Late Night Shows In 2018


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      ORANGE MAN GOOD! >: ^||

    • Sukh Madiq
      Sukh Madiq 4 months ago

      +Dentist just because it exists doesn't make it right.

  • TheGradyBaby
    TheGradyBaby 20 hours ago

    Accurate representation of the fact that making fun of the president has become too easy, because he embarrasses himself on a daily basis and now it's just depressing.

  • Dieter Reichstag Keeper of the Stream

    SeneralGam is the only news channel I believe

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    Orangu Manus Badu

  • Wrighthouse Productions

    It's like watching Jimmy Kimmel but with more subtlety and nuance.


    Lmfao here, my GUY!

  • I like it when your mad

    Shades of norm McDonald

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    MrOllie7912 12 days ago

    At least he wasn't lying when he said he was gonna pander to his audience.

  • Joe Gannon
    Joe Gannon 13 days ago

    Orange man, is indeed.... BAD *laughter and applause*

  • splashplan bike
    splashplan bike 13 days ago

    Bruh I’ve stopped watching all those hacks mainly because it’s played out

  • aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh
    aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh 13 days ago

    this video was over at "trump is dumb". i mean, it's a well known fact he's dumb as fuck. why would you want a dumb person as president? are you retarded? where's your tard wrangler? someone needs to get your tard wrangler. wrangle that retarded opinion of yours

    • RoK Bottom Studios
      RoK Bottom Studios 8 days ago

      Well our dumb president is improving our economy, securing our borders and bringing our troops home. God bless that retard

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    kakokapolei123 18 days ago

    Conan’s the only good late night talk show

  • Jarrett
    Jarrett 20 days ago

    I've never loved you more after having watched this beauty

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    *erupts in laughter*

  • Average noodle
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    Jimmy faces the crowd, he whispers "Trump gay"
    The crowd laughs, they never stop
    Jimmy decends into the sky, God has chosen him, "Jimmy, you are divine" Jimmy smiles, the crowd begins to die one by one due to cardiac arrest, Jimmy's presence is too much for mere mortals.
    With a thundering voice, Jimmy says, "TRUMP DUMBY" those who survive the sound of his holy voice bow to him, a new deity of power. Who are we, but the feet slaves of Jimmy?

  • Joseph Holt
    Joseph Holt 26 days ago

    Sam you’re practically a walking Norm MacDonald bit

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    This make my dick wet wet

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    Bo Hoffman 28 days ago

    It’s too meta

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    Lil' Valk-Main Month ago

    Stephen Colbert and his fucked up ear

  • ruskodisco
    ruskodisco Month ago

    Ratings arent throught the roof.

  • McAwesome
    McAwesome Month ago

    omg late night hosts are just pure comedy gold wow very cool thats so epic trump jokes make me laugh

  • Humpy Mcsaddles
    Humpy Mcsaddles Month ago

    all the triggered asswipes in this comments section was worth the click.

  • Alexandre Prince
    Alexandre Prince Month ago

    This is like something out of MDE

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Month ago

    This is epic

  • james dunne
    james dunne Month ago

    This is so true and fucking hilarious

  • Austin Savage
    Austin Savage Month ago

    Hes not wearing pants guarentee it

  • Dread0
    Dread0 Month ago

    This is too meta

  • Tyler Crocker
    Tyler Crocker Month ago

    This is a public service. You just did a solid for calling them out. Thanks

  • Tim G
    Tim G Month ago

    How did Jimmy Fallon get hotter?

  • Casey C
    Casey C Month ago

    That second joke was a spot-on Norm impression and exactly the type of shit he'd think was funny, bravo

  • raumfährebordschütze

    This video is a terrible depiction of late night TV; I actually laughed during this video.

  • DominikΩ омега сеншу

    *Laugh track*
    Nazi nazi nazi bash the fash fash the bash
    *Laugh track*

  • Cultivating Mass
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    This is a perfect representation

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster Month ago

    A bitch in heat

  • Sean Quinn
    Sean Quinn Month ago

    Donald trump amirite fellas

  • Seto
    Seto Month ago

    Mid tier comedians paid by a billion dollar corporation.

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski Month ago +1

    The thing that I hate about talk shows talking about politics, is because they're all just either just Democratic Propaganda or Republican Propaganda.
    I liked Jimmy Kimmel though talking about healthcare.

  • Vtine
    Vtine Month ago +1

    Nailed the reason I haven't watched a "late comedy show" in like 2 years. Not a huge Trump supporter but...come on. Have some class and it gets SO OLD. You're supposed to make me laugh not give me a F&*$in diatribe on your political beliefs.

  • Technical Symphonic Black Death Metal

    Lmao this is so true. There is nothing wrong with disliking Trump and his policies. But what is wrong about it is that two years down the road of his presidency, they're still bitching about it, I swear these talk show hosts like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver (I am aware of Bill Maher, but I haven't watched him enough to really speak on that) have devolved into these sesspools of pandering towards the left, its not funny its fucking annoying, and there isnt anything wrong with being a liberal democrat I have some close friends who are and shocking to some, they can comprehend logic and reason, its a damn shame that these talk shows have to deter from the lefts real views that are actual arguments that can be discussed (which I disagree with as I am a Conservative Republican) and not some SJW bullshit that has no factual evidence to back it up and also politics aside none of its even funny, my friends that are moderate or don't really have much of an opinion on things have watched these guys as well and they find no enjoyment out of it until the actual celebrity comes out to talk. If anyone read my rant thanks and I'm sorry you had be one of many to read my ramblings of a madman... tHe GoVeRNmeNts GoNnA tAKe YOuR KiDs!

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    robin brobjer Month ago

    The fact that you’re a jew makes this extra authentic 👌

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo Month ago

    ♢░R░Λ░N░G░Σ░M░Λ░N░B░Λ░D (日苛も萎ラナヹ陰悪翁ソラ)

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    b0b Month ago

    This is hot

  • joetca
    joetca Month ago

    What are these hack writers going to do when Trump isn't president anymore? Oh who am I kidding half of their jokes will still be about Republicans.

    • srj34
      srj34 Month ago

      At that point, they'll be talking about what a horrible Nazi the new Republican is and why can't we have nice, responsible Republican leadership, like we did with Trump. Then, the guy after that guy will be the worst most horrible-ist guy ever, and why can't we have nice, responsible Republican leadership, like we did with the guy after Trump. Then, the guy after that, etc.

  • AceStrykr
    AceStrykr Month ago

    Got this from South Park

  • Ethan Dobbins
    Ethan Dobbins Month ago

    Why are you not more extra famous. You deserve 10 million shekels

  • Random Name
    Random Name Month ago

    orange skin and smol hands

    *The entire crowd descends into a cackling dust cloud as everyone can't keep still after such an incredible joke*

  • Hammer
    Hammer Month ago

    You definitely funnier than Jimmy Kimmel today, but it's a hard sell Jimmy Kimmel from The Man show

  • Jakob Hardman
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    M-m-m-make Donald D-D-Drumph again r-r-r-right guys? (Please keep watching they’re gonna cancel my show)

  • Muff DinkleJerker
    Muff DinkleJerker Month ago

    "hey that guys looks like General Sam"

  • FilthyFascist
    FilthyFascist Month ago

    Why would they lie?! They have nothing to gain!

  • Gogeta Ssjdios100
    Gogeta Ssjdios100 Month ago

    I'm Latino and that joke offend me so I'm going to demand you to stop by insulting you in my language Mamá el huevo hijo de puta cara de verga

    • Leo 8
      Leo 8 Month ago

      Y como lo vas a insultar si ni te entiende pinche puto?

  • Mike Pence
    Mike Pence Month ago

    Song name at the end?

  • String Man
    String Man Month ago

    And they were orange...

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    OxBowNines Month ago

    Yea! Woohoo! All right!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA Month ago

    `short jokes` makes channel what a jew

  • George
    George Month ago

    Trump, amirite? ha ha

  • 4Posterity
    4Posterity Month ago

    Pretty accurate.
    Except I think it's less to do with rating and pandering than actually trying to craft a narrative to guide the masses for the ends of the establishment.

  • Lagos Etrusco
    Lagos Etrusco Month ago

    "Fuck Trump"

  • Joseph Sawyer
    Joseph Sawyer 2 months ago

    I found this on Christmas. Thanks papa Rabi.

  • Tom Rain
    Tom Rain 2 months ago

    When the fuck did Trevor Noah take over the channel?

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    TheWolfsan 2 months ago

    10 late night shows 200 late night show writers, 5 jokes.

  • Rup Tratin
    Rup Tratin 2 months ago

    Wow Colbert I used to think you were funny

  • Lens Perspective
    Lens Perspective 2 months ago

    You look like a combination of all the current late night hosts

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    Benjamin Tassone 2 months ago

    I see what you did here

  • Wise ass
    Wise ass 2 months ago

    Good shit

  • SebastianJohnn
    SebastianJohnn 2 months ago

    God damn this is gold

  • gubberfuck
    gubberfuck 2 months ago

    Yeah this won't age well and is why I unsubscribed. There is a good reason people hate him, and he'll be jailed for it.

    • Aiden Wright
      Aiden Wright Month ago

      That isn't the point of the video..... The point is that talk shows constantly pander to the left by making fun of trump, which wouldn't be a bad thing if the host had actual funny or creative jokes. Secondly, Sam is an offensive edge lord. why would you subscribe to him if you get offended by him critiquing media? He has said way worse things before....

    • Amon Kaneko
      Amon Kaneko 2 months ago

      Who will be jailed and who is hated?

    • Amon Kaneko
      Amon Kaneko 2 months ago


  • Iver Kjelløkken
    Iver Kjelløkken 2 months ago

    Why did I discover this just now? This is great

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  • Cody Chavez
    Cody Chavez 2 months ago

    Why is this so accurate?!!

  • Grizz1ee
    Grizz1ee 2 months ago

    what about Conan?

  • Lemon Grass
    Lemon Grass 2 months ago

    say the n word

  • Vidit Jain
    Vidit Jain 2 months ago

    This channel is going to piss of a lot of people when it will grow big (which it will).

  • Galmar Stonefist
    Galmar Stonefist 2 months ago

    Sam got some jews writing his material

  • Florian
    Florian 2 months ago

    This is some Norm level acting lmao

  • Hi People
    Hi People 2 months ago

    Did you just look at me, call me part of the masses, say that you were pandering to me, and then call me a sexually aroused female dog that springs onto your topics. All this as some meta joke within your video where you both insult talk show hosts, yourself and your audience?

    >:( I don't watch talk shows, your channel, or care about Trump, and I have very mixed feelings right now. 10/10 going to subscribe to your main channel

  • Sloth977
    Sloth977 2 months ago

    I love you man

  • Dušan Cholvad
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    Quite accurate, tbh...

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 months ago

    difference is id watch this

  • Council V1
    Council V1 2 months ago

    So spot on it's not even funny

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  • Dain, son of Nain
    Dain, son of Nain 2 months ago

    ... trump is a pp hed, amirite? XD

  • JK JK
    JK JK 2 months ago

    ORanGe MAn woRSe thAN HIlter....

  • Kermit The Fud
    Kermit The Fud 2 months ago

    every late night host should watch this

  • Benj
    Benj 2 months ago

    So good hahaha, painfully accurate

  • ByBuch
    ByBuch 2 months ago

    he shoul have said something between the lines of "fuck niggers"

  • buster
    buster 2 months ago

    Getting some serious worldpeace teacher skit vibes

  • The uggster
    The uggster 2 months ago

    drumph bad

  • Google PlusSucks
    Google PlusSucks 2 months ago

    When Sam uses Naked City in his video.

  • Raptor Badger
    Raptor Badger 2 months ago

    What the fuck? I thought this was general sam? Why is Jimmy Kimmel on his channel shilling out?

  • William Curry
    William Curry 2 months ago

    And then he spent it all on bitcoin

  • Enrique Reyes
    Enrique Reyes 2 months ago

    "if orange is the new black, bring back obama"*laughtrack

  • DocUno1
    DocUno1 2 months ago

    I tried to afford a suit but then I remembered I hate working back to the couch for me