10 GOLDEN BUZZER Kid Singers on AGT & BGT | Got Talent Global

  • Watch the best of the best kid singers auditions and golden buzzer moments on America's Got Talent AGT and Britain's Got Talent BGT. Who did you think was the best out of the top 10?? Let us know in the comments below...
    ▶︎ Courtney Hadwin:
    ▶︎ Darci Lynne:
    ▶︎ Grace VanderWaal:
    ▶︎ Angelica Hale:
    ▶︎ Kyle Tomlinson:
    ▶︎ Sarah Ikumu:
    ▶︎ Amanda Mena:
    ▶︎ Jasmine Elcock:
    ▶︎ Beau Dermott:
    ▶︎ Flau'jae:

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Comments • 80

  • Kefei Zhao
    Kefei Zhao 3 hours ago

    Golden buzzer:everyone’s dream

    Golden buzzer:janitors worst nightmare

  • Samuel Hendrix
    Samuel Hendrix 4 hours ago

    I bet dunkin doughnuts profit off of them alot like dang do you need a big size cup to last you about an hour.

  • Nut Twins
    Nut Twins 6 hours ago +1


  • Gacha Blueberry
    Gacha Blueberry 10 hours ago

    0:35 is there something wrong with her and how did the judges like her

  • Eric Pereira
    Eric Pereira 18 hours ago +1

    All of them are so incredible

  • Nadine Fairholt
    Nadine Fairholt 20 hours ago

    The last one was amazing than fortnite

  • Nadine Fairholt
    Nadine Fairholt 20 hours ago

    The guy that Sang hallelujah was an angle and I like how David said it was great “slaps Golden buzzer”

  • Nadine Fairholt
    Nadine Fairholt 20 hours ago

    The little girl sounds
    Like a got damn real singing artist

  • Nadine Fairholt
    Nadine Fairholt 20 hours ago

    The girl with the ukulele is amazing to

  • Nadine Fairholt
    Nadine Fairholt 20 hours ago

    The first girl was amazing I didn’t see that coming man she is such a good singer

  • ricardo dorneles silva dorneles


  • Alyssa Stankovic
    Alyssa Stankovic Day ago +1

    10:46 that rap reminded me of the life of mine father

  • Normal elevator Ibon

    The second girl IS IPOSIBLE TALKING😍😍😍😍😍😱

  • David Taiwo
    David Taiwo Day ago

    Who always goes straight to the comments?

  • David Taiwo
    David Taiwo Day ago

    Who always goes straight to the comments?

  • I . T
    I . T 2 days ago

    I hate that kids can get away with being good singers. Only four of them did good.

  • Llama iLoveBread :P
    Llama iLoveBread :P 2 days ago

    The first girl was EPIC my fav


    update: WHY DO THEY ALL MAKE ME CRY??!!

  • Sugar Jones
    Sugar Jones 2 days ago

    You see tyra face when Howie hugged her you know he a non toucher germophobia


    first kid made me cry :´3

  • Molly Hamill
    Molly Hamill 3 days ago +1

    First kid: sings amazingly
    Me: watches 10 million times

  • Faiza Jannatul
    Faiza Jannatul 3 days ago +1

    Imagine just how proud the parents are!!!

  • Guta Tex
    Guta Tex 3 days ago

    PORRA parece que baixou um espírito nessa menina. Coisa de outro MUNDO!!!👏👏👏

  • Guta Tex
    Guta Tex 3 days ago

    Show bissss

  • Aubryn Brooke
    Aubryn Brooke 3 days ago

    First girl.. well wasn’t my fav but wayyyyy better than me lol

  • Noemi Ovalle ramos
    Noemi Ovalle ramos 3 days ago

    I just noticed that the third or fourth girl acted as stargirl/Susan calway on the movie star girl

  • ????????????????
    ???????????????? 3 days ago +1

    Grace : I don't know my name
    Grace before : My name is Grace

  • Ali Dakik
    Ali Dakik 3 days ago +1

    It’s so rare for MEL B to hit the golden buzzer more than SIMON

  • Sima Porter
    Sima Porter 4 days ago

    This girl is not shy she is the best

    TopVORTEX YT 4 days ago +1

    Is it me or flau jae just got golden buzzered by a white man hahaha 😂

  • Nakiyah Bryant
    Nakiyah Bryant 4 days ago

    I wish I can be on there but I can never do I don't live down there but you can ask my mom but my mom will stop and Shadow what economists Nicole but I don't think she would go all the way down there and she spend all her gas money

  • Sarah Izaguirre
    Sarah Izaguirre 4 days ago


  • Pierce McKown
    Pierce McKown 4 days ago

    Grace Vanderwaal all the way!

  • Roberto Macedo
    Roberto Macedo 4 days ago

    Não canso de Assistir está menina... Alegra qualquer Quarentena..que Deus conforte todos que estão passando por dificuldades. Mas precisamos acreditar.

  • Sunniye Sun
    Sunniye Sun 4 days ago

    14:46 Omg I love this music

  • 펑키스타
    펑키스타 5 days ago

    한국인 손! 국뽕 !

  • Ktrcz_Zsofi
    Ktrcz_Zsofi 5 days ago

    So cute 🥺🥺no cry no cry no cry 😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💖😍

  • Bluez Berriez
    Bluez Berriez 5 days ago

    They all ran up to the golden buzzer and pressed it 😂 best one I watched yet

  • cpthowdy 1369
    cpthowdy 1369 5 days ago +2

    No one is gonna talk about how Grace is a professional singer with a music contract?

  • Henri Pheenachaikul
    Henri Pheenachaikul 5 days ago +1

    Me at 3 am under quarantine 😭

  • Лия Абдулманапова


  • Izzatun nisa
    Izzatun nisa 5 days ago

    What is the title of the song that the third girl sang?

  • Mason Gjolaj
    Mason Gjolaj 5 days ago


  • Aman Devrath
    Aman Devrath 5 days ago

    Can someone name all the songs?

  • GiuliaChan
    GiuliaChan 5 days ago +1

    am I the only one who noticed the random Italian guy saying amore at 21:49 ?

  • FraXure_YT
    FraXure_YT 5 days ago

    the only problem is taylor swift sing about how she doesn't know how to have a long relation ships. the girl doesn't sing about that

  • Isabel Arosmena
    Isabel Arosmena 6 days ago +3

    2:52 Simón kinda wanted to hit the golden buzzer too 🙈😂

  • Claudia Duda
    Claudia Duda 7 days ago

    I Like dis Song♥️♥️

  • WolfieCutie PlaysAndHavesFun

    Kids win golden buzzer
    Me: Watches Scooby-Doo at age 9
    Bonus: Judge stares at golden buzzer
    Janitor: Starts sweating

    Another bonus:Judge presses golden buzzer
    Janitor:Oh s* here we go again.!

  • WolfieCutie PlaysAndHavesFun

    The people that disliked were probably blinded by there tears because they were jealous ŪnŪ

  • Taha Ramadan
    Taha Ramadan 7 days ago

    Imagine getting a golden buzzer from Simon.

  • Taha Ramadan
    Taha Ramadan 7 days ago

    I like how parents sell their kids to bgt so they can win a million dollars.

  • Passions Guerrero
    Passions Guerrero 7 days ago

    26:02 those girls faces

  • Keihara Shaye
    Keihara Shaye 7 days ago


  • Keihara Shaye
    Keihara Shaye 7 days ago +1

    Darcy was the best to me lol (they all were great though)

  • ismael castro
    ismael castro 7 days ago

    i m scared of that young rock girl

  • Bianca Alexies Carranza

    What is that song? The song that courtney sang

  • Jackie King
    Jackie King 8 days ago

    They all did so amazing


    I hate the girl with the blond and blue ang white spot dress enk

  • Ilaria Ac
    Ilaria Ac 8 days ago

    Don't cry, don't, don't cry. I cry

  • Catherine JORAM
    Catherine JORAM 8 days ago


  • Cøokie CRUNCH
    Cøokie CRUNCH 8 days ago

    People who dislike are called

    over sized rats

  • Flare Glow
    Flare Glow 8 days ago


  • kero CHANNEL
    kero CHANNEL 8 days ago


  • theyruinedmysociallife
    theyruinedmysociallife 8 days ago +1

    It’s crazy because now the world knows Grace’s name

  • Ava Claire S
    Ava Claire S 8 days ago

    3:59 is so funny the girl is mad

  • Itzz_ Kimberley_
    Itzz_ Kimberley_ 8 days ago

    I will this tho also talent but i can’t good sing ☹️

  • Gabriela Acevedo
    Gabriela Acevedo 8 days ago +1

    Me:i can sing i seeeeennnjtttttt ahhhhhh
    Simon:clicks red buzzer

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 8 days ago

    AnGeLiCa YoU aRe ThE cHoSeN oNe

  • doggies _attack
    doggies _attack 8 days ago

    ThiS iS AmAzInG 😲 WoOoOoOooOow

  • Fenna Lou Marquinez Garrido

    makes me emotional huhu

  • Khairul Nizam
    Khairul Nizam 9 days ago

    The girl song is best 😊😊😊🤩

  • sparkle and play twighlight fun

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  • sparkle and play twighlight fun


  • Levi Sampi
    Levi Sampi 9 days ago +1


  • Chara Wondercheck
    Chara Wondercheck 9 days ago

    i loved the last girl she popped off.

  • tunnipt
    tunnipt 9 days ago +69

    This is how many people smiled when the golden buzzer went off.

  • Robyn Scott
    Robyn Scott 9 days ago

    shout out to flaujae she from the show the rap game shes amazing

  • Megan l
    Megan l 9 days ago +1


  • Nkule Mkhizr
    Nkule Mkhizr 9 days ago

    Watching 2020 Sara ikumu talented