• Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • It's Gmod TTT! Four more years of President Sharky in Gmod TTT!
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    Bouphe: www.twitch.tv/bouphe
    Gameplay Overview:
    Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is an online multiplayer gamemode included with Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor.
    #gmod #yogscast #TTT
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Comments • 435

  • Rabalder Media
    Rabalder Media 27 days ago

    Hello, demand Tom, WER TOM?

  • nicolasl
    nicolasl 27 days ago

    that moment when spiff realizes that it is zylus

  • William Armstrong
    William Armstrong 27 days ago

    bouphe: *sees detective*
    also bouphe: i guess you'll die

  • cloodberst
    cloodberst Month ago

    9:52 Lewis becomes a deflating balloon

  • Lilith Schreck
    Lilith Schreck Month ago

    So woke. lol
    Best response ever Ben.

  • Blue Strider
    Blue Strider Month ago

    Poor lewis even had democracy against him

  • ConnorDarkrule77
    ConnorDarkrule77 Month ago

    Ah my favourite Game Mode, Trouble in Table Town.

  • Maltek
    Maltek Month ago

    TTT stats
    Detective rate All: Times detective:2876 Victories:1828 Losses: 1171 Success rate:64 %

    1. Mikey: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    2. Dr simon: Times detective:9 Victories:7 Losses: 2 Success rate:78 %
    3. Caff: Times detective:4 Victories:3 Losses: 1 Success rate: 75%
    4. Spiffing Brit: Times detective:8 Victories:6 Losses:2 Success rate: 75 %
    5. Hanna: Times detective:19 Victories:14 Losses: 5 Success rate:74 %
    6. Tom: Times detective:266 Victories:191 Losses: 77 Success rate:72 %
    7. Dont know: Times detective:26 Victories:18 Losses: 8 Success rate:69 %
    8. Radders: Times detective:41 Victories:28 Losses: 13 Success rate:68 %
    9. Zozo: Times detective:71 Victories:47 Losses: 25 Success rate:66 %
    10. Zaylus: Times detective:300 Victories:197 Losses: 103 Success rate:66 %
    11. Rythian: Times detective:273 Victories:177 Losses: 96 Success rate:65 %
    12. Turps: Times detective:33 Victories:21 Losses: 12 Success rate:64 %
    13. Wilsonator: Times detective:25 Victories:16 Losses: 9 Success rate: 64%
    14. Sjin: Times detective:246 Victories:158 Losses: 87 Success rate:64 %
    15. Barry: Times detective:80 Victories:51 Losses: 29 Success rate:64 %
    16. Daltos: Times detective:14 Victories:9 Losses: 5 Success rate: 64 %
    17. Lewis: Times detective:445 Victories:281 Losses: 164 Success rate:63 %
    18. Duncan: Times detective:282 Victories:175 Losses: 111 Success rate:62 %
    19. Mousie: Times detective:13 Victories:8 Losses: 5 Success rate:62 %
    20. Ross: Times detective:63 Victories: 38 Losses: 25 Success rate:60 %
    21. Pyrienflaxs: Times detective:29 Victories:17 Losses: 12 Success rate:59 %
    22. Allsmffy: Times detective:54 Victories:32 Losses:22 Success rate:59 %
    23. Simon: Times detective:48 Victories:28 Losses: 20 Success rate:58 %
    24. Ben: Times detective:332 Victories:190 Losses: 148 Success rate:57 %
    25. Ravs: Times detective:7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate:57 %
    26. RTGame: Times detective: 7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate: 57 %
    27. Checkpoint: Times detective:7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate:57 %
    28. Bouphe: Times detective:57 Victories:32 Losses: 25 Success rate: 56 %
    29. Sips: Times detective:32 Victories:18 Losses: 14 Success rate:56 %
    30. Alex: Times detective:11 Victories:6 Losses: 5 Success rate:55 %
    31. Lydia: Times detective:47 Victories:25 Losses: 22 Success rate: 53 %
    32. Peter: Times detective:4 Victories:2 Losses: 2 Success rate: 50%
    33. Loic: Times detective:6 Victories:3 Losses: 3 Success rate: 50 %
    34. Trott: Times detective:60 Victories:29 Losses: 31 Success rate:48 %
    35. Kim: Times detective:13 Victories:6 Losses: 7 Success rate:46 %
    36. Tom B: Times detective:5 Victories:2 Losses: 3 Success rate: 40 %
    37. Geestaer: Times detective:4 Victories:1 Losses: 3 Success rate:25 %
    38. Neb: Times detective:1 Victories:0 Losses: 1 Success rate: 0 %

    Infected: round:293 Victories:101 Losses: 200 Success rate: 35 %
    (Note: Some of the numbers don't add up, but I do not have enough time to fixs the errors.)

  • Alex Peake
    Alex Peake Month ago

    -Bouphe kils lewis- thatmadcat comes

  • Pratalax
    Pratalax Month ago

    that was fucking glorious

  • Joseph Tonnies
    Joseph Tonnies Month ago

    For American viewers: is Ben a Buffalo fan? (crushing the table)

  • schwank3110
    schwank3110 Month ago +3

    I have a new randomat idea "not my detective" where the group votes on a new detective and then whoever gets the most votes becomes the new detective. Previous detective has a 20% chance of becoming a trator

  • Gremlins Wrath
    Gremlins Wrath Month ago

    Lewis has gradually graduated from the pooner to the unpoonable.

  • Gremlins Wrath
    Gremlins Wrath Month ago

    New algorithim: If lewis randomly gets zylus killed, zylus is innocent.

  • RangaNesquik
    RangaNesquik Month ago

    top 10 Anime betrayals

  • Luke thegamingkiwi
    Luke thegamingkiwi Month ago

    Wait a minute I just realised that Spiff in this is the SpiffingBrit that makes me so happy

  • The Gaming Duelist
    The Gaming Duelist Month ago

    I swear these guys are drunk every other episode

  • salvador mendoza
    salvador mendoza Month ago

    The detonator game felt like a fight between Light and L

  • LaWraWaN
    LaWraWaN Month ago

    Time to watch something to restore the massive loss in belief in humanity from that awful bouphe play xD its honestly unbelievable.

  • Master Of Spades
    Master Of Spades Month ago

    why does boughe sound like hannah....

  • Markus Rezai
    Markus Rezai Month ago

    Spiff is a cool addition, hope he'll be around more often :)

  • Alec Bennett
    Alec Bennett Month ago

    It should have been the shark guard and not the secret service....

  • Orion
    Orion Month ago

    Love that Halo 4 Spartan lasers ●˙●

  • Colin Watts
    Colin Watts Month ago

    the ultimate Spiff reaction at Zylus' betrayal

  • OvAeons
    OvAeons Month ago +1

    can we appreciate the fact that Bouphe luge'd the shit out of 2 people at the start there?

  • datoorion
    datoorion Month ago

    Don't lie Lewis.... you've literally got poon all around you but you can't seal the deal....

  • BradGaming21
    BradGaming21 Month ago

    lewis:And im also Normal size again Hello Blobby wanna et squashed you little tasty custard

    That's lewis if he said that when he got big

  • BradGaming21
    BradGaming21 Month ago

    if Lydia was here then that joke would have been funnier this "little Tentacle On my right" yea im sure that's how it goes for squids

  • Argent Android
    Argent Android Month ago

    Can't wait for the Karate Shark t-shirt.

  • Anonymous Doe
    Anonymous Doe Month ago

    17:52 That was like a movie scene!

  • mystickatara
    mystickatara Month ago

    The video hasn't even started yet and I alreayd love the intro.

  • james franxx
    james franxx Month ago

    Sjin would of loved to vote for president sharky

  • branominal
    branominal Month ago

    Zombie takes two hits to kill now? Seems a bit weak

  • Joseph Bissett
    Joseph Bissett Month ago


  • raileyti
    raileyti Month ago

    Why kill Zylus? you can pick up detonators from corpses?

  • CremeCabbage
    CremeCabbage Month ago

    That "oh my g-" from spiff as he realised he had been betrayed was great

  • Albert Hancock
    Albert Hancock Month ago

    TTT anyone have a brain...?

  • Ketrai BE
    Ketrai BE Month ago

    My god zylus is such a tryhard when he's a traitor xD. Always sniper rush into a sniper spot, slams on the entrance, and then the health kit. Map makers need to make it so roofs can be reached in two different ways.

  • Jordan Bl
    Jordan Bl Month ago +1

    Note that Ben's trust trio song never said anyone trusted Zylus. He knew all along.

  • Jo Me
    Jo Me Month ago

    Bouphe is definitely just a blonde girl type. All beauty, no brain.

  • Thomas Verstraete
    Thomas Verstraete Month ago

    maaaaaan sometimes i go into these episode with the mindset like “maybe ill get to hear rythian do the zombie moan, but it appears it will be another day D:

  • Matthew Hennes
    Matthew Hennes Month ago +20

    Bouphe: "If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me"
    Sips: "ooh ohhOOHH no baby please don't go"

  • Amanwithnosoul
    Amanwithnosoul Month ago +3

    I still love how everybody just mones except rithian he just goes on a monologue about how good brains are

  • marcus morin
    marcus morin Month ago

    I need a karate shark t-shirt please 😂🤣

  • Strongest Cheese
    Strongest Cheese Month ago +4

    “You Don’t use democracy to fight zombies”
    Rythian ~ 2019

    • fudgeyman99
      fudgeyman99 Month ago +1

      @Wild Blunt Hickok he's joking

    • Wild Blunt Hickok
      Wild Blunt Hickok Month ago +1

      And yet it's ok when 5 zombies vote for the 1 remaining innocent? That happened 2 or 3 episodes ago.

  • James Cruse
    James Cruse Month ago +4

    "Oh my-"
    *B O O M*

  • sirmpsticks_
    sirmpsticks_ Month ago

    I would like to say Bouphe killing the detective is the worst TTT play

  • Puff MagicDragon
    Puff MagicDragon Month ago

    Anyone think the Yogscast is getting stale? i mean can they continue forever? where will this end? where and when will they die? nothing lasts, so how long?

  • MeHasCookie
    MeHasCookie Month ago

    Lewis starting the video saying good morning and me actually watching this in the morning. Brings a tear to my eye.

  • Barbarossa's Gaming Channel

    Ffs Ben, you are playing TTT, if you aren't a traitor, YOU ARE A TERRORIST.

  • ExplodingGames
    ExplodingGames Month ago

    everyone: be chill
    also everyone: "i want to poon you"

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    Video idea: No matter what, a randomat goes off every round.

  • Jamie Tipton
    Jamie Tipton Month ago

    Yes I love when Bouphe is in it.

  • VikingValkorion
    VikingValkorion Month ago +1


  • bluemario610
    bluemario610 Month ago

    16:00 why did bouphe kill louis? she had plenty of time to see he was the detective

  • Galaxy Guy
    Galaxy Guy Month ago

    Duncan- get out
    *Lewis starts leaving*
    *Duncan poons anyway and calls lewis bad*

  • Backward Rocket Studios

    17:51- Spiff's INSTANT realization of what's about to happen.

  • bmxdude1337
    bmxdude1337 Month ago

    I’d vote Sharky, democracy always wins as we’ve all learned in this game. Kappa

    ACDC7GNR Month ago

    I am the table?

  • Whatfrank
    Whatfrank Month ago

    Get woke go broke.