How to Make These Knives | Dagger

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    Please don't use these knives in kitchen because I think epoxy is slightly toxic.

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  • Rogerio Souza
    Rogerio Souza 16 hours ago

    Put the pdf templates in the description please!

  • FlickDonald's
    FlickDonald's 2 days ago

    Too bad its barely connected to the wood

  • قلبٌ بريءٌ
    قلبٌ بريءٌ 4 days ago


  • JDP gaming
    JDP gaming 9 days ago

    Lemme buy it

  • Karim Billah
    Karim Billah 11 days ago

    Nice to

  • Alfred Stiegler
    Alfred Stiegler 14 days ago


  • Wizard Gaming
    Wizard Gaming 16 days ago

    Good to see this very amazing one you have a great thought

  • littlegirl
    littlegirl 16 days ago

    I like da axe

  • Luke Skywalker Endor
    Luke Skywalker Endor 17 days ago +1

    The two black ones looks like claws

  • Luke Skywalker Endor
    Luke Skywalker Endor 17 days ago

    The two black ones looks like claws

  • Ignis King
    Ignis King 19 days ago

    Could you make a short or normal sized sword with this method? I'm having trouble making wooden daggers as a start right now as I don't have a table saw to cut the wood I buy in stores to the thickness I need, but I noticed in videos resin is fairly easy to get to a thickness you like. But I'm wondering how strong it would be if I want an edge to the blade (not sharp, just looks good)

  • aswd90
    aswd90 21 day ago

    Can you actually cut wood with the axe?

  • Dragons Bane
    Dragons Bane 21 day ago

    The karambit looking knife looks the best to me

  • Isamaque Nunes
    Isamaque Nunes 22 days ago

    this is magnificent!

  • Silver Capricorn
    Silver Capricorn 24 days ago

    Not very sharp

  • GhOsT BoY
    GhOsT BoY 25 days ago

    How Can i buy them?

  • Coy racoon 987
    Coy racoon 987 25 days ago +1

    I made a mace from wood.tape.nails and string

  • OwO Michal.
    OwO Michal. 26 days ago

    what's the size of it?

  • Dragomir Claudian
    Dragomir Claudian 27 days ago

    You selling this ,,wepon" :)))

  • spy8464BB
    spy8464BB 28 days ago

    What is a supreme ruler. I'm curious as to why this was mentioned a number of times??? Can somebody comment

  • Geoff Allen Ohrazda
    Geoff Allen Ohrazda 29 days ago

    *S u p r e m e r u l e r*

  • Mr. Marin.
    Mr. Marin. 29 days ago

    10:35 what is this music

  • Jackson McDaniel
    Jackson McDaniel Month ago +1

    could you give us a link for the model you used like mostly the paper model bc i think i might try to make the dagger

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles Month ago +2

    For the amount of money he spent making that knife that would give someone a paper cut at most I could buy a real knife and slit someone's throat wide open

    • Caleb Allen
      Caleb Allen Month ago

      I'm still gonna make it anyway 🤭

  • House Of Music
    House Of Music Month ago +31

    Me: *thinks that needs just paper, carboard, scotch and glue*
    Guy: *uses chainsaw, plastic, hardener, pigments, neutrons, atomic bomb and his grandmother*

    • Suga- -Moon
      Suga- -Moon 10 days ago +1

      I died at "his grandmother" xD

  • Arp's Adventures
    Arp's Adventures Month ago +2

    Have u got the templates to them?

  • 괴물남모형
    괴물남모형 Month ago


  • ethan byrne
    ethan byrne Month ago

    Do you sell

  • Mythicalfireball
    Mythicalfireball Month ago

    Can we buy these knives? Not only they are sharp, they look cool. Don't forget, they are also poisonous. THese would be perfect on the battlefield!

  • Kirk Ryan
    Kirk Ryan Month ago +1

    Just beautiful!!!
    Those should be in a shadow box on display.

  • No Named
    No Named Month ago

    The axe looks so cool!!!

  • Murske
    Murske Month ago

    I won minecraft hungergames with these

  • Cian McCabe
    Cian McCabe Month ago

    So if I'm not going to use them in the kitchen what one earth is the point if making them?

  • Syfy Gamer
    Syfy Gamer Month ago

    Are they usable though

  • sushanta acharjee
    sushanta acharjee Month ago +1

    I like the axe 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Adrian Marin
    Adrian Marin Month ago

    No like

  • Andrew Brannan
    Andrew Brannan Month ago

    It physically pained me to see you take a hacksaw to a piece of beautiful rosewood, then not even cut it all the way through, but break it in half with a hammer. Please, for the love of the Maker, please go get a hand saw. Even the fancy Japanese pull saws can be had for less than $20.

  • T Strut
    T Strut Month ago +1

    Thats what i would make...i love knives and daggers

  • David Colonna
    David Colonna Month ago

    But can you use them practically

  • FLuffyxKittyCat
    FLuffyxKittyCat Month ago +3

    what was the use of drawing things on yellow paper and then redrawing them on blue paper?

  • Joshua7896
    Joshua7896 Month ago

    i have a feeling if u drop those knives they would shatter

  • Margherita Paracini

    Is it possible to add glow in the dark stuff to the mix or it does ruin the epoxy mix?

    • Margherita Paracini
      Margherita Paracini Month ago

      @How to Glow in the dark dagger… as soon as I find a reliable store and a well ventilated loacal, I'm doing it

    • How to
      How to  Month ago

      Yes it's possible but it can't remain transparent.

  • Parker Blair
    Parker Blair Month ago

    I love how easy to follow these steps are! This will be perfect for my dryad costume! It might be easier if you listed the elements needed below though.

    REAL GUITARIST Month ago

    I have made it

  • Nathan. C
    Nathan. C Month ago

    Me: **constantly repeating** Pls don't cut your finger!

  • himanshu tiwari
    himanshu tiwari Month ago

    please make a katana sward using epoxy.........

  • Benjamín Gonzalez
    Benjamín Gonzalez Month ago

    Is intresting and all, but thats really cuts something? 7-7

  • Claire Wells
    Claire Wells Month ago

    This was very nice. Thank you for taking the time to record and share this with us.

  • Sky Phelps
    Sky Phelps Month ago

    Where do I get one.

  • Diamond_Trickle
    Diamond_Trickle Month ago

    Don't get me wrong but these knives would be extremely cool if they actually could be used as a real knife, the handle would break pretty easily...
    btw they obviously look awesome

  • Synaspe Gaming
    Synaspe Gaming Month ago

    I tried doing this but i still need to find my wood polish... where did it go?

  • Esnaidel Lorenzo
    Esnaidel Lorenzo Month ago +1

    Como ceyama el porbo que le eyas al agua

  • Mukesh Ingale
    Mukesh Ingale Month ago

    I Like the video 😘😘

  • Mukesh Ingale
    Mukesh Ingale Month ago

    Nice 👌👌

  • King Dan
    King Dan Month ago

    I don't think the handles of the weapons would be very comfortable. Try rounding the edges of the handles, it would make it a lot more comfortable.

  • jennifer duncan
    jennifer duncan Month ago

    are you selling these my husband would love one

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor Month ago

    is it Sharp

  • Janalyn Pennington
    Janalyn Pennington Month ago

    im gonna try this but what is the hardener like whats the ingredients?

  • Anna Maria Malkos
    Anna Maria Malkos Month ago

    I think that i am going to try the blue blade that you showcased the entier time

  • Jahanvi Choudhary
    Jahanvi Choudhary Month ago

    bhot hard

  • Valerie DeLaFuente
    Valerie DeLaFuente Month ago

    Dude you are gay or nah.

  • Vitor Acras
    Vitor Acras Month ago

    what is the hardener in 4:28?

    • How to
      How to  Month ago

      Epoxy Hardener. It comes with Epoxy resin.

  • Vitor Acras
    Vitor Acras Month ago +1

    the blue paper in 1:00 is card stock?

  • Christian Delong
    Christian Delong Month ago

    Me now I’m gonna do this 5 years later oh yeah I was gonna do this might do it later this week this is never gonna be done

  • Maddox Siuda
    Maddox Siuda Month ago

    He literally has a supreme ruler lol

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron Month ago

    Could u make a video of how to do the axe

  • lulu duffy
    lulu duffy Month ago

    Can you make me one

  • Vesric
    Vesric Month ago

    I wonder if they made a How To make swords?

  • I Eatus Da Fetus
    I Eatus Da Fetus Month ago

    How to i have a question is it possible to make the far cry 3 ancient dagger "Sliver Dragon"? pls try to find out

  • XxNog_Ops_PlaysXx
    XxNog_Ops_PlaysXx Month ago +7

    Yo i loved that one vid with the red dragon blade sick creations keep it up!

  • Adrián Vitale
    Adrián Vitale Month ago

    The axe is the best of all.

  • A-Master14
    A-Master14 Month ago

    Looks like actual crystals

  • Atif Salat
    Atif Salat Month ago

    Tera baap tera baap Bhojpuri

  • Nguyen Duy
    Nguyen Duy Month ago

    Đẹp thật in Vietnam

  • amjadmurad2
    amjadmurad2 Month ago

    Will they work