2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship Day 4

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Full live stream of all events on December 14, 2019.
    0:14:37 Event 10 (Teams, Heat 1)
    0:32:01 Event 10 (Teams, Heat 2)
    0:47:52 Misfit P10 Performance interview
    0:58:12 Event 8 (Individual women, Heat 1)
    1:16:50 Event 8 (Individual women, Heat 2)
    1:35:26 Event 8 (Individual women, Heat 3)
    1:51:13 Jamie Greene
    1:56:10 Event 8 (Individual men, Heat 1)
    2:14:45 Event 8 (Individual men, Heat 2)
    2:33:18 Event 8 (Individual men, Heat 3)
    2:49:40 Patrick Vellner interview
    2:58:37 Event 11 (Teams, Heat 1)
    3:19:40 Event 11 (Teams, Heat 2)
    3:39:27 Misfit P10 Performance interview
    3:48:31 Event 9 (Individual women, Heat 1)
    3:57:28 Event 9 (Individual women, Heat 2)
    4:06:40 Event 9 (Individual women, Heat 3)
    4:13:49 Jamie Greene
    4:21:52 Event 9 (Individual men, Heat 1)
    4:30:38 Event 9 (Individual men, Heat 2)
    4:39:40 Event 9 (Individual men, Heat 3)
    4:46:43 Interview with Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski
    4:50:33 Karin Frey interview
    5:05:18 Event 10 & 11 (Individual women, Heat 1)
    5:21:20 Event 10 & 11 (Individual women, Heat 2)
    5:42:11 Event 10 & 11 (Individual men, Heat 1)
    5:57:22 Event 10 & 11 (Individual men, Heat 2)
    6:17:14 Event 10 & 11 (Individual women, Heat 3)
    6:30:55 Samantha Briggs interview
    6:40:48 Event 10 & 11 (Individual men, Heat 3)
    6:54:03 Brent Fikowski interview (winner of Dubai CrossFit Championship 2019)
    7:24:04 Top 3 winners take to the podium
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Comments • 29

  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray Month ago

    Ok event 10/11 says 60kg thrusters yet the weight has 55kg + the bar. If the bar is 20kg like normal than that’s 75kg not 60kg

  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray Month ago +1

    Ok if the weight is 100kg in event 9, how come the weights are 25,15 and 2.5 each side. That totals 42.5 each side which would be 85 in total. With the bar it must be 105kg either that or they are using a 15kg bar

  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray Month ago +1

    Omg i just went and tried a deck squat and it’s a lot harder than I thought. You have to sit up really hard it’s like ghd

  • Israel Fernandez
    Israel Fernandez Month ago

    Y estos ejercicios!!!!!!! madre mía, tanto tiempo entrenando y te sacan nuevas modalidades.... puff

  • adamheal
    adamheal Month ago +2

    Is there a rule to keep your shirt on?

  • Patrícia Teixeira
    Patrícia Teixeira Month ago +2

    Sorry Vellner, but your step overs on event 11 were all no reps :/

    • Cameron Gray
      Cameron Gray Month ago +1

      As long as your hands doesn’t touch the box you can get over how ever you want. His reps are counted

    • Will Martin
      Will Martin Month ago +2

      Yes thats the standard “any way over”

    • Patrícia Teixeira
      Patrícia Teixeira Month ago

      @Will Martin even with only one foot touching the box? Can't see no one else doing that, and in most of CF competitions you should touch with both feet on the box...

    • Will Martin
      Will Martin Month ago +1

      Patrícia Teixeira can get over the box anyway u want

  • 1976jabali
    1976jabali Month ago

    Is this Rich Froning at the ceremony?

  • Brtz Brtz
    Brtz Brtz Month ago

    Hey, crossfit! 2:35:25 - Why Fikoswki (like you used to write) is doing the other exercise? Personally, i like him and all his art smart workshop.

  • Team Builder
    Team Builder Month ago +4

    Canadian power, Iceland power. Congrats

  • Huici
    Huici Month ago +2

    I From poland
    please help
    I need more arabs
    So scared now please
    I always love arab😭😭😭😭😭😵😵😵😵😵

  • Jacob Cross
    Jacob Cross Month ago +30

    For those of us who can’t watch this live, putting the podium winners on the thumbnail is a big spoiler...

  • Aracelly Couoh
    Aracelly Couoh Month ago

    Why time cap at wod 14 mint before

  • Ricq Galvão
    Ricq Galvão Month ago +5

    Everything is inside crossfit: from the most refined psychological abilities, to the most brutal strength and cardio; passing through technique, coordination, eficiency, smooth mobility & pacing. The fittest soul in the whole world!
    Including sniper's shot. Like in the Rogue 2018 invitational, in the olympic (winter's games) based biathlon. Really awesome. Some perfect girls body representatives are Alessandra Pichelli (pronunce "Pikelli", italian accent) and the low ranked Menon Angonese.

    • Ricq Galvão
      Ricq Galvão Month ago

      Dani Speegle n1, Angonese n2, Gabriela Migała n3. In the beauty ranking. A

    • Ricq Galvão
      Ricq Galvão Month ago

      My preferreds, the ones I was suportive, in the guys competiton, were: Koski, Velner & Simmonds. Because the professor was not in need of my suport, but my attentious learning audience.

    • Ricq Galvão
      Ricq Galvão Month ago

      Manon Angonese number 1, then maybe Gabriela Mīgała as n2, Alessandra is top 10; in the beautiful ladies with awesome crossfit performance ranking. The dottir I follow is Anne, she came not; bit sad..

  • wassssupprod
    wassssupprod Month ago +59

    Event 10
    Team Heat 1 19:26
    Team Heat 2 31:22

    Event 8
    Womans Heat 1 57:43
    Womans Heat 2 1:16:45
    Womans Heat 3 1:35:02

    Event 8
    Mens Heat 1 1:5816
    Mens Heat 2 2:12:58
    Mens Heat 3 2:33:04

    Event 11
    Team Heat 1 2:58:06
    Team Heat 2 3:19:37

    Event 9
    Womans Heat 1 3:48:06
    Womans Heat 2 3:57:25
    Womans Heat 3 4:06:43

    Event 9
    Mens Heat 1 4:21:52
    Mens Heat 2 4:30:29
    Mens Heat 3 4:39:37

    Event 10/11
    Womans Heat 1 5:04:59
    Womans Heat 2 5:22:42
    Womans Heat 3 6:13:48

    Event 10/11
    Mens Heat 1 5:42:01
    Mens Heat 2 5:56:58
    Mens Heat 3 6:39:11

    Awards 7:10:03

  • Charmed By Chelssea
    Charmed By Chelssea Month ago +1

    I miss Mat

    • Brendan Tomlinson
      Brendan Tomlinson Month ago +1

      @Seeking Freedom He appears to be back into training, but it seems he could of been dealing with injuries and not really doing a whole lot so he wouldn't make them worse. He is getting older and has been on a non-stop grind for the past 6 years. I sense a possible retirement coming. Especially since the CrossFit Games loses it's contract with Reebok after this year and is unable to garner enough viewing interest to have any contracts with a major sports company. I am sure Fraser is eyeing quite possibly the last six figure cash prize the Sport will offer and the record for most #1 finishes as an individual. Everyone should be taking note that the biggest prize outside of the Games is $50k, which is offered by the Rogue Invitational and Dubai Fitness Championship. Obviously, if Fraser chooses to continue training, he'll be taking more than a 50% paycut for the same amount of work in 2021 and he will have nothing left to accomplish if he leaves with a 5th win. I have no doubt he'd call it a day and pursue something less taxing. We're at the end of an era for this sport.

    • Seeking Freedom
      Seeking Freedom Month ago

      where is mat?

  • lepepus
    lepepus Month ago +5

    Grundler is the best Crossfit commentator! Hope he's back doing the Games next year!!!

  • Алексей Алексей

    Роман 👍💪 Волгоград с тобой 💪

  • Cole eesy Breezy
    Cole eesy Breezy Month ago

    Seems like the standards aren’t clear... I’d be kissed as an athlete

  • Konstantin Olaker
    Konstantin Olaker Month ago +8

    Russian Power!!! Congratz Roman!!!