How to Make These Knives | Dagger

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    Please don't use these knives in kitchen because I think epoxy is slightly toxic.

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  • A R
    A R 4 days ago

    I thought it was crystal not paper👍🤯

  • Jasmine Roblox
    Jasmine Roblox 4 days ago

    i just made them they are really a good display

  • jq747
    jq747 4 days ago

    I would have stopped at 3:30.. "Cower before my mighty weapon, peasant!!!!"

  • THE lemon
    THE lemon 5 days ago

    BBT t to-dr

  • Jack T
    Jack T 7 days ago

    If I made the hatchet, would I be able to cut smaller things from blackberry vines to tree limbs?

  • Learn computer
    Learn computer 7 days ago

    better if you paint the wood. very cool!

  • HugoGarcia
    HugoGarcia 8 days ago

    Cómo se llaman los materiales en español?

  • Kuni s
    Kuni s 8 days ago

    Hey nice work and grad inspiration for my project thank u so much ;)

  • noah alfa
    noah alfa 10 days ago +1

    Wow is what beerigood

  • Stella Farrell
    Stella Farrell 10 days ago

    So so cool

  • Von Wiglerson
    Von Wiglerson 12 days ago

    Me watching this in the morning


    TO BE GODS RIGHT 12 days ago

    can they cut anything?

  • Iván Taquichiri
    Iván Taquichiri 13 days ago

    Please ¿What is the name of the song? 3:17

  • Raja Abdul Hannan
    Raja Abdul Hannan 13 days ago

    Actually it’s the results are on 9:6

  • Raja Abdul Hannan
    Raja Abdul Hannan 13 days ago

    8:15 is what u came here for your welcome

  • You like black cake Ny


  • Frostmilo Hamaoui
    Frostmilo Hamaoui 14 days ago

    I like the axe beter

  • Dogypanda3
    Dogypanda3 16 days ago

    Wow how did you do this

  • Adstar777 boi
    Adstar777 boi 16 days ago

    I wish I could make that do a give away pls

    • Lyz Nuss
      Lyz Nuss 15 days ago

      you can make one he just showed you how.

  • علی
    علی 18 days ago

    ببخشید اینا فروشیه ؟
    اگه نیست یکم تخصصی تر اموزش بدید تا خودمون بسازیمش

  • Gustavo Aguiar
    Gustavo Aguiar 21 day ago

    I want one, man

  • TERROUN vs
    TERROUN vs 25 days ago

    ich seh es nicht ein

  • Denzoh
    Denzoh 25 days ago

    This will cut everything thx

  • Lee , S.
    Lee , S. 25 days ago

    Love whst you makev.

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  • Emir Fırat
    Emir Fırat 29 days ago

    Can they cut ?

  • Goran Artukovic
    Goran Artukovic 29 days ago

    that guy is so creative i don knov how to craft that

  • Muhammet burak güler
    Muhammet burak güler 29 days ago

    This tools looks like amazing 🤩

  • Artur Milewski
    Artur Milewski Month ago

    die Axt war am besten

  • Dragon God
    Dragon God Month ago

    I made all of them and I sold all of them for $2.1 million US dollars

  • _xeam_
    _xeam_ Month ago

    scond 45 wicvh blue is this, holy jesus this blue looks so awsome

  • OwO Michal.
    OwO Michal. Month ago

    You are GODLY human youre not human you is GOD

  • Jimmy Sammon
    Jimmy Sammon Month ago


  • Timothy Stastny
    Timothy Stastny Month ago +1

    Hey is it possible he sells these daggers I kind of want one let me know if y’all find one for sale

  • GURKIRT Singh
    GURKIRT Singh Month ago

    Bahut acha bhai gift kardo yr muhje

    LESHER Month ago

    Sell me one

  • DrDiesALot 2012
    DrDiesALot 2012 Month ago

    Thanks!My grandma didn’t stand a chance!

  • Michael Mercier
    Michael Mercier Month ago

    Beautiful work.

  • Zippo Rough
    Zippo Rough Month ago

    😮 ... 😮

  • TobiGamzDK
    TobiGamzDK Month ago

    please please sell theese

  • Erdem Günaydın
    Erdem Günaydın Month ago

    Baltayı bana ver

  • Robert Cae
    Robert Cae Month ago +1

    very peacful and relaxing music...

    for such a danjourous weapon.

  • Jose Paulo
    Jose Paulo Month ago

    Muito lindo
    Valeu por o video

  • beijamim arola
    beijamim arola Month ago +1


  • Lori Bornk
    Lori Bornk Month ago


  • Eli Walker
    Eli Walker Month ago

    You said that you where going to show how to make these knives but you only show how to make one

  • Reza Zeiaee
    Reza Zeiaee Month ago

    aaaa it s toy

  • Delirious Boy 285
    Delirious Boy 285 Month ago

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  • حمد a
    حمد a Month ago +1

    Can I buy the red one

  • DataSecured
    DataSecured Month ago

    I think I found my true love(s) 10:00

    dont judge me

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Month ago

    They sure are pretty, but if you intend to do anything beyong hanging it on a wall, they are useless

  • Konrad Killin
    Konrad Killin Month ago


  • 京野・U・ハン・ワステーキ


  • Corvus Crow
    Corvus Crow Month ago

    I hate to say it, as pretty as these are, they look brittle easy to snap at the joint.

  • Leo Crafts
    Leo Crafts Month ago

    te quedó muy chido

  • Kaitlin R
    Kaitlin R Month ago

    i like the blue one my favourite knife

  • sam mif
    sam mif Month ago

    will it keil?