Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle | Featurette: Introducing Louis Serkis as Bhoot [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Bhoot from Mowgli has everyone sobbing, and he's played by Andy Serkis' son.
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    Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle | Featurette: Introducing Louis Serkis as Bhoot [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 151

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 6 hours ago

    There's just too much teeth on that "cute albino wolf".

  • Yazmin Co
    Yazmin Co Day ago

    y’all did bhoots dirty. 💔🥺

  • V Hernand
    V Hernand Day ago


  • animallover4ever100
    animallover4ever100 7 days ago

    fek off mate u killed bhoot!!!!!! :'(

  • Best Boy
    Best Boy 8 days ago

    I just got told off for crying too loud.

  • mrpotatoguy1
    mrpotatoguy1 11 days ago

    this was wayyy better than the 2016 Disney version

  • Remy Teddy
    Remy Teddy 11 days ago

    Too bad he died

    KNOX BLOX 11 days ago

    Wow, i thought that those wolves and other animals were computer generated (as they were) and the actors had to watch the film to see computer animals to give them voices.
    I had no idea the voices behind those computerized animation animals were so involved.
    Handsome work....

  • IT is Strange
    IT is Strange 11 days ago

    R.I.P Bhoot the albino wolf.😢

  • CRS 777 888
    CRS 777 888 13 days ago

    More Serkis movies please. And Andy's son is awesome just like him

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 13 days ago

    im sadden, shocked..cant get over it. Bhoot deserves better. 😞😞

  • Shane Rodriguez
    Shane Rodriguez 14 days ago +1

    i want know what happend to him, i mean how it end with him

    was he killed when he was try to visit mowgli?
    was he killed after Shere Khan throw out him (and his mother)?
    was he alone or in a pack hunting somewhere
    was was the other wolves (Mowgli site) accept they Bhoot?
    I think a random Wolf had the same result to kill the human for mowgli
    That Bhoot was killed by him and use as trophy was to sad for me.
    Mowgli was a asshole to his friends and then this friend is killed by a hunter, sorry director who wrote that, but that is a shitty idea.

  • Scooter boys
    Scooter boys 14 days ago

    Add teen wolf back to Netflix please I beg u

  • nandu v v
    nandu v v 15 days ago

    Fuck off. You killed him

  • WhiteWolf11
    WhiteWolf11 15 days ago

    Fuck you Netflix

  • ohnobillydiedohwell
    ohnobillydiedohwell 15 days ago

    Fuck Mowgli for ever talking to Bhoot like that, and I'm glad the hunter got what he deserved.

  • MieKayla Curtis
    MieKayla Curtis 15 days ago

    And yet he died😭😭

  • قدو وور
    قدو وور 16 days ago

    He's gonna die 😂 poor babyLouis

  • Skull Punk [SP]
    Skull Punk [SP] 17 days ago

    Bhoot dies.

  • Nzuri.Imani
    Nzuri.Imani 18 days ago

    I was mortified 😨😱😭😭😭😣😖😭😭😭😭😭🥺

  • Impression Unique
    Impression Unique 18 days ago

    you bullied bhoot and killed him off too bad.its just a movie any way . you should never have suffered both b and k . felt so sad

  • Mujahid N.K
    Mujahid N.K 18 days ago

    Bhoot is my fav character. 😍 ❤️

  • Draco Aeris
    Draco Aeris 18 days ago

    Bhoot is such a great character! I hope that this movie gets a dvd release.

  • Finn M62004
    Finn M62004 19 days ago +1

    Yes, you have great times working with your kid Serkis even though you killed his character. DAMN! HOW DO YOU THINK HE'LL RESPONSE TO THAT?!!

  • Promise Chan
    Promise Chan 19 days ago +2

    I was so mad that the hunter killed him and placed his head on the desk and can we not put this on any kids show and put 18+ because this could ruin childhoods of watching the Jungle book. Great movie and all but the blood and death

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz 19 days ago

    Father and son in his own 🎥.

  • peter rodrigues
    peter rodrigues 20 days ago +1

    when mowgli shouted at bhoot was the worst thing i ever witnessed it's a permanent scar . please do an alternate ending for bhoot.

  • Kwstas Kwstopoulos
    Kwstas Kwstopoulos 20 days ago

    My fevorite movie in netflix so far
    Please, make more seasons on Daredevil ;c

  • swag Jico
    swag Jico 20 days ago

    im literally traumatized

  • Don't Ask
    Don't Ask 20 days ago

    Bhoot is the most adorable thing I saw lately

  • RAMEZ gaming
    RAMEZ gaming 22 days ago

    Too bad Bhoot died😞

  • Thuy Stafford
    Thuy Stafford 23 days ago

    Why Mowgli, why

  • Daniel Medjedovic
    Daniel Medjedovic 23 days ago

    Thanos: I will bring him back. He didnt deserv this.
    Bhoot: thanks!
    Thanos: *holds onto him* You're mine now, not gonna let anyone hurt you.

  • Kevin Sunny
    Kevin Sunny 24 days ago +8

    If I can go back in time and this movie and never notice it. I would just because of bhoot. It ruined my day the day I watched it. And 3 days on. It still ruins it. Im an animal lover. And lots of love for bhoot. I know it's not real but still ridiculous. Even after death that angel had smile on it's face. Screw hunters. Animals r not meant for trophies. I'm just trying to get bhoot out of my head. I only feel like because I have seen special kids like that. Make me sad and makes me wanna love this more and more

  • DeadMan2004
    DeadMan2004 25 days ago

    Resurrect bhoot

  • Raiden Po
    Raiden Po 26 days ago

    Just finished watching the movie...felt heartbroken...

  • Bailey Henderson
    Bailey Henderson 26 days ago +1

    Sears kmart JCP papa Murphy's are winning don't let the artices bug you ever, the dum part is entertainment technology e commerce try do hard to back them but they lose to sears JCP papa Murphy's no matter my personal opinion about this remake

  • Ashly Marie
    Ashly Marie 26 days ago

    Yeh loved and then they fucking kill him.......

  • T.C
    T.C 26 days ago

    Why’d they have to K I L L HIM WHAT THE FUCK

  • sneakpeeker
    sneakpeeker 26 days ago +1

    The scene of bhoot's fate scarred my soul. It has to be the most disturbing scene of the year, and I've seen the house that Jack built

  • Nate Rivera
    Nate Rivera 27 days ago +2

    Bhoot was my favorite character.

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 27 days ago +2

    RIP :’(

  • Rootfish
    Rootfish 27 days ago

    Wow, that kid has a lot of piercings

  • Gridlok
    Gridlok 27 days ago

    So remember, aspiring actors, the real way to break into Hollywood is to be related to someone. Nepotism at its finest.
    ... or just be so sexy that all of the producers want to fuck you. 😉

  • Devan Moran
    Devan Moran 27 days ago +2

    Aww bhoot he deserved better

  • Lion & the Lamb
    Lion & the Lamb 27 days ago

    I think I might like to see this.

  • Anstroy95
    Anstroy95 27 days ago

    He died heartbroken

  • Riska Suzana Devi
    Riska Suzana Devi 27 days ago +3


  • Kim _
    Kim _ 27 days ago +1

    No jokes I cried like an idiot watching that scene.

    • Juliano B. A.
      Juliano B. A. 3 days ago

      Me too my friend. Andy Serkis need some serious therapy. Killing a cub, a baby, is sick as fuck.

  • Rehana Altaf
    Rehana Altaf 27 days ago

    Loved this movie !!!!!

  • Mr poopybutthole
    Mr poopybutthole 27 days ago +1

    He’ll make a fine pair of....


  • pramod talwar
    pramod talwar 27 days ago +1

    Justice for Bhoot

  • Riad Hasan
    Riad Hasan 27 days ago

    Bhoot character is very good But the is Very disappointment....

  • Eran
    Eran 27 days ago +1

    Just because it's white doesn't mean it's albino...
    ablinism requires red eyes since they lose any of the pigments that produce, in bhoots example, blue irises. Ugh.

    • Eran
      Eran 21 day ago +1

      +Peter Pain Because of the various uses of different terms applied to colouration, some authors have indicated that the colour of the eyes is the defining characteristic of albinism, e.g. "This leads to a good diagnostic feature with which to distinguish leucistic and albino individuals - the colour of the eye.

    • Peter Pain
      Peter Pain 21 day ago

      +Eran Continue reading on under "albino mammals" and eye color.

    • Eran
      Eran 21 day ago +1

      +Peter Pain Albinism is the "congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal or plant, resulting in white hair, feathers, scales and skin and pink eyes in mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish and other small invertebrates as well."

    • Peter Pain
      Peter Pain 21 day ago

      No it doesn't. Eyes vary from normal eye color to pinkish blue. So blue eyes are fine. I don't know what color Louis Serkis' eyes have though ... I guess they modeled bhoots eyes after his.

  • 3317alibaba
    3317alibaba 27 days ago

    F to pay respect

  • Brandon Croker
    Brandon Croker 27 days ago

    What an adorable chap.

  • Red Stream2.0
    Red Stream2.0 27 days ago

    the best part is when they cut off his head and mowgli just gets traumatized by just lookin at it

  • Ana Espinoza
    Ana Espinoza 27 days ago +1

    I cried a lot for Booth 😭😭😭😭😭 I hate you Netflix that was a big mistake 😥😥😥😥😭😭😭

  • Brian McNay
    Brian McNay 27 days ago

    Poor Bhoot 😭😭😭

  • GhostFreak
    GhostFreak 27 days ago

    Just to let you all know that Bhoot dies. The hunter kills him and keeps him as a trophy. Sad times

  • Lynam HQ
    Lynam HQ 28 days ago +2

    The Movie Was So CRINGY

  • violet goodman
    violet goodman 28 days ago +1

    This movie has been done so many times, it's ridiculous. This movie is failing in views because of that.

  • Marlyn Peña
    Marlyn Peña 28 days ago +2

    The white wolf got killed by the hunter why..........he hunter basically took him apart and put his head in his collection...I literally cried....

  • Priscilla Lunan
    Priscilla Lunan 28 days ago

    In alternative dimension Bhoot survived and has become a familiar to a Witch Barb from stranger things

  • Ceiis
    Ceiis 28 days ago +10

    The movie was really good.
    Hoping there'll be a sequel.

  • sleep deprived
    sleep deprived 28 days ago +24

    i literally started crying when they revealed what happened to bhoot i was so sad even tho i kinda expected it was gonna happen ?

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k 28 days ago

    He sounds good.

  • Autumn Bachhofer
    Autumn Bachhofer 28 days ago +13

    I am still not over it! And I think I will never be.

    • Earial Huston
      Earial Huston 27 days ago +1

      I finished watching like an hour ago and I'm still crying. I just keep seeing his face after Mowgli yells at him. Now I know why it haunts me. Louis did a wonderful job.

  • Jessica Murillo
    Jessica Murillo 28 days ago +8

    Awwww Bhoot 😕 so sad what happened to him

  • J.C. Aldridge
    J.C. Aldridge 28 days ago +116

    "Becomes the most beloved character".
    You knew what you were doing when you killed him off... 😭😡 #justiceforbhoot

  • butt cheeks
    butt cheeks 28 days ago +72

    When bhoot ran away it broke my heart I wanted mowgli to chase him and tell him he was sorry. and then the next time we see bhoot he’s dead it was so sad 😭

  • July 4th
    July 4th 28 days ago +4

    Mowgli sequel?
    Netflix please see this comment haha. Would be awesome to get a sequel, this was a great movie. Would be awesome if Netflix hired him to do other movies too. To compete with Disney’s live action classics.

  • mara snow
    mara snow 28 days ago +16

    just when i thought I gotten over it... they upload this... now about to star crying again.

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 28 days ago +7

    Noooooo 😭😭😭😭

  • Nicole Tate
    Nicole Tate 28 days ago +1

    Awsome movie i seen it

  • Maestro Gradius
    Maestro Gradius 28 days ago +1

    Shame he killed his son though. Gruesome

  • Benny95
    Benny95 28 days ago +1

    Oh god.. I just watched the movie (I’ll leave it there)

  • DaleyDale
    DaleyDale 28 days ago


  • Charlotte H
    Charlotte H 28 days ago +2

    Oh no bhoot didn’t deserve this😭😭

  • Anna The Nord
    Anna The Nord 28 days ago +3

    I have never cried more over a character than Bhoot

  • jmalmsten
    jmalmsten 28 days ago +1

    I had heard that this movie was a darker than usual adaptation of the book... But when I saw what happened to Bhoot I went "Jibbers Crabst!"... I did NOT see that coming!
    I just imagine the awkward conversations amongst families when the inevitable "mom, is that Bhoot?" questions comes along.

  • richard wright
    richard wright 28 days ago

    When will Louis appear with his father in a planet of the apes film? or has he

  • Alex Murillo
    Alex Murillo 28 days ago +1

    Thanks for reminding to keep crying about this very character 😭

  • Avi LeQueen
    Avi LeQueen 28 days ago +6

    I honestly think the end with Bhoot was just so not necessary.. like why.

  • Tyro Horse
    Tyro Horse 28 days ago +8

    And some reason you only had bhoot bullied. Yelled at. And then killed to be seen stuffed on display, and just the head! You took it too far and it ruined the film for me. Way too sad and traumatic

    • Queen Frozenclaws
      Queen Frozenclaws 27 days ago +3

      Just so you know... the dark nature of this is most similar to the actual book, which was even darker and more violent than this movie. Bhoot dying was sad, but I still commend Andy for the overall result of Mowgli.

  • Reshteen Mal
    Reshteen Mal 28 days ago +1

    Can't wait for animal Farm

    -HYPER HOUND- 28 days ago

    Bhoot screamed far too much in the movie

  • Rick Goedegebuure
    Rick Goedegebuure 28 days ago +2

    This film is a cheap ripoff of the new jungle book 😑

    • Amaury HS
      Amaury HS 27 days ago

      Such an ignorant comment. Educate yourself before commenting.

    • Jose Hernandez
      Jose Hernandez 28 days ago +7

      +Rick Goedegebuure But Mowgli's LOTJ is considered a more accurate depiction of the source material, which is why I liked it better.

    • Rick Goedegebuure
      Rick Goedegebuure 28 days ago

      The new jungle book still looks better

    • Two-Face
      Two-Face 28 days ago +2

      Rick Goedegebuure or they’re both based on a book

    • MultiPlatGamerGuy
      MultiPlatGamerGuy 28 days ago +7

      No it's not. They were made at the same time. Plus, it's a different take on the story if you actually watch it.

  • Stephone Atkins
    Stephone Atkins 28 days ago +2

    But you cut his head off!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bon Qui Qui
    Bon Qui Qui 28 days ago +50

    I was never more sad,upset,pissed from a movie in a while. 😢

  • Laufield
    Laufield 28 days ago +55

    Bhoot's death broken my heart

  • Michael Meadows
    Michael Meadows 28 days ago

    When will the Carmen Sandiego trailer be released?!

  • Shubham Verma
    Shubham Verma 28 days ago +76

    Let's not cry.

  • SeaOtter
    SeaOtter 28 days ago


  • Write
    Write 28 days ago +122

    Aww sad ending of bhoot.. i kinda hope he can grow up alongside with mowgli as protectors of the jungle, how bad ass could it be seeing adult albino wolf beside adult mowgli, could be a good start for a sequel

  • colbyXclusive
    colbyXclusive 28 days ago +55

    Louis’ screams were so damn funny

  • Nightmarish Bat
    Nightmarish Bat 28 days ago +13

    My precious Bhoot

  • Sancheezy
    Sancheezy 28 days ago +38


  • Rishav Sharma
    Rishav Sharma 28 days ago +2

    I smell nepotism

    • Peter Pain
      Peter Pain 23 days ago

      The kid is a good actor. So what ...

    • Charmedsas1
      Charmedsas1 27 days ago

      That's what entertainment and Hollywood is made of 😒😑
      Where have you been?

    • Brian McNay
      Brian McNay 27 days ago

      Rishav Sharma | I smell curry, and it stinks

  • Franner4life
    Franner4life 28 days ago +6

    Bhoot dies. Done. Now you dont have to watch the movie