Where Did All the Manual Transmissions Go?! | WheelHouse

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Every year it gets harder and harder to find a new car with a manual transmission, and that’s a problem for car nerds. Join Nolan as he explores the manual drought, what’s causing it, and what enthusiasts can do to stop it.
    Hosted by Nolan Sykes
    Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
    Animation by Zach Redpath
    Written by Nolan Sykes
    Directed by Zach Redpath
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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Comments • 13 113

  • Julius Beck
    Julius Beck Hour ago

    Europe 70% manual

  • 1redrubberball
    1redrubberball 2 hours ago

    I'm 72 y.o. and my 2013 Challenger R/T has a 6 speed manual. But then, my generation largely learned to drive 'em.

  • MANN[][][]
    MANN[][][] 8 hours ago

    Not my problem I only buy proven conventional automatics (no CVT).

  • david j hernandez
    david j hernandez 15 hours ago

    Driving stick shift isn't even that hard

  • Cody Hannah
    Cody Hannah 19 hours ago +1

    The day they Stop making manual transmission is the day I start riding my dirt bike all year round... Including the winter!! ( Northern Canada ) people in this world are so lazy and if you can't figure out three pedals and your manual shifter... As far as I see you're pretty dumb and shouldn't be driving to begin with.

  • V-Tec Man
    V-Tec Man 19 hours ago

    Isn't the new supra manual? Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure it's got flappy paddles and 8 gears or something

    • V-Tec Man
      V-Tec Man 16 hours ago +1

      @Patrick Crabtree Ah right, thanks! Also yes it is a tragedy DX Old supra was so fun to drive...in Gran Turismo anyway. Idk about real life

    • Patrick Crabtree
      Patrick Crabtree 16 hours ago

      When people say manual they almost always mean standard. A car with 3 pedals and an H pattern shifter. The new Supra doesn't have this (which is a freakin' tragedy).

  • Stinky Llama
    Stinky Llama 22 hours ago +1

    after 20 years you'll just command your car "get me to Stacy's Mom's house" and you'll be there without driving it

  • Gotmadhq 34
    Gotmadhq 34 Day ago

    I will buy a manual VW golf mk1

  • Notsoninja 42
    Notsoninja 42 Day ago +1

    Would’ve been better with a stick

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia Day ago

    Not even CVT's either - Automatic transmissions can more easily handle and withstand more torque than a manual can. And what does everyone want now? More power.
    What can be cheaper AND handle more power than a 6 speed manual? A 6 speed (or higher) Automatic.

  • martin fjell
    martin fjell Day ago

    I love manual too

  • Cullen
    Cullen Day ago

    *well, if you have a manual your 15yo son will probably not "borrow" your car when your not home*

  • Vakaris Krasauskas

    I learned drive stick when I was only 10

  • Toth Edmond
    Toth Edmond Day ago

    I'm more like the manual cars than auto-matics. Cuz it's more fun when you can down/up shift.

  • william d. Christensen

    I'm 13 and I can drive with a right steered manual

  • Ryan Williamson
    Ryan Williamson Day ago

    If they put manual transmissions in vehicles that sell moderately well, people will buy them. Removing the manual option then saying "look, nobody is buying them" is horseshit.
    Its not about what the customer actually wants, its about what will make them more money. It is much more cost efficient to only design and build 1 style.

  • Jonas Dehne
    Jonas Dehne Day ago

    I am from Germany.
    When I did my exchange year in the states everybody was so amazed seeing how people handled a manual transmission. For me it's everyday life. It makes you more connected.

  • Eden
    Eden Day ago

    I'd say that automatics are for dumb/lazy people. And the fact that they are shit in heavy traffic is good, because you won't drive your car and thus protect the environment.

  • Ben W
    Ben W 2 days ago

    I know manuals are more fun, but most people only use cars to get from a to b, they don’t care how fun it is

    • Patrick Crabtree
      Patrick Crabtree 16 hours ago

      I 100% use my car to get from A to B. But I specifically did not buy an auto. For me it isn't about fun, its about not having a dumb slushbox choosing what gear I'm in, or searching for gears all the way up a hill.

  • Bradley Hart
    Bradley Hart 2 days ago

    Most of the listed cars actually come with manual transmissions elsewhere in the world. I have lived the last year an a half in the Philippines, and a year before that in Mexico. I have ridden and driven many many new and newer cars during this time, but the last automatic transmission I saw was on the bus that shuttled me from the train station to LAX on my way here.

  • Jesse Petrone
    Jesse Petrone 2 days ago

    Stick is easy AF, Auto is easier.

  • Reinhardt Maritz
    Reinhardt Maritz 2 days ago

    What makes America different from other countries. You’re lazy af that’s why.

    • Patrick Crabtree
      Patrick Crabtree 16 hours ago

      I think the majority of people who want to drive manual transmissions aren't in the new car market (for whatever reason). They prefer to buy used cars for much cheaper, but manual transmissions are starting to demand a premium over autos for some used vehicles (such as Miatas) because that's what people want when they are looking to buy those cars.

  • kickin' chicken
    kickin' chicken 2 days ago

    I can understand why someone would not want a manual transmission in a carbecause they are just get around vehicles. What I cannot understand is why you cannot get a manual transmission in a truck. And for that matter I really don't understand why all of the new trucks come with bucket seats and a center console nowadays

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 2 days ago

    That's hardly fair about the Chevy SS. Enthusiasts are (often, and in my experience) relatively low of means. A $70k performance sedan? Nonsense! Buyers who can afford that kind of money want a "prestigious" brand. That car would have sold orders of magnitude better at half the price. Heck, I would have bought a stick shift Cadillac ATS or some other smaller, lower HP sedan if the price was under $25k. My 2019 Jetta was $18K, has 150hp and a 6M and I love it. That's all you have to do, as a manufacturer, to get my money: If you can add RWD for $2000 more, I'll buy your car. I don't drive far, and I'm mostly stuck in traffic anyway, just give me something fun that fits kids for cheap. That's how you make a muscle car (or at least how they did in back in the day).

  • Gabriel Does Animated

    we have Manual Transmission in our country, Philippines specially TOYOTA

  • Thanos Iatridis
    Thanos Iatridis 2 days ago +1

    This does not apply to my country. In Greece 90% of the cars are with a manual transmission.

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 2 days ago +1

    How do you never learn to drive stick? Do they use autos in driving schools in the US?

  • Aurelio Rockdriguez
    Aurelio Rockdriguez 3 days ago +1

    If you like cars with manual transmission go to Tijuana and buy one

  • Spicy Legend
    Spicy Legend 3 days ago

    I am 13 and I have driven a Manual Suzuki samurai (off-road) I was doing burn outs in it and having a good time. If that car wasn’t Manual it probably would not have done burn outs and done all the stuff I got it to do.

  • Gaming online
    Gaming online 3 days ago

    Automatic is weak and Manuel is strong

  • ajsajs
    ajsajs 3 days ago

    Another reason American's don't drive stick: Americans started driving cars in large numbers long before other countries, and manual transmissions were not nearly as easy to operate back in the day as they are now. For that reason they flocked to automatic transmissions as soon as they became available and the trend was set.

  • Hektor Kuqi
    Hektor Kuqi 3 days ago

    Dude I’m like 13 yr and I drove a manual...its so fu*k fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!

  • Kai Miller
    Kai Miller 3 days ago

    From what I've seen,younger ppl aren't coordinated enough to operated a standard shift. It's sad really. They don't drive,they steer. And not very well at that.

  • matthijsboef
    matthijsboef 3 days ago

    There is a reason you forgot. If a US citizen takes a driver license course you drive 2 rounds around the block in an automatic, stop for a stop sign and park once and you are done. In Europe you have to drive stick, take at least 15 to 40 hours of driving course and if its perfect you can go for an exam, which 50 percent fails the first time.
    But if you pass you can drive stick shift and since automatic cars used to have or have a bit of a lazy / old people image here mist of us go for stick.

  • danmcdonald726
    danmcdonald726 3 days ago

    I have a MR2 manual as a weekender, I've had a WRX as a daily, and it was not good as a daily, I have a Volvo S90 for my daily, and with the autopilot traffic is a nap

  • Jae Dot
    Jae Dot 3 days ago

    I take it these stats are for America

  • ForgottenMan2009
    ForgottenMan2009 3 days ago +2

    whenever I have driven autos it has felt like I was driving via a committee....

  • tomtalk24
    tomtalk24 3 days ago +2

    Never driven an automatic. I literally learned what D P 1 2 etc meant when I was mid 20s lol.

  • The Mask
    The Mask 3 days ago

    Who wants to keep shifting in city traffic

  • Explosive_Shart
    Explosive_Shart 4 days ago +3

    If I drive and automatic I always stomp the invisible clutch.

  • Dr. Fyodor
    Dr. Fyodor 4 days ago +1

    Here in the vaterland like 90% of cars are manual, why do you americans love automatics so much?

    • Иван Волосян
      Иван Волосян 2 days ago

      совсем обленились басурмане =) привет из Мекленбурга

  • Simon Czechu
    Simon Czechu 4 days ago +1

    If automatic transmission is such an American thing then why harley Davidsons have a manual transmission?

  • Spencer Cox
    Spencer Cox 4 days ago

    I've never owned an automatic. Probably never will. Gonna shift from 30 years of manuals to an electric.

  • Leo Fisher
    Leo Fisher 4 days ago


  • Dinis Silva
    Dinis Silva 4 days ago

    Short answer: Europe

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis 4 days ago

    None of the reasons make sense when you realize that almost anywhere outside the US and Canada standards are quite ubiquitous. Not just Europe, but in my travels to Latin America, Africa, and East Asia it was the same. Most cars and trucks are standard, the same way that almost every other country on earth uses the metric system, measures temperature in Celsius and not Fahrenheit, uses a 24 hour clock instead of a 12 hour clock to tell time, and writes out dates in the dd/mm/yyyy format instead of the mm/dd/yyyy format we use.
    Maybe Americans are just contrarians for the sake of being contrary. Idk (in addition to being fat and lazy of course).

    EUSOUAYAM 4 days ago

    Come to Brasil....90% of the cars are manual...because de automatic ones are considered luxury and you will pay with your inner organs for them...

  • skiLL phrAIM
    skiLL phrAIM 4 days ago

    because ppl cant drive and they re to busy takin selfies with their phone

  • Chandler Bibber
    Chandler Bibber 4 days ago

    we need to bring back the 5 speed funbox

  • kram cruz
    kram cruz 4 days ago +1

    Manual for life for me.. automatic cars is boring to drive

  • Bobedi BOB
    Bobedi BOB 4 days ago

    At least mazda has manual options on all new cars (i think)

  • Muhd Khaleef Izzaldeen
    Muhd Khaleef Izzaldeen 4 days ago +2

    A Man Drives MAN-ual Stick ! Others Don't.

  • Martyn Gasson
    Martyn Gasson 4 days ago

    I’m 43, never owned an automatic. Ever. Drive manuals in traffic, and it DOESN’T suck. I’m so used to driving them, I don’t even think about it through traffic. When I hit the bends, it’s still the best way to drive

  • حسين علي
    حسين علي 4 days ago

    Dude I have the money to buy the new C8 but fuck that transmission. It's not always about the speed not all of us need this much speed they should make manual an option even if it means lil Less power for those who want to Really Enjoy their ride. Same with big pickup trucks I want one but I dont want a rotary nab shit whatever it's called. So many pussys nowadays buying auto. It's too much work to drive manual in traffic NO ITS NOT its 2020 almost clutches r smooth these days u wont even notice them. N no I'm not old at all 28yrs just for those who would think I'm old that's why I want manual

  • RawkL0bster
    RawkL0bster 5 days ago

    I can't sip my Starbucks and text at the same time with a manual.

  • BK Ha
    BK Ha 5 days ago

    Here virtually all cars have auto transmission similar to U.S. My SUV drives itself in the high-way, all I need to do is monitoring and relax.

  • Anna G
    Anna G 5 days ago +1

    I love manual cars, but they're a pain in the ass to drive through the city when you have to stop every 1-3 blocks for a light. (Imagine this for a 30 min drive to/from work). When I moved so I'd be mostly taking highways to work the first thing I did was buy a manual.

  • Mr Stone
    Mr Stone 5 days ago

    manual transmission will be always better then the auto

  • coffeeguy
    coffeeguy 5 days ago

    US problem , lazy americans, most of the world drives manual. the best way to drive is with a stick shift

  • Godfall
    Godfall 5 days ago +2

    people are too lazy nowadays to use a stick shift to drive. Also im gonna start driving in 2 years and i want a manual car if no one builds new cars with manual rip me. Also what is a good new manual car to get. Im thinking WRX if they still make them manual in 2021

    • ULTR 771
      ULTR 771 2 days ago

      Bruh just learn to drive a car and stop bothering about whether its a manual or an automatic