Beauty and the Beast Part 1 (With Some Jerk with a Camera!) - Brows Held High

  • Published on Aug 12, 2015
  • Original upload date: 9/9/2014
    A special musical overview of a tale as old as time. No, not that one.
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Comments • 407

  • Mariana Ipiranga Diamantino

    I would die for a way to just listen to the music in this special

  • kat.espe
    kat.espe 24 days ago

    I've rewatched these episodes countless times, I listen to Tony's music for then via Bandcamp frequently, however I've never thought to check them captions on this video... OMG, they're in French as well as in English. C'est comme si je les regardais encore une fois!

  • TechNOGeek Reviews
    TechNOGeek Reviews Month ago

    You watch your fucking mouth we’re in Disney land That’s quotable

  • TechNOGeek Reviews
    TechNOGeek Reviews Month ago

    Your ted mosby the reviewer I love it

  • Kay E
    Kay E 2 months ago

    This was when I fell in love with Kyle!

  • Elias Gauna
    Elias Gauna 2 months ago

    Can someone please explain to me the "orphic" joke? I didn't get it.

  • Elias Gauna
    Elias Gauna 2 months ago

    I wonder how many of the people in the first song are still active (or if all of them are reviewers).

  • Kathryn Blakeley
    Kathryn Blakeley 2 months ago

    I love this 3 part review but to this day I still don't understand what Some Jerk with a Camera means when he says, "and don't I not fail to never not deserve the worst" many double negatives it hurts

  • Harry Watts
    Harry Watts 2 months ago +1

    I as am the boy who met the world

  • Eric Wu
    Eric Wu 3 months ago

    It's like watching a layperson spar with a professor. that the whole point?

  • Catherine Mamontova
    Catherine Mamontova 3 months ago

    Jean Cocteau is my favourite director, I can't believe I only found these reviews now

  • Thacobell
    Thacobell 3 months ago

    Opening with a text crawl, in curvise, with bad handwriting, in French. This movie is very confident in itself.

  • Nikol Geier
    Nikol Geier 3 months ago

    " It is *literally* the *only* role *Doug* has *ever written for me!* "
    Heehee boy this joke aged very well. Did he get literally a single other critic's persona right?

    • jbvader721
      jbvader721 Month ago

      Thus one of the reasons why I unsubscribed from Channel Awesome and am still subscribed to Kyle Kallgren and Lindsay Ellis.

  • Vuoto Pneumatico Non Non

    This really reminds me of how frustrating my teenage years were.

  • T G
    T G 3 months ago

    Anyone else remember when Paw used to make videos? I do. Now he’s a full on dad. *sigh* I’m still waiting for his Cats review. But I know it shall never be. 😢

  • Everette Bradfute
    Everette Bradfute 3 months ago

    To Tony's defense the film did say think like a child, and a child would think of kittens.

  • BadlyDrawnAvocado
    BadlyDrawnAvocado 3 months ago

    Sometimes I feel lost, sad or alone, and watch this.
    Then I don’t feel so bad.

  • Mary N
    Mary N 3 months ago

    So because we are meant to see this film with childlike thinking, the French is actually pretty easy to follow so it helped me learn French.

  • vampman87
    vampman87 4 months ago

    I don't get the Orphic joke... did Some Jerk think Kyle was talking about buttholes?

  • S Mac
    S Mac 4 months ago

    LOL Pattycake in the middle of a War.
    Can tell this was take 2.

  • DStecks
    DStecks 4 months ago

    This is pretty easily the best thing that was ever posted to Channel Awesome.

  • CMC 123
    CMC 123 5 months ago

    Shakiest camera in the west

  • reddeathmonster
    reddeathmonster 5 months ago

    I have watched this series of videos a ton of times. Super funny, educative and entertaining.

  • Grendel Entertainment
    Grendel Entertainment 5 months ago +1

    Whenever I feel sad, I watch this trilogy of videos and feel instantly happy.

  • DarkLordGanondorf190
    DarkLordGanondorf190 6 months ago

    I get the feeling this movie is ideal to practice your French. No background noise or music and they speak really clearly.

    • POLE7645
      POLE7645 5 months ago

      I’d add that the French here is a bit archaic.
      I’d recommend a movie dubbed in French. Especially if you’re already familiar with it. But avoid comedies. You’ll make it harder for you.

  • Sinister Sweet
    Sinister Sweet 6 months ago

    17:48 You gotta love those confused Disneyland guests in the right. Gotta wonder what they thought was going on here. X'D

  • Julia Goodwin
    Julia Goodwin 6 months ago

    I love this three-part review, it reminds me of the good old days...

  • Khadharphak
    Khadharphak 7 months ago +1

    Still one of my favourite lines ever.

  • LiyuConberma
    LiyuConberma 7 months ago +1

    How come this is not the most viewed review yet?
    BEST crossover review yet!
    BEST cameos in a review yet!
    Also, it's like watching a professional food critic VS Yelp reviewer lol

  • Scrambled 59
    Scrambled 59 7 months ago

    That opening is the infinity war of Internet reviewers

  • STARLING Watch
    STARLING Watch 7 months ago


  • Princess/Queen CB
    Princess/Queen CB 8 months ago

    You know it’s ironic I was at Katsucon where this review was film I kep thinking of this movie as was traveling the convention like I was trying to find my true love (I sadly never did) and while I was cosplaying Belle as well lol

  • Robbie Walker
    Robbie Walker 8 months ago

    8:02 - 8:20: “And Jesus said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’.” - Matthew 18:3

  • Prehistoric Vandalism
    Prehistoric Vandalism 8 months ago


  • Lucinda Jennings
    Lucinda Jennings 9 months ago

    I keep re-watching this.
    Do you think you'll cover more beauty and the beast versions
    this one looks cool
    though my current favorite beauty and the beast is from Once Upon a Time Rumpelstiltskin/Belle (the main episode for that being Skin Deep).
    Though Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses series (at least the first two) are interesting versions as well.
    I get the feeling Greta Garbo would have liked Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley

  • POLE7645
    POLE7645 9 months ago

    Oh, believe me Jerk. You'll find an even more pretentious piece of trash the following year.
    (*Evil laugh*)

  • Aidan Byrnes
    Aidan Byrnes 9 months ago

    Why is the beast a boar. who would love a boar?

  • Layne
    Layne 10 months ago +5

    This was the best Channel Awesome crossover, and it barely had anything to do with the Walkers. Well done.

  • Connor Rivers
    Connor Rivers 10 months ago

    My film study professor told us that the audience are a bunch of perverts. I think I prefer your beliefs in what an audience is.

    • jbvader721
      jbvader721 6 months ago

      Your film study professor shares that worldview with David Fincher.

  • Tinna Gigja
    Tinna Gigja 11 months ago

    No, you can *not* torture Sam Kieth!

  • Aidan Byrnes
    Aidan Byrnes 11 months ago

    I liked karate dog, quiet you

  • Marthchrom
    Marthchrom 11 months ago +1

    Wow I can’t imagine how much time you must have spent on making this video haha 😆 amazing

  • Anita Barton
    Anita Barton 11 months ago +1

    Man, watching this is like a time capsule. So many cameos, so many creators that have come and gone. Especially the beginning really spoke to how super negative reviews were back in the day. That opening tune, while done for comedic purposes, it wasn't that far from reality as far as how often 'it sucks' was heard.
    I like to think that, while there are those that still salivate at the harsh and sarcastic videos, individual show's audiences have grown to have a wider palate for content these days. It seems so with you as well as Linkara at the least.
    maybe I"m wrong, but still, that's how it feels.

  • Connor Rivers
    Connor Rivers 11 months ago

    Come on, I've already seen Phelous's review Goodtimes Beauty and the Beast, why do I need to see this?

  • Drift the Hunter
    Drift the Hunter Year ago +3

    So was this filmed at a convention of all (former now) Channel Awesome contributors?

  • Hlootoo Thunderhammer

    I can back up the Haunted Mansion being influenced by Cocteau's film. Look into the history of the ride.

  • Erin Cornelius
    Erin Cornelius Year ago

    I wish I could go from National Harbor to Disneyland with a jump cut.

  • ♡ LILITH ♡
    ♡ LILITH ♡ Year ago +1

    I hate myself because in the year of our lord 2k18 I still laugh at "The Criterion Collection Proudly & Humbly Presents: Women be Shoppin' "

  • Haybone
    Haybone Year ago +1

    can we just point out that some jerk can sing really well!

  • AJ Dezelle
    AJ Dezelle Year ago

    Why do the filmmakers have the Beast aka Prince Ardent and Avenant played by the same person in the 1946 black and white film?

  • Adrian Dezendegui
    Adrian Dezendegui Year ago +3

    I could watch a sitcom of you and Tony

  • AGuyWithAChannel
    AGuyWithAChannel Year ago +2

    I liked Iain! Where can I see more of him?

  • wildcatste
    wildcatste Year ago

    that opening sequence!!!!

  • willku9000
    willku9000 Year ago +2

    You guys should Release a Soundtrack for this. I’d Buy it!

  • Furore2323
    Furore2323 Year ago

    Every time I come back to this, there's some new detail to impress.

  • Kevin Bacon
    Kevin Bacon Year ago

    Can someone make a list of all the cameos? Thanks.

  • Nicholas Rodinos
    Nicholas Rodinos Year ago

    3:59 Now that's niche.

  • Nicholas Rodinos
    Nicholas Rodinos Year ago

    2:35 pot kettle Diamanda.

  • Nanna Leifa
    Nanna Leifa Year ago +3

    Okay, pack it up guys, this is the *best* musical reviews to date. It is delightful each time I visited.

  • James Hilton
    James Hilton Year ago

    Watching the opening song is cool but also depressing cause how some of these critics don't review anymore.