I Tried Following A YouTube Haircut Tutorial


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  3 months ago +15928

    HELLO FRIENDS!! sorry for the delay - we've had a rough couple of weeks on our end, but i also cut my hair and though it was a ~process~, i'm very happy with the results!! what do you think? would you try this?? xoxo, saf

  • XxGacha LolaxX
    XxGacha LolaxX Hour ago

    Meme 1.
    Me wondering what went wrong during life
    Meme 2.
    *instant regret*
    Meme 3.
    hello darkness my old friend...
    Meme 4.

  • seham aga
    seham aga 12 hours ago

    saf: my only hope is that i don’t end up in a hairdresser reacts video
    up next: hair dresser reacts to safiya nygaard ruining her hair for 14 minutes straight

  • Tehani Reyes
    Tehani Reyes 13 hours ago

    Watches 3:54 over and over.. Laughs for the rest of the nigh

  • G And G L
    G And G L 16 hours ago

    “And continue to dye, slowly” - Saf

  • Boki Boki
    Boki Boki 18 hours ago

    Lmfao Lord Farquaad 😂

  • Christopher Kelly
    Christopher Kelly 18 hours ago

    Have a look at some of these videos. Subscribe. You need a hairdressing scissors. She tells you where she gets hers thexvid.com/video/flqrmh5nlca/video.html

  • Chase The Face
    Chase The Face 22 hours ago

    Lmao, I was dying when you took the rubber bands out. Hahaha.

  • Aleksandra Grąbkowska

    You always look beautiful, but in my opinion you looked better with long hair. Maybe not better, but definitely younger and more like yourself. Short and blunt haircuts make every woman's face look older, because the bluntness makes the facial features look too sharp. And even longer blunt bobs/lobs are too short to be versatile and too short to be low maintenance. That's why I'm not a fan of bobs. Been there done that and I'll never do it again.

  • Landon Davis
    Landon Davis Day ago

    Edna Mode who?

  • Deon Stevenson
    Deon Stevenson Day ago

    U look better with long black and grey hair

  • Dalia J
    Dalia J Day ago

    What does day light saving mean!

  • psycho steph
    psycho steph 2 days ago

    it almost looks like a Dua Lipa haircut

  • Paula Bartlow
    Paula Bartlow 2 days ago

    The tutorial you watch to dye your hair what's Karina Garcia sister

  • C M
    C M 2 days ago

    "Now you look like someone to be taken seriously"
    Aka Lord Farquaard

  • Satan Princess
    Satan Princess 2 days ago

    *Lets die!*

  • Temporary Panic
    Temporary Panic 2 days ago

    Tyler! Do not tell your girlfriend that she looks like Lord Faarquad!!!!!

  • Mara N.
    Mara N. 3 days ago

    21:29 what is that brush you're holding? that kinda looks like one of those make a makeup brush with your own hair and a pencil things

  • LizLuvsHorses _
    LizLuvsHorses _ 3 days ago

    I'm a natural red head and I've bee growing my hair out for 5 years! I would never cut or dye mine 😂

  • Nicoleee
    Nicoleee 4 days ago

    I fell asleep from a Brad Mondo video and ended up 4 hours later with this video😂

  • Harper Parkes
    Harper Parkes 4 days ago

    Myra is 100% Karina Garcia

  • Gantz akira
    Gantz akira 5 days ago

    10:13 minutes , she has a Hairy neck / back.

  • Judy Damas
    Judy Damas 5 days ago

    Tyler could've helped in the back us you could have used a razor to get an even cut

  • XxGodOfYutubexX
    XxGodOfYutubexX 5 days ago

    "98', the kindergarten years" damn im old. i cut below the band. and crap it should be a straight cut or as close as you can and take an electric razor to buzz it even

  • CAMBODIA JR official

    so beautiful!!!

  • Princess Zuniga
    Princess Zuniga 6 days ago


  • Lia Altpeter
    Lia Altpeter 6 days ago +1

    Her shirts on inside out!?!

  • Lizandra Raw
    Lizandra Raw 6 days ago

    Iam going to slowly open my hair and die 🤣🤣🤣

  • Maria Depina
    Maria Depina 6 days ago

    LMFAO.. started from da bottom now we 💇😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • gladys herrera
    gladys herrera 7 days ago

    7:32 hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lucy Thomas
    Lucy Thomas 7 days ago

    Brad Mondo's reaction vid is how I started watching Safiya. Lol

  • That Bitch
    That Bitch 7 days ago

    OMG I cut my hair last night using that tutorial

  • Zoe Geminiani
    Zoe Geminiani 7 days ago

    I actually can not stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • Meghan Kate
    Meghan Kate 7 days ago +2

    a trick i’ve learned from my mom dying her hair at home is, if you get it on your skin you can use a makeup wipe to wipe it off. it works perfectly!!

  • heyo matt
    heyo matt 7 days ago


  • Levv
    Levv 7 days ago

    I think like 70% percent of the people liked this video because of the goat part

  • Ítalo Cancino
    Ítalo Cancino 7 days ago

    OMG i love it

  • alilbitkitten
    alilbitkitten 7 days ago

    I think “letting strangers chose my hairstyle” would be so fun to see (e.g. one stranger chooses length, another stranger selects bangs/layers, another color, another style such as straight or curled, etc.) ☁️ #cravingahaircutasap

  • Elijah Wong
    Elijah Wong 8 days ago

    Who else thought that she should sell those pigtails

  • veronica dossey
    veronica dossey 8 days ago +2

    That one gray hair at 10:38

    • C M
      C M 2 days ago

      I identify as that one white hair lol

  • Ashleigh Brynne
    Ashleigh Brynne 8 days ago

    Severus Snape? Is that you?

  • Don’t be my friend

    I am cutting my hair rn

  • Lindsay Ryan
    Lindsay Ryan 8 days ago

    You sound like female Tom Green

  • K H
    K H 8 days ago

    It turned out pretty good but this is more of a hair hack and in my opinion its not a very good idea and if you want a hair cuz just go to a hair stylist they had to go to a school and get a license dont let their work go to waste.

  • Casy Chapin
    Casy Chapin 9 days ago

    Now try a diy pixie cut!

  • B T S infires babe
    B T S infires babe 9 days ago

    With the pigtail and towel she looks like anna

  • Kendra Humphrey
    Kendra Humphrey 9 days ago

    I thought it turned out pretty good.

  • HipUsername
    HipUsername 9 days ago

    I came from Brad's reaction video of this 😂😂😂

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips 9 days ago

    Saf and Tyler are iconic 💀

  • galaxy world d
    galaxy world d 9 days ago

    Omg my name is dua not dua lipa but my first name is dua and my last name is not!!! Lipa

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 9 days ago

    1920s should be Clara Bow and the "It Girl." You have that Flapper look after coloring your hair. Good job there.
    And you actually wen tot professional AFTER you tortured your hair and expected to be treated with respect?
    "Hey doc, I had this abdominal pain so I did some self-surgery and now I need you to kind of clean things up."
    "The pain in my tooth was bad so I did some self-dentistry I saw on the internet, and now I just want you to clean it up a bit, OK ?"

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 9 days ago

    When cutting your own hair, the term "ish" should not be acceptable.
    "Is my part straight?" Straight-ish = bad
    "Are these scissors safe?" Safe-ish = bad
    "I am scared" if said by your INSTRUCTOR = Really Really BAD !!!
    Good instructional video on instructional video problems.

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones 9 days ago +2

    More like Edna from Incredibles 😂

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones 9 days ago +2

    I fell even more in love with y'all once you mentioned The Office 😂

  • beth hooson
    beth hooson 9 days ago

    I saw my girl in da description you know Joana ceddia right and gabbie!

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 9 days ago

    You should go blonde

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 9 days ago


  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 9 days ago

    Go short

  • Eloise Notman
    Eloise Notman 10 days ago

    Sorry this did happen Safiya 1:30 your in Brad mondo’s video

  • stacy the doggo
    stacy the doggo 10 days ago

    * Up next has hairdresser reacts to Safiya Nygaard *

  • lauren Hicks
    lauren Hicks 10 days ago

    Weyy the salons using Davines 😂! Definitely my favourite hair products

  • Madiha Altaf
    Madiha Altaf 10 days ago

    BRB cutting my hair

  • The Dance Crew
    The Dance Crew 10 days ago

    I like how when she shows her before cut, after cut and after cut and dye, her previous selves were almost in sync.

  • Emmy Loo
    Emmy Loo 10 days ago

    Myra looks EXACTLY like Karina Garcia

  • Abril Hernandez
    Abril Hernandez 10 days ago

    that girl looked like karina garcia

  • Lydia 07
    Lydia 07 11 days ago

    The left side is longer

  • marley wenum
    marley wenum 12 days ago

    Her voice is so weird

  • Me Duh
    Me Duh 12 days ago

    Joanna is in hereeeeeeee!!!!!
    I love her vids just as much as yours

  • dbase340 dbase340
    dbase340 dbase340 12 days ago

    If people don't think the reason for this video is fcuking stupid? Then ya'll fcuking stupid! FFs.

  • Catie T
    Catie T 13 days ago


  • salma yousef
    salma yousef 13 days ago

    You dyed your hair more like Did your hair

  • Yumna Khalid
    Yumna Khalid 14 days ago +1

    It is I, Severus Snape 🐍

  • Julie Blake
    Julie Blake 14 days ago

    I don't think you did a bad job for a first try, but after the fix and style, your hair looks fantastic! So shiny and bouncy and sleek, and the length suits you perfectly.

  • Blaziaf xoxo
    Blaziaf xoxo 14 days ago

    I love how she does end up on a hairdresser reacts video

  • Kiersten Bakowski
    Kiersten Bakowski 14 days ago

    I think this would have gone a lot better if she had used actually hair cutting scissors and not the scissors I found in the back of my junk drawer...

  • Noradino Rodriguez
    Noradino Rodriguez 14 days ago


  • zoe knight
    zoe knight 15 days ago


  • Quackityishot
    Quackityishot 15 days ago

    The hair dying chick is karina Garcia’s twin😂👌🏼

  • peachychan 97
    peachychan 97 15 days ago

    she kind off looks like snape😂

  • Haley Holland
    Haley Holland 15 days ago

    Saf. Where’s the new video?

  • Aurel Chatterjee
    Aurel Chatterjee 15 days ago

    You posted this on my Birthday!!!

  • Olivia Fiser
    Olivia Fiser 15 days ago

    yes queen ahhh

  • Meg Swan
    Meg Swan 15 days ago

    So glad you went back to black vampire mood.

  • valbona duro
    valbona duro 15 days ago

    (Joanna Cediaa )

  • valbona duro
    valbona duro 15 days ago

    lol who else watched that girl who cut her hair with safety scissors be for this one

  • The Idiots
    The Idiots 15 days ago

    Ironically one of Brad Mondo’s videos is in her “suggested for you” feed on the bottom right hand side... 12:41

  • water melonz
    water melonz 15 days ago +2

    This gurl should be a comedian🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexis Hummel
    Alexis Hummel 16 days ago

    I’m about to chop all my hair to my shoulders today 😬 but I’m excited

  • Pai Valentin
    Pai Valentin 16 days ago +1

    You speak too much.... just get to the cutting and no more talking!

  • kitty sophie
    kitty sophie 16 days ago

    It is 5:45 am on a Sunday morning

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 16 days ago

    Omg my mom has had a bob haircut since I was a kid and for at least 10 years iv called her lord farquad 😂

  • Loa Gitz
    Loa Gitz 16 days ago

    Kan du læse det her safiya? Jeg så en af dine andre videoer og så at din far er fra danmark og det er jeg også❤️

  • Karel Cornejo
    Karel Cornejo 16 days ago

    I put the finger up for the lord farquat comment, bahahahahhaa.

  • Nashi Dragneel 2014
    Nashi Dragneel 2014 16 days ago +1

    It's up to you bob

  • Chybabbyy.y
    Chybabbyy.y 16 days ago

    Tbh i think u would look good as a bald person

  • eatjinandopenyourrice _
    eatjinandopenyourrice _ 16 days ago +1

    I'm getting bangs on Wednesday and I'm scared😂💜

  • Pepper Tye
    Pepper Tye 17 days ago +2

    Me : skips a bunch of the video
    Her : “now I will continue to die. Slowly.”
    Me : “WOAH WUT”

  • Purple Diamond
    Purple Diamond 17 days ago

    I love ur shirt

  • Isabell Sundholm
    Isabell Sundholm 17 days ago +1

    one of her pigtails is like my entire hair in a ponytail

  • Muntaha Sultana
    Muntaha Sultana 17 days ago

    Snape is that you my friend