entree from the Japanese restaurants in my area is about 12 USD = 8.5 GBP that comes with the normal entree stuff miso soup, garden salad and white rice.

  • James Hobbs
    James Hobbs Year ago +2

    This channel has continued to improve and I enjoy it quite a bit, however the "how much would you pay" element could stand for some change/elimination, imho.

  • Leroux Megumi
    Leroux Megumi Year ago +2

    I understand and agree this price. Even Japan, average is 15 pounds. If your order other ingredient like Shrimps, other fish, it's might be 30 pounds. Concerning the Dashi also, Seaweeds, bonito flakes that Foods Busker used are costly. ( Dashi hold a week in freezing as ice cube!) May be, better idea as street foods, will serve with a bowl. Tempura topping on the rice and dashi soupe. ** also may be give the choice as seasening grated ginger. Anyway very authentic Tempura! So nice and Lovely!

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward Year ago +19

    Do a video on pricing. In the States, certain beef & salmon are pricey where veggies are cheap. Seems your cows & fish come from the cheep side. I've been subbing for years & I always wondered why such the dycotomy between the UK & here. Great video however!!

    • Juan Quedo
      Juan Quedo Year ago +1

      Price must be because of the "exotic" veggies...plus kombu and katsuobushi. It costs almost the price of a seafood tempura.

  • Bcwolters
    Bcwolters Year ago +16

    Sorry John, without main proteins you can't go higher than a 6-7 quit. Love the idea though, but more as a side dish. 6 pounds / euros any given time. A few skewers of beef/chicken/pork on the side could easily up it to 15.You need to keep the combo's man! Boom!

    • Rob G
      Rob G Year ago +5

      I think if he made it into Veggie Tempura don(on the rice bowl) then it could get near that price. The way it’s done in the video made it feels like a plate of snacks. Still looks super good though.

  • namanjit p
    namanjit p Year ago

    I am going to try this on the weekend but could you tell me what temperature the oil should be and what type of oil? Thanks :)

  • Linny Wii
    Linny Wii Year ago +3

    Love it! Looks so pretty. You are the Master of sexy food. 😉👠

  • Liv Paez
    Liv Paez Year ago

    Are veggies expensive in London?

  • kibon!
    kibon! Year ago

    12? in japan tempura is ussually a street food, it should have been cheaper. you too optimistic for this mate..

  • Sandy Walsh
    Sandy Walsh Year ago

    Should use vodka instead of water to make it lighter. Less gluten.

  • Christopowaaa
    Christopowaaa Year ago +9

    Looks great, however, my local Japanese restaurant serves the exact same vegetable tempura with a selection of dipping sauces for under £5... Pricing was way off here John!

  • Max Haibara
    Max Haibara Year ago +2

    Tempura is not that expensive even in Japan, it's pretty cheap actually

  • Lipcsai Szilveszter
    Lipcsai Szilveszter Year ago +19

    12 is a bit much...although I realize that there are some interesting and rare vegies here...but I would go around 7,50-8,50 max...

  • Krahn
    Krahn Year ago

    So much wasted flavor by not using the water the Konbu was hydrated in. :( There is no reason to transfer to new water, just bring the soaking konbu to a simmer after a long soak (overnight is great).

  • JaykobTV
    JaykobTV Year ago +18

    We're all just sitting here wondering why this isn't the most known food channel on TheXvid already

  • Soggy Brick
    Soggy Brick Year ago

    I just pressed on the Japanese playlist and I see PHO ,WTF JOHN

  • Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

    Matt is back!