Hollyoaks: The Maaliks React To The Tunnel Crash

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
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    The Maaliks get emotional whilst watching the devastating tunnel crash.
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Comments • 101

  • Hungry Like The Vultures

    *This was one of the best episodes ever*

  • Fondue For 2
    Fondue For 2 5 months ago

    How could she leave imran!!!! Why couldn’t someone else help her get them out and she chose yazz 😡😡😡

  • Molly Turner
    Molly Turner 7 months ago +1

    yep now Misbah is fucked. she's already called dr death and now the crash? well she's fucked...

  • Imogens World666
    Imogens World666 7 months ago

    i would've stayed in the car ans said if i cant save both of you ill save none of you im staying with you

  • Jessica Doeee
    Jessica Doeee 8 months ago

    I love them all

  • Rose Robertson
    Rose Robertson 8 months ago

    Xxxxx I'm Farrah in this

  • Emily X
    Emily X 8 months ago

    diane is the cutest little thing

  • Danielle Riley
    Danielle Riley 8 months ago

    'We got a smoker! We got a smoker!!!' Oh no that quote is from Daylight ...

  • Silly sisters
    Silly sisters 8 months ago

    Since when has Diane been a Maalik??

  • Jessicah Hughes Simpson
    Jessicah Hughes Simpson 11 months ago +1

    0:42 to 0:44 Imran sounds like get meow

  • Jessicah Hughes Simpson
    Jessicah Hughes Simpson 11 months ago

    Diane’s face at 0:21 I died

  • Steph’s Vids
    Steph’s Vids Year ago

    “Where is he?”
    “Where are you?”
    “He’s there!! Yayyyy!!!”

  • QueenCookie1125
    QueenCookie1125 Year ago

    If Misbah had just grabbed one of them straight away she probably would have been able to save both of them herself

  • aliyah_louise xox

    Diane is me watching any film 😂❤️

  • talaiya
    talaiya Year ago

    Its like the actors have to familys that they love and care for both of them their reall family's and the on set familys i think its so cute

  • Caitlin McDonald
    Caitlin McDonald Year ago

    Well we all know who the favourite child is now

  • Jessicah Hughes Simpson

    Aww poor imran

  • Imogen Silk
    Imogen Silk Year ago

    y didn't anyone else help him

  • Lucy Dowle
    Lucy Dowle Year ago

    The maaliks.....and Diane 😂

  • Sweets And treats
    Sweets And treats Year ago +2

    Omg Diane’s actress when she said ‘yayyyy!’ 😂

  • Silkz
    Silkz Year ago

    I luv Diane

  • Cathy Fletcher
    Cathy Fletcher Year ago


  • Alex Ezeh
    Alex Ezeh Year ago

    This was the first ever episode of hollyoaks I have watched and now I'm actually loving it ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Xiao Ran Li
    Xiao Ran Li Year ago

    i wish all soaps can do that reaction thing everytime they have a massive storyline

  • lexi malone
    lexi malone Year ago +1

    I love the fact that Alex (Diane) is the only one not part of that family😂

  • Zille Huma
    Zille Huma Year ago

    I don't get why misbah is hugging him when she is the one who didn't save him

  • kaisa
    kaisa Year ago

    I would never forgive my mum for that

  • kitty lover
    kitty lover Year ago

    Dianne made me laugh she made my day😂😂😂

  • - Spoinel -
    - Spoinel - Year ago

    This scared me dude

  • Nikola Burgoyne
    Nikola Burgoyne Year ago

    What about the poor lorry driver

  • Mia Granger
    Mia Granger Year ago

    No one wondering what happened to the truck driver???????

  • Charley Austin
    Charley Austin Year ago

    We're kim

  • Marshall VEVO
    Marshall VEVO Year ago

    I love Imran and Fara

  • Lee Marie
    Lee Marie Year ago

    They need to do more videos of the cast reacting to scenes

  • Darcy does
    Darcy does Year ago +2

    Where is he ?where are you? He's there!!! YAY!!!😂😘Me when I watched it on telly!!!😂😚

  • Nikola Burgoyne
    Nikola Burgoyne Year ago

    What about the pir lory driver

    TONY BUTLER Year ago

    Nobody died so it was pointless

  • River-Phoenix Luna Pavier

    I was saying and asking the exact same thing’s that the actress who plays Diane when watching this scene! I’m guessing most of us had the same question and reaction watching this scene because you see him just manage to get himself out of the car but not if the lorry hit him in any sort of way until you see him standing at the side of his brother on the other side of the tunnel.

  • Maya Khan
    Maya Khan Year ago +1



    So the only person died was the lorry guy

  • Tom Finland
    Tom Finland Year ago +1

    Fantastic show but too much death .... Maaliks are great

  • Olie 05
    Olie 05 Year ago +1

    Shitest crash going

    • SimmingLauren
      SimmingLauren Year ago +1

      It's better than Nancy's when she stole the kids with that shit editing.

    • Juanita Baraka
      Juanita Baraka Year ago +1

      Olie 05 that’s your opinion tbh this is my fave

  • Oreo 101
    Oreo 101 Year ago +7

    That was one of the best and most dramatic stunts since the McQueens train crash in 2014 and that was AMAZING in every aspect. Really think hollyoaks is the best soap and deserves to win at the NTAs.

    • Lolade Amunikoro
      Lolade Amunikoro Year ago

      I agree , I think Hollyoaks is a very underrated soap

  • Thomas Proctor
    Thomas Proctor Year ago +7

    That was one of my favourite episodes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Earth To Chelsea
    Earth To Chelsea Year ago +150

    Diane is me in this reaction.
    "Where is he? Where are ya? Oh there he is! Yayyy!" 😂😂❤️❤️

    • Kara
      Kara Year ago

      Original ChelseaRae 😂

  • Midnight Darkness
    Midnight Darkness Year ago +1

    You should do more reaction vids like this. Honestly, I'm dissapointed, I wanted someone to die after Dianes heartfelt speech to Harry whilst she was 'dying'.

  • Amy W
    Amy W Year ago +8

    why didn’t the lorry stop?

    • Caris Findlow
      Caris Findlow Year ago +4

      Ik if it looked at Diane it would've slowed down a bc there was ovbiously an accident and he even looked at Misbahs car and still kept driving like he wanted there to be an even bigger accident

    • ItsZeusYT
      ItsZeusYT Year ago +2

      Amy Whitewood too busy looking at diane

  • Smile Drinkwell
    Smile Drinkwell Year ago +7

    Please post more like this!!

  • Josh xoxo
    Josh xoxo Year ago +86

    Imran got out seconds before the lorry hit, and he was fine. I mean, physically he was fine. I know Misbah was put in a position no mother should ever have to face but she had enough time to save them both. Even if that meant literally dragging one of them out, throwing them to the side of the road and then getting the next one.

    • Jessica Doeee
      Jessica Doeee 8 months ago

      Josh xoxo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 trust me Looool

  • Charlie Baker
    Charlie Baker Year ago +1


  • Caden Parry
    Caden Parry Year ago +9

    Did Diane die?? I hope not I like her

  • EriczHype
    EriczHype Year ago +8

    When the car exploded, it looked kinda fake...

    • EriczHype
      EriczHype Year ago

      Laurieee Bxtchh Explosion is real though.

    • snowcxne
      snowcxne Year ago +1

      That's because it is fake, it's obviously not gonna be real.

    • Fern Alderton
      Fern Alderton Year ago +1

      Because it was 🤷‍♀️

    • Haz Butt
      Haz Butt Year ago +3

      EriczHype it is maybe that’s why

    • Theo Bxll
      Theo Bxll Year ago +3

      EriczHype they can only make something look real too a degree

  • Lily Mundy
    Lily Mundy Year ago +4

    Why didn’t this bit show on hollyoaks on All4 player? Where can I watch it?

    • Lily Mundy
      Lily Mundy Year ago +1

      Uzma Tariq sometimes I don’t make it in time but I’ll have a try with that and see weather it works. Thank you tho

    • Uzma Tariq
      Uzma Tariq Year ago +1

      Lily e4 has live on all4 hope I helped you it starts at 7:00 o'clock e4

    • Lily Mundy
      Lily Mundy Year ago +2

      Uzma Tariq I cant watch it on TV because there’s too much noise from siblings so I have to watch it on Channel 4 iplayer but this part wasn’t in it

    • Uzma Tariq
      Uzma Tariq Year ago +1

      On Channel 4 6:30 and there one on hollyoaks E4 that is 136 Channel it starts at 7 if your in uk 🇬🇧

  • Jamieb1994
    Jamieb1994 Year ago +80

    I actually feel proper sorry for poor Imran

    • aliyah_louise xox
      aliyah_louise xox Year ago

      Fatimah Najib I don’t even care I hate imran for hurting jas aswell, what the excuse for that

    • Fatimah Najib
      Fatimah Najib Year ago +1

      aliyah_louise xox no only because of wat his mother did so yeh it was his moms fault

    • aliyah_louise xox
      aliyah_louise xox Year ago

      Jamieb1994 I don’t because he starts harming his mother, as we all know now

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr Year ago +113

    Yo the Imran part killed me bro!! It was so sad man, feel sorry for him

    • Spider Man
      Spider Man 4 months ago

      @Nick Gurr Imran is younger than Yaz.

    • gaming killer
      gaming killer Year ago

      Mark tafua she loves girl more then him

    • Maya Khan
      Maya Khan Year ago

      Mark tafua same

    • Nick Gurr
      Nick Gurr Year ago

      Madhu N idk tbh both they're both young but Yaz is younger then Imran and so knew she couldn't take both of them, it was ethier they all die or one dies, it was in the heat of the moment. Ethier way it still sad but he shouldn't result into abusing his mum there's other alternatives.

    • Madhu N
      Madhu N Year ago

      but why did she choose yaz over him.From my perspective they r both her children and has a duty to save them both.I guess he got every right to be angry.

    WHAATEVEN Year ago +34

    I swear to god if they’ve killed off Dianne I’m gonna be fuming 😤

    • Earth To Chelsea
      Earth To Chelsea Year ago +2

      Tonight channel 4 ep, she was ok do I'm hoping everything. Goes good with her opp

    • Jay Cartwright
      Jay Cartwright Year ago +1

      Lily is going to hate diane when shw finds out she told peri to lie about being pregnant

      WHAATEVEN Year ago +1

      mohammed ali I know but I prefer her to Tony, Harry and the Maaliks 😂

    • Jay Cartwright
      Jay Cartwright Year ago +1

      WHAATEVEN why would you be fuming diane is a bitch

      WHAATEVEN Year ago +1

      RainbowCat :3 I cant watch any of it whilst I’m at uni 😭 but I hope she is! Thanks

  • katyajade
    katyajade Year ago +49

    Poor Imran and Diane. I hope she's ok

  • Jennifer Dobbie
    Jennifer Dobbie Year ago +24

    imo she blates had time to drag them both out tho >.> and why didnt they just climb out

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 Year ago +4

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    • Fern Alderton
      Fern Alderton Year ago +9

      Jennifer Dobbie the crash made them stuck in between the seats I think they were trapped in the car some how they couldn’t just climb out but yeah why didn’t she try and pull them both out she had time

  • Steph’s Vids
    Steph’s Vids Year ago +1

    Loved this