Whole Tomato in Rice Cooker = Simple Delicious Rice Dish


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  • Jaekoff
    Jaekoff 3 hours ago

    Cuckoo. I'm sorry.

  • Gildedtongue
    Gildedtongue 18 hours ago

    Add a bit of onion and you've got a very simple and easy spanish/mexican rice.

  • B Series
    B Series Day ago

    So making that today! Having it with tilapia fillet, asparagus, & sauteed mushrooms

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 days ago

    No egg?

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73 2 days ago

    You should try cooking rice with chicken stock with salt and pepper for taste, you'll be surprised how good the rice taste.

  • Zedify
    Zedify 3 days ago

    HAHa I farted at 3:34

  • Jameson Moore
    Jameson Moore 3 days ago

    i would give anything to have a rice cooker that cool and beautiful I'm total jelly

  • Jonathan Ray
    Jonathan Ray 4 days ago

    Homie made this video and half of y'all watched this to hate, do you bro! I'm trynna this dish tomorrow night

  • Lycan_Jedi
    Lycan_Jedi 4 days ago

    Add some browned beef and roasted green bell peppers. Delicious!

  • Anselm Herkstroeter
    Anselm Herkstroeter 5 days ago

    it's 10 pm and i just snook into my kitchen to get the ricecooker and stuff xD

  • Stone
    Stone 9 days ago +1

    If mike didn't close his eyes, wait a minute, and say WOW, then the food is not good -Albert Einstein

  • babz anderson
    babz anderson 10 days ago

    All good until the pig Meat but I'm going to cook it tomorrow

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez 10 days ago

    you scratched your beautiful rice cooker when you mixed the tomato with the wooden spoon inside the beautiful rice cooker

  • MA TA
    MA TA 13 days ago

    thank you!!!! this was awesome!

  • KLASS podcast
    KLASS podcast 15 days ago

    the rice cooker is called the CUCKoo,seems legit lol

    • chimmypoo
      chimmypoo 13 days ago

      yeh i have that rice cooker

  • sl
    sl 17 days ago

    Adding tuna makes it more tasty

  • edgar flores
    edgar flores 18 days ago

    Just one question was the pork raw or already cooked before you put it in the rice

  • Vineeth Bhaskara
    Vineeth Bhaskara 21 day ago

    i guess after 100 tries or so, he would discover the recipe of Indian biryani or Pulao... good luck reinventing!

  • scotty jennings
    scotty jennings 25 days ago

    Yep gonna try it with an onion.🚹

  • Kadiyatu Mayah
    Kadiyatu Mayah Month ago

    Nigerian Jollof Rice😭😭

  • Brandon Payton-Coons

    Asparagus, tomato, mushrooms, bacon, and butter. Cook those in a rice cooker. Empty contents. Cook rice. When rice is fully cooked, mix all of it together. Delicious.

  • Lia Granger
    Lia Granger Month ago +1

    I've never seen anyone have that much affection for their rice cooker😂

  • Synquis Harris
    Synquis Harris Month ago

    My grandad use to make this when I was younger it’s really good

  • Steel Metal
    Steel Metal Month ago

    Thanks for the recipe Jackie Chan!

  • BeeJoeBee
    BeeJoeBee Month ago


  • Suzie Wardah
    Suzie Wardah Month ago

    I love how much he loves his rice cooker lol

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader Month ago

    HOT OIL!!

  • Francisco L
    Francisco L Month ago

    How much water? Check your recipe.

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal Month ago

    Cool. Imma hafta try this one.

  • Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie Month ago

    Thanks never thought of that. I will try with diced tomatoes, diced yellow and green onions, minced garlic, diced carrots, brown rice, and maybe cubed boneless skinless chicken highs. Thanks.

  • Casual Hobbies
    Casual Hobbies Month ago

    whos watching this in November 19 - 2018??

  • Ricardo B. Diaz
    Ricardo B. Diaz 2 months ago

    In the next video try a whole potato.

  • Bertrand Bijou
    Bertrand Bijou 2 months ago

    The thumbail looked like a prolaspe 😶

  • Gabriel Canto
    Gabriel Canto 2 months ago

    I would personally add the olive oil by the end while mashing the tomato

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte 2 months ago

    this is just spanish rice without the onion, cliantro and chicken seasoning ..... great idea and non taking anything away from this video..... but ummmmmm its like ghetto spanish rice :)

  • Eric Fong
    Eric Fong 2 months ago

    Isn't that like fried rice minus the frying?

  • Rons Channel540
    Rons Channel540 2 months ago

    Rice cooker has cuck in it

  • adrian bob
    adrian bob 2 months ago

    ahahaha this is like a simplified mexican rice dish

  • ZinkRBLX
    ZinkRBLX 2 months ago

    Ahhhh... I love this dish my mom cooks it a lot and I love it with some egg try cooking it with tomatoes, eggs, butter or oil your choice and cook on a pan with water and put the soup made from the flavored dish on to the rice it’s taste AMAZING! 🍅🍳🍚

  • Indahnya Indonesia
    Indahnya Indonesia 2 months ago

    Should add some garlic too. Replace salt with soy sauce

  • Johny Doe
    Johny Doe 2 months ago

    Ronco set it and forget it.....

  • Nicolo Lacida
    Nicolo Lacida 2 months ago

    Im asian, and that looks freakin gross lol

  • Bob Raimer
    Bob Raimer 2 months ago +2

    I put 2 tomatoes... and one of them wasn´t even totally ripe!
    Thug Life!

  • Cody McLean
    Cody McLean 2 months ago

    Prolapsed asshole, for sure.

  • belgianblue123
    belgianblue123 2 months ago

    This video does not need to be 10 min long

  • Rupi Gamer
    Rupi Gamer 2 months ago


  • ryanfcker
    ryanfcker 2 months ago

    thumbnail looks like a prolapse

  • sushant pandita
    sushant pandita 2 months ago

    3:34 👁️

  • God //
    God // 2 months ago +1

    the spitting image of a younger JC.

  • HLO Oso
    HLO Oso 2 months ago

    Steam hobo rice. . . You 4 got the kitchen sink lol...

  • Nova Bella
    Nova Bella 2 months ago

    Do you need to cook the bacon before tossing it in?

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones 2 months ago

    Do more of these

  • Yuki Harisaki
    Yuki Harisaki 2 months ago

    hi sir, can i use Palm oil insted of oliver oil??

  • Yuki Harisaki
    Yuki Harisaki 2 months ago

    hi sir, can i use Palm oil insted of oliver oil??

  • Jean King
    Jean King 2 months ago

    This guy single-handedly showed me a dish that saved my pocket while at university.

  • Jadden
    Jadden 2 months ago +3

    HOW?!? everytime I eat with chopsticks food fall out yet you can eat rice with it perfectly. I always give up so I grab a spoon instead.

    • Cheryl Loke
      Cheryl Loke Month ago

      Jadden r/whooooshh

    • Jadden
      Jadden Month ago

      Suzie Wardah you don’t have to be Asian to master that skill haha

    • Suzie Wardah
      Suzie Wardah Month ago

      '_' he's Asian? Sooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Androth
    Androth 2 months ago

    a "rice cooker" is basically a pressure cooker with a different name.

  • arci pastika
    arci pastika 2 months ago

    if i do this my mom will kill me

    • Laura
      Laura 2 months ago +2


  • Nasi Wapo
    Nasi Wapo 2 months ago

    Jussss set it annnd forget ittttt

  • Calvin
    Calvin 2 months ago +1

    Maybe adding a one or tablespoons of small diced onions?

  • David B
    David B 2 months ago

    Get you a man that talks about you like simply dumpling talks about his rice cooker

  • KFDB
    KFDB 2 months ago

    this guy really just discovered mexican rice lmao

  • Elly CHANNEL
    Elly CHANNEL 2 months ago +1

    you like jackie chan

  • Fluky Review
    Fluky Review 2 months ago +1

    I would try it out, but I may put in some diced unions and eggs in there as well.

  • Fluky Review
    Fluky Review 2 months ago

    What kind of rice, Jasmine, Basmati, sticky, long grain???

  • Fouzaan Amjad
    Fouzaan Amjad 2 months ago

    Add paprika garlic onion another tomato and like 3 eggs

  • admiral akainu
    admiral akainu 2 months ago

    Similar to what i have eat in singapore, they called chicken mixed rice, only thing they did not put tomato, they put chicken, oyster sauce, light soy, sesame oil, nappa cabage, and shitake mushroom

  • Oldbmwr100rs
    Oldbmwr100rs 2 months ago

    Dammit, here it's 2 AM and I'm watching this and remembering that I too have a rice cooker and rice, but nothing else to make this with! But some serrano peppers in that rice with more tomato and maybe some chili powder and it would almost be spanish rice.

  • Zack Hologram
    Zack Hologram 2 months ago

    Tomatoes are disgusting

  • GabeLogan
    GabeLogan 2 months ago

    Well try this like adding to it + red pepper (spicy or sweet) + paprika (i prefer spicy) + onion = famous hungarian dish LECSÓ with rice

  • Moatasem Al Dayea
    Moatasem Al Dayea 2 months ago

    look how cute my rice cooker is
    weird flex but ok.

  • J K
    J K 2 months ago

    This is quite an interesting idea, and he seems like a really interesting and likable guy. I don't mind watching him and listening to him at all.

  • HeartSmart1
    HeartSmart1 2 months ago

    You can add soft tofu cubes and a little sesame oil, too...

  • Big Index
    Big Index 2 months ago

    what i like to do thats similar is i wait for the rice to cook halfway then i put fried fish inside, mix and mash it up and add a lil bit of shoyu and let it cook

  • T Lee
    T Lee 2 months ago

    my rice cooker is better than yours ;)

  • Lindsay Chincio
    Lindsay Chincio 2 months ago

    10:17 had me dying

  • Joshua Cole
    Joshua Cole 2 months ago

    So educational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Sneddon
    Mark Sneddon 2 months ago

    How the hell am i not already subscribed to your channel O_O

  • Arixkid
    Arixkid 2 months ago

    What if you added thinly sliced beef, replace water with beef stock, and okra (or spinach) to this mixture?

  • Sue Hunt
    Sue Hunt 2 months ago

    #1. I TOTALLY said the words with you (set it & forget it); #2 I wouldn't recommend bacon - cooked or uncooked it will get slimy & rubbery in that thing.....not the right kind of cooking for bacon....what you used was probably a much better idea :)

  • twilightsdawning Palladino

    Getting ready to try this recipe right now in my Instant Pot! I thought I might be interested in ordering that rice cooker until I clicked on the link and saw that it costs over a hundred bucks...YIKES!!

  • qwu banzai
    qwu banzai 2 months ago

    Sometimes I stir fry some carrots and add them in when the rice is almost done

  • Sya Meze
    Sya Meze 2 months ago

    So I just made this fish in my Instant Pot. It was NOT amazing 😏 It was fair/good. I had s more amazing experience watching you eat yours....😘😘😘😘 Next time I’ll try with some of your extras but I eat vegan 🌱 plantbased.

  • Cynic
    Cynic 2 months ago

    Been doing this for a while i do mine with an addition of a onion

  • Joegen Lo
    Joegen Lo 2 months ago

    My aunt used to mix a pack of cream of asparagus before cooking the rice in a rice cooker. And it taste great too.

  • JonTron Did911
    JonTron Did911 2 months ago

    Congrats. You just made Spanish rice. Basically....

  • Tim Jantzen
    Tim Jantzen 2 months ago

    GOOD olive oil?! What is this? Barefoot contessa?

  • Tracy Eaves
    Tracy Eaves 2 months ago

    Junk your rice cooker and get a Zojirushi

  • Shata vahana
    Shata vahana 2 months ago

    know what we make similar Indian kind in rice cooker first keep washed rice aside and put some oil in the rice cooker switch on then saute some veggies like onions carrots tomatos green peas potatoes and cilantro..add some salt and pepper and then washed rice pour the required water for the rice to cook - thats it try it out with your bacon or pork whatever it would be good..btw nice video from you

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 2 months ago

    Asians are small and funny looking
    Glad they exist to entertain is superior folk

  • drmseeker
    drmseeker 2 months ago

    I would have to put my garlic in it to

  • Antonio De Chavez
    Antonio De Chavez 2 months ago

    Add some green peas.

  • aShay Prodigy
    aShay Prodigy 2 months ago

    4:51 mood

  • Melanie Grayson
    Melanie Grayson 2 months ago

    Some Mexican rice it's just not afraid 😂🤣

  • p pete
    p pete 3 months ago

    Throw a raw egg on that!💕

  • Jeremy Fitsgerald
    Jeremy Fitsgerald 3 months ago

    Ok, I'm going to try making this dish. *Buys tomatoes and rice* . *Places rice and tomato in rice cooker* . *BEEP BEEP* . *Eat the rice* . *pass out.exe*
    >be me
    >wake up.jpeg
    >see Todd Howard playing with my mom
    >Elder Scrolls theme plays
    >Goddammit Todd Howard

  • Cindy Jiang
    Cindy Jiang 3 months ago +2

    Can you use cherry tomatoes instead? Also, is there any replacements for the olive oil?

    • Ethan W
      Ethan W 4 days ago

      try cherry tomatoes, and try sunflower seed oil, instead of olive oil.

  • Dan Salas
    Dan Salas 3 months ago

    Awesome! I’ll definitely have to try this. Thanks!

  • The Crazed Indian House Wife

    This is Indian/Persian Mom Weekday fast food! Sneak in the vegetables where they cannot pick them out. I would add chilli powder, and tandoori spices, garlic and ginger! serve it with tandoori chicken, and add way more than one tomato, with a side of Mango achar (spicy pickle)! Good video!