Late Night Shows In 2018


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  • ElKaotik
    ElKaotik 18 days ago +1436


    • Sukh Madiq
      Sukh Madiq 5 days ago

      +Dentist just because it exists doesn't make it right.

    • Mathieu Leader
      Mathieu Leader 10 days ago


    • Bat Dude
      Bat Dude 12 days ago


    • Yer_Da_ 24/7
      Yer_Da_ 24/7 13 days ago

      GR8 B8 M8 TheXvid rekt

    • Orangutan
      Orangutan 13 days ago

      Jason Berkowitz you triggered bitch? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • attila the fun jr.
    attila the fun jr. 4 days ago

    So true 😂

  • N P C #1488
    N P C #1488 4 days ago

    Orange man bad

  • Vexus Benchmarks
    Vexus Benchmarks 5 days ago

    What's that creepy song when the man say the audience is epic smart?

  • BigNoseGod
    BigNoseGod 7 days ago

    Haha, epick!

  • Heartburn Studios
    Heartburn Studios 7 days ago

    this just kinda proves satirising something doesn't make it automatically funny ahaha

  • volthunter3
    volthunter3 7 days ago

    How tf u on trending rn

  • Gary S1998
    Gary S1998 8 days ago


  • legless !!!!!
    legless !!!!! 8 days ago

    this is still on trending a week later

  • CallyMac
    CallyMac 9 days ago

    holy shit this is on trending in the UK, I think you tricked the algorithm

  • Okanehira
    Okanehira 10 days ago

    Begin NPC laugh sequence.

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 10 days ago +1

    Late night show hosts aren’t even comedians anymore. Their sole purpose is to literally just facilitate an atmosphere amongst their audience where they feel like they’re all part of some enlightened social class and everyone on the other side of politics is a moron. The irony of course being that the biggest laughs they get are when Colbert says “ha ha pee pee tape” and Oliver says “Drumpf”. The absolute state of the American left.

  • N7 ODST
    N7 ODST 10 days ago

    So did this video fly over anyone head yet?

  • Jamie Dow
    Jamie Dow 10 days ago

    #36 Trending UK

  • DeckyStrikesBack
    DeckyStrikesBack 10 days ago

    This is actually funnier than any chat show.

  • Aleks Gold
    Aleks Gold 10 days ago

    34 on trending

  • Frauleinwunder07
    Frauleinwunder07 11 days ago

    I hate how he says, “look at that. I got em eating out the palm of my haaaaaand.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • panddda boi
    panddda boi 11 days ago

    Think youtubes ai has fucked up, ain't got an issue this time

  • Sir Tophat
    Sir Tophat 11 days ago +1

    33# on trending my man

  • Concador
    Concador 11 days ago

    I actually think that TheXvid doesn't know this is a joke that why it on trending

  • A A
    A A 11 days ago

    *This video is super biased and agenda driven!* Conservatives need to take care of their mental health as their *hate* towards liberals would consume their sanity! PS: *Republicans are scum!*

    • Yer_Da_ 24/7
      Yer_Da_ 24/7 11 days ago

      PS: you, are scum.
      Also nice hypocrisy

  • Bungis Albondigas
    Bungis Albondigas 11 days ago +1

    It made trending because the dumb recommendation ai can't understand how humans interact with each other.

  • Flying Moose
    Flying Moose 11 days ago +1

    Except they're not this self aware

  • galacticmarine marmar
    galacticmarine marmar 11 days ago

    lol love it

  • KayC
    KayC 11 days ago

    Shekel goblin got #23 on trending holy smokes papa sam.

  • mr jones
    mr jones 12 days ago

    I hate late night shows.

  • Intahnetto
    Intahnetto 12 days ago

    You can’t just record your TV, post it, and call it yours, you dumb _jew_

  • PlayTrailers
    PlayTrailers 12 days ago

    #23 Trending in the UK 👍

  • Mete Tural
    Mete Tural 12 days ago

    TheXvid: Let's see what to put on the trending page...
    *Jewish boy who does gaming videos and did a joke on politics*
    TheXvid: Your hired!

  • TheStealthMasterZ
    TheStealthMasterZ 12 days ago

    This is trending? WTF?

  • LiL BeB
    LiL BeB 12 days ago +1

    Fake late night show and it still made it to trending

  • inventivv
    inventivv 12 days ago

    Holy shit I didn’t know Sam was based af!

  • ET_ Whorlow
    ET_ Whorlow 12 days ago

    This is 22 on trending

  • The Gaming Hobo
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  • Nanna Freeman
    Nanna Freeman 12 days ago

    Basically Kimmel and Colbert then

  • Nav
    Nav 12 days ago

    Praise Allah for conan

  • _____
    _____ 12 days ago

    I already know this guy is going to be a trump supporter

    • _____
      _____ 11 days ago

      Yer_Da_ 24/7 oh no i wasn’t hating just making an observation that this was political even though it seems to be in the form of satirical comedy but it’s not really as funny as much as it is a guy being triggered and acting like people under the age of 50 think late shows are funny
      Only minion meme loving moms like late shows and it isn’t apparent enough to this guy so he tries to make people think “my political beliefs are smart and every other beliefs are stupid” just like the feminazis and actual nazis and communist and basically every other political party.

    • Yer_Da_ 24/7
      Yer_Da_ 24/7 11 days ago


  • Musclebust
    Musclebust 12 days ago

    Dont shave

  • Graveyard Sale
    Graveyard Sale 12 days ago

    So courageous and brave taking on cheetoh hands Blumpf.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 12 days ago

    clapping seals are the seal of approval of Late night tv

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 12 days ago

    the elephant in the room that goes trump trump trump

  • Daxude
    Daxude 12 days ago +1

    Deserve to #1 trending

  • Crypic13
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  • Jordi
    Jordi 12 days ago

    21 on trending?

  • haze
    haze 12 days ago

    holy shit it's a whole channel of nothing but curt clips i cum pant instantly

  • Sir ravix of fourhorn
    Sir ravix of fourhorn 12 days ago

    trending? sam is moving up in the world.

  • Trevor Thebo
    Trevor Thebo 13 days ago +1

    Comedy is dead, thank you for shining a light on late night *cough cough* "news"

  • akes nov
    akes nov 13 days ago +2

    You forgot to put Trump in the title.

  • Miguel Wright
    Miguel Wright 13 days ago

    This sums up pretty much all late n8ght shows nowadays

  • Skulldozer115
    Skulldozer115 13 days ago

    Cheeto..... Blumpf!! xdd

  • TheRaellz
    TheRaellz 13 days ago

    So very accurate.. Truly disturbing

  • The Last And First Time

    Still funnier than Leno.

  • Max FN
    Max FN 13 days ago

    #19 on trending thats pretty cool ma dude

  • Babycakes
    Babycakes 13 days ago

    Sammy Sammy
    Reusing jokes?

  • DrDik
    DrDik 13 days ago

    Sam, I didn't subscribe for yesterdays news today. Get with the program.

  • Pagey
    Pagey 13 days ago

    Why is this trending in the UK lol... Long time sub btw

  • Elliot Duby
    Elliot Duby 13 days ago +1

    Nice. Trending in the UK

  • Chad Reisman
    Chad Reisman 13 days ago +1

    The late night shows are nothing but poliical tools to brainwash the masses. It blows my mind that people are dumb enough to watch them.

    • Yer_Da_ 24/7
      Yer_Da_ 24/7 11 days ago

      +fensew94 Blows my mind that you actually can't see that all late night shows hate on Trump and have a clear bias. And if they don't well guess what they're replaced by some other brainwashed lunatic. All late night does is pander to the gullible idiots which make up the Left

    • fensew94
      fensew94 12 days ago

      Blows my mind that you actually believe that. Can you please who it is who wants us brainwashed?

  • Animustard
    Animustard 13 days ago

    Holy shit you're trending!

  • Ansam Saleh
    Ansam Saleh 13 days ago +1


  • bruno rbs
    bruno rbs 13 days ago

    I bet you had no pants, jew.


    Trump is big stinky poo poo head

  • ilocosmetro
    ilocosmetro 13 days ago

    I saw you flash that white supremacist hand sign!

  • AJiinx
    AJiinx 13 days ago +1

    Fucking hate these late night shows, plus they manipulate YT trending page

  • Aaa
    Aaa 13 days ago +3

    This clearly got trending by accident with TheXvid thinking it was so normal late night tv

  • Tanman __
    Tanman __ 13 days ago +1

    This was actually the most accurate video you’ve ever done Sam

  • StrangeMattTv
    StrangeMattTv 13 days ago

    Did you know youngsters are comparing Trumps penis to the fictional character from Super Mario known as “Toad”.... Toad is outraged.

  • Eoin Fahey
    Eoin Fahey 13 days ago

    Funny & kinda true but I do like watching Trevor Noah and sometimes John Oliver. It’s not laughably funny most of the time but I like them

  • Madeleine PH
    Madeleine PH 13 days ago

    Holy shit Sam got on trending. Remember us when you make it, asswipe

  • Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    "Donald Drumpf is racist man small hand hitler silly hair"
    Audience: [unconscious from laughter]

  • Quxera
    Quxera 13 days ago

    This is trending at 47k at #21 hmm...

  • Xxx Lil Shaady
    Xxx Lil Shaady 13 days ago +1


  • NPC #60136
    NPC #60136 13 days ago +31

    TheXvids algorithm is so dumb it thought this was a anti trump video so it put it on trending

  • 5Star Official
    5Star Official 13 days ago +1

    Damn he right

  • Liam K
    Liam K 13 days ago +8

    This is trending in the UK #21. I'm glad.

  • DCU&Marvel Champions
    DCU&Marvel Champions 13 days ago

    Pandering to the masses? How’s that different from Trump? Isn’t that how he got elected?

  • thomas
    thomas 13 days ago +3

    Hosts a talk show and gets on trending instantly wtf

  • Alex Birchwood
    Alex Birchwood 13 days ago

    Gfdi what is this sam lmao

  • Dominus art
    Dominus art 13 days ago

    How will Drumpft ever recover?

  • Colin Patterson
    Colin Patterson 13 days ago +1

    Late Night Show: *Trump Exists*
    Audience: *Laughs and claps into the empty void that was what was left of their skulls*

  • Flying bacon37Ayeee
    Flying bacon37Ayeee 13 days ago

    Already better than that shit “GeneralSam” channel dude is a commie

  • Joshua Sheehy
    Joshua Sheehy 13 days ago +2

    This is #18 trending in the uk 😂

  • Turker
    Turker 13 days ago

    Damn so accurate...blablablabla TRUMP AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Harry Senior
    Harry Senior 13 days ago +4

    I thick he’s tricked the trending bot

  • Jake Nicolo
    Jake Nicolo 13 days ago

    It’s like snl but on the other side of the political spectrum

  • Anderson Dalmeus
    Anderson Dalmeus 13 days ago

    He actually kind of looks like Chris Hayes in this

  • AngusBingham
    AngusBingham 13 days ago

    19th on trending??! Leggo Sam

  • Shlumppp
    Shlumppp 13 days ago

    They don’t think it be like this, but it do.

  • trolltacular1
    trolltacular1 13 days ago

    bLoNaLd bLuMpF iS AsCkHuAllY HiTLeR
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  • New Soviet Man
    New Soviet Man 13 days ago

    Everytime Samuel uploads I wonder why TheXvid allows such jew magic

  • New Soviet Man
    New Soviet Man 13 days ago

    Wtf this was on trending yesss boiiii sam

  • Brother Oats
    Brother Oats 13 days ago +1

    It was better when Norm MacDonald was on the news

  • Rice
    Rice 13 days ago

    Sam how the fuck are you on trending

  • Mr Judas
    Mr Judas 13 days ago

    Quality shit posting

  • NyxOfTheFallen
    NyxOfTheFallen 13 days ago

    Lmao you put on a suit for this shitshow

  • illusineer
    illusineer 13 days ago

    donald trump BAD MAN

  • Aaron LaFleur
    Aaron LaFleur 13 days ago


  • James Mann
    James Mann 13 days ago +1

    What the fuck, did norm possess you goyum

  • Guinea
    Guinea 14 days ago

    You literally just stole all of Jimmy Kinmels jokes. Jeez some originality would be nice.