Butt Putt Putt? | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products


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  • DOPE or NOPE
    DOPE or NOPE  Year ago +1387

    Remember guys, in the words of Bob Ross - “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as your friend”, but I say try to have a human being as a friend first. If you liked this video go check out “10 Strange Walmart Items!” thexvid.com/video/I02rwOIeKJA/video.html&index=5&list=PL15dtrx_ng4Sf6qE3iVX3NAj240-MY3MC It’s a throwback video!!

  • Ken Graham
    Ken Graham 57 minutes ago

    Get a p man

  • Khyati Tiwari
    Khyati Tiwari Day ago

    Who else is watching in 2019
    After dope of nope

  • IceWolf Animations
    IceWolf Animations 4 days ago

    I don’t travel a lot but the only airport near me is 3 hours away and it’s huge soooo I don’t travel but I DO go to big airports

  • Oka Ruto
    Oka Ruto 5 days ago

    Damn anyone else 2019 and who else thinks its strange how different matt looks

  • SirJames I Gamerfuzion

    Well you did the web caster wrong you need a Air Compressor and do it at a distance

  • Ms. Chenandler Bong
    Ms. Chenandler Bong 17 days ago


  • Gwendolyn Levair
    Gwendolyn Levair 18 days ago

    BOB ROSS R.I.P $$$$%%##@@@@₩¥£€€&*():::"""xxawerfd.??????

  • Brando 302
    Brando 302 18 days ago

    Who else thinks calling him self dad around everyone else is creepy af

  • The best panda 112233
    The best panda 112233 19 days ago

    My whole whole family uses those inhaler things they are so useful for colds when you have a blocked nose
    Also what happened to ryc

  • Jakob Holm
    Jakob Holm 22 days ago

    The Micro lugage is from the video (Butt Putt Putt? | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products)

    DAWN MOODY 22 days ago


  • Laura Arce Tobón
    Laura Arce Tobón 23 days ago

    the video from the giveaway!! finally found it hahahah

  • Big Duece
    Big Duece 23 days ago

    It’s from Butt Putt Putt 7:35

  • munstercookies
    munstercookies 23 days ago


  • Jade Coy
    Jade Coy 23 days ago

    Who ever said farts are funny they're really not

  • JuinorNapGaming
    JuinorNapGaming 23 days ago +5

    Who came here after the new vid?

  • Craftmasterist
    Craftmasterist 23 days ago

    I found it

  • ThePitbullfan83
    ThePitbullfan83 27 days ago

    Never heard an air compressor sound like that. Sounds like an air pump for a swim toy.

  • Jodie McClure
    Jodie McClure 27 days ago

    I still have the tooth pick bird my mom got 30 yrs ago

    DEFAULT KILLER Month ago

    Is anyone here from their twiter

  • CCW Wilcox
    CCW Wilcox Month ago


  • Tete Baby
    Tete Baby Month ago


  • Tete Baby
    Tete Baby Month ago +1

    R.I.P. R.I.P. you are R.I.P. $$$$

  • Neko Ninja
    Neko Ninja Month ago

    The Bob Ross thing looks weird

  • Isabel Gaming
    Isabel Gaming Month ago

    I have the but put haha

  • Leafyr Oakfyst
    Leafyr Oakfyst Month ago

    Nuuu I want the Butt Putt not a trash it.

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner Month ago

    Bob Ross is not a living legend. He died in 1995. He was a legend tho

  • Vincent hitachi
    Vincent hitachi Month ago

    Why in the world is your mailman barefoot?

  • Joshua Arellano
    Joshua Arellano Month ago

    I rang the bell! and subscribed

  • Mio Masunaga
    Mio Masunaga Month ago

    20:30 just look at the freeze frame

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson Month ago

    No more cowbell! ❤️

  • Tweedtv4
    Tweedtv4 Month ago +1

    This is when Mathias videos were good

  • Dario Cena Gaming and react

    you are so funny :-)

  • Michael Link
    Michael Link 2 months ago

    I have one of those tooth pick birds. Mine is a cash it!

  • Rylan Turner
    Rylan Turner 2 months ago

    I play golf and I am triggered 🤬 it's a dang golf club not a golf stick for that you would use a dang putter 😠😠😠

  • Joshua Simons
    Joshua Simons 2 months ago

    I clicked the bell☯️🛎🔧

  • shaniya barbery
    shaniya barbery 2 months ago

    Im imm tripping? i thought the trash bin at 14:55 was much further away from matt lool

  • Myleigh C
    Myleigh C 2 months ago

    Y is there more dislikes than likes?

  • Vuz FromYT
    Vuz FromYT 3 months ago

    the spider web gun is a glue gun you got ripped off -_-

  • Maxine Foley-Tamahori
    Maxine Foley-Tamahori 3 months ago

    Hi 👋🏻

  • Matt Hornsby
    Matt Hornsby 3 months ago

    11:31 "living legend" yeah half of that is wrong

  • Sophia Gatlin
    Sophia Gatlin 3 months ago

    Mathias:If you can’t find a human as a friend settle for a tree.
    Me:No don’t settle for a tree get a puppy or kitten.

  • Nick Vostoris
    Nick Vostoris 3 months ago

    One year later and it finally hit 100k!

  • Mya Pena
    Mya Pena 3 months ago


  • RainbowSquad Kitten
    RainbowSquad Kitten 3 months ago

    The product at 2:54 has such a long name

  • Sharon June
    Sharon June 4 months ago

    Hello my name is Addison

  • Paula David
    Paula David 4 months ago

    A golf stick. LOL.

  • Enniss Iglesias Lopez
    Enniss Iglesias Lopez 4 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the product cut theme (not the main theme)?

  • ninja rko
    ninja rko 4 months ago

    like your videos

  • Kevin Kaycee
    Kevin Kaycee 4 months ago

    looking back to this,tanner was such a kid

  • Hamster Gamer
    Hamster Gamer 5 months ago

    That web is T H I C C

  • 2405Ashna
    2405Ashna 5 months ago

    20:26 I yarned looking at him

  • Ruby H
    Ruby H 5 months ago

    Ha ha

  • Patrick Elzinga
    Patrick Elzinga 5 months ago

    Number 7 works i had one for 6 years it works

  • Seth Lush
    Seth Lush 5 months ago

    Your getting millions of views but thousands of likes and hundreds of dislikes cmon ppl he should have about a million likes

  • Dust Sans Ver.s
    Dust Sans Ver.s 5 months ago

    My mom has a nose that big

  • Nati H
    Nati H 5 months ago

    2:53 XD
    4:05 I sometimes don't know how to say sentences right
    10:47 Tanner is trippin' and I'm laughin'

  • Shilo Harrington
    Shilo Harrington 5 months ago

    I am addicted to shopping on Amazon! These products are so interesting! Every time I see a Matthias video, I have a great day, love your crew as well Matthias!

  • Broken Blookie
    Broken Blookie 5 months ago

    Matthias, please please PLEASE be careful with the essential oils around Luna. Doctors have said again and again that these oils can be dangerous to babies, pets, and children. Not necessarily fatal, but it isn't healthy either. Overusing essential oils also has a tendencies to reverse any of its good qualities.

  • galbert george
    galbert george 6 months ago

    OK Matt!

  • Nobilissima
    Nobilissima 6 months ago


  • Nobilissima
    Nobilissima 6 months ago

    "Humans make better friends"
    I'm sorry Matt. I've never found that to be true xD

  • Nesty
    Nesty 6 months ago

    looks like a jew mr t

  • Ťřîğğêřêđ Fâğğøţ

    Trees don’t run off and sleep with women that rhymes with the names Jessica and Donna, Stephen! So yes. This tree is a better boyfriend than you.

  • Briana Khamp
    Briana Khamp 6 months ago

    You get Chai in your tea or coffee it is not the same as Chia.

  • Lilah Kunkel
    Lilah Kunkel 6 months ago

    i have the bird toothpick thing

  • MoonlightxxFall
    MoonlightxxFall 6 months ago

    0:19 when you girl send you a pic

  • Paris Ann
    Paris Ann 6 months ago

    The thing u put up to your nose is for when your congested it clears the nose so you can breath😂 my mum has them

  • IT'sAlex F
    IT'sAlex F 6 months ago


  • Larkspeed
    Larkspeed 6 months ago

    the second product is just a clavicle strap, they put one on you if you break your collar bone. They are designed to hold the bones in the correct place for healing and have nothing to do with posture correction.

  • emily zarla
    emily zarla 6 months ago

    Nooooooooooooooooo I like the old pic and Channel name

  • Sophia and steph Vlogs and more


  • Lizzy Rivas
    Lizzy Rivas 6 months ago

    Ot look lile the wear sticking a tampon up their nose

  • robot man
    robot man 6 months ago

    Yes it is

  • fortnite _killer 432
    fortnite _killer 432 7 months ago


  • Turtleburger
    Turtleburger 7 months ago

    Every time i watch Matthias I laugh 😂 my butt off. Keep it going please.

  • Steady Films
    Steady Films 7 months ago

    ‘Who’s bob Ross ‘ words said by nobody ever 🤣🤣

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy B 7 months ago

    That was pubic hair 😂😂

  • Sheina Lewis
    Sheina Lewis 7 months ago

    I love your videos so much they're awesome you need to do some more other things instead of like unboxing stuff for like other stuff instead of what you're doing cuz you need to do some more of stuff different things

  • Henny
    Henny 7 months ago


  • Nate Fleury
    Nate Fleury 7 months ago


  • corbyn ryland vlogs
    corbyn ryland vlogs 7 months ago

    yes it is

  • Teresa Abatiell
    Teresa Abatiell 7 months ago

    I hate u I have 3birds

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith 7 months ago


  • Malek Awde
    Malek Awde 7 months ago

    Inhaler thing up to your nose
    How you act: WOOooo!!!!

  • mmario120130
    mmario120130 7 months ago

    Race and nationalities are completely different

  • GoldenWolfly
    GoldenWolfly 7 months ago

    Did You Hear The Weird
    Noise Tanner made? 2:49

  • TJ Reynolds
    TJ Reynolds 7 months ago

    Did u call ice cube, ice tea? 😂

  • Enderstorm3950
    Enderstorm3950 7 months ago

    Me: It's adorable!
    My dad, glancing over: What the heck is happening in that video?

  • FienixAU
    FienixAU 7 months ago

    essential oil
    plural noun: essential oils
    a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

  • Jack Brost
    Jack Brost 7 months ago

    That’s offensive to meh

  • Hexx Bombastus
    Hexx Bombastus 7 months ago

    A tree can't betray you.

  • Liam Swallow
    Liam Swallow 7 months ago

    why did you trash the butt putt golf toy

  • Farzana Shabnam
    Farzana Shabnam 7 months ago

    #fingerlicken'good lol

  • The Boy
    The Boy 7 months ago

    19:55 I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂 (strangly)

  • BOBALUisback
    BOBALUisback 7 months ago

    I just watched this video, had full screen on. then I heard you'd fill that luggage full of snickers bars with 200k likes, I quickly hit ESC and was sad to see that it never happened...

  • Vivs Alforque
    Vivs Alforque 7 months ago

    I subcribed