Get Old Versions Of ANY App On The App Store! (Working 2021!)

  • Published on Feb 24, 2021
  • Get Old Versions Of ANY App On The App Store! (Working 2021!)
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    iOS 10 Jailbreak: How To Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 OR 10.3.4:
    How To Download Unsupported Apps On iOS 7, 8, 9, AND 10!:
    iOS 14 Beta 1 iPhone 6s:
    Jailbreak iOS 13.5 NO COMPUTER:
    Un-Jailbreak Checkra1n (Removing Cydia):
    How To Download Unsupported Apps:
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Comments • 171

  • Pinch Soft
    Pinch Soft  Year ago +8

    Download my free game! Works on all iOS devices using iOS 7 and up!

  • Hazqier
    Hazqier 9 months ago +14

    It works. Thank you so much! The explanation was so detailed too, 11/10.

  • Lone Wolf Moon
    Lone Wolf Moon 4 months ago +2

    Thank you very much and thanks to whoever made that tweak. A finance app got updated to include jailbreak detection and no detection bypass tweak was working. Getting an older version of the app saved me a lot of trouble.

  • Niels Reichardt
    Niels Reichardt 7 months ago +5

    Is it possible to keep an older version of an App after removing jailbreak from my ios device? Great video btw

  • madasafish2010
    madasafish2010 2 months ago +4

    24/03/22 Confirmed working still. Used this method to downgrade a currency app for a holiday as the present version of the app had tight jailbreak detection. Worked like a charm so thank you!

  • Fazegamer
    Fazegamer 2 months ago

    What if I want to keep the old version at the same time? What do I need to do?

  • Pirum
    Pirum 2 months ago

    Thanks dude it worked!

  • Taylor Guziewicz
    Taylor Guziewicz 18 days ago

    Dude this amazing. The ability to record live radio. using the tune in radio app is money to me.

  • Mareyam Chaudhary
    Mareyam Chaudhary 9 months ago +3

    Thankful 🙏🏻💙

  • Kyle McKelvey
    Kyle McKelvey 2 months ago +4

    Do you have a different repo that works for an ipad mini? I followed all the steps that you did above for an iphone and I got to the add source step and it said "The certificate for this server is invalid."

  • Joey Trifiletti
    Joey Trifiletti 8 months ago

    Everything worked except for when i press and hold on the cloud/get button. Nothing was popping up. Im using an ipad mini on ios 14.5. Plz help

  • Jason O
    Jason O Month ago

    Does this work for apps that have been removed from the App Store?

  • Brooke Lauren
    Brooke Lauren 11 months ago

    Do you have a way to downgrade the iOS on your phone from 14 back to 13? I hate how 14 is with certain things. Well I already hated things on 13 so if there’s a way to go even lower plz help a gal out

  • H
    H Month ago

    Worked with disney+, And I havent installed it, thanks

  • Archie Richards
    Archie Richards 10 months ago +10

    When I get to the appstore ++ it doesn't give me the option to modify only to install. But when I do, it tells me that it cannot be applied due to "required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed"

  • Xavier Dalais
    Xavier Dalais Year ago +14

    this youtuber is so underratted love you content bro

    HARITH S.M 12 days ago

    When I choose the version nothing happens, it doesn't download :/

  • starzztop
    starzztop Month ago

    It worked on iphone 8 ios 14.3
    It tells you to sign in to itunes. I sign in then need to change password for it to work.

  • Priyanshu
    Priyanshu 4 months ago

    Hey sorry but It's not working for me whenever I click install it says it depends iosfirmware-11.0
    Someone help

  • Devonté
    Devonté 7 months ago +2

    Does this work for apps that force you to update

  • Николай
    Николай 4 months ago +1

    thanks!! ;)

  • Itz_Rawu
    Itz_Rawu 2 months ago

    I don’t feel like bricking my phone today thank you

  • Matt
    Matt 6 months ago

    Could you download apps that are no longer on the app store

  • Chaîne • {FERMÉE}•
    Chaîne • {FERMÉE}• 10 months ago

    Im in iOS 15(beta 3) and it’s not working

  • EZhax
    EZhax Year ago

    Bro I installed it but when i hold the open button nothing pops up for me to downgrade or upgrade plz help

  • Xs Inch
    Xs Inch 11 months ago +1

    Thanks bro i love you ❤️

  • Nikki Loves
    Nikki Loves 7 months ago

    Do you have a link for jailbreak IOS 13.4.1 ?

  • Lucas Oliveira Sena
    Lucas Oliveira Sena Year ago +2

    How can I get this app for downgrade with my iPhone 5c iOs 10.3.3 ?

  • feddy
    feddy Year ago

    It won’t Work it just says it’s not verified

  • Adeefa Waseem
    Adeefa Waseem 8 months ago

    Does it work for iOS 9??

  • $BA
    $BA 10 months ago +2


  • D4yl1gHt
    D4yl1gHt 3 months ago

    Does it work for iOS 15.3

  • Mir F
    Mir F 11 months ago +1

    does it work for not existing apps?

  • Linda K
    Linda K Year ago +2

    Works on iOS 10.3.4 ?
    Answer me quickly please
    my friend
    Thanks !
    Best Regards !

    • Linda K
      Linda K Year ago +1

      For me not same tweak version
      Not 0.9.11 but anothers updates versions so can't install because error message

    • Linda K
      Linda K Year ago

      Pinch Soft
      Ok so i will install and tested this tweak and i comeback with you
      Thanks !

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  Year ago +1

      It does work on 10.3.4!

    UNKOWN Year ago +6

    I downgraded an app but it wanted me to update the app what should I do ?

    • yeetstermemes
      yeetstermemes Year ago +1

      update it and when it says "open" then retry the downgrade

  • LosauntyGabz
    LosauntyGabz 3 months ago

    Thank u

  • Albert XD
    Albert XD  4 months ago +1

    Hey bro, I do all your step but nothing show

  • 𝙋𝙡𝙫𝙮𝙗𝙤𝙞𝙏𝙖𝙮 ★

    downgrade/upgrade don’t work anymore :(

  • TheGamerLocker
    TheGamerLocker Month ago

    Does it work on older iPhone?

  • Kasey Leitch
    Kasey Leitch 3 months ago +1

    Where’s the Cydia app? I can’t find it!

  • Sycamore
    Sycamore 11 months ago +4

    Is there any way to do so without jail breaking?

  • RocketShift Gaming
    RocketShift Gaming 3 months ago

    Does this work ok iOS 6?

  • Lương Lee
    Lương Lee 7 months ago +1

    I know that I need to download 4 apps or so but there is only “how to be a billionaire” app showing up. Could you guys tell me how I can fix this?

    KEEVVY 8 months ago +1

    It needs ios 11 😥

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 5 months ago

    Does this work on iPhone 12 and iOS 15 cause I’m trying to hold on to the cloud button to get the old version of vivavideo and nothing is working and not showing.

  • ZeLemun
    ZeLemun 4 months ago +1

    So it doesnt work for me beacuse i have iOS 10.3 4

  • Joseph Karo
    Joseph Karo 3 months ago

    How do I get the Cydia app

  • Rebecca Morrow
    Rebecca Morrow 4 months ago

    How do I jailbreak my iPad so I can use this video

  • G Mo
    G Mo 10 months ago

    trying to get a older version of We bull app upgrade sucks lol
    i have Iphone 12 max pro (14.6)
    do i need to jail break this i don’t know how is so ?

  • Talhis Seibet
    Talhis Seibet 7 months ago +1

    Would this work for an app in 2012?

  • Peterson Jane
    Peterson Jane Year ago

    I don’t seem to see the cydia app to download on my iPhone

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  11 months ago

      You have to add it. Do you know what version of iOS you're on?

  • kinovrse
    kinovrse Year ago

    Do U have jailbreak for iOS 11

  • atan
    atan 4 months ago

    I already have old TheXvid in my iphone because it is the iphone 5 and it can't update app or installl it's a very old TheXvid version it haves the trending button

  • Element3188
    Element3188 5 months ago

    Umm is jail breaking safe?

  • biana rev
    biana rev 3 months ago

    Can this be done on Android

  • Theme songs and lots more 🐰

    doesnt work on iPhone 6s

  • Paula Butler
    Paula Butler Month ago

    please where can i download the cydria?

  • Virus
    Virus Year ago

    How do you custom install

  • Meme page
    Meme page Year ago

    Can u help me it just says fails

  • Tony Chaaya
    Tony Chaaya 10 months ago +1

    I still don’t understand how to download these apps

  • Airalyn Arado
    Airalyn Arado 7 months ago

    I accidentally update my TikTok app how can I get back to the old version of TikTok

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  6 months ago

      This video would work for that. Although I'm not sure why you'd want to downgrade it.

  • Farhanking7864
    Farhanking7864 Year ago

    This is the exact reason why I want to downgrade, the TheXvid app is absolute dogshit

  • Hackwolf29
    Hackwolf29 Year ago +1

    Did they just update this ? I can’t download it due to iOS firmware>=11.0 is anyone else having issues

  • Yao Selina
    Yao Selina Month ago

    Does it work on tablets

  • Mustafa Gak
    Mustafa Gak 3 months ago

    doesnt work on my iphone 8 plus running 12

  • Colin Taylor
    Colin Taylor 7 months ago

    Is this still working?

  • ✨Lei✨
    ✨Lei✨ 5 months ago

    can you do a same content but on iPhone 4s? pls. I want to download some apps but it always say that it requires ios 11 or 12 to download. :(

      PianPinoTheEASFan AUTTP ATHDTC ATSPL 20 days ago +1

      @Matheus Lutz Agree

    • Matheus Lutz
      Matheus Lutz 4 months ago +1

      in this case, have no option. some apps are designed to run on 64bit processor. It means that u can't install that app into a iphone older than the 5s...

  • kojam1
    kojam1 2 months ago

    Where’s the jailbreak for iPhone 6 12.5.5?

  • Maxwell X'Brand
    Maxwell X'Brand 13 days ago

    iPhone 5s Old version please help me 😭😭

  • Pokémon cards coins and skatein

    It won’t work

  • Cronixus
    Cronixus 7 months ago +1

    Does this work on iPads?

  • AV Animations
    AV Animations Month ago

    Doesn’t work

  • Muhamed Khalid
    Muhamed Khalid 7 months ago

    I wanna get old version calculator vault

  • Xvertice
    Xvertice 2 months ago

    It don’t work

    DAMAN GAMING YT 5 months ago

    Bro how to download cydia

  • ManavBilimoriaYT
    ManavBilimoriaYT Year ago +1

    Is this safe to download?

    • Jase Helmke
      Jase Helmke 9 months ago

      @hi You either didn’t try it, or you did try it and did something incorrectly

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  Year ago +1


  • D
    D 6 months ago +1

    How i can get cydia/celio?

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  6 months ago

      This video shows you how!

    III III Year ago

    Why not use always low power mode

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  11 months ago

      @Charles Plays Games Flack That’s why I explained it.

    • Charles Plays Games Flack
      Charles Plays Games Flack 11 months ago

      @Pinch Soft looks like he didn’t know

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  Year ago +1

      Because I don’t need it. The phone in the video is not my main phone. I use an iPhone X that I replaced the battery on, so there’s really no use for low power mode for me because it lasts the whole day anyway.

  • munchkinni
    munchkinni 5 months ago

    tysm i want cookie run kingdom

  • Shaza Salloum
    Shaza Salloum 3 months ago


  • pornesian parrapio
    pornesian parrapio 9 months ago

    if i delete the jailbreak will the app i downloaded delete itself aswell??

  • M Lustig5672
    M Lustig5672 9 months ago

    R.I.P for people with iOS 14

  • Diane Miller
    Diane Miller 7 months ago

    Don’t know how to jailbreak. Where’s that video?

  • iTS_me._.LuciFerYT
    iTS_me._.LuciFerYT Year ago +1

    Can you please make video on download pubg mobile in old iPad 2 9.3.6 when I try to download it's says pubg mobile not compatible with your iPad PLZ HELP

    • iTS_me._.LuciFerYT
      iTS_me._.LuciFerYT Year ago

      @Colby Barbour if I can y I replied u🙃 thanks for reply now you don't need to do this my iPad is very old

    • Colby Barbour
      Colby Barbour Year ago

      just get a newer ipad, yours might be to old

  • ᴍʏᴛʜ ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛ ᴘʟᴀʏᴢ

    Does this work on android?

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 9 months ago +3

    Stuck with this shit iPhone 6 and I’m wondering how to jailbreak with iOS 12.4.3 or something like that?

  • nicolas douglas
    nicolas douglas Year ago

    hey this isnt working the pop up does not come up

    • MindOfMeX
      MindOfMeX 10 months ago

      U have to jailbreak yr phone and have cydia and also App Store ++

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 8 months ago

    not working mam

  • Show me more
    Show me more Year ago +1

    it doesnt work with ipad mini ios 9.3.5

    • Renato coni
      Renato coni Month ago

      I've already done the procedure on other devices, but I don't remember which one exactly, I'm going to test it on the ipad 2 wifi, and I'll give a return here to know the result on ios 9.3.5

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  Year ago

      Ok, got it, try using AppAdmin tweak instead.

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  Year ago

      Please tell me where it stops working for you. I’d love to try to help you on this.

  • Adam S
    Adam S 4 months ago +1

    Hey I'm on IOS 15.1.1 are you going to make a jailbreak tutorail on this version soon?

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  4 months ago +1

      If one becomes available soon.

  • drip sluke
    drip sluke Year ago

    I hate jailbreak...

    • Jase Helmke
      Jase Helmke 9 months ago

      @Mittens it allows you to install apps and mods that Apple doesn’t normally let you do, but this voids your warranty if you have one.

    • Mittens
      Mittens 10 months ago

      What does jailbreak do???

    • drip sluke
      drip sluke 11 months ago

      @Pinch Soft Android is really easier then iOS

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  11 months ago

      Explain yourself.

  • 31- Jay patidar
    31- Jay patidar Year ago

    Bro I don't have another iphone

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  Year ago

      What do you mean? You only need one.

  • JohnKim827
    JohnKim827 3 months ago

    I dont like it

  • Andy R
    Andy R 7 months ago

    Starts with "jailbreak your phone" - I stopped right there. That's bad advice if you want to keep your data secure....

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  7 months ago

      Not sure where you’re getting that information.

  • mistress Jenny
    mistress Jenny Month ago


  • Stephen Leighton
    Stephen Leighton 10 months ago

    Why did you say "go ahead" at least 100 times?

  • Main
    Main 11 months ago +1