BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • So glad that I got to do a Cheesesteak Tour when I visited Philadelphia this time because when you are in Philly, you got to eat some good Philly Cheesesteak!!
    Cheesesteak sandwiches have always been one of my favorite kind of sandwiches, that's why I had to make it my mission to see what the best Cheesesteak Sandwich that Philly has to offer!
    Not only did I get to taste the cheesiest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich that was oozing out with cheese, but I also got to try one of the biggest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches too! This Cheesesteak sandwich is filled with an insanely amount of toppings, full of juicy seasoned meat, fried onions, peppers and most of all, and it has so much cheese!
    Mmm, thank you, Philadelphia for your fantastic Cheesesteak Sandwiches, I will be back for more of that cheesy sandwich!
    1)John’s Roast Pork
    2)Jim’s Steaks
    4)Max’s Steaks

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Comments • 2 926

  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +414

    What's your favorite Philly Cheese spot?

    • Michelle
      Michelle 4 days ago

      South street

    • Michelle
      Michelle 4 days ago +1

      Jim’s steak south St. Is the best. The owner and workers there are very nice too.

    • eXtRemely Potent
      eXtRemely Potent 5 days ago


    • Steve Kovar
      Steve Kovar 16 days ago

      Jim's and I also love dellesandros in roxborough

    • Donkey Dong
      Donkey Dong Month ago +1

      Delessandros no question

  • Jean-François UNG
    Jean-François UNG 9 hours ago

    Easy money on my reptilian brain video.

  • ejones9924
    ejones9924 Day ago

    Delassandros around the corner from my parents house. I live in Atlanta now.

  • Dis Tone
    Dis Tone 2 days ago

    Salt pepper ketchup mayo

  • Ronny Hansen
    Ronny Hansen 2 days ago

    good man,thanks

  • hjkljhhkl
    hjkljhhkl 4 days ago

    I have never wanted to make a sandwich more in my life than I do right now.

  • Adolph Blackstone
    Adolph Blackstone 5 days ago

    Dellasadros has the best Philly cheesesteak!!

  • Lavar Master Ball
    Lavar Master Ball 5 days ago

    Anyone who knows anything about a Cheesesteak know Jim’s >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Candy monster 120
    Candy monster 120 7 days ago

    Woman at 11:28 - don't get between Mike and a cheese steak!

  • Ted Curtis
    Ted Curtis 8 days ago

    Love your descriptions. What do these sandwhiches cost?
    $20 or more is too much.

    • siamesebc
      siamesebc 6 days ago

      He puts the prices at the bottom left corner!

  • Jeremy Green
    Jeremy Green 12 days ago

    maxes is the best

  • Brendan Tran
    Brendan Tran 15 days ago

    i think he watches bussfeed

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 16 days ago

    People say avoid tourist traps (Pat’s and Geno’s) but I’ve tried all of the places featured in the video and Pat’s was the best...

  • Darryl Joseph
    Darryl Joseph 18 days ago +1

    Mr Chen. Moving to Seattle you’ll never have a great cheesesteak... I miss them

  • Juan Murillo
    Juan Murillo 20 days ago

    Thats a dream come true! Phillicious

  • Anthony
    Anthony 22 days ago +1

    Jims cheesesteak.... has no flavor. The beef is not seasoned at all.

  • Pabst man
    Pabst man 23 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Michael Breckshot
    Michael Breckshot 24 days ago

    Goes to Philadelphia for cheesesteaks, doesn't go to Pat's or Geno's

  • Vuki Z
    Vuki Z 25 days ago

    I hate how you like every food you try

  • Kammie Warner
    Kammie Warner 28 days ago

    Here in Chicago we call that an Italian beef. Get the au jus to dip it in next time!

  • Pączek Świata
    Pączek Świata Month ago

    [*] for beef

  • MrsBraxton4Christ333

    oh my God that roast pork got my mouth droolin...............................

  • Honour Truth
    Honour Truth Month ago

    Should not be pork in this video.

  • Stubbs McKenzie
    Stubbs McKenzie Month ago

    Why am I watching this when it’s gonna be another hour and a half before I can eat? Worst mistake ever.

  • M Louise
    M Louise Month ago

    Did he really eat 8 cheesesteak subs in one day?

  • Bianca Starks
    Bianca Starks Month ago

    What & exciting job u get paid to eat!

  • Stephanie Dantzler
    Stephanie Dantzler Month ago

    Yummy 😍❤️❤️

  • aris uriarte
    aris uriarte Month ago

    this video made me drool nice video bro

  • Jaeori Payne
    Jaeori Payne Month ago

    Do you let the camera man eat

  • semi tanielu
    semi tanielu Month ago

    Love that your going to do more places in the US but if your ever in San Diego go to Ocean Beach and try out Hoodads it's a burger joint. Get the double double loaded with bacon and the an order of frings. You will enjoy. Keep traveling my friend enjoy your shows thank you for doing them.

  • 1vester1
    1vester1 Month ago

    nice work !!!

  • Megiddo Eubanks
    Megiddo Eubanks Month ago

    Central PA: Vinnie's Italian Eatery cheesesteak with everything on their "pita" bread. Tbh, That area is FULL of sub shops and none of them are bad. There is also Park Pizza which is New York style pizza and gloriously greasy. Oh, and try Grigg's sticky buns if you ever get out that way.

  • Dan Baker
    Dan Baker Month ago +2

    Johns roast pork is the best sandwich in the world I could eat there everyday

  • Tommy Ashfield
    Tommy Ashfield Month ago

    Doesn’t even go to pats I’m angry

  • Lisa Delli venneri
    Lisa Delli venneri 2 months ago

    I love Steve's prince of steaks, i love pizza steaks with extra carmelized onions

  • Helaine Walker
    Helaine Walker 2 months ago

    Max's hands down the best i live around the corner and i eat it atleast twice a week grew up off of it next time u in philly try kings pizza the best in the world its a couple stores down from max's

  • AutoDzn
    AutoDzn 2 months ago

    Thank u for knowing not to go to Pat's or gino's. Those are tourist spots!

    • hay woods
      hay woods 2 months ago

      Yeah the south philly bar and grill. It makes good ones.

    • hay woods
      hay woods 2 months ago

      He should of gone to them. And the bar between them makes good ones!

  • expressed forlife
    expressed forlife 2 months ago

    Cheesesteak from Jim's on South Street is the best! Trust and believe it. As a matter of fact order two you won't be disappointed.

  • I Welcome LifeLessons
    I Welcome LifeLessons 2 months ago

    Maxxx’es has thee best! 🙌🏾❤️

  • Das Boss
    Das Boss 2 months ago

    Ross calls it the "moist maker"

  • HumanAction1
    HumanAction1 2 months ago

    Jim's all day

  • Lou Sensei
    Lou Sensei 2 months ago

    14:34 cross contamination😷

  • imrickjamesbeeoch
    imrickjamesbeeoch 2 months ago

    When I found out Philly cheesesteaks are originally made with cheese whiz, I lost all faith in Philadelphia. I've been having them in California with provolone or the sort and they're so much better.

  • VideoHawkeye
    VideoHawkeye 2 months ago

    Moist maker

  • Natron808
    Natron808 2 months ago

    Heck yeah, Jim's!

  • iT'z_VoRT3x™
    iT'z_VoRT3x™ 2 months ago

    guess thats the western version of Gyudon

  • advantager355
    advantager355 2 months ago

    U the Jackie Chan of food. So I subscribe.

  • Ken B
    Ken B 2 months ago

    Come try out restaurants here in Mississippi

  • Jan Michael Vincent
    Jan Michael Vincent 2 months ago

    Who’s watching this while fasting 😫

  • Ryan R. Burns
    Ryan R. Burns 2 months ago


  • Thomas Price
    Thomas Price 2 months ago

    Would you call that the Rolls-Royce of cheesesteaks

  • jay raw
    jay raw 2 months ago

    Provolone cheese on a steak no good at all

  • Niki Edmonds
    Niki Edmonds 2 months ago

    My city!!! There's nothing better than an AUTHENTIC Philly cheesesteak!!! 😋

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 2 months ago

    Does this guy just ever say "This place sucks?" Like, cmon lol

  • Augustine Choi
    Augustine Choi 2 months ago +1

    i love that he didnt go to geno's. anywhere in Philly, can you find a great cheesesteak.

    • jay raw
      jay raw 2 months ago

      Yes I agree because Pat's an geno's horrible highly overrated

  • Mudhaffar Adhwa
    Mudhaffar Adhwa 3 months ago

    Is Max's the one in the Creed movie?

  • ManiicEdits
    ManiicEdits 3 months ago

    thanks J Chan

  • LyonFr
    LyonFr 3 months ago

    15:10 😂 lmao

  • Seth Rutter
    Seth Rutter 3 months ago

    How is this guy not 500lbs

  • neo dynamium
    neo dynamium 3 months ago

    Mikey whenI lived in Phillie over twenty years ago there was a place on 69st in Upper Darby PA had the longest cheese steaks I dont know if they are still open tho I used to go there after work a guilty pleasure for me lol

  • T Vo
    T Vo 3 months ago

    I want to take your cheesesteak tour so badly. Every sandwich looked so delicious

  • S gill
    S gill 3 months ago

    Me personally have to have a equal green pepper and onion mix

  • Sean Totanes
    Sean Totanes 3 months ago


  • Mead Juice
    Mead Juice 3 months ago

    Theres no wat you ate that in one morning

  • Mead Juice
    Mead Juice 3 months ago

    Stop saying cheese steak

  • Demi Gean
    Demi Gean 3 months ago +1

    14:33 why is no one talking bout how they have cooked meat and raw meat touching🤢🤮 that’s so unsanitary and dangerous.

  • Bethany Grimes
    Bethany Grimes 3 months ago

    Num num num num

  • Josh Pillay
    Josh Pillay 3 months ago

    Mike, I think you might have to do a part 2 to this.
    Steve's, Tony Luke's, and Dalessandro's have FANTASTIC cheesesteaks, and if you want classics, do Pat's and Geno's (but I think both are overrated tourist traps). If you're feeling extra adventurous, figure out which one you like the most, get a slice of Lorenzo's pizza, and wrap the cheesesteak in it to make a Philly taco. Yes, it's a real thing, and yes, it's amazing.

  • Enoch Lee
    Enoch Lee 3 months ago

    Crap, this is making me really miss home 😭😭😭

  • Plugged In
    Plugged In 3 months ago +1

    The last place should put some lawrys on the steak

  • Plugged In
    Plugged In 3 months ago +1

    He definitely took a nap after filming this

  • The Oak Park Open Air Open Mic

    How can you eat so much in one day and not be big as a boat???

  • Wil Rodriguez
    Wil Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Dear Lord, how did you survive the food coma after all that meat and cheese. Damn!

  • selin firat
    selin firat 3 months ago

    How big is your stomach? wow

  • Olivia Jimenez
    Olivia Jimenez 3 months ago

    I hop