Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Exclusive Content Trailer

  • Published on May 28, 2015
  • The bonus stuff includes the Justice League 3000 batsuit, classic TV series Batman and Batmobile skins, and Scarecrow Nightmare Missions.
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  • Miia Raven
    Miia Raven 4 years ago

    This is PlayStation's retaliation for Call Of Duty and Skyrim.
    Good job guys.

  • Chowder7116
    Chowder7116 4 years ago

    So just stuff we will mod in on PC? lol

  • alucard croft
    alucard croft 4 years ago

    Am I mistaken? Wasn't there a Red Hood/Jason Todd bundle at one point?

  • Wild Koffing
    Wild Koffing 4 years ago

    Everyone knows its exclusive...and then eventually comes on DLC for the other systems. So its meh, really.

  • ReverendShmitty
    ReverendShmitty 4 years ago

    Even as a PS4 owner I dislike this. Stop the exclusive and timed exclusive bullshit and give everyone the same amount of game for the same amount of money.

  • Eduardo Rojas
    Eduardo Rojas 4 years ago

    I have a question... so does this come with regular pre-order? or do you have to buy the batman ps4 bundle?

  • Joel's Channel :D
    Joel's Channel :D 4 years ago +1

    Wow totally regret getting an Xbone now

  • TheGreat Gambino
    TheGreat Gambino 4 years ago


  • leonico76
    leonico76 4 years ago

    I hope this Batman can dance like Adam with that costume.....better than Destiny characters.....

  • chasemebaby
    chasemebaby 4 years ago

    Maybe if we're lucky MKX will release Predator while we wait for this content on XB1 . Yea they still haven't released predator as a playable character. Its almost June. LOL

  • mighty_mag
    mighty_mag 4 years ago

    Who is Scarecrow's voice actor?
    Sound like Dr Bishop from Fringe!

  • Lamar Bethea
    Lamar Bethea 4 years ago

    What's the point if making it exclusive to one console until the fall? I don't get it.

  • Viesturs.R
    Viesturs.R 4 years ago

    Would be great if you could wear them in the first story walkthrough for once though.

  • sun seed
    sun seed 4 years ago

    So do I only get these stuff if I preorder or I get it as long as I get the game on PS4? Help me out

  • ThundeRZ Lundorff
    ThundeRZ Lundorff 4 years ago

    this game has a recommended gtx 980 to run on ultra settings, yet if this is played on ps4 with these graphics, i have no complains at all.

  • 9_Bucks
    9_Bucks 4 years ago

    Better have a Batman Beyond skin again.

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana 4 years ago

    Adam West is awesome

  • FatPeopleJigle
    FatPeopleJigle 4 years ago

    Omg im tired of the bat mobile, plz dont force us to use that combat 24/7

  • VEN Productions
    VEN Productions 4 years ago

    Too bad I have a rule. No PS4 until kingdom hearts 3. By then, price will hopefully go down

  • Hayden Brookfield
    Hayden Brookfield 4 years ago

    2 suits a batmobile skin and a mission aint bad.

  • Stupaazy Boy
    Stupaazy Boy 4 years ago +1

    the scarecrow mission looks like it was born after god of war fucked batman arkham orgins LOL

  • Mason Delozier
    Mason Delozier 4 years ago

    First off people need to stop the hate on xbox and second I find it just idiotic how gaming companies favor a console over the other. Every console should get the exact same game at release. There needs to be consistency.

  • Cadilla 430
    Cadilla 430 4 years ago

    Wait are they saying there aren't gonna be regular scarecrow missions in the campaign doesn't that defeat the purpose of having scarecrow as the main antagonist of your game?

  • J C
    J C 4 years ago

    It bothers me not everyone could get this content. Makes me not wanna get the game even though I'm on ps4.

  • Krazykid636
    Krazykid636 4 years ago

    The beyond suit is always my favorite

  • Michael Mcgarrah
    Michael Mcgarrah 4 years ago

    Wish i was rich so i could have a ps4 and xbox one

  • 297fihsy
    297fihsy 4 years ago +2

    All this "exclusive content" and those preorder bonuses are so dull, they really take the excitement out of the game for me. It all feels so corporate

  • tuesti7c
    tuesti7c 4 years ago

    In other words just wait for game of the year edition to get the actual full game content

  • Sh0cklyz
    Sh0cklyz 4 years ago

    This exclusive stuff is the wrong direction the industry is taking....
    I hope this doesnt get the standart. In conclusion: You have to buy PS4 and the ONE to get all the content out of specific games... thats a shame...

  • gtabro1337
    gtabro1337 4 years ago

    Pls tell me this is an actual bonus and not dlc because CD Project Red just schooled all these money-milking companies what to include in your game.

  • PolarisAce
    PolarisAce 4 years ago

    That's it? Lol.

  • Reed
    Reed 4 years ago


  • Ruvik
    Ruvik 4 years ago

    Glad I gotta ps4 now

  • Noah Andrew
    Noah Andrew 4 years ago

    Eat shit XBONE. We get a Justice League 3000 skin on PS4. Hahaha……what am I doing with my life?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 4 years ago

    As a PS4 owner I am sick to death of all this exclusive bullshit. I wish it would end, I really do.

  • Justice Dredd
    Justice Dredd 4 years ago

    Please tell me I ain't the only one who heard New Zealand at the start

  • Swedishguy001
    Swedishguy001 4 years ago +44

    Serious all this exclusive content and timed exclusives have to stop, I know they won't but they should.

    • TheGameRage1
      TheGameRage1 4 years ago

      @Swedishguy001 If they don't stop, the industry will crash.

    • Insert Name here
      Insert Name here 4 years ago

      Yes, people should stop I mean since when did this stupid console war started, it's ridiculous and there is no profit if the other person don't have the console and I don't see the reason to do this commercial for cause even that I'll still buy an xbox one these people just hate fans and I like you finally someone with the same opinion

    • DEADtoRISE08
      DEADtoRISE08 4 years ago +2

      There was a time when there were no exclusives and the DLC was just optional and was announced after 6-8 months after the main game's release
      There was a time when there was NO segregation based on consoles and PCs it was all about enjoying the game
      There was a time when youtube was all about watching videos, liking it/ disliking it, giving your opinions without being threatened
      There was a time when interweebs was filled with adults, educated adults, intellectual adults and only 2% were pedophiles

      There was time when Internet was used as a medium of giving yourself a space from everyday's bullshit
      Everything changed when the Retarded Era dawned upon us

    • Nozz
      Nozz 4 years ago +4

      Yeah they need to do away with it

    CASSO BLVCK 4 years ago

    I'm guessing the dislikes are from Xbox users?

  • Shadow_Psych
    Shadow_Psych 4 years ago

    Ign just failed with the title of this video. The title simply state that this content is ps4 "exclusive" but the narrator states "1st on ps4" indicating that it is coming to other platforms. I only point this out cuz I have watched a video of ign's where multiple ppl agreed that developers need to b more specific, and it seems this developer has done that in this trailer. Mabey if the video game media started adopting this trend, then the rest of the developers will as well. "Be an example to the gaming community ign, u r the biggest gaming news company out there. Use that power wisely."

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 4 years ago

    So I just need to buy any of the PS versions to get this dlc or maybe does it mean I need to buy the digital version?

  • SuperSmashRiolu
    SuperSmashRiolu 4 years ago

    the scarecrow missions were my favorite in the first one

  • Fenixz Filip
    Fenixz Filip 4 years ago

    I strongly believe that developers who make Exclusive content will burn forever in the hellish flames of oblivion.

  • Marcus Lanier
    Marcus Lanier 4 years ago

    Wait wheres the red hood?where Jason Todd? Man I wanted to see some red hood game play oh well this is still cool though. Microsoft really been slacking off lately for them not to get the exclusive pre order bonus must not be selling well I think this is the same problem with j star victory vs when they made it for playstation only when xbox one hasn't been selling well.

  • Johnny Leyenda
    Johnny Leyenda 4 years ago

    Oh, it's a timed exclusive, never mind. Still gonna wait for the GOTY edition anyway.

  • Varrning Skopeftis
    Varrning Skopeftis 4 years ago


  • Rainy Days
    Rainy Days 4 years ago +4

    I wonder what will come first, the end of world hunger, or when console and PC players quit fighting a pointless battle

    • Akbar Ali
      Akbar Ali 4 years ago

      The end of world hunger

  • Ferraro14
    Ferraro14 4 years ago +4

    Adam west suit will really knock fear into criminals 100%

  • Nighhhts
    Nighhhts 4 years ago

    The suit at the end looks so terrible. It's a good thing that we don't have these costume artists anymore. Terrible costume for Batman, classic or not.

    • Nighhhts
      Nighhhts 4 years ago

      @CanalFV Umm... cause I can and I did.

    • CanalFV
      CanalFV 4 years ago


  • GingerInfinity
    GingerInfinity 4 years ago

    I own a PS4 and I think this exclusive shenanigans is completely stupid.

  • Syedul Islam
    Syedul Islam 4 years ago

    so many different trailers for one game. I wonder if there is going to anything new in the game that we haven't seen yet. :/ I miss the days that you would see one teaser and one trailer and that's it.

    PURPLESPRITE 4 years ago

    Why is it titled "Exclusive Content" if it's timed exclusive?

  • Carlos De Leon
    Carlos De Leon 4 years ago

    They said "first on PS4" so we'll get it soon.

  • Kestrels Call
    Kestrels Call 4 years ago

    Worth it just for John Noble! lol

  • ClarenseE
    ClarenseE 4 years ago +1

    LOL, such shitty content.

    • CanalFV
      CanalFV 4 years ago +1

      Butthurt Xbox fan detected!

  • Steven Neufeld
    Steven Neufeld 4 years ago

    Can someone tell me if this is just normal stuff you get in the game or preorder bonus?

  • Sgtslayer117
    Sgtslayer117 4 years ago

    If you preorder from gamestop, you're getting a bucket load of DLC on day one. The red hood dlc, harley quinn dlc, scarecrow content, extra batsuits, and the season pass will include even more stuff

    • CanalFV
      CanalFV 4 years ago

      @Sgtslayer117 too bad there is no gamestop where I live

  • Gabagool
    Gabagool 4 years ago

    god i hope platform exclusivity is a fad

  • SURGE1898
    SURGE1898 4 years ago +6

    I will not buy a PS4. Nothing worth buying it for or at least yet.

    • Dausen Moore
      Dausen Moore 4 years ago

      @Sean Ferguson Speak for yourself. If you actually used an Xbox One you wouldn't say that. BTW watch E3, I truly feel sorry for Sony fans.

    • Sean Ferguson
      Sean Ferguson 4 years ago

      @Dausen Moore keep trying to justify the $400 you threw out on that inferior system and if you want a shit system just because of exclusives then get a nintendo bro

    • SURGE1898
      SURGE1898 4 years ago

      @JoshuaMacGamer I agree. Especially as of now with a game library that fits me better.

    • SURGE1898
      SURGE1898 4 years ago

      @CanalFV yup I agree. I buy consoles for games. I follow the games not the console.

    • SURGE1898
      SURGE1898 4 years ago

      @CanalFV I respect your opinion.

  • Recruit944
    Recruit944 4 years ago +3

    Oh no!! An exclusive mission and stupid-ass costumes exclusive for 3 months? Oh no!! Time to buy a PS4 (sarcasm added here)

    • CanalFV
      CanalFV 4 years ago

      Yeah! I am ready to pay as Adam West Batman! OH YEAH!

  • Eviscerator MK2
    Eviscerator MK2 4 years ago

    Lol no instead of buying half this game day one to be ripped off by dlc im going to wait until the full game comes out when they release the game of the year edition as they always do or not buy it at all if they release a broken game like they did Arkham Origin and decide Dlc is more important than a working game like Arkham Origin.