• Published on Aug 9, 2018
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Comments • 146

  • sujeet ghimire
    sujeet ghimire 9 months ago

    Salt the grated potatoes and squeeze the moisture out for better hashbrowns

  • Fern Fenrir
    Fern Fenrir Year ago

    I may be wrong. But isnt this called as rosti? Need some clarification here.

  • LoveIsLife
    LoveIsLife Year ago

    look like shit....

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Year ago

    Watch those tian rings because they get hot. I also use them to stand in water halfway up in near boiling water to poach eggs in. Take the tian ring off when the white is nearly set and then finish poaching. Saves all that mess.

  • SuperSuperAllons
    SuperSuperAllons Year ago

    With all the other stuff in these are more rosti than hash browns to be fair

  • David Slone
    David Slone Year ago

    Those are some lovely latkes, bubbalah. Mazel tov!

  • dxelson
    dxelson Year ago

    Vegan burgers xD

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    fantastic video ,I learned a lot. you have a very likeable easygoing character. I have one criticism though please do NOT!!! say boom at the end of your videos. it reminds me off the white middle class deadlocked Jesus impersonator funforlouis

  • mits
    mits Year ago

    If you don't ask anymore from strangers to taste your food you're another guy cooking at youtube.Don't loose your identity bro!

  • robert smith
    robert smith Year ago

    definitely going to be trying this

  • Leroux Megumi
    Leroux Megumi Year ago

    Thank you Chef! Your tips for "squeeze out moisture" I understand well. And also other your tips " for fried potato: put in freezer before fried " So after put in the circle, one hours freezer and grill with pan, may be not so bad?

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Year ago

    Shred chilled, baked or boiled, whole potatoes

  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown Year ago

    I make hash browns for little girls, using about 9 large spuds. Big favorite. Like your presentation. Thanks.

  • Zee Devil
    Zee Devil Year ago

    That’s the worst grater ever

  • Rod Peterson
    Rod Peterson Year ago +1

    Send me ur address I’ll get u a decent grater👍🏻

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Hahah I do need to invest in a new one chef

  • David Luna Velasco
    David Luna Velasco Year ago +1

    see you on sunday then!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago

      Boom! Hope they're going well for you David 👍

  • Cremantus
    Cremantus Year ago +1

    THX... that is for sure worth the try. Thumbs up.

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro Year ago

    everything you can do wrong in a video, you just did it. The name for it is: Placki Ziemniaczane. It comes from Polish Kitchen. But man, where did you got this stupid way of doing it.

  • Joseph Niepce
    Joseph Niepce Year ago +1

    It gets A LOT better with some sort of dip sauce.
    Even with pure yoghurt works like a dream.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice Year ago

    John, were you hungover when you recorded this per chance?

  • Kaelynn Chen
    Kaelynn Chen Year ago +1

    thought he was going to pour the coffee in

  • The Greasy Strangler

    there isn't even any hash in there

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson Year ago

    I feel like that potato onion liquid should be made into a gravy with some bacon fat.

  • Miguel Argüelles
    Miguel Argüelles Year ago +1

    Just tried them (yes for dinner, so what?) and they are amazing. Added some cayenne for a bit of heat, bacon, sausage, tomato... spread the love!

    • Miguel Argüelles
      Miguel Argüelles Year ago

      Food Busker here's proof of the deed... Sometimes one needs a whole lot of tastyness :)

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      RISPEK MIGUEL! Nice one mate

  • Jugnd K
    Jugnd K Year ago

    your pans are an abomination, stop using antistick or atleast stop using metal tool in those pans....

  • Adam C
    Adam C Year ago +1

    Oh mate

  • JayT LaMunch
    JayT LaMunch Year ago +1

    Nice recipe Busker :-))

  • Gary Daniels
    Gary Daniels Year ago +1

    Sunday ain't Sunday without eggs for breakfast, then there's Saturday and Sunday lunch, gotta get some chipolatas with crusty baguette, and eggs. Now we have these, don't you just love the weekend. Sounding good during the week too. Thankyou John.

  • Andrej Pobiecky
    Andrej Pobiecky Year ago

    use one egg and they will be even more better, believe me

  • Hunnie B
    Hunnie B Year ago +1

    It's definitely all about the crisp factor, and you nailed it John :)

  • BezzyBloke 2.0
    BezzyBloke 2.0 Year ago +1

    GBH to the tastebuds - love it! You need to copyright that.

  • Darryl Fraser
    Darryl Fraser Year ago +1

    Put one of these on a Food Busker breakfast sammich for extra sluttyness

  • Himiko
    Himiko Year ago

    Serve with fried salmon and avocado cream.
    Greetings from Berlin

  • defilor
    defilor Year ago

    I was waiting for you to drop some of the cheese you had sitting there in... ;)

  • Gary Lawton
    Gary Lawton Year ago +1

    In the words of Meatloaf........”2 out of 3 ain’t bad” 🤔😜

  • f00dify
    f00dify Year ago

    every time I hear nutmeg I think of Nutmeg Jam so good try it if you can find it.

  • Marvick Lentz
    Marvick Lentz Year ago +1

    H O T D A M N !

  • c0mmment
    c0mmment Year ago +1

    Looks more like a latke than a hashbrown to me !

  • CoasterNinja
    CoasterNinja Year ago +1

    "...bodily harm to your tastebuds." LOL

  • Todd Ellner
    Todd Ellner Year ago +1

    The old-fashioned ricer does a great job of getting rid of moisture, too.

  • amnottabs
    amnottabs Year ago

    can someone tell me what's the name of the little leaves he adds after the salt? I'm not an English speaker and I understand it as "time" and automatic subs shows the same

  • Fantomas
    Fantomas Year ago +1

    Seems like all the diversity in Londonstan is giving him the blues?

    • PR Etc
      PR Etc Year ago

      Fantomas twat

  • Grill Top Experience

    You are right, you have to squeeze the potatoes out. They cook faster that way too.

  • LukaBrasiFontain
    LukaBrasiFontain Year ago +1

    It’s Breakfunch, not brunch, Food Berkser, you silly willy.

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight Year ago +4


  • Dominik Rank
    Dominik Rank Year ago +1

    i saw every one of your vids and i love how you roll and i am really crossing my fingers that your mic game rise up...
    beside that, this recipe is pretty easy as hell and i love hashbrowns....coming from austria, not the usual side can do it more crispy, mate!
    love you! keep up the good work!

  • T.M. Owen
    T.M. Owen Year ago +1

    Shoo freaking great to see you back at the iron! Keep up the great work.

  • j.c man
    j.c man Year ago +2

    did not include foodbusker bacon in video... fail... all videos should include foodbusker bacon

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Don't want to bacon overdose though chef

  • orlando1a1
    orlando1a1 Year ago +2

    Pure food porn - I love it! Food Busker nails it again!

  • ElGrecoDaGeek
    ElGrecoDaGeek Year ago +2

    John, you're channel rocks. Best of luck going forward.

  • SonicShenmue
    SonicShenmue Year ago +2

    Delicious and easy to make. That's a combo I like.

  • Ricky Cunningham
    Ricky Cunningham Year ago +2

    You want to squeeze the living daylights out of it. The moment food busker became the Hannibal Lecter cooking channel. Mate I want his liver fried up nice. It will pair well with these crispy potatoes! LOL sorry went to a strange place there great video as always busker.

  • rjpull
    rjpull Year ago +2

    I know what I’m making at the weekend!

  • Karma
    Karma Year ago +11

    You bloody chefs are all the same lol. For us common folk, knife on non-stick frying pan = a good bollocking from the missus and a very expensive hash brown cos we have to replace the pan... Apart from that though, look damn good, mate!

    • Karma
      Karma Year ago +2

      Hahahahaha not as good as the crunch of the pan on your head when the missus clocks you with it :)

    • Tenuous Grip
      Tenuous Grip Year ago +2

      Those teflon chips add a nice crunch

  • Apocalyps
    Apocalyps Year ago +5

    2:13 *Top tip:* If you want an amazing, single-serve soup base ... well, you've just created it! Throw in some salt/pepper, veg and whatever else you like.

  • Gregor Miller
    Gregor Miller Year ago +1

    Good stuff, but you are wrong sir. The best way to get most of the starch from the potato, soak. Not once, not twice...but three times, then dry:)...try it and see. Love your site.

    • Gregor Miller
      Gregor Miller Year ago

      Just messin' with ya, kinda. You Tube 101, say something and then I hope ya get more hits. Your way works fine, but the Alton Browns, Bobby Flay of the world suggest the three soak:)

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Will give it a go chef, thanks mate

  • John Roekoe
    John Roekoe Year ago

    Why do you talk in the background through the music? (Hashbrowns look delicious though...)

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +1

    I'd do away with the metal rings and make a huge pancake of it.

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +2

    Oh my god this is so gorgeous.

  • beneboy2802
    beneboy2802 Year ago +1

    Nice flavour combo! I also use the tea towel trick but add an egg and a touch of flour to help mine bind.
    You should do a video on Fondant Potatoes. They're the Bomb!