Whole Tomato in Rice Cooker = Simple Delicious Rice Dish

  • Published on Nov 9, 2014
  • Here is a SUPER simple way to make a delicious rice dish and all you need is a tomato and a rice cooker.
    My favorite rice cooker: amzn.to/1WjYEzD
    What you need:
    1 large ripe tomato
    2 cups of rice
    2 tsp of olive oil
    1 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp pepper.
    rice cooker
    Wash rice, add water. Put in all seasoning, then add tomato.
    Cook the rice like you normally would...the end. :-)

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  • HeroDanTV
    HeroDanTV 20 hours ago

    This recipe is a favorite of mine. I love this video!

  • trapsicle
    trapsicle Day ago

    I hate tomatoes but I’d like to try this

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    That's what good pussy sounds like...

  • azaright
    azaright 5 days ago

    Check Indian recipe for tomato rice, its real and tastes way better

  • Dark God
    Dark God 6 days ago

    The ricecucker's telling you something

  • allie donovan
    allie donovan 9 days ago

    This with mashed avocado and mashed boiled egg mmmmm

  • Sam L
    Sam L 9 days ago

    your first recipe looked so good especially when that tomato exploded but I cried when you put pork flesh in your second recipe - so someone did cry when pig meat was used (contrary to your belief that no one is going to cry for putting in too much char siu or bacon)

  • Bree Stone
    Bree Stone 11 days ago

    That reaction when you added the hot oil 😂

  • julia
    julia 11 days ago

    I've tried this before.. not a fan, it's really bland and just tastes like plain rice with a little bit tomato juice, i even put some more seasoning in but that didn't do much

  • Reed Lee
    Reed Lee 12 days ago

    Looks like lacking some protein... Shredded chicken perhaps?

  • Amy U.
    Amy U. 13 days ago +1

    I tried this. It tastes like tomato and rice. With like three big pieces of tomato skin. 🍅🍚

    • Kushie54321
      Kushie54321 7 days ago

      Put the tomatoe in hot water before you put it in the rice cooker. The skin should come off pretty easily

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 14 days ago

    My mother showed me this dish a very long time ago but not in a rice cooker ... thank for sharing a easy way of cooking it in a rice cooker

  • THiNk aBoUt it.
    THiNk aBoUt it. 14 days ago

    Bro... That was a woman not a guy! 😂 Set it n forget it

  • Babi Rusa
    Babi Rusa 14 days ago +1

    Has anyone told you how beautiful your ricecooker is?

  • Static D21
    Static D21 14 days ago

    I added carrots and portuguese sausage to my pot! Thanks for sharing.

  • Marc Touss
    Marc Touss 14 days ago

    your rice cooker looks like the pink power ranger...

  • eph elle
    eph elle 15 days ago

    ketchup and rice

  • Karni
    Karni 15 days ago

    Damn some chorizo or italian sausage would go well as some parsley for garnish and maybe lemon cest + some carrots

  • Keith Gass
    Keith Gass 16 days ago

    There is a middle eastern dish, its name translates to "Upside Down" its basically this concept exactly.

  • Mr_ Sqiggly_line
    Mr_ Sqiggly_line 16 days ago

    😆 theres barly any rice to much work for just a snack 😂😂😂

    • Ricky Johnson
      Ricky Johnson 15 days ago

      Its just putting a tomato in with your rice? lol If this is too much work then rice is too much work for a snack.

  • DR Hall
    DR Hall 17 days ago

    Anyone else reminded of Proxy Paige looking at that thumbnail?

  • İsm Ata
    İsm Ata 17 days ago

    we make rice, then dice the raw fresh tomato, then springle the tomato over the rice in your plate. thats especially good in summer.
    this recipe looks like its winter counterpart.

  • Lyke Daryl Basilio
    Lyke Daryl Basilio 21 day ago

    When Jackie Chan is not filming.

  • TimzOfficial
    TimzOfficial 21 day ago

    Dafuk is this man lmao 😂

  • Tranman69
    Tranman69 22 days ago

    Its pretty much "fried" rice from a rice cooker.. nothing new

    CHEMICAL GIZZARD 22 days ago

    Y'all just blew my freaking mind. For real.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 23 days ago

    But i only eat brown rice. It was really hard to switch from white rice coz white rice taste so much better.

  • Sharon Edogbanya
    Sharon Edogbanya 24 days ago

    y'all must have never heard of Nigeran jollof rice. this is like a Great Value version of that

    • midnightspud
      midnightspud 16 days ago

      They not ready lol. But this is a clutch meal for when the money dries up or if you're trying to save. This isn't better than potato greens tho

    CODY ELAM 24 days ago

    my guy stop saying “meatatarian”
    we’re natural omnivores
    it’s normal to eat the meats

      CODY ELAM 21 day ago

      Me Ru several or seven?
      because one-2pounds of meat is quite normal

    • Ruben Metzinger
      Ruben Metzinger 21 day ago

      normal to eat meat, yes.
      normal to eat several pounds of meat each week? no.
      normal to cruelly kill millions of animals every day? no.

  • Nathan Crook
    Nathan Crook 25 days ago

    what a legend

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short 26 days ago

    How about fish?

  • giraffe neck
    giraffe neck 27 days ago

    mexican rice on a budget

  • Sleepy Coyote
    Sleepy Coyote 27 days ago

    This is the first time, that I have ever watched somebody eat rice and become so happy, that they turn into a jumping kangaroo. 🤣

  • Sleepy Coyote
    Sleepy Coyote 27 days ago

    I think that I would put in some Mexican seasonings and then it would be quick and easy, Spanish type of rice.

  • zakaria Driouche
    zakaria Driouche Month ago

    I am way too high to see this as a smart af deal

  • Uday Pathania
    Uday Pathania Month ago

    basically what he made is biryani as we call it in India.

    • İsm Ata
      İsm Ata 17 days ago

      needs a spoonful of seasonings and yoghurt or similar. although this looks good too.🤔

  • xlncy
    xlncy Month ago

    Trust me dont boil tomato you gotta saute it with oil otherwise it will feel raw.

  • deni shang
    deni shang Month ago

    Thumbs up sir. I tried cooking one today. Its great. I paired it with salted egg 😊😊😊

  • glenda sabo
    glenda sabo Month ago

    Did you use more water??? You needed egg

  • Yuanspex01 YBM
    Yuanspex01 YBM Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • PinkSlime0990
    PinkSlime0990 Month ago

    Cuck-O is not a brand I would've associated with rice cookers

  • MagicLEGION
    MagicLEGION Month ago

    How in the world did this only get to me 2019

  • tdreamgmail
    tdreamgmail Month ago

    I'm learning many new words.

  • The holy sanoh
    The holy sanoh Month ago

    Some CHASHOU is better than bacon

  • jdmvette
    jdmvette Month ago

    Cuckoo vs Zojirushi 🤔

  • gary 132
    gary 132 Month ago

    i dont know why most asian eat sticky rice ?

  • Sree Nikhila
    Sree Nikhila Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Rebecca Cousyn
    Rebecca Cousyn Month ago

    What kind of meat is that?

  • Karwin Chau
    Karwin Chau Month ago

    i still got this 90's tiger brand rice cooker and still use it to this day :)

  • Bullet
    Bullet Month ago

    What if you dont have olive oil ?

  • Zee Kay
    Zee Kay Month ago

    Looks like something else

  • Bao Ton
    Bao Ton Month ago

    I didn't have any bacon in the house at the moment. so just used sausage its great

  • dserenity69
    dserenity69 Month ago

    Lol, u might as well make fried rice.

  • Vince Baker
    Vince Baker Month ago

    I used a frog to mash my cooked tomato into the cooked rice and it didn't work very well. I would suggest just using a wooden spoon like in the video instead of just "whatever."

  • lakshay gupta
    lakshay gupta Month ago

    It's called Pulav in India😋

  • AsianNinjaNation
    AsianNinjaNation Month ago

    Only a true Asian can properly flex their rice cooker

  • onegonzalezzz
    onegonzalezzz Month ago

    3:42 that's what good pussy sounds like

    ADDY BOT Month ago

    Just toss in a few garlic cloves and it's unbeatable

  • Noam Rees
    Noam Rees Month ago

    u know american food culture is fucked up when they think wating rice with tomato is insane

  • Yoshi Muroi
    Yoshi Muroi Month ago

    Why was this recommended to me? it's such a random video.

  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander Month ago

    I hate the sounds you make when you eat. OMEEEEEGAAAAAAAAWWWWWDDD!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco Month ago

    Beta af

  • Youie:/
    Youie:/ Month ago

    Instead of adding 1 tomato i added two then added some paprika,soy sauce and some diced potatoes. Tastes amazing!😁😁

    • Youie:/
      Youie:/ Month ago

      The paprika is optional. If you want some spice to it then i recommend it😋

  • PeeveS
    PeeveS Month ago

    Dr evil..... "meal"

  • Guap Iano
    Guap Iano Month ago

    that’s basically mexican rice

  • DK Niel
    DK Niel Month ago

    this is so DUH !

  • Pete Solorio
    Pete Solorio Month ago

    it's kind of like a cheap version of Mexican fried rice.

  • Eman Lastimado
    Eman Lastimado Month ago

    This is beyond science

  • Jacose J
    Jacose J Month ago +1


  • FedorMachida Last
    FedorMachida Last Month ago

    Interesting. I will try this next time I make some jasmine rice.

  • Nick N
    Nick N Month ago

    Strictly Dumpling did an oopsie

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy Month ago

    Nope! Do this. Make rice normally. Then put an over easy egg on it. The drizzle a bit of ketchup. Mix and mogo!!

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Month ago

    Where's The kabobs? 💯

  • Drawing On Record
    Drawing On Record Month ago

    meataterian made me not want to subscribe,

  • Z Z
    Z Z Month ago

    Simple, definitely trying it

  • Arif Maulana
    Arif Maulana Month ago

    i dont know hot stady chopstick into rice???? could you make video how to use chopstick properly, sir?

  • An Orange A Day Keeps The Scurvy Away

    "Let's give it a taste!"
    After camera cuts and has a grain of rice hanging off his lip. Hahaha. I wanna see the first take.

  • Shadiq musyaffa
    Shadiq musyaffa Month ago

    Ir face looks like jackie chan when he young

  • C Butler
    C Butler Month ago

    I dub this *Ovarice.*
    (Because tomatoes are ovaries? Yeah‽ IDK.)

  • Dave Hyler
    Dave Hyler Month ago

    You make 2 cups of uncooked rice and a very large tomato in a rice cooker, and you are only using 3 1/2 TEASPOONS of seasoning?
    Two of the most bland ingredients in the world mixed together. There needs to be a cup of sauce, garlic cloves, chili or cayenne flakes, fresh not dry herbs, and ideally a protein with its own seasoning (after seeing this, I feel like even if he had added a protein, he would’ve chosen unseasoned tofu squares... 🤔)
    Second one was much more what I would expect for what smile would call “a meal you could eat for dinner”. Minus that insult to bacon, that anything could possibly be superior or even a substitute to that cured, smoked, and beautifully marbled texture 👌

  • Lauchlan Swann
    Lauchlan Swann Month ago

    Been doing this for years as a student, also normally put forzen veggies in also.

  • NovaFrost
    NovaFrost Month ago


  • Kryption
    Kryption Month ago

    i thought the thumbnail was an egg with a red yolk

  • taytay swift
    taytay swift Month ago

    *specifies that he used sea salt but neglects to mention the variety of pepper*

  • Satho
    Satho Month ago

    Thumbnail looks like a prolapsed anus

  • Des Anderson
    Des Anderson Month ago

    Looks like it tastes super bland.... 🤔

  • Trogdor Burninator
    Trogdor Burninator Month ago

    2tsp of salt is 4700mg of sodium, or about five Big Macs' worth, or about 7/8th of a Pizza Hut large pizza. Adding pickled radish and char siu is going to raise that significantly further. Adding any additional food, further. More than enough to give you a nasty headache unless you're chugging water (which is likely where the myth of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" came from).
    "We performed a systematic review of fatalities from ingesting salt to assess if relatively moderate doses of salt could be fatal. In 27 reports, there were 35 fatalities documented (19 in adults and 16 in children). The lethal dose was estimated to be less than 10 g of sodium (

  • Ernie gang luitenent

    This man really tried to flex that rice cooker

  • E.C.'s LambGoatSoup

    You should've stirred the salt, pepper, and oil before you cooked it.

  • NZXEagle
    NZXEagle Month ago

    Any asian will brag about their rice cooker

  • NZXEagle
    NZXEagle Month ago


  • Green Is Purple
    Green Is Purple Month ago

    asian people discover spanish rice

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne Month ago

    Dang that's a side dish not a meal.

  • Señor Raccoon
    Señor Raccoon Month ago

    It looked like a egg in the thumnail

  • Jerry Barker
    Jerry Barker Month ago

    It's irritating how casually he uses those chop sticks and I'm sitting here having like to hella focus and try hard asf and still fail

  • 3was
    3was Month ago

    يلا باقيلهم شوي و بيكتشفون الكبسه

  • Andrew Wu
    Andrew Wu Month ago

    will u be my roommate?

  • Jose Molina
    Jose Molina Month ago

    So spanish rice without peppers lol

  • Kerrie Tam
    Kerrie Tam Month ago

    Use sesame oil

  • Muhammad Syafiq
    Muhammad Syafiq Month ago

    ni bukan nasi tomato ke?