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  • sujeet ghimire
    sujeet ghimire 5 months ago

    Salt the grated potatoes and squeeze the moisture out for better hashbrowns

  • Steven Ferios
    Steven Ferios 10 months ago

    I may be wrong. But isnt this called as rosti? Need some clarification here.

  • LoveIsLife
    LoveIsLife 11 months ago

    look like shit....

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben 11 months ago

    Watch those tian rings because they get hot. I also use them to stand in water halfway up in near boiling water to poach eggs in. Take the tian ring off when the white is nearly set and then finish poaching. Saves all that mess.

  • SuperSuperAllons
    SuperSuperAllons 11 months ago

    With all the other stuff in these are more rosti than hash browns to be fair

  • David Slone
    David Slone 11 months ago

    Those are some lovely latkes, bubbalah. Mazel tov!

  • dxelson
    dxelson 11 months ago

    Vegan burgers xD

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago

    fantastic video ,I learned a lot. you have a very likeable easygoing character. I have one criticism though please do NOT!!! say boom at the end of your videos. it reminds me off the white middle class deadlocked Jesus impersonator funforlouis

  • mits
    mits 11 months ago

    If you don't ask anymore from strangers to taste your food you're another guy cooking at youtube.Don't loose your identity bro!

  • robert smith
    robert smith 11 months ago

    definitely going to be trying this

  • Leroux Megumi
    Leroux Megumi 11 months ago

    Thank you Chef! Your tips for "squeeze out moisture" I understand well. And also other your tips " for fried potato: put in freezer before fried " So after put in the circle, one hours freezer and grill with pan, may be not so bad?

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 11 months ago

    Shred chilled, baked or boiled, whole potatoes

  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown 11 months ago

    I make hash browns for little girls, using about 9 large spuds. Big favorite. Like your presentation. Thanks.

  • Zee Devil
    Zee Devil 11 months ago

    That’s the worst grater ever

  • Rod Peterson
    Rod Peterson 11 months ago +1

    Send me ur address I’ll get u a decent grater👍🏻

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      Hahah I do need to invest in a new one chef

  • David Luna Velasco
    David Luna Velasco 11 months ago +1

    see you on sunday then!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      Boom! Hope they're going well for you David 👍

  • Cremantus
    Cremantus 11 months ago +1

    THX... that is for sure worth the try. Thumbs up.

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro 11 months ago

    everything you can do wrong in a video, you just did it. The name for it is: Placki Ziemniaczane. It comes from Polish Kitchen. But man, where did you got this stupid way of doing it.

  • Joseph Niepce
    Joseph Niepce 11 months ago +1

    It gets A LOT better with some sort of dip sauce.
    Even with pure yoghurt works like a dream.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice 11 months ago

    John, were you hungover when you recorded this per chance?

  • Kaelynn Chen
    Kaelynn Chen 11 months ago +1

    thought he was going to pour the coffee in

  • The Greasy Strangler
    The Greasy Strangler 11 months ago +1

    there isn't even any hash in there

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 11 months ago

    I feel like that potato onion liquid should be made into a gravy with some bacon fat.

  • Miguel Argüelles
    Miguel Argüelles 11 months ago +1

    Just tried them (yes for dinner, so what?) and they are amazing. Added some cayenne for a bit of heat, bacon, sausage, tomato... spread the love!

    • Miguel Argüelles
      Miguel Argüelles 11 months ago

      Food Busker here's proof of the deed... Sometimes one needs a whole lot of tastyness :)

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      RISPEK MIGUEL! Nice one mate

  • Jugnd K
    Jugnd K 11 months ago

    your pans are an abomination, stop using antistick or atleast stop using metal tool in those pans....

  • Adam C
    Adam C 11 months ago +1

    Oh mate

  • joe Thomson
    joe Thomson 11 months ago +1

    Nice recipe Busker :-))

  • Gary Daniels
    Gary Daniels 11 months ago +1

    Sunday ain't Sunday without eggs for breakfast, then there's Saturday and Sunday lunch, gotta get some chipolatas with crusty baguette, and eggs. Now we have these, don't you just love the weekend. Sounding good during the week too. Thankyou John.

  • Andrej Pobiecky
    Andrej Pobiecky 11 months ago

    use one egg and they will be even more better, believe me

  • Jos Keuntje
    Jos Keuntje 11 months ago +1

    Now get the rest and show us the perfect Fry Up!

  • Hunnie B
    Hunnie B 11 months ago +1

    It's definitely all about the crisp factor, and you nailed it John :)

  • BezzyBloke 2.0
    BezzyBloke 2.0 11 months ago +1

    GBH to the tastebuds - love it! You need to copyright that.

  • Darryl Fraser
    Darryl Fraser 11 months ago +1

    Put one of these on a Food Busker breakfast sammich for extra sluttyness

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      Corrrrr Darryl, that's the ticket

  • Himiko
    Himiko 11 months ago

    Serve with fried salmon and avocado cream.
    Greetings from Berlin

  • defilor
    defilor 11 months ago

    I was waiting for you to drop some of the cheese you had sitting there in... ;)

  • Gary Lawton
    Gary Lawton 11 months ago +1

    In the words of Meatloaf........”2 out of 3 ain’t bad” 🤔😜

  • f00dify
    f00dify 11 months ago

    every time I hear nutmeg I think of Nutmeg Jam so good try it if you can find it.

  • Marvick Lentz
    Marvick Lentz 11 months ago +1

    H O T D A M N !

  • c0mmment
    c0mmment 11 months ago +1

    Looks more like a latke than a hashbrown to me !

  • CoasterNinja
    CoasterNinja 11 months ago +1

    "...bodily harm to your tastebuds." LOL

  • Todd Ellner
    Todd Ellner 11 months ago +1

    The old-fashioned ricer does a great job of getting rid of moisture, too.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      True Todd, different texture though

  • amnottabs
    amnottabs 11 months ago

    can someone tell me what's the name of the little leaves he adds after the salt? I'm not an English speaker and I understand it as "time" and automatic subs shows the same

  • Fantomas
    Fantomas 11 months ago +1

    Seems like all the diversity in Londonstan is giving him the blues?

    • PR Etc
      PR Etc 11 months ago

      Fantomas twat

  • Grill Top Experience
    Grill Top Experience 11 months ago

    You are right, you have to squeeze the potatoes out. They cook faster that way too.

  • LukaBrasiFontain
    LukaBrasiFontain 11 months ago +1

    It’s Breakfunch, not brunch, Food Berkser, you silly willy.

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight 11 months ago +4


  • Dominik Rank
    Dominik Rank 11 months ago +1

    i saw every one of your vids and i love how you roll and i am really crossing my fingers that your mic game rise up...
    beside that, this recipe is pretty easy as hell and i love hashbrowns....coming from austria, not the usual side can do it more crispy, mate!
    love you! keep up the good work!

  • T.M. Owen
    T.M. Owen 11 months ago +1

    Shoo freaking great to see you back at the iron! Keep up the great work.

  • j.c man
    j.c man 11 months ago +2

    did not include foodbusker bacon in video... fail... all videos should include foodbusker bacon

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      Don't want to bacon overdose though chef

  • orlando1a1
    orlando1a1 11 months ago +2

    Pure food porn - I love it! Food Busker nails it again!

  • ElGrecoDaGeek
    ElGrecoDaGeek 11 months ago +2

    John, you're channel rocks. Best of luck going forward.

  • SonicShenmue
    SonicShenmue 11 months ago +2

    Delicious and easy to make. That's a combo I like.

  • Ricky Cunningham
    Ricky Cunningham 11 months ago +2

    You want to squeeze the living daylights out of it. The moment food busker became the Hannibal Lecter cooking channel. Mate I want his liver fried up nice. It will pair well with these crispy potatoes! LOL sorry went to a strange place there great video as always busker.

  • rjpull
    rjpull 11 months ago +2

    I know what I’m making at the weekend!

  • Karma
    Karma 11 months ago +10

    You bloody chefs are all the same lol. For us common folk, knife on non-stick frying pan = a good bollocking from the missus and a very expensive hash brown cos we have to replace the pan... Apart from that though, look damn good, mate!

    • Karma
      Karma 11 months ago +2

      Hahahahaha not as good as the crunch of the pan on your head when the missus clocks you with it :)

    • Tenuous Grip
      Tenuous Grip 11 months ago +2

      Those teflon chips add a nice crunch

  • Apocalyps
    Apocalyps 11 months ago +4

    2:13 *Top tip:* If you want an amazing, single-serve soup base ... well, you've just created it! Throw in some salt/pepper, veg and whatever else you like.

  • Gregor Miller
    Gregor Miller 11 months ago +1

    Good stuff, but you are wrong sir. The best way to get most of the starch from the potato, soak. Not once, not twice...but three times, then dry:)...try it and see. Love your site.

    • Gregor Miller
      Gregor Miller 11 months ago

      Just messin' with ya, kinda. You Tube 101, say something and then I hope ya get more hits. Your way works fine, but the Alton Browns, Bobby Flay of the world suggest the three soak:)

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      Will give it a go chef, thanks mate

  • John Roekoe
    John Roekoe 11 months ago

    Why do you talk in the background through the music? (Hashbrowns look delicious though...)

  • Sam
    Sam 11 months ago +1

    I'd do away with the metal rings and make a huge pancake of it.

  • Sam
    Sam 11 months ago +2

    Oh my god this is so gorgeous.

  • beneboy2802
    beneboy2802 11 months ago +1

    Nice flavour combo! I also use the tea towel trick but add an egg and a touch of flour to help mine bind.
    You should do a video on Fondant Potatoes. They're the Bomb!

  • Olivier De vriendt
    Olivier De vriendt 11 months ago +3

    I’m chef in off a 1 star restaurant in belgium and you’re video’s inspire me ! Keep going ! Made my self a smoking machine following you’re instruction! ;-) thanks !

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      BOOM Olivier! That's what I like to hear. Nice work chef

  • Droog II
    Droog II 11 months ago +3

    eggs, bacon and hash browns. Enough said

  • Joel T
    Joel T 11 months ago +2

    I work all week for my Saturday breakfast! This is a great vid I’ll be trying this.

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward 11 months ago +8

    Have you ever done the s&p before the tea towel? Salt bringing out even more moisture and the mix is still seasoned.

    • Александр Денисов
      Александр Денисов 11 months ago

      Robert M I’m glad we are in agreement on something! And having a dedicated towel for squeezing potatoes is also a bit overboard imo, even considering it works well

    • Robert M
      Robert M 11 months ago

      I put salt on after cooking. If you grate the onions and potatoes, then put them in a towel and twisted the liquid out of them it will move all the liquid you need to. This method is faster and easier than salting and waiting. I agree that a starchier potato or at least something like a Youkon Gold or Russet would work a lot better and wonder why he didn't. I add a little flour to the mix, as it is how you make Latkes. I think his technique as far as putting them in a ring and pressing them a lot is bad. Make the mix and put a big spoon or two of it in a frying pan with clarified butter or a neutral high smoke point oil, press them down once with a flat spatula and fry at medium high heat for 3 -5 minutes per side. Put a little salt and pepper on right after you pull it off the stove and serve. These things are so much easier than the way he does it. I understand why you would put salt on the shredded potatoes/onions mix, but it just adds an extra step that isn't needed and you could accidentally over salt at that point too.

    • Александр Денисов
      Александр Денисов 11 months ago

      Robert M afaik the main idea behind the squeezing is to actually fry them on the pan instead of sauteing. If you squeeze them out and salt them afterwards - the juices are going to get out of the vegetables and youre gonna put wet hashbrowns on the pan. This is what he yries to avoid by first putting a fluffy mixture onto the pan and waiting for a minute or so before pressing with the spoon. If you dry after salting - you wouldnt need such gimmicks, and thats what i expressed in my first message. I also dont understand the choice of potatoes, because as far as i know the waxy potatoes release more water than starchy ones, and starch actually gives better results with the crunchiness on a pan. And yeah, i followed this recipe twice during the weekend, dont get into assumptions before asking.

    • Александр Денисов
      Александр Денисов 11 months ago

      Robert M so you dont salt them at all, thats what youre saying?

    • Robert M
      Robert M 11 months ago

      Anek(?).... I actually make a version of this myself and actually work in restaurants and cook so I know how to cook these and that they will get crispy much faster than if you didn't squeeze out the water. I don't know if you have ever cooked these or know how to cook them properly or if you are just giving out random advice without experience. Yes if you add salt to shredded veggies it will release water, but it is not needed here as it is very easy to squeeze enough water out without salting and it would take too long and impart to much salt to do it prior to squeezing.

  • Eli Redlich
    Eli Redlich 11 months ago +1

    Use more oil and no mold makes rough edges that get super crispy. @thechefeli on ig

  • E R Barratt
    E R Barratt 11 months ago +1

    God dammit I'm hungry.

  • Yash Kanabar
    Yash Kanabar 11 months ago +1

    How much do you think 3 hash browns are worth? Camden Market price?

    • Yash Kanabar
      Yash Kanabar 11 months ago

      Food Busker some posh beans and a £10 would be bang on!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      £5 chef? £7 with eggs. What are you thinking?

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy 11 months ago +1

    I like the format of this one. Not my favorite but this is nice for basic simple recipes from time to time.

  • Matt N
    Matt N 11 months ago +1

    I'm from hash brownington in Texas and these aren't legit hash browns how we do them.
    Just trying to create a legit comment usually seen on a fb video.

  • John Glynn
    John Glynn 11 months ago +2

    nowt else only mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Corrosion37
    Corrosion37 11 months ago +1

    Damn those would be perfect on a breakfast burger.

  • Pablo Insano
    Pablo Insano 11 months ago +15

    Tons better than the triangle ones I usually buy lol. Might give these a crack for brekki on Saturday. Peace!

    • Jarsky
      Jarsky 11 months ago

      my local cafe does some amazingly crunchy triangle ones. I think the way they do it is they actually rinse the potato to get the starch out, then after they dry it they press it into a big block about 3/4" thick and let it set in the freezer then take it out and cut into triangles and freeze it until reasonably firm, then deep fry them to order. i think they basically serve them from the basket so they dont steam themselves sitting on paper towel. I find when i make them at home and use paper towel they become quite soft after a couple of minutes.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      Nice work chef ✌

  • foreign's gaming tech
    foreign's gaming tech 11 months ago +6

    Mate, this is awesome. Slavic and European cuisine makes similar stuff called draniki or potato pancakes, it's one of my favorite foods. Seeing you do this is amazing!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      Glad to hear it chef, it's similar to a rosti too isn't it. Delicious!

  • KFStreich
    KFStreich 11 months ago +2

    I never have enough thyme...

  • susi susinger
    susi susinger 11 months ago +1

    I thought you have hashbrowns breakfast... who the hell does that in the morning?
    Looks delicious though

  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown 11 months ago +3

    Hello. Great tutorial. Thanks. Do you know what a potato ricer is? I'd cooked institutionally 25 years and I never knew, so don't feel bad, but potato ricers extracts liquids from things. Look on AMAZON. They are perfect for getting water out of potatoes when you make hash browns. They look like long handled lemon squeezers but different, but they work wonderfully.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      Nice idea Doug, I like the grated texture for this one but would be worth trying it with a ricer too

  • Bourbon Studios
    Bourbon Studios 11 months ago

    Oi mate, what happend to your lavalier mic?

  • Meisterlan Ralte
    Meisterlan Ralte 11 months ago +2


  • Gray
    Gray 11 months ago +2

    Imagine this going along with the bacon and some good organic coffee :D

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago

      A Food Busker triple whammy, nice

  • Bcwolters
    Bcwolters 11 months ago +1

    Just need to find a dish to use them, smoked salmon, poached egg and some dill maybe? As usual I loved the idea, brilliant!

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros 11 months ago +6


  • Massn1
    Massn1 11 months ago +32

    1:28 I was damn near screaming. Thought u were going to add coffee to the mix

  • Oláh Csaba
    Oláh Csaba 11 months ago +1

    Okay the Australian "elo m8" got me at 5:21

  • Jens
    Jens 11 months ago +1

    Crunch is your favourite word isn't it? Come on admit it!

    • Jens
      Jens 11 months ago

      Food Busker right! those are also typical food busking vocabulary :D

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  11 months ago +1

      but what about boom and rispek??!

  • realeques
    realeques 11 months ago +4

    i wanna see how you transform your new truck... and a LONG video of it

  • bobotea
    bobotea 11 months ago +2

    ive always struggled with getting the hash dry, that wringing technique is really smart ill have to try that this weekend thanks!

  • Nigel
    Nigel 11 months ago +1


  • Dwayne Wladyka
    Dwayne Wladyka 11 months ago +1

    A beautiful brunch dish, done Food Busker style. Looks awesome. Cheers Chef John!

  • antony singleton
    antony singleton 11 months ago +1

    Yay !! more Brunch video would be dope ! ; )

  • joakim carlsson
    joakim carlsson 11 months ago +4

    Always love your content man! Easy delicious comfy food, to the “Mac daddy” of bacon and slow cooking. Awesome stuff as always

  • Demitri Chrysostomou
    Demitri Chrysostomou 11 months ago +2

    Food busker, do a giant hash brown with baked eggs on top and crispy sweet bacon

  • James Telford
    James Telford 11 months ago +2

    Never clicked a video so fast.

  • Aminur Rahman
    Aminur Rahman 11 months ago +2

    Another banger

  • Jodh Pullela
    Jodh Pullela 11 months ago +3