New iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
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Comments • 518

  • London Miyuki
    London Miyuki 3 days ago

    Thanks. I really love my iPhone. :)

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 10 days ago +2

    Nice to see a reviewer in the UK 😊

  • xBecTtv
    xBecTtv 11 days ago

    she made me jump lmao

  • Nazmul Huda
    Nazmul Huda 15 days ago

    hey what watch is that at the 6:30 mark?

  • SunGrowl
    SunGrowl 18 days ago

    I got jump scared by tom's mom...

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 19 days ago +1

    How did he start?

    • Danny Morgan
      Danny Morgan 16 days ago

      How did he start his career? Spending many days inside, then being creative with games n filming himself playing them, AND then, working his ass off to get where he is today. Plus Im from Manchester too so GET IN R KID!

  • Gavino Bernal
    Gavino Bernal 20 days ago +1

    Excellent video today Tom. I hope you have a fantastic day, night, & evening. Stay cool, stay awesome, stay swag, stay unstoppable, stay incredible, stay popular, stay great, keep having fun, keep being the best TheXvidr, & stay strong Tom. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your Monday.👑☺️👍🙏🏆

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith 20 days ago +1

    Tom I love your videos they make me so happy one of my favourite content creators ❣

  • Heather Gray
    Heather Gray 20 days ago +8

    flipping hell Tom your mum scared the living daylights out of me

  • Sarmad Khan
    Sarmad Khan 20 days ago +9

    "Glass front" cheers Tom, thought it might've been made out of wood

  • NotoriousJoshyB
    NotoriousJoshyB 20 days ago +1

    still rocking the same sliders from his dubai trip! legend!

  • Luca Mirti
    Luca Mirti 20 days ago

    You need to come to italy in Assisi and Rome you'll be surrounded by history and art ♥️

  • Katie
    Katie 20 days ago +1

    Tom have you ever thought about auctioning your old phones that you've used for vlogging for charity? Dont know if anyone would be interested in buying it but I think it would be cool

  • Jordan McNamara
    Jordan McNamara 20 days ago +4

    Anyone else jump when Karen jumped out I shit myself

  • Chris Nisbet
    Chris Nisbet 20 days ago

    Does aesthetics not come in to your decision making when it comes to phones?!

  • Grovesy The photographer

    How much even is this ?

  • PharoOne
    PharoOne 21 day ago +9

    Only OGs remember when he recorded the Kino Video and had to be quiet cuz his dad was sleeping

  • Jay Rai
    Jay Rai 21 day ago

    Wish I had one

  • Mark J
    Mark J 21 day ago +4

    Nothing more ignorant than the English not admitting England is in Europe

    • FuriousPenguin
      FuriousPenguin 20 days ago +1

      You hear that everyone? Nothing, literally nothing is more ignorant than that. Also if you google the definition of continent it’s any of the worlds main continuous expanses of land

    • Mark J
      Mark J 20 days ago +1

      @Grovesy The photographer England are leaving the EU. No country can leave Europe if their in the fucking continent of Europe

    • Grovesy The photographer
      Grovesy The photographer 20 days ago +1

      Mark J It won’t be for much longer

    • CJB
      CJB 21 day ago +6

      Besides from facts, us English are a much different from our European friends. Not to mention the isolated island and currency.

  • zak hart
    zak hart 21 day ago

    I left that airport last week and nearly missed my flight too haha

  • Aiden Hawdon
    Aiden Hawdon 21 day ago +4

    Tom, why do you hate people that smash new phone on day one. People like JerryRig purposely do it to all new phones to truly test the durability of the devices so is daily average consumers know if it would be worth buying. (Not being rude just saying, but I do hate the dicks that smash them to flex they can afford another one)

  • Craig Stewart
    Craig Stewart 21 day ago +2

    Getting my 11 and series 5 next week

    • Max
      Max 20 days ago

      Craig Stewart yeahhh lol

    • Craig Stewart
      Craig Stewart 20 days ago

      Max I mean he just spent 1.5k on one phone sooooo uhhh

    • Max
      Max 20 days ago

      Craig Stewart big flex

    • Craig Stewart
      Craig Stewart 21 day ago

      Wrath ok..... 😂

    • Wrath
      Wrath 21 day ago

      a slave to apple

  • RT
    RT 21 day ago

    Midnight Green is a banging colour!

  • Advent Dragon
    Advent Dragon 21 day ago +5

    9:55 when the texture refuse to load XD

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice 21 day ago +1

    Amazing vlog

  • TOO E C
    TOO E C 21 day ago +5

    Tom's fresh pair of frezzys

  • Dec
    Dec 21 day ago +2

    I watched everything apple pro he done a drop test with both phone from hip height not a mark on the phone mental

  • AstroProject
    AstroProject 21 day ago +3

    How did Karen make you jump at 10:40 you can see her legs in the reflection 😂 anyway I’m catching up on all the last 5 vlogs I have missed and I hope you have a great day

  • NoahF
    NoahF 21 day ago +8

    We get it you have money

  • UnstopableZClan
    UnstopableZClan 22 days ago +1

    i am going to take my women there one day

  • Rossko Lyons
    Rossko Lyons 22 days ago +3

    Yeezys in the freezer.... Freezys 😅

  • Ben Carter
    Ben Carter 22 days ago +3

    I'll stick with my xr till next year's iPhone. The 11 doesn't offer anything interesting but a massive price tag lol

  • MHunter02
    MHunter02 22 days ago

    Lol just watched you unbox your scuf controller as an advert before a vid

  • Owen Wood
    Owen Wood 22 days ago

    Omg I’ve juts finished still game and I absolutely loved it, Jack is my favourite, the others well except Victor are all pish lol they’re all my favourite

  • Brent M
    Brent M 22 days ago +1

    I shit myself when your mom scared you 🤣

  • Hong Liao
    Hong Liao 22 days ago

    Should have got the Google pixel 3 because it has the best camera

    • Jack shayler
      Jack shayler 22 days ago

      11 pro has surpassed the pixel 3 (especially video) However pixel 4 is right around the corner 🤞

  • DiamondSwordUnit
    DiamondSwordUnit 22 days ago +1

    You really do look like your dad bloody hell xD

  • Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis 22 days ago +1

    There's not that many people out there that have 2.6m filming with a 1 phone

  • Avery Singer
    Avery Singer 22 days ago +3

    Small disclaimer: DO NOT use an iPad charger for an iPhone. It will absolutely destroy your battery life.

  • seabass 9922
    seabass 9922 22 days ago +3

    botched the hunting series mate

  • kkrispy2009 P
    kkrispy2009 P 22 days ago +3

    hope its a great phone , love it , is it worth the dosh it costs , i prefer the galaxy 10

  • Chloe Graham
    Chloe Graham 22 days ago

    it's my brother's birthday

  • Kaitlyn Louise
    Kaitlyn Louise 22 days ago +1

    Don’t normally comment but thought I’d leave a ❤️

  • 2K _Ninjah
    2K _Ninjah 22 days ago +1

    Pay Mark to be your camera man lol.

  • jack roberts
    jack roberts 22 days ago

    U should of w8 till next year x

    • Samuel Brownfield
      Samuel Brownfield 22 days ago

      Wait? He doesn’t have money issues. He’ll get next year’s when it releases too. The different format camera lenses on the 11 are going to conveniently make a year of his videos look better and show more of his surroundings.

    • Ben Ellis
      Ben Ellis 22 days ago +1

      He’ll just make the money back through this vid

  • Nicco Kaii
    Nicco Kaii 22 days ago +3

    “Size doesn’t matter because no one will see it.” Well put Tom well put...

  • Dexito
    Dexito 22 days ago +3

    tbh the back of the iphone look ugly

  • SimmsRyan97
    SimmsRyan97 22 days ago

    Amalfi coast is really nice, I went a few years ago to Naples and travelled down the coast

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 22 days ago +2

    apple keeps fooling ppl and you still buy from them

  • LuLz
    LuLz 22 days ago +3

    You should make some Syndicate cuff links and accessories to go with smart shirts/blazers etc. Even your own shirts plain white with a little Syndicate logo on the chest would look smart. 👍🏻

  • Dave Krall
    Dave Krall 22 days ago

    eat your veggies

  • Random Fun Sam
    Random Fun Sam 22 days ago

    Baby face hehe

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 22 days ago

    LOVE the wide angle

  • olt
    olt 22 days ago

    san Pellegrino is sparkling water, hahaha

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 22 days ago

    The iPhone looks ugly

  • Hatti Wattti69
    Hatti Wattti69 22 days ago +1

    4k finally i get something to watch with my new tv

    • Hatti Wattti69
      Hatti Wattti69 22 days ago

      @The Unknown no i had crt monitor as a tv and i live in a fucking igloo

    • The Unknown
      The Unknown 22 days ago +1

      4k phones been out for years apple brainwashed you you just found out?

  • ShezzaSid
    ShezzaSid 22 days ago +1

    What make is the black watch Tom?

  • Who ?
    Who ? 22 days ago +1

    The last iPhone to have the adapter dongle was the iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

  • Sprocket
    Sprocket 22 days ago +1

    Orion 7pm...... PC No way lol

  • Mrjefff
    Mrjefff 22 days ago

    What happened to the f type and lydia havent seen em in ages and havent watched in ages

    • luke berman
      luke berman 22 days ago

      Robert Kk that makes sense.

    • Robert
      Robert 22 days ago +1

      Him and Lydia broke up. The f type was taken away because that was only given to him for a while until they get the right one for him so I'm guessing there finding a blue one for him

    • luke berman
      luke berman 22 days ago +1

      Mrjefff I know he broke up with Lydia, but I don’t know what happened with the f type. I’ve been asking for a while 😂