Testing Out The Anti-Highlighter

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • I tried out Rituel De Fille's Inner Glow Creme Pigment in "Eclipse" - everyone kept saying it was a black highlighter and I still don't know why.
    Check out the product here: ritueldefille.com/eclipse.html
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +6064

    HELLO FRIENDS!! what did you think of this anti-highlighter? is it a highlighter?? have i said highlighter so many times that the word has lost meaning? EDIT: also, i didn't use any brushes because using fingers helped warm up the waxy product, tho i think that the beauty blender was definitely necessary!

    • Jenn McArthur
      Jenn McArthur 14 days ago

      First off your awesome and love your videos but, when you tired using it at a higher you looked like someone punched you in the face.

    • Kristina Hoerler
      Kristina Hoerler 18 days ago

      As a former goth that my whole make up consisted of a 99 cent black eyeliner and a 1.99 mascara, this would have been heaven to me! ( yes I did a full face with black eyeliner ! Oh and the mascara ...and sometimes baby powder to stop shine) so its waxy? I see why you didn’t at first use a brush, but I think I does need tools!

    • XxZoey xX
      XxZoey xX 3 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard Yas

    • Ricey Cat
      Ricey Cat 4 months ago

      Isn’t anti highlighter just a contour

    • Ellisif333
      Ellisif333 5 months ago

      Could it be an "anti-highlighter" as in, you use it in contrast with your own highlighter as you would contour and it gives it extra pop?

  • Tabby Kitty
    Tabby Kitty 5 hours ago

    on the check the anti highlighter looks like bruises

  • Christina Kamaiko
    Christina Kamaiko 6 hours ago

    So it's black blush?

  • KayleeKakes
    KayleeKakes 14 hours ago +1

    She just looks like she got beat up

  • royalparadigm
    royalparadigm Day ago

    I want it

  • Hamza X
    Hamza X 8 days ago

    I m a doctor if someone walks into my opd wearing this I would be super excited to diagnose somthing anything .

  • Hazel Burger
    Hazel Burger 10 days ago

    To me on the cheek bone it looks like you were trying to cover up a bruise

  • N M
    N M 13 days ago

    u look skinnier here

  • Maya Gatzemeyer
    Maya Gatzemeyer 13 days ago


  • Feyza A.
    Feyza A. 13 days ago


  • Perfect Flaw
    Perfect Flaw 13 days ago

    so like contour?

  • Freaks Parade
    Freaks Parade 14 days ago

    I’m goth this supposed to be where you would contour on a white face

  • Billie’s Avocado
    Billie’s Avocado 14 days ago +2

    An-ty or an-ti

  • Siarra Byers
    Siarra Byers 14 days ago

    I don't know if anyone else is doing this but is anyone else replaying her giggle and very deep ass "yes"😂😂

  • Madeline Brigit
    Madeline Brigit 16 days ago

    If you put it on really lightly with a brush you could maybe use it as a highlighter. Just using a brush on most of it would've turned out better. Still love it though

  • Shell A.
    Shell A. 16 days ago

    you look crazy as hell 😂 like you been in a fight and lost

  • Kristina Hoerler
    Kristina Hoerler 18 days ago

    Should of used a make up brush love!

  • Pamela Walker
    Pamela Walker 20 days ago

    The purplish highlighter Safiya is testing looks almost exactly like the eyeshadow shade she created when she mixed all of her eye shadows into 1!

  • rumu dinc
    rumu dinc 22 days ago

    You look like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

  • Manuel Villacarillo
    Manuel Villacarillo 23 days ago

    Jeffree Star Cosmetic has Black highlighter named Onyx Ice and its 29$ with MUCH more products

  • KattyGG
    KattyGG 23 days ago +1

    When my mom walks in on my watching this video:

    "What the HELL is on her face-- or did she just smear animal sh*t?"

    Im done. Let me die in peace now.

  • Slytheirn Queen
    Slytheirn Queen 25 days ago

    Me watching her videos at 1:25AM

  • eetadakimasu
    eetadakimasu 28 days ago

    You look like you got beat up

  • kzthryn thangjam
    kzthryn thangjam 28 days ago

    The necklace gives out Queen Vampire vibes! Hey,Tyler! Look out! Dracula is looking for an eligible queen! 🤣

  • Tammy Green
    Tammy Green 29 days ago

    "I look like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins".🤣 I cant....😂

  • Lola Veneziana
    Lola Veneziana Month ago

    It Should be called Shadow Haze Glaze! Lol
    Looks great on lids, lips and as contour! 🖤🕷️🖤🕷️🖤

  • HowE Lee
    HowE Lee Month ago

    Lol you look dirty. I like it on the eyes though

  • Lighthesky
    Lighthesky Month ago

    It means “girls ritual” or if you directly translate it, it’s “ritual of girls”

  • Ash Spenst
    Ash Spenst Month ago

    I got an ad before this saying is watching endless makeup videos really worth your time

  • erika hellgren
    erika hellgren Month ago

    Omg love your necklace
    Where did u buy that 🤯😍😍😍

  • Layna055 _
    Layna055 _ Month ago

    I’m living for saf’s necklace rn it’s so pretty, I can definitely see a vampire queen wearing it

  • M Addy
    M Addy Month ago

    Isn't it for shadow ... To enhance where shadow falls naturally? If so then anti-highlighter makes a bit of sense ... in sketching, highlight is opposite from shadow.

  • hannah O
    hannah O Month ago


  • Darby Muller
    Darby Muller Month ago

    Anybody else get the mean girls reference...

  • Pierced French Siren

    In short you can do a full face with this one product, except highlighter

  • La RaPi
    La RaPi Month ago

    Beep beep bop boo hello to yooh

  • Heather
    Heather Month ago

    when she first put it on her brow bone and to 'highlight' her cheekbone it did look like a bruise, so.

  • gourmet fuckin fruit gels bro

    Isn’t that just a bronzer then

  • Lady Oblivion
    Lady Oblivion Month ago

    ...the lowlighter?

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    So like contour?

  • Deanna Pace
    Deanna Pace Month ago +1

    Your necklace gives me strength

  • Ava Resch
    Ava Resch Month ago +7

    mix together all of the body washes from bath and body works

  • friendlyneighborhood_satan

    i love her necklace

  • just.beautiful.allie

    I was hoping it was jeffree star's onxy ice highlight.

  • Mia DB
    Mia DB Month ago

    I feel weird watching this and not hearing Tyler's comments in the background :) it felt very quiet!

  • Zi Qi Lin
    Zi Qi Lin Month ago +1

    Isn't anti highlighter technically just contour ;-;?

  • vertigo
    vertigo Month ago

    Loving the Samsung ad at 1:01

  • RosiePolieOlie
    RosiePolieOlie Month ago

    The audio was *so* much worse back then I’m shook

  • Leila Cabanillas
    Leila Cabanillas Month ago


  • Margaret McMahon
    Margaret McMahon Month ago

    4:32-4:35 Did anyone else realize that crusty is there in the mirror

  • Sam Does Things
    Sam Does Things Month ago

    H e l l o f r e I n d s

  • VonLanzeloth
    VonLanzeloth Month ago

    Sofia is such a hot goth girl haha

  • bruised banana
    bruised banana Month ago

    the highlighter looks like someone punched you 😭😂

  • kirstie pilgrim
    kirstie pilgrim Month ago

    This is an eyeshadow... But used as a gimic

  • Lauren Neuman
    Lauren Neuman Month ago

    Soooo... contour? 😂

  • remi cock oh no
    remi cock oh no 2 months ago

    NECKLACE! BIIIIIITCH GIMMIE THAT NECKLACE! (O-or... ya know, the link to where I can buy it, please)

  • Cheryl Pierce
    Cheryl Pierce 2 months ago

    OMG I am laughing at your cat/reindeer/mouse soooo much!!! Good product - bad name/description!

  • NeRethil Wolfsson
    NeRethil Wolfsson 2 months ago

    I'm always cracked up by how depressed the feminine french google translate voice is XD

  • Autumnal River
    Autumnal River 2 months ago

    💙💙 that necklace is amazing! You should checkout Curiology jewellery. There is a lot of bat jewellery that you would love!

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky 2 months ago

    Lmao I love how bloggers completely took this product & ran with it. The company was like uhh yeah we never said this was a highlighter 😂

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android 2 months ago

    Google speaks so horribly

  • RequiemBeatz
    RequiemBeatz 2 months ago

    I bet 75% of the likes on this were smashed as soon as you dropped that Mean Girls reference

  • Beagle Theory
    Beagle Theory 2 months ago

    You should wear that choker more, it looks nice on you!

  • Jinju
    Jinju 2 months ago

    Fille in French I think it means girl? Sorry I don’t remember cause garçon means boy

  • Erin B. Williams
    Erin B. Williams 2 months ago

    I'm so happy someone did a review of this! I actually own it and LOVE it. Its lovely for a monochromatic look, my favorite uses are on the eyes as a subtle dark purpley shadow and as a lip gloss. I'm so over all the unicorn/glittery/super bright colors trends. Bring on the darkness lol

  • Gayatri Kamtala
    Gayatri Kamtala 2 months ago

    5:23 I’m dying 😂😂😂

  • Lexy Love7000
    Lexy Love7000 2 months ago

    I watched the Adams Family 2 days ago, and I wanted to meet the whole cast but I could only meet morticia and Wednesday, but they my favs so idk

  • Sarah MaeSings
    Sarah MaeSings 2 months ago

    try it on your lips...

  • colum kennedy
    colum kennedy 2 months ago

    I love that necklace it looks like the inside of my future house

  • Blala Lalala
    Blala Lalala 2 months ago

    The necklace is so cool. It just me or what??

  • BlackenSoul
    BlackenSoul 2 months ago

    I’d say this is more a contour product. Definitely not a highlighter 😂
    It looks super cool though!

  • Bear's Beauty
    Bear's Beauty 2 months ago

    But, I mean in that it does the opposite of highlight which is contour and you use it and all of the places that you don't use highlighter it is the antithesis of an anti highlighter.

  • SaltyCoffey 01
    SaltyCoffey 01 2 months ago +1

    Looks like you got in a fight or its bruising after surgery

  • Eponine
    Eponine 2 months ago

    It looks sickly

  • Amanda De Matteo
    Amanda De Matteo 2 months ago

    Why didn’t you just use a brush lol

  • Nicki D
    Nicki D 2 months ago

    No offense u look like u were punched

  • Paige Parker
    Paige Parker 2 months ago +1

    ok first WHERE ARE MEH 2019 PEEPS!? XD and second I thought at one point that the hightlight was bruises XD

  • Jessica LaRocque
    Jessica LaRocque 2 months ago

    Ok you need to start telling us all where you get your chockers from you have such nice ones in your videos 😍

  • Carter KC
    Carter KC 2 months ago

    I'm such an idiot... you kept saying "Highlighter," yet I kept thinking of foundation -_-

  • Angela Morales
    Angela Morales 2 months ago

    So pretty. I really like this monochromatic look on u. Makes me want to try it. Although I'm fair, so I think I may swap in a different color. Face contour frightens, yet intrigues me.

  • n morovati
    n morovati 2 months ago

    cosmetic companies are working hard to find new ways to drain women's wallets

  • Emily Glaze
    Emily Glaze 2 months ago

    I love how she was just like swinging her head around to try and get something reflected...but it just wasn't really working

  • Scarli Scarz
    Scarli Scarz 2 months ago

    Where do I buy this!! ❤️😮❤️

  • Julia Earnst
    Julia Earnst 2 months ago

    I always thought that the ani-highlighter was just bronzer...

  • Erin Grace
    Erin Grace 3 months ago

    I always thought an anti-highlight was contour 😂

  • Jane 2009
    Jane 2009 3 months ago

    4:42 it does have that weird SISTER vibe to it 😂

  • Freedom In A Budget
    Freedom In A Budget 3 months ago +5

    It looks awesome as a contour!!

  • Natalie Gee
    Natalie Gee 3 months ago

    I'm guessing that this is meant for deep dark skin tones. The contrast alone shows that it isn't for lighter skin tones. Unless you were using it like an eyeshadow.

  • Caveman Jane
    Caveman Jane 3 months ago

    Your laugh after “every night look”

  • Caveman Jane
    Caveman Jane 3 months ago

    Anti-highlighter.... meaning Shadow. So it looks good as eye shadow

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 3 months ago

    It definitely looks great as an eyeshadow, contour and lipstick. I loved it. ❤❤❤

  • m alive
    m alive 3 months ago


    so it means girls ritual😂

  • RoseJedi
    RoseJedi 3 months ago

    So it’s contour.....

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 3 months ago

    It looks like someone had hit your face very often and very hard

  • baum .B
    baum .B 3 months ago

    who's watching in 2019 when she's engaged

  • Gracie Lou lou
    Gracie Lou lou 3 months ago

    l LOVE your chocer

  • Pratha Desai
    Pratha Desai 3 months ago

    It just looks like someone punched you on your cheekbone and now you have a bruise

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd 3 months ago

    It looks like someone has been punching you in the face.

  • Rozy R
    Rozy R 3 months ago

    Cast of les miserables makeup routine

  • shl rl
    shl rl 3 months ago

    I'm happy you left BuzzFeed. You deserved your own content