Honest Trailers - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • Some have been good, some have been bad, some have been Venom. This one is Honest Trailers - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!
    Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary for the writers review of the movie plus deleted jokes from the Honest Trailer! - thexvid.com/video/_uw0QliwDBI/video.html
    Special thanks to our Epic Voiceverse friends Felicia Day and Matt Mercer!
    Make sure to check out Felicia's new sci-fi comedy podcast, Voyage to the Stars, wherever you get your podcasts!
    To learn more about Critical Role and the Kickstarter for their animated series, visit www.CritRole.com
    Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey (@EpicVoiceGuy)
    Epic Geek Girl: Felicia Day (@feliciaday)
    Epic Dungeon Master: Matt Mercer (@matthewmercer)
    Epic Telenovela Woman: Vanessa Gritton (@nesgritton)
    Australian Voice Guy: Mr. Sunday Movies (@mrsundaymovies)
    Title design by Robert Holtby
    Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
    Written by Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford, and Lon Harris
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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  4 months ago +3010

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  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff 16 hours ago

    boss baby 2099😂😂

  • Nicholas Spinicelli

    "How do you want to do this?" "Is it Tuesday yet?" Awesome.

  • Death Arcana Azuma

    He said "Park your Peters" didn't he?

  • Sebastian N. S. V.

    Is my recommended showing this, the day after sony takes back Spidey, as a sign of something?

  • Giacomo Castro
    Giacomo Castro 2 days ago

    You should, you know.... Ask some Spanish fan for help?

  • Syed M
    Syed M 2 days ago

    I'm a 25 year old man, and I'm lucky im in my dorm room, cause when Matt says how do you wanna do this, involuntary fan girl screech came out.

  • Mauricio Matamoros
    Mauricio Matamoros 2 days ago


  • Curlz Animation
    Curlz Animation 2 days ago +1

    amazing movie I loved it!

  • Aman Barnwal
    Aman Barnwal 2 days ago

    This one was the best of yours @screen junkies!

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 2 days ago

    ....... spanish

  • JonnySublime
    JonnySublime 2 days ago

    Bunraku please!

  • Logan Not the one from Marvel

    Sooo....Sony just took Spidey out of the MCU....yeah...probably to be in Venom or something

  • Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

    Say"Rowdy Cowboy Randy Miller" like only you can please.

  • Z N
    Z N 4 days ago

    Hate these “other honest trailer voices coming in to steal the show” gimmicks. It’s so old and overused at this point, and disrupts the flow of the actual video. Just give me plain old honest trailers damnit. Fuck all these other people.

  • Jade Moreno
    Jade Moreno 4 days ago

    Um she's Japanese not Spanish...

  • Jack Burgess
    Jack Burgess 4 days ago

    How did I not realise that was Matt Mercer wtf???

  • Jose Antonio Espinosa Gonzalez

    I Just wonder if the Spanish was bad on purpose or they fucked it up

  • Max Glaysher
    Max Glaysher 5 days ago

    Please say “thank god that spider verse is the exact same as in each other dimension, otherwise this would have been awkward”

  • Adlan Kacak
    Adlan Kacak 6 days ago

    Since Peter Parker in this version are actually the one Toby act, so ... we already know how that Peter Parker passed away! 😢😢

  • just an alternative emo kid

    since when were gwen and miles in love... they had some flirty moments, but that was it lmao

  • Yuuko Kanji
    Yuuko Kanji 6 days ago

    My hero arachnademia!

  • Addareene101
    Addareene101 7 days ago +1

    Everyone complains about the Spanish... no one mentions the bad Australian accent 😂

    • bigbenigs
      bigbenigs 6 days ago

      I agree! I feel it's intentional that the Aussie and Latino trailer voices were supposed to be bad

  • FrostyPickle Studios

    Wait...Matt and Felicia?! Critical Role special!

  • Peter Quill
    Peter Quill 9 days ago

    Mr. Sunday Movies as Peter Porker was best part

  • jefferson andré
    jefferson andré 9 days ago +2

    I can't believe you guys got Matthew Mercer to cameo in this video.

    KAGANI 9 days ago +1

    😂😂 People out here getting butthurt over someones spanish pronunciation as if it probably wasn't part of the joke. 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄😂😂😂

  • Ale Escalona
    Ale Escalona 10 days ago

    Creo que este trailer honesto me gustó :P Hay ciertas partes que también entiendo, al menos :v

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl 10 days ago

    HEY! Mr. Sunday Movies!

  • Bonzai Badger
    Bonzai Badger 10 days ago

    Woot, Critical Role mention!

  • quincyking010
    quincyking010 10 days ago

    Hes the best voice here sorry

  • Finifugal
    Finifugal 11 days ago

    I love Felicia Day

  • Harrison T
    Harrison T 11 days ago


  • It's just Me
    It's just Me 12 days ago +2

    Sometimes your "honest trailers" becomes pointless. You tryna ruin every great movie? no, buddy, you can't. you just can't do that with every movie

  • Jimmy Dadema
    Jimmy Dadema 12 days ago

    Wait Matt Mercer? As in overwatch mcree Matt mercer?!?

  • concerned gay
    concerned gay 12 days ago

    The way she said pAssiOn sounded more French than Spanish- and the pronounced the h

  • Jose Luis Ayala
    Jose Luis Ayala 13 days ago

    No offense but that Spanish is bad. Hire me next time! Seriously guys, the economy isn't being kind... Lol.

  • British Human
    British Human 13 days ago +52

    1% of comments: wow,that was funny
    99%: ThAt'S nOt SpAnIsH

  • Rolo World Tour
    Rolo World Tour 13 days ago

    woah that spanish was really bad

  • Braxton Jones
    Braxton Jones 13 days ago

    1:47 I had to watch it over and over bc I saw a flash of what I saw was the god himself, and I was right there was Matt standing before me, my question is tho... why?

    • Braxton Jones
      Braxton Jones 13 days ago

      Nvm, it all got figured out later 👌🏻 Just needed to be patient

  • london mockett
    london mockett 14 days ago

    Yeah I have to do with all those problems to except the living away from home but I will soon

  • london mockett
    london mockett 14 days ago

    Hailee Steinfeld is a amazing strong smart funny talented beautiful goddess

  • yipyo morgan
    yipyo morgan 15 days ago


  • Avery VanderLouw
    Avery VanderLouw 15 days ago +1

    Anyone remember when honest trailers was funny?

  • AksentNetharia
    AksentNetharia 15 days ago

    i YELLED when i heard matt

  • Jakub Barczyk
    Jakub Barczyk 17 days ago

    I love all the refrences to Critical Role

  • Jakub Barczyk
    Jakub Barczyk 17 days ago

    Mat Mercer and Felicia Day OHMY GOSH OH MY GOSH !!!!!!

  • QwertySparrow
    QwertySparrow 18 days ago

    Matt Mercer!

  • nahnah nah
    nahnah nah 18 days ago

    5:51 Ohhhh..you got korra from Legends of Korra

  • Vortex Plays
    Vortex Plays 19 days ago

    Boss baby 2099 😂😂😂😂

  • Blanca Gonzalez
    Blanca Gonzalez 19 days ago

    Do rat race

  • Ice Queen Daine
    Ice Queen Daine 19 days ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy 20 days ago

    Surprised there are no jokes about miles' hands being sticky."When you fall asleep after beating the meat"

  • mynewtsack
    mynewtsack 20 days ago

    as a spanish speaker it sounded french if it was spanish

  • Justin Mieles
    Justin Mieles 21 day ago

    How in the hell did yall get Matt to play in this?? I needs to know

  • Emanuel Rojas
    Emanuel Rojas 21 day ago

    I wonder what my alternate versions of me are like? Do they have a shiny version of my icon? Do they have an different starter all together? Do they even like Pokemon? So curious....

  • Dizzy Mama247
    Dizzy Mama247 21 day ago

    Sharing some upvotes for Matt and Felicia! Because positivity is gonna win, dammit!

  • HolyCrepe
    HolyCrepe 22 days ago


  • shocky lemi
    shocky lemi 22 days ago

    So how many protagonists are there in a story?

    sony: yes.

  • Patrick Fennimore
    Patrick Fennimore 23 days ago

    2:41 miles isn't new at all. He's been around for a lil bit now

  • nmlss
    nmlss 23 days ago

    Dude, I'm from Spain and I can barely understand anything that… human being is saying.

  • Bio Kimistry
    Bio Kimistry 24 days ago

    You do realize like a third of America speaks Spanish...and you couldn't find someone better than that?

  • Shinzenbi
    Shinzenbi 24 days ago

    Best.Spiderman movie.ever.

  • Renae Killiough
    Renae Killiough 24 days ago

    Say in your epic voice "dont cross the streams, you must never cross the streams" GHOSTBUSTERS!

  • Renae Killiough
    Renae Killiough 24 days ago

    Do tango and cash

  • Stupid Android
    Stupid Android 24 days ago


  • Señor Creepypasta
    Señor Creepypasta 25 days ago

    I refuse to believe that you could not find a single person in the US that could actually speak Spanish. That voice is like an old aunt who grew up watching the maid telenovelas and believes every syllable ends with dramatic irony

  • Asha Ell
    Asha Ell 26 days ago +1

    Wait how is this different?
    He likes post malone?😂😂😂😂

  • Rakanarshi2
    Rakanarshi2 26 days ago

    I was going to post about how bad that Australian accent was, turns out Mr Sunday Movies is Australian. Still, really wish he didn't ham the thing up.

  • Amanda Terrero
    Amanda Terrero 26 days ago

    Do you have a Friend´s honest trailer??

  • Mandy Schill
    Mandy Schill 27 days ago +1

    How about her most of her town speaks Spanish and maybe some moved there

  • Danny Butler
    Danny Butler 27 days ago

    I think it says a lot about this movie that even the Honest Trailer guy can't find much wrong with it.

  • Nancy Bounds
    Nancy Bounds 29 days ago

    Matt Mercer

  • J.C Valtierra
    J.C Valtierra Month ago

    This movie is too dope for Honest trailer.

  • Walker
    Walker Month ago

    He isn’t a high schooler in this I think