Where Did All the Manual Transmissions Go?! | WheelHouse

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Every year it gets harder and harder to find a new car with a manual transmission, and that’s a problem for car nerds. Join Nolan as he explores the manual drought, what’s causing it, and what enthusiasts can do to stop it.
    Hosted by Nolan Sykes
    Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
    Animation by Zach Redpath
    Written by Nolan Sykes
    Directed by Zach Redpath
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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Comments • 9 604

  • Todd Knouse
    Todd Knouse 5 hours ago

    I have a 93 mustang with 5 speed manual and it is soooo fun to drive. Makes driving worth the price of gas.

  • Sushi Mamba
    Sushi Mamba 6 hours ago

    I drive a 6 speed manual and I LOVE it! 6th gear is so tall, the motor is barely ticking over and I'm still doing 120kmh

  • russ25052
    russ25052 15 hours ago

    I love my 10 speed manual and 13 speeds ones are cool too.

  • Michael Chan
    Michael Chan 17 hours ago

    The reason why people don’t buy manuals is because automakers don’t offer them anymore.

  • HolyDr1ver
    HolyDr1ver 17 hours ago

    80% of cars here are manual.

  • Mudcat Jones
    Mudcat Jones 19 hours ago

    One reason is traffic. All I used to drive were manual transmissions. I wore out my left foot from pushing the clutch down so much. Now it's only automatics for me.

  • angello20
    angello20 19 hours ago

    Manual transmissions are the best!!! :)

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy 20 hours ago +1

    0:43 *fewer

  • AzurBarnitzke
    AzurBarnitzke 23 hours ago +1

    To give you all a good reason why we need manual is because…
    Manual requires less fuel/petrol/diesel on a specific car model and if that car model was an automatic it would require a lot of more fuel than a manual one. Simply put manuals are much fuel friendly than an automatic.

  • Reagan Harder
    Reagan Harder Day ago

    *looks in comments. A bunch of europeans talking about all their manual transmissions.* Sigh... north american car culture sucks...

  • Daniel boss
    Daniel boss Day ago

    Manual gona die in usa, but no in europe, in europe people drive manuals for year and year, and now only the new dual clutch automatic are bein considered instead of manual ( the tradicional automatic converter never had aceptation in europe) but the new automatics transmisions arent reliable, and becouse that people still buying cheaper and reliable manuals

  • Azan Ali
    Azan Ali Day ago

    Is there any manufacturer left who's still making an awd car with a manual transmission?
    Except Subaru. God bless them for that.

  • progKansas
    progKansas Day ago

    Which transmission last longer. Manual.

  • jack almighty
    jack almighty Day ago

    The Holden's sold well here in Australia

  • Jose Carlos Coronado Puicon

    Yeah, all these sound like good reasons, but let's be honest, people buy an automatic just because they're lazy to learn to drive a manual

  • Gregg Joseph
    Gregg Joseph Day ago

    @4:58 shi t

  • Reinulus Aurelius
    Reinulus Aurelius Day ago +1

    The pussyfication of America

  • Reinulus Aurelius
    Reinulus Aurelius Day ago +1

    "If you don't have a stick, you don't have a dick"

  • Sam Ashby
    Sam Ashby Day ago +1

    Do Americans get to drive manual if they pass an automatic test? Because thats not how it works here.

    • Pizza Hut
      Pizza Hut Day ago

      You just take a single driving test the type of transmission you drive doesn’t matter. You can test on automatic and drive manual whenever you feel like it because you don’t need a separate license. Kinda dumb they let you operate it without a test bc it can be dangerous.

  • Sam Ashby
    Sam Ashby Day ago

    Speak for yourself Americans. I never see an automatic in the UK, some of us actually understand how to use a vehicle properly :P

  • Trippy Bruh
    Trippy Bruh Day ago +1

    EVERYBODY needs to learn how to drive stick there first time. It pisses me off in HS they teach these kids in automatics.

  • Lars Kraus
    Lars Kraus 2 days ago +4

    Okay. Thats a video for the US market. You can buy almost every car with a manual here in germany.

  • McTaminus
    McTaminus 2 days ago +2

    This is such an American thing. Here in the UK and in Europe you'll struggle to find automatic gearboxes on most cars available to buy

  • AcheLone
    AcheLone 2 days ago

    the only thing manual transmission retain is reliability.....that thing really hard to break if used properly...

  • Muhammad Ariff
    Muhammad Ariff 2 days ago

    Gonna kill his dog? John Wick coming to ur house next !

  • Jay Black
    Jay Black 2 days ago

    I chug a gallon of milk in 10 minutes

  • Darth Tater
    Darth Tater 2 days ago

    I always hated manual

  • Anthony Migliaccio
    Anthony Migliaccio 2 days ago

    When we literally have to buy civics to get manual, no offense, I’m in the civic gang too now

  • Lilmanike
    Lilmanike 2 days ago

    I love my Charger. I usually put it in manual mode.

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved 2 days ago

    yeah today
    i was driving my dads old 97 nissan XE
    its like a base model or somethin
    its hit a few deers and has been abused and dailyd for the beter part of a decade and it has changed hands a few times but has stayed in the family
    well today i was mowing the lawn and whatnot (doin regular shit i have to do) and my mom tells me that theres a tree that needs to come up out the ground
    what happens is that seeds get planted and that kind of stuff nad i ocaisonaly have to pull them up if they get to big, usaly we use the 2000 dodge dakota that we have had for a long time (i think since new) it has a automatic, well bc of an issue with the nissan having a squeaky ac belt my dad has been driving the dodge, so the poor nissan stays here a majoraty of time, hes lost keys but has an original and has made a coppy for my mom to have, so i borrow her keys and try to pull it up. nu. i just shread the bark off of it. so we say, ok so its not comin up today lets get back to it when its not 5000*f as we live in florida, well i ask if theresw anything els to pull up, ofcorse there is. there was an oak tree and a nother tree that needed to come up and i decided to deal with them right now as i was in the mood. well me and my grand pa pulled the oak tree and the other and when we headed back to deal with that first one, he was driving, well he may or may not have hooned slightly
    as in he just reved it past 4k and let it rip into second and it acualy did a bit of a peel on the grass
    it was FUN
    thats why i learned stick when i was only 14. which was last year... theres a drivers ed class in my school, but i didnt get it

  • Rn Za
    Rn Za 3 days ago

    Back in 2006 I bought a manual Kia Rio. It had a lot of pep and would accelerate really fast. It was fun to drive but eventually became a pain in the ass driving back and forth to work in traffic every day. I got an automatic Chevy Cruze in 2014 and it was a really smooth ride but couldn't accelerate for shit. Just a couple weeks ago I went back to Kia and got a 2019 Forte with an IVT (Kia's version of a CVT) and to tell you the truth I love it. In sport mode I can keep up with anybody in traffic. No more embarrassing accelerations onto the freeway or getting passed by every car. The fuel economy is insane too. I'm averaging 38mpg city and highway.

  • Eugene Poon
    Eugene Poon 3 days ago

    As someone who lives and drives in Britain I found the juxtaposition of European everyday drivers/car nuts vs American everyday drivers/car nuts so weird.
    In Europe, everyday drivers and cheaper non sporty cars typically are manuals or have the option (VW golfs etc) but higher end cars (non entry BMWs, non entry Alfas, Ferraris, Porsches etc) all don't now. Whilst in America, it's the everyday cars that only come in automatic but American exotics are much more likely to have manual gearboxes than European sports cars (Ford Mustangs, Corvette ZR1 etc). It's just so bizzare.

  • Supra
    Supra 3 days ago

    If that so why tf did my 2012Camry have both automatic transmission and manual transmission

  • ColdWaterThrower
    ColdWaterThrower 3 days ago

    Good presentation and editing.

    RDCST 3 days ago +1

    A bunch of lazy people with no hearts.

  • Sebastian Lara
    Sebastian Lara 3 days ago

    Time for all of you to move onto motorcycles (;

    • android boi
      android boi 2 days ago

      But i love them since you can get away from traffic

    • android boi
      android boi 2 days ago

      Bruh motorcycles are fast but they're not good in protection since you can literally fly off of the motorcycle if you crash

  • Gabi Strătulă
    Gabi Strătulă 3 days ago

    I am European and I love manual cars

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 3 days ago

    Americans don't want to have to move their arms whilst driving to the donut shop, it's too much exercise.

  • Cheeta
    Cheeta 3 days ago

    doing a B category now and god damn is a Manual fun haha ye it kinda is a pain when in city and shift down shift up all the time but once you get to the more open road or out of city the shifting is so relaxing and satisfying i wanted a new car with DSG or any automatic so i dont have the hastle but my opinion changed i need a manual in my life #BringManualsToLife

  • Matti Eskola
    Matti Eskola 3 days ago

    In Finland you must complete your driving licence with manual transmission otherwise you are not allowed to drive with manual transmission car at all

  • Prittsy
    Prittsy 3 days ago

    Maybe Chevy would have sold more SSs if they gave it an actual name and not name them a very well known trim level. They needed to advertise it more too. I found out about them after they quit selling them and so hard to find one in a sick.

  • Shidare Hotaru
    Shidare Hotaru 4 days ago


  • alfa8fake2
    alfa8fake2 4 days ago +1

    Yea, there's this 1 major problem with Automatics...... they are Unreliable.
    In fact, their reliability have been going down in recent years, mostly because their complexity keeps going up.
    And CVTs are even worst.
    So yea, save that Gas money, because your gonna be spending it on repairs soon, unless it's a Toyota of course.
    BTW even Toyota has CVT problems, so just get Grandma one with a normal Automatic.

    • mans410
      mans410 3 days ago

      In US you will lose your hip in a traffic jam, if you never have drive an automatic car you don;t know how wood they are, and toyotas are very reliable.

  • Mido Gustaf Santana
    Mido Gustaf Santana 4 days ago

    maybe one of the cause is because US is left steered. the stick will occupy your right hand. you main hand.
    while the other right steered country only need their left hand - non main hand, to take charge with the stick

  • Brandon Harry
    Brandon Harry 4 days ago

    Australia seems to be very similar to the us in everything you said in this video, except the Commodore was incredibly popular until it was functionally killed of in 2017.

    • Some person
      Some person 4 days ago

      Since Holden and Ford stopped making cars in AUS everyone's been scrambling to buy all the aussie V8s on the market and I've never seen so many HSV cars on the road at once before. They were a rare sight back when they were being manufactured but now that they've stopped I can spot at least 3 HSV cars in a 1/2 hour drive on any main road.

  • Allistair Willenberg

    auto is algood for something low n slow like a Merc, but anything else has to have 3 pedals

  • YKSB5
    YKSB5 4 days ago +3

    Someone call Scott Kilmer so he can explain how a lot of production companies make crappy auto transmissions and this may just be a long con for more financial gain for them.

    • Rebel N Dirt
      Rebel N Dirt 3 days ago +1

      And he will tell us how his old Toyota is the best car ever...

  • Kevin Singh
    Kevin Singh 4 days ago

    Unlike all you hypocrites, I put my money where my mouth is and recently bought a brand new manual transmission car.
    Everybody like manual cars but nobody buys them because people are too lazy to shift a transmission while they're texting on their way to Starbucks...

  • Art Gutierrez
    Art Gutierrez 4 days ago

    Manual transmissions are inferior and outdated compared to the technology in today's automatic transmissions. Face it, times change. Catch up or be left behind.

  • ZXcross
    ZXcross 4 days ago

    I recently got a 2018 Nissan Versa S with a 5 speed manual, I see so many faces light up when I mention that it is stick. It makes me wonder if the real reason is that the only people that can by new are in their forties and fifties?

  • TheDenigreur
    TheDenigreur 4 days ago

    because people like to bitch. When I bought my BRZ, I had a couple of snarky comments about how underpowered it was, and how it's getting beat by a minivan. All those people had automatic Mazda3, SUV and Caravans. Yeah, like your opinion matters to me.

  • RedwallTV
    RedwallTV 4 days ago

    Manuals are not going out of style literally anywhere in Europe is majority manual transmission. Americans are just too dumb to learn how to drive them

  • Michael Hurley
    Michael Hurley 4 days ago

    Don’t worry I’m not giving up my standard!

  • Sandy Degener
    Sandy Degener 4 days ago

    Manual Transmission: Optional.

  • Romain Tagliaferro
    Romain Tagliaferro 4 days ago +2

    In europe ( im french) the absolute majority of cars are manual

  • klasmvm
    klasmvm 4 days ago +1

    because manual transmissions are worse in every possible way? why on earth would anyone buy a manual car when automatic transmissions are basically the same price?

  • Variaciq Variaciq
    Variaciq Variaciq 4 days ago

    automatic is lame.. you cannot heel toe, you cannot make mass transfer, you have less control, and its always much funnier to shift by yourself :D

    • Variaciq Variaciq
      Variaciq Variaciq 4 days ago

      @Art Gutierrez so why race cars are manuals? you say its cars job.. automatic is less dangerous for non skilled drivers, thats why 'normal' cars are going fully automatic... they won't let you give possibility to tell car what to do.. (espescially in a 300+bhp vehicle) next step is tesla autopilot... imagine you dont even can move your steeringwheel (that will be sooner then we think in my opinion)

    • Art Gutierrez
      Art Gutierrez 4 days ago

      In the simplest terms, a human's job is to tell the car which way to go and how fast to do it. So in a manual, you are also doing the car's job.

  • I Commando
    I Commando 4 days ago +20

    Meanwhile in the European middleclass:
    "There are automatics?"

  • Tony Dwyer
    Tony Dwyer 5 days ago +1

    You describe the USA. Here in Europe still mostly buy manuals. Auto transmissions are somewhat uncommon here in Spain.

  • Mike L
    Mike L 5 days ago

    I think there is a 3 fold reason that manuals are falling away.
    1. People that buy normal every day cars don't want a stick because they don't care about feeling "connected" to the car, just whats easiest to drive and most convenient. in the past the cost of the automatic was what kept manuals in your every day sedan now that barrier is gone.
    2. This in turn means that there are fewer people learning to drive stick, which drives down the demand for sticks even further.
    3. both of the above reasons feed back in to a negative feed back loop, Now were at the point that so few people even know how to drive stick that even people going to drive a sports car don't usually look to buy it in manual.

    OHH one last side note! Modern Drive by wire systems make driving a stick SUCK hard. Almost all cars now have an input filter that is applied to the gas-peddle to improve fuel economy, this crates input-lag and it's aggravating. makes starting smoothly a real challenge, if you learned on an old car you generally make the fine adjustments on take off with the throttle, now because of the filtering on peddle inputs all the adjustments have to be made with the clutch.

  • Mahesh Murali
    Mahesh Murali 5 days ago

    Only in US of A manual remains popular in Europe and Asia atleast as of now

  • Bryce Arnold
    Bryce Arnold 5 days ago

    Most cars in South Africa are still MANUAL. Actually, most drivers here prefer it. Personally, I feel detached from the car when it's automatic, which is what I don't like.

  • TheLastMcLaren
    TheLastMcLaren 5 days ago

    For you europeans thursty after a family manial car, just buy a Skoda Rapid

  • mint jelly
    mint jelly 5 days ago

    Ok, i always owned manual, always talked it up.
    I drive a ford falcon xr6t auto with 476hp now.
    And it really does shit on manuals.
    I love thrashing an old 2L jap manual around, but for pure 4 door power auto is the way to go

  • Ben McKenna
    Ben McKenna 5 days ago

    *Laughs in European*

  • jayden cook
    jayden cook 5 days ago

    This decline in manuals sucks

  • Prasad Bankar
    Prasad Bankar 5 days ago

    I have a automatic Honda with gear sifters on my steering and it's a lot more fun to drive than a regular manual.

  • Andrew Vinson
    Andrew Vinson 5 days ago


  • Anton Davis
    Anton Davis 5 days ago

    That's cuz people are pussys.

  • balsingh1
    balsingh1 5 days ago

    This is very specific to the North America market. Rest of the world is still big on manual cars ... admitedly, autos are starting to get more popular but manual still rules big time outside the US/Canada.

  • PRK
    PRK 5 days ago

    To Europe.

  • Network126
    Network126 5 days ago

    Lol I never properly learned to drive stick. I've only driven stick like twice and I kept stalling it.

  • Kuban Z
    Kuban Z 6 days ago

    It’s easy to drive an automatic. It takes skill to drive a manual. When people can’t even get through college because they are morons. I can’t blame them.

  • SSgtBaloo
    SSgtBaloo 6 days ago

    I remember hearing older guys complain that nobody was learning how to double-shift anymore. Why? Because new transmissions were all-synchro. Do not become too fond of any particular technology, because it will eventually become obsolete and be replaced by something that works better, but differently.

  • Adi Setyo
    Adi Setyo 6 days ago

    And the best part is manual car has less gas consumption than an automatic car, around 25% less gas consumption

  • Adi Setyo
    Adi Setyo 6 days ago

    Its such a shame when you drive an automatic car here in Indonesia 😂😂😂

  • Rodney Frost
    Rodney Frost 6 days ago +1

    "drivers" are upset about the lack of Standard transmissions. All other people who "point and steer" vehicles prefer the simplicity to get their license and operate the car.
    [Fun Fact] Automatic transmission was an "option" when i got my license.

    • Dennis
      Dennis 5 days ago +1

      If you get a license here in the Netherlands you either drive a manual until you get your license and then you're allowed to drive manual and automatic, if you get your license in a automatic you are not allowed to drive manual :) Another Fun Fact for you

  • Agent of Chaos
    Agent of Chaos 6 days ago

    If you want comfort, get an automatic . If you want speed get a semiautomatic (paddle shifters). So yeah manual is dead.

  • ReallyX
    ReallyX 6 days ago

    I don‘t care if its saver, I don‘t care if its cheaper, I don‘t care if electric takes over, I will always drive manuel

  • ReallyX
    ReallyX 6 days ago

    For god sake I live in europe...

  • Isac's Adventures
    Isac's Adventures 6 days ago

    Damn... surprised to see My hometown in this video?!
    Jonkoping ❤️

  • Prof. Redstone
    Prof. Redstone 6 days ago +1

    Well you need to see in indonesia about manual car sells

  • Sizo Spice
    Sizo Spice 6 days ago +1

    murder his dog? murder...his...dog?!
    People, has John Wick taught you nothing about a man's dog?

  • Sherwin Resureccion
    Sherwin Resureccion 6 days ago

    I choose manual rather than automatic,

  • Jie Andaya
    Jie Andaya 6 days ago +2

    Me: sees a supra NOICE *sees auto*
    Also Me: oh god hell no this suck

    • Jie Andaya
      Jie Andaya 4 days ago

      @Samurai Jack well yeah but its one of the worst versions

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 4 days ago

      Auto Supra is best for busy roads and city

  • bagus ekha
    bagus ekha 6 days ago

    "its kinda complicated and im not that smart"
    man, arent we all

  • Orbmaster 123
    Orbmaster 123 6 days ago

    What about shifter paddles

  • Mr. Daiyan
    Mr. Daiyan 6 days ago


  • Marc Fuchs
    Marc Fuchs 6 days ago

    That was some interesting content. Now I am a 34 year old from Germany, and while the US always basically used to be an automatics country, here in Europe basically everything used to be manual. However this has changed a lot over decades, and even here you get to recognize, how less models are getting stick shift. Basically the more expensive a car is, the less you will be able to get it with a stick. Which is a shame, because as stated here, driving manual is more fun, more direct and connects you more to the vehicle and the road. I think it might be something for rather "passionated" drivers instead of the ones, who just do it for a necessity. However there is one major aspect of driving stick shift, that hasn't been stated in this video:


    With automatics - no matter what kind of - you are handing over the whole gearbox control to some electronics. Whatever it does might not be what you want it to do at this point. That's how I feel a lot of the time with automatics. I hate automatics but have to drive them at work. With stick shift, you have ultimate control about gear and clutch, which is essentially more control over the vehicle. I had to experience the meaning of that, when I almost got myself caught in some soft ground. With stick shift, you can easily juggle yourself out there by closing the clutch and opening it back quickly in a row. Some automatic systems might be able to do that as well, but not the ones I so far used. With such automatic cars, you are basically fucked. With a manual one, child's play.
    For me privately, as long as there is a combustion engine and some kind of transmission, I will always go for a manual one. Since I am intending to buy a new pickup, that's the main reason for me not to consider a Dodge Ram with it's mighty machine, but instead a Ford Ranger with a half as powerful Diesel engine - but it's going manually. The Ford Raptor would be awesome, but also no stick available. It's a bad development in my eyes, but as said in the video, what sells best will be made on.

  • WillC 69
    WillC 69 6 days ago

    Come to Europe and nearly every car is manual

  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung 6 days ago


  • Aaron Morgan
    Aaron Morgan 6 days ago +5

    I'm a trucker bro, even in my world everything is going automatic and I fn hate it

  • Robert S
    Robert S 6 days ago

    It's probably going to be the opposite of how it used to be. You will have to pay a lot more for the manual transmission option. Though I do prefer a automatic for luxury, SUV, truck type vehicles but everything else a manual.

  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz 6 days ago

    Dead ass thought he was Mexican.

  • azriel warker
    azriel warker 7 days ago

    Tuner's real nightmare

  • Rafel García
    Rafel García 7 days ago

    Are you American? Talking about stick and formula 1

  • Pillow man
    Pillow man 7 days ago

    America should stop being lazy ass people.

  • Raffa Bintang
    Raffa Bintang 7 days ago +8

    Civic type R
    Is the new sport car with stick
    Thats better than fake supra

    • Ben McKenna
      Ben McKenna 4 days ago

      @Jeff I prefer the hatchback. Also I'd just buy a 2004 type R for under 4k and tune that.

    • Jeff
      Jeff 4 days ago

      Ben McKenna im not really saying the car isnt fun, im saying its stupid. You could just buy a 2016 2L civic coupe with 50k miles for $12k then add turbo and an lsd for about $5k at most and have similar performance and better aesthetics for half the price

    • Ben McKenna
      Ben McKenna 5 days ago

      @Jeff have your driven a type R? It's an amazing car! So smooth, Honda transmissions are beautiful.

    • Ben McKenna
      Ben McKenna 5 days ago

      That's why I love the Type R. It's still pure to its roots. It's one of the best and most fun cars you can buy.

    • Raffa Bintang
      Raffa Bintang 6 days ago

      @Jeff hemmm you right
      But i don't have a car

  • KudosK
    KudosK 7 days ago

    Ya’ll Americans are lazy.