How to Make These Knives | Dagger

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    Please don't use these knives in kitchen because I think epoxy is slightly toxic.

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  • the old brit
    the old brit 13 hours ago

    How to make these knives
    *thumbnail has axe In corner*

  • Anime4life Anime life
    Anime4life Anime life 13 hours ago

    Wow they actually work! 👌😏

  • قنوات كل يوم
    قنوات كل يوم 20 hours ago

    أنها جميلة جدآ لاكن هناك مشكله لو سمحت ممكن تجعلها بالعربي

  • Chisa Dickerson
    Chisa Dickerson Day ago +1

    Wâit BuT tHis iS


  • flori minxhozi
    flori minxhozi 3 days ago

    is it fake or realdosit X_X,iset sharp or not ?

  • Hatcher McMichael
    Hatcher McMichael 6 days ago

    haw much 💰 for the Blue one

  • jackson heke
    jackson heke 10 days ago

    Love the work man really nice to watch, Can you please make raith dagger from apex legends?

  • Morgan Lynch
    Morgan Lynch 11 days ago

    aswome weapons

  • Victor Lykke Jørgensen

    kan you make a Crystal cave

  • Julia Blackwell
    Julia Blackwell 13 days ago

    I love this technique better than the previous ones. The finished products have always been exquisite 💕

    KAPTAIN KILAH 17 days ago

    How much for the light blue knife

  • Insert_Perk Effect
    Insert_Perk Effect 19 days ago

    They look like jolly ranchers

  • NIX _DEM777
    NIX _DEM777 21 day ago

    I am want buy, they a very beautiful

  • One Rusty Lemon
    One Rusty Lemon 21 day ago

    I want them

  • T4K3D0WN YT
    T4K3D0WN YT 22 days ago

    how long did this take to make?

  • Mr. Salt
    Mr. Salt 22 days ago

    U wish u can make it but your to lazy or cannot afford the things

  • Boofed Stew
    Boofed Stew 22 days ago

    This guy doesn’t get enough recognition

  • KALZ
    KALZ 22 days ago +1

    Was waiting for that 1,000,000 grit sandpaper.

  • Jackson Mattox
    Jackson Mattox 22 days ago

    Dose my man have a Supreme ruler?!?!?

  • DordeCorn
    DordeCorn 23 days ago

    This is decorate?

  • Ken Griffeth
    Ken Griffeth 24 days ago

    Would love to know where you got the blade pattern and what is used as the rubberized agent that you can peel off the knife and handle. I'm not very artistic but my son would love for me to make him one of these!

  • Derek Schlosser
    Derek Schlosser 24 days ago

    I would not slice an apple with that axe like that, it seems very delicate

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 24 days ago

    He fast forward the apple with the blue dager

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 24 days ago


  • MrYayayify
    MrYayayify 24 days ago

    could have put, "not a toy" on the thumbnail to warn the viewers despite looking like a toy.

  • gabradical radicalXD
    gabradical radicalXD 25 days ago

    Me:just need a litle bit of money
    This guy: wood, colors, wood stufs, resin, radoativ stufs, dimonds, ruby, nuclear bombs and his mom
    So dont do it you expend a lots many doing this when you can just buy one

  • Tymon Orlowski
    Tymon Orlowski 25 days ago

    Wish I could so bad

  • Tymon Orlowski
    Tymon Orlowski 25 days ago

    Wish I could make these

  • cats are cool
    cats are cool 26 days ago

    I 💘 your videos and 👍 you are so good at crafting I triy to craft but i am not good at crafting but sill i triy to becuse i nuver give up😀😀😀

  • maksym pl
    maksym pl 26 days ago +1

    1:50 ruler suprime

  • ONI
    ONI 26 days ago

    yeah id eat it

  • Janet U
    Janet U 26 days ago


  • Alex Yui
    Alex Yui 27 days ago +1

    I littry just did it

  • Mohamed Me
    Mohamed Me 27 days ago

    how much does it cost. Please reply quickly

  • Alen Kopić
    Alen Kopić 27 days ago

    Did you know that sand papers from 500grit above work better with water

  • NeonJ RacerD
    NeonJ RacerD 27 days ago

    you do some pretty good work. have you ever thought about selling these? My friend does work work with Ingot making with aluminum, I was thinking on giving this a try!

  • Lisa Fuller
    Lisa Fuller 27 days ago

    Axe is badass! Stupid question. Are they sharp?

  • Mery Ortiz
    Mery Ortiz 27 days ago

    that's imposible

  • Dr.Шaверма
    Dr.Шaверма 28 days ago

    wouldn't epoxy melt the glue?

  • Pato Guzmán
    Pato Guzmán 28 days ago


  • Parsa Kazimi
    Parsa Kazimi 28 days ago


  • lau
    lau 28 days ago

    I want it♥♥♥ please make for me🤣🤣

  • nasrullah zamri
    nasrullah zamri 29 days ago

    I want all knife please

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed 29 days ago

    Nice work blacksmith

  • Haniya Mufti
    Haniya Mufti 29 days ago

    this is,, super cool! i can imagine running away to live by myself in the woods and having cool knives like these

  • Javad Mohammadi
    Javad Mohammadi 29 days ago +1

    میشه باهاش دعوا کرد ؟

  • Javad Mohammadi
    Javad Mohammadi 29 days ago +1

    i can fight with this knife ?

  • Pasitos Rivera
    Pasitos Rivera Month ago +4

    *_Thanks. Now I know how to deal with my neighbors the next time they mow their lawn at 7 A.M_*

  • Artkid 1751
    Artkid 1751 Month ago


  • Gaming TV
    Gaming TV Month ago

    Can i buy this, pls?

  • anime lover9191
    anime lover9191 Month ago

    how long did it take to do the first blade

  • Patrizia Pietrangeli


  • Millinson Lee
    Millinson Lee Month ago +1

    IDK if they're sharpened or not.
    Edit: Nope they're not, sharpen them >:D

  • Wout Mombaerts
    Wout Mombaerts Month ago

    I want one

  • Inesh Arroyuy
    Inesh Arroyuy Month ago

    смотрел видео и думал "рукастый мужик!".
    ровно до момента, когда он начал наждаком на сухую зачищать...

  • Ivy
    Ivy Month ago

    not hard actually

  • Παναγιωτης 1234


  • Centurio 101
    Centurio 101 Month ago +1

    Can you make a cutting Test? Or can it broke then?

  • Lílian Florêncio
    Lílian Florêncio Month ago

    Você poderia deixar os moldes disponíveis para download 😋😏

  • Aaa Sss
    Aaa Sss Month ago

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