Watch Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling Go Head to Head in ‘Late Night’ | Anatomy of a Scene

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • It’s a comedy writers’ room, but plenty of drama ensues.
    In “Late Night,” Emma Thompson plays the talk-show host Katherine Newbury, who is pondering how to save her program from sinking ratings. A newcomer to the writing staff (Mindy Kaling, also the movie’s screenwriter) has ideas about the show, but they are welcomed with less than open arms.
    In her narration, the director Nisha Ganatra discusses how she put Thompson and Kaling on opposite sides of the table to signify that the two women are “really on the same journey,” if at different points in their career. She also talks about techniques that add visual variety to a scene that mostly consists of characters talking around a table.
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  • Ethan Niang
    Ethan Niang 4 months ago

    hey look it’s viv rook

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 5 months ago

    feminist trash

  • poetryjesus
    poetryjesus 5 months ago +1

    These are just turning into glorified ads at this point

  • Voice of the Friend
    Voice of the Friend 5 months ago +1

    The NYT is a consortium of liars. They've used their position time and time again for well over a century now to promulgate falsehoods, back illegal and genocidal wars, and back the dominant minority of aristocratic filth which rules through division, terror, and subversion. The NYT is the enemy of reality itself. Always has been.

  • designanddirection
    designanddirection 5 months ago +2

    Emma Thompson, who jetted into London to attend the extinction demonstrations. The definition of irony.

  • Klaa2
    Klaa2 5 months ago

    crap content, no wonder you're so desperate for the Millennial subscribers.

  • ra ra
    ra ra 5 months ago

    I gave Mindy's new baby a gift of noise-cancelling earphones.

  • R Garlin
    R Garlin 5 months ago

    I cannot not shudder at those mouthfuls of British "teeth".

  • youngsaaron
    youngsaaron 5 months ago +1


  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 5 months ago

    Mindy are you single

  • myfavs
    myfavs 5 months ago +4

    Is this as ghastly as it looks? Do people really pay for this - even insane radical leftists?

    • designanddirection
      designanddirection 5 months ago

      myfavs Netflix is full of this kind of "Inclusive" crap. Thompson is such a spoilt whinging lefty I'm surprised she can appear in anything due to her "white privilege" and "patriarchy" (her dad was a famous broadcaster).

    • Sarah Schmitt
      Sarah Schmitt 5 months ago +2

      Saw the movie. It definitely has a liberal ideology, BUT it was one of the most balanced films I’ve seen. They poke fun at their own stereotypes with taste and heart. It’s a self aware film about the junk comedy has become. I think it pokes fun at all sides including against itself as a “feminist” comedy. And side note: I don’t like politics and don’t say political opinions, read and watch a little bit of everything conservative and liberal and I give credit where credit is due. They did a good job on a funny film about women in comedy and life. I think either side of the road could enjoy this movie as long as they see it for what it is: comedy.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago

    Hello, Humans.

    ITSNOT MYFAULT 5 months ago +5


      ITSNOT MYFAULT 5 months ago

      @da96103 then it's worthless. Only I matter
      Learn that 4 ur 1st lesson.

    • da96103
      da96103 5 months ago

      This clip is not to entertain you. This clip is for people who are interested in a director's way of thinking. Not everything in this world is created is to make YOU happy.

    • designanddirection
      designanddirection 5 months ago

      bongo155 Spot the angry Lefty who wants to make everybody sad.

    • bongo155
      bongo155 5 months ago

      spot the angry, sad incel

  • s 9
    s 9 5 months ago

    What happened to Kelly Kapoor's face?

  • Broken Arrow
    Broken Arrow 5 months ago +2

    What snake oil is Mindy selling? She's making the rounds heavy.

  • Rick Drew
    Rick Drew 5 months ago +6

    Putting them at either end of the table! Genius! And then she WALKS toward her!? Getting BIGGER in the frame?! Counter-Dolly! Kubrick is spinning in his tomb! Hitchcock is poltergeisting the Universal Studios commissary out of posthumous inadequacy. Spielberg is weeping at his lack of imagination after witnessing this heretofore unseen cinematic originality.
    But I like Emma Thompson, so I look forward to seeing the movie. In a week or two. On an airplane.

  • whataqtify
    whataqtify 5 months ago +12

    Why does everything have an agenda now?

    • geekyfraulein
      geekyfraulein 2 months ago

      You misspelled "Why does anything other than patriarchy have an agenda now". To make incels' lives miserable, of course.

    • designanddirection
      designanddirection 5 months ago +1

      whataqtify Because the left run Hollywood.

    • ricky100593
      ricky100593 5 months ago

      What's the agenda here?

    • Rick Drew
      Rick Drew 5 months ago +1

      There is literally no other reason for this movie to exist. I like both the leads - both talented funny people - but nobody ever anywhere said “ooo, the new Mindy movie is out this weekend!”

  • Pablo Cayetano
    Pablo Cayetano 5 months ago +3

    "They want Kevin hart on a slip and slide" oof