• Published on Jun 17, 2011
  • Billy Corgan talks about some of the guitar effects pedals used on Smashing Pumpkins recordings.
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  • Comical Ali
    Comical Ali 22 days ago

    I have a similar-sized collection (no unique stuff like he has) and I keep them in a glass case. Billy tosses them around like they're pairs of socks.

  • DarkLight
    DarkLight 3 months ago

    very cool of billy to share his settings like that with us...thanks billy!

  • ColdToiletSeats
    ColdToiletSeats 3 months ago +1

    like $100,000 in pedals no big deal .. Can I have one of those tone benders you have like 3 ... I can't afford to fork over $500 for one :(

  • thombles
    thombles 3 months ago +1

    is Danny Carey filming this? Billy calls him Carey and when you see him in the reflection of that silver pedal it looks a lot like him.

    • Yasuhito Saito
      Yasuhito Saito Month ago +1

      pretty sure kerry brown from catherine but not sure

  • Due_
    Due_ 3 months ago

    my god this is so inspiring, the coolest thing is that he shows the settings and that he has a WH10 Ibanez pedal!!! never seen anyone using it apart from john frusciante

  • NJ Lakis
    NJ Lakis 4 months ago +1

    When Billy says he used the big muff, distortion 2, and the phaser for lead tones, does he mean solos only? From my understanding, he uses the big muff, but then adds the distortion 2 and the phaser for solos on siamese dream. Is this correct, or did he use them all at the same time even on the verses of songs?

  • Liam Harris
    Liam Harris 7 months ago +1

    ummmm what’s up with his hand

  • LadyCroMag BuntCitch
    LadyCroMag BuntCitch 8 months ago

    All these years I thought Big Muff was a fat bitch’s pussy...

  • P Ruston
    P Ruston 9 months ago

    Sooo cool!! Side note: Pale Horse has become one of my absolute favorite songs!! I love every detail about it ... lyrics, music... 🖤

  • Ni K
    Ni K 9 months ago

    What is :Sam ask fuzzola?

    • static fuzz
      static fuzz 8 months ago

      The "Sam *Ash* Fuzzola" is from the 60's and goes for around $600

  • Solip:sistema
    Solip:sistema 9 months ago

    In Where the boys fear to tread i can hear a sort of constant whistling harmonics sounds... it's made with a guitar and effects? I don't understand what it is

    • Solip:sistema
      Solip:sistema 9 months ago

      Live they play with Whammy effects, but nothing like on the album... sounds like a hi band flanger through a notch filter or something

  • Ian Ratzer
    Ian Ratzer 10 months ago

    Is is just me or does this video not have sound anymore? Bummer.

  • Dale Weber
    Dale Weber Year ago

    Notice the Spectrum what does that do?

  • Kymberli Shea
    Kymberli Shea Year ago

    So cute😍😍

  • the Paul Thomas Music

    Holy Mother Mary, THANKS for this video.

  • Rare Form
    Rare Form Year ago

    Robin Trower Over Drive ...Nice . Whats up with his hand ?

    • Desert Storm ChefNice
      Desert Storm ChefNice Year ago

      It's a birthmark called a "port wine stain" which goes all the way up his arm. That's why he's always wore long sleeve shirts

  • Jimmy Staple
    Jimmy Staple Year ago +1

    Anybody know what he used on the for martha solo

  • TELEthruVOXx
    TELEthruVOXx Year ago

    This was porn.

  • Shilpi Heyden
    Shilpi Heyden Year ago +8

    so it sounds like the cherub rock solo is a mxr phase 100 through mxd distortion ii through big muff plus through a steel guitar preamp or the preamp is first not sure. but supposedly it creates a bunch of white noise which makes the tone sound like a jet engine then he plays a couple pinch harmonics and a slight touch of whammy bar at a deafeningly high volume through some marshall with KT88s. I don't have the money for all that but if some one wants to try it record a vid a post it for us.

    • WillCorg
      WillCorg 3 months ago

      Scott Martinez, only his 70’s Starts are hard tails (along with his signature Strat). The famous “Bat Strat” is an Eric Clapton 1957 Fender Stratocaster reissue... which would’ve originally had a tremolo (aka Whammy Bar).

    • Scott Martinez
      Scott Martinez 3 months ago

      @WillCorg Actually, Billy uses Hardtail Strats, and they don't have a Whammy bar at all.

    • WillCorg
      WillCorg Year ago

      Shilpi Heyden, I'd say for the most part YES. But Billy doesn't ever use a whammy bar as he states "it wreaks havoc on your tone & your tuning". So he has the vibrato springs cracked down tight. You can't even screw the bar into the hole or feed your guitar strings through the plate cover (I assume that's why all his covers are missing on the back) when it's cranked down. It puts it in a semipermanent bend, making it a makeshift hardtail. That's why his signature Strats are hardtail's, you get better sustain as well, another important element to his sound.

  • Desert Storm ChefNice

    He seriously has TWO Boss Spectrum pedals? Damn, that's $900 - $1K alone right there.

    • siriusisastar
      siriusisastar 8 months ago +2

      He also has 40 million albums sold.

  • Bruno ffs
    Bruno ffs Year ago

    If I was that reporter I swear to shit I'd nab the big muff once billy was looking away. Maybe even wheel the whole shopping cart out the door.

  • Kevin Kibble
    Kevin Kibble Year ago

    Holy shit, the very same Big Muff used on Siamese Dream. That thing must be worth thousands.

  • jennifer shannon
    jennifer shannon 2 years ago +1

    Bloody finger made by The Guitar Tone Company.

  • Winston Legthigh
    Winston Legthigh 2 years ago

    There's not a lot of things I wouldn't do just for a chance to go look at this magical place.

  • Shimmer
    Shimmer 2 years ago +3

    He didn't mention it, but great to see the purple Boss Hi-band flanger in there!

  • David Harrington
    David Harrington 2 years ago +45

    Bloody Finger is on Ebay and Reverb. Handmade exactly as the one I made him.

    • Alex Jones
      Alex Jones 8 months ago +5

      @siriusisastar damn Sirius you've been a little cranky since Azkaban huh?

    • siriusisastar
      siriusisastar 8 months ago +3

      Go buy it, then.

    • Lucas Rojas
      Lucas Rojas Year ago +1

      David Harrington I want one

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 2 years ago +26

    This is one of those videos I wish never ended.

  • Tanner Rupiper
    Tanner Rupiper 2 years ago

    Anyone know what pedals/effects to use for the Quiet solo?

    • Desert Storm ChefNice
      Desert Storm ChefNice Year ago

      Big muff and a BOSS harmonizer and possibly a phaser. You should be all set

    • Jacob Gore
      Jacob Gore Year ago

      Try looking into P.O.G. octave-y kinda pedals. They used it a lot live during the siamese dream era, so one could assume its probably that. Good luck though!

    • Ty Clarke
      Ty Clarke 2 years ago

      read somewhere that part of that effect was messing with the tape speed after recording.

  • Mineav
    Mineav 2 years ago +12

    I want a big muff so bad RIGHT NOW. Right in my face, please.

  • Fred Wanker
    Fred Wanker 2 years ago +4

    Fuck ive been messing around with my little big muff for a year now trying to get the perfect sound for cherub rock and quiet. I had it right the whole time!

  • Patrick Hodgen
    Patrick Hodgen 2 years ago +27

    People complaining about him chucking the metal boxed pedals back into the cart - these things get stood on for a living. Plus he's had them for 20+ years and they're still alive

    • DamnitBoy
      DamnitBoy 2 years ago +7

      Right. If people only knew the amount of use and abuse they get on tour.

  • kacper the trash boy
    kacper the trash boy 2 years ago +163

    "we used to play that on Siamese Dream" *throws it into the cart like nothing*

    • Sasha DC
      Sasha DC 20 days ago

      He has no problem showcasing a signature album tone - it's awesome

    • Orochi
      Orochi 5 months ago +4

      I love how easily he shows you how to have the exact Siamese dream tone he had

    • Marcos Marques
      Marcos Marques Year ago +8


  • max90guitar
    max90guitar 3 years ago

    send me that cart😪😆

  • TokyoXtreme
    TokyoXtreme 3 years ago

    So jittery. Seems like the camera is zoomed in or something.

  • Patchwork Man
    Patchwork Man 3 years ago

    I want The Bloody Finger please.

  • Patchwork Man
    Patchwork Man 3 years ago

    awesome, what a dude..

  • billymac72
    billymac72 3 years ago +24

    I'm amazed that with ALL those effects over the years that Corgan can even remember which ones he used on what songs/albums. I guess we all have kind of our mainstays, and once those are changed out, they stay in memory, although his recall here is impressive. And to those of you shocked by his "treatment" of these pedals, he is not "throwing" or "tossing" them around. Most of these are quite solidly built to withstand the force of being "stomped" over and over. All I see him doing here is merely picking them up and putting them back down. He's not being ginger about it, but not destructive. These pedals can handle it. I love the "Robin Trower Overdrive." Billy says he needs that "just in case he (Trower) shows up." Hilarious.

  • Pondmatter
    Pondmatter 3 years ago +5

    I cringe as he tosses these around so carelessly.

    • Grease Fire
      Grease Fire 3 years ago

      @Pondmatter Personally I'd say a vintage guitar pedal would be from some time around the 60's - 70's, which I don't think he'd put in a shopping cart.

    • Pondmatter
      Pondmatter 3 years ago +1

      They're vintage.

    • Grease Fire
      Grease Fire 3 years ago +2

      +Pondmatter Well, they are metalboxes, I'm sure they can handle it.

  • bsdraven
    bsdraven 3 years ago +42

    He literally has a shopping cart full of pedals. Lol. Gotta love the pumpkins man.

  • SkyBrotherBortz
    SkyBrotherBortz 3 years ago

    Why is his left hand and arm red? Did he get burned?

    • Anthony Mercuri
      Anthony Mercuri 3 years ago +4

      @SkyBrotherBortz It's a birthmark. He just used to wear long sleeves all the time back in the day so no-one noticed.

  • Jordan Pene
    Jordan Pene 4 years ago +2

    The shopping cart full of awesome pedals :)

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 4 years ago +5

    I would never bang my pedals around like that. No matter how much money I had.

    • Andrew Tresler
      Andrew Tresler 3 years ago +8

      +spicecrop he says quite a number of times "just got this fixed" "this one is always broken" whatever.. pedals are finiky and the dude can just get them fixed on a whim so he probably doesn't give a fuck

  • The Timinator
    The Timinator 4 years ago +1

    when was this made?

    • Zac Fernandez
      Zac Fernandez 3 years ago +3

      Around the recording of Oceania - 2011/2012

    • Alpha Diallo
      Alpha Diallo 3 years ago +2

      +The Timinator most epic come back. I can't stop laughing.

    • The Timinator
      The Timinator 4 years ago +8

      @spacemanshan my moms dead me and my dad share yours

    • Spaceman
      Spaceman 4 years ago +15

      rite after i did your mom

  • muaythai4lifelife
    muaythai4lifelife 4 years ago

    It's missing a bunch of phasers he used ;)

  • Mamuka Devdariani
    Mamuka Devdariani 5 years ago +7

    whats up with his hand?

    • WillCorg
      WillCorg Year ago

      Look at the cover of his solo album.

    • Rare Form
      Rare Form Year ago

      really it's RED ?

    • jamiebonapar
      jamiebonapar 4 years ago +2

      @Mamuka Devdariani He has Klipple Trenanay syndrome.

    • Lemmy Koopa
      Lemmy Koopa 4 years ago +3

      birth mark

    • Richy Rich
      Richy Rich 4 years ago +2

      When you are Billy Corgan, who cares?

  • Rebeca Cervantes
    Rebeca Cervantes 5 years ago +3

    Mmmmmmm....just Mmmmmmm...I want them so bad...

  • Álvaro Reyes Rubilar
    Álvaro Reyes Rubilar 5 years ago

    Billy smashing pedals, oh my goooooodness!

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 5 years ago +22

    i think i just came

  • Alex Laun
    Alex Laun 5 years ago +38

    "Yeah these are on eBay right now for a thousand a piece" CLUNK!
    Throws it back in the cart like every other pedal he owns.

  • Clint Dye
    Clint Dye 5 years ago +12

    (whispered): so many ..... seeeeecrets

  • shonkywonkydonkey
    shonkywonkydonkey 5 years ago

    What happened to his hand? Looks majorly sunburnt or something.

    • brian012281
      brian012281 Year ago

      thenewyorkpauls r

    • jamiebonapar
      jamiebonapar 4 years ago

      @shonkywonkydonkey He has Klipple Trenanay syndrome.

    • y0sh1100
      y0sh1100 4 years ago

      @shonkywonkydonkey yes

    • shonkywonkydonkey
      shonkywonkydonkey 5 years ago

      @thenewyorkpauls Is that the mark that inspired him to call one of his bands The Marked?

    • thenewyorkpauls
      thenewyorkpauls 5 years ago

      That's a birthmark that covers most of his left arm and hand, overly dilated blood vessels commonly known as Port Wine Stain. It's pretty visible on the cover of TheFutureEmbrace but really in any picture of him you'll notice it. The more blood flows the darker it gets, so concert shots of both his hands on a guitar show the contrast more clearly. Probably why he usually wears long sleeves.

  • Black SuperWoman
    Black SuperWoman 5 years ago +1

    whose shopping cart did you steal Billy?

  • Haushinka1000Hours
    Haushinka1000Hours 5 years ago

    We've got the Robin Trower Overdrive........ just in case.....he shows up......

  • Soul City Sawdog
    Soul City Sawdog 5 years ago

    what do you guys think the big muff settings were? he adjusted one of them, it looked like to me 12, 1, then wide open. the other one they show at the end, i dont think that is the one he adjusted...

  • ScottMayhewMusic
    ScottMayhewMusic 5 years ago

    wish there was some where to here the bloody finger... been looking for over a year..still nothing. anyone have a demo of it?

  • David Harrington
    David Harrington 5 years ago

    Get a bloody finger at guitartonecompany

  • Nathan Howard
    Nathan Howard 5 years ago

    Same here!

  • a
    a 5 years ago

    i bought a big muff because of billy

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell 5 years ago


  • Samuel Pat
    Samuel Pat 5 years ago +3


  • davo171
    davo171 6 years ago

    Billy DO MORE OF THESE VIDS!!! We learn a ton.

  • Sonic Goof
    Sonic Goof 6 years ago +1

    Random Guy- "Dude, where do you keep you pedals?" Billy-"They're in my grocery cart" :o

  • mondobizzarro79
    mondobizzarro79 6 years ago

    For sure: Jcm 800 ,boss ds1 whit a very cool preamp but i don't remember the name

  • BJ Russell
    BJ Russell 6 years ago

    ADA MP-1 into a Marshall JCM 800

  • BJ Russell
    BJ Russell 6 years ago


  • Nicholas Warren
    Nicholas Warren 6 years ago

    I Have A GTC Bloody Finger. THEY ARE AMAZING!

  • cerebro911
    cerebro911 6 years ago

    Pretty sure it's just straight JCM 800 (maybe 900?) amp distortion.

  • David Harrington
    David Harrington 6 years ago +6

    The bloody finger is available at Guitar Tone Company.

  • Lawrence Jones
    Lawrence Jones 6 years ago

    I wonder what he set the Electic Mistress to in the Gish album?

  • Thesleepofreason3000
    Thesleepofreason3000 6 years ago

    I see a BOSS HF-2 Hiband Flanger here.
    I think that might be what they used for the sweeps on the song "Love" off MCIS.
    Ive got that pedal too and unlike someone else who posted here I think it sounds pretty cool.
    I think it sounds a lot like what you hear on "Love" but then again they might have used something completely else for it.
    got mine cheap 2 months ago in almost like new condition.
    a lot of the older BOSS pedals are pretty cool and Ive gathered a whole bunch of them now.

  • Lawrence Jones
    Lawrence Jones 6 years ago

    What did he use in Gish!!!

  • donwantstobesedated
    donwantstobesedated 6 years ago

    Oh, I've got no problem with how many he has.
    Except for, you know, jealousy.

  • red1diversion
    red1diversion 6 years ago

    haha i love how he pretty much neglects the boss pedals...

  • back2thefutre
    back2thefutre 6 years ago


  • RingAnimated
    RingAnimated 6 years ago

    Damn large sustain-er! Mine is the size of an ant compared to that beast! Though i can't complain about mine though, its shown itself to be very nice.

  • HAYDS510
    HAYDS510 6 years ago

    a birth mark. hence the name of the band he was in before smashing pumpkins

  • theplourde
    theplourde 6 years ago

    I dont like him when he comments on the industry but I very much respect him for his guitar playing skills

  • Joe Pearson
    Joe Pearson 7 years ago

    I think it's called Klippel Trenauney syndrome. Still doesn't stop him from being a kickass guitar player and musician. :)

  • BIGxBOSSxx1
    BIGxBOSSxx1 7 years ago

    What happened to his hands at 1:12? Were they burned?

  • dontclickism
    dontclickism 7 years ago

    I'm afraid I can't, but I gotta ask you. What's the name of the pedal that he said he used to play the Untitled solo? I can't make out what he says and damn I want that pedal.

    • Purr Snickety
      Purr Snickety 5 months ago

      SHIN ei Japanese fuzz pedal. It's what the JAMC used on Psychocandy.

  • Lucas Markes
    Lucas Markes 7 years ago

    02:40 - BOSS SG-1

  • Music Teacher Guy
    Music Teacher Guy 7 years ago

    I have one of those MuTron III ones.

  • stbreal
    stbreal 7 years ago

    so distortion fuzz and phase pedals. nice

  • BnHwrd
    BnHwrd 7 years ago

    When he pulled the original Big Muff Pi for Siamese Dream and put it to the settings, I was having a seizure of awesomeness.

  • Just a Berkshire Berk
    Just a Berkshire Berk 7 years ago +2

    Can't believe he's so humble/normal. Top bloke.

  • Felipe Medeiros
    Felipe Medeiros 7 years ago

    this year, I will go send my message to SantaClaus...

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 7 years ago

    lol search confessinons of billy corgan. he got laughed at it when he was a little kid.

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 7 years ago


  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 7 years ago

    no, its a relly big birthmark that covers most of kis left arm. he's lucky cuz most of the time, marks like that are on your face.

  • Danny B
    Danny B 7 years ago

    I have one of those Lovetone RingStinger pedals...weird pedal!!!

  • saloon_man
    saloon_man 7 years ago

    "The Bee Gee!*awkward pause* its pretty good."

  • Gilbert Soria
    Gilbert Soria 7 years ago

    thats awesome billy!!

  • donwantstobesedated
    donwantstobesedated 7 years ago

    How many damn Phasers do you need?

  • Mitchell W
    Mitchell W 7 years ago

    did Billy burn his hand?

  • distortedfuzz
    distortedfuzz 7 years ago

    I'm pretty sure I've had dreams about this exact situation in the past.

  • MrDimebuck
    MrDimebuck 7 years ago

    That was awesome!

  • Victor Conti
    Victor Conti 7 years ago

    what happened with his arm/hand?

  • sideslick1024
    sideslick1024 7 years ago

    @FuzzBoxGirl EXACTLY!!!

  • stacywernick
    stacywernick 7 years ago

    @Crankyhappy13 port wine stain

  • Crankyhappy13
    Crankyhappy13 7 years ago

    What's with his left hand?