Metallica: The Memory Remains (Prague, Czechia - August 18, 2019)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Filmed at Letňany Airport in Prague, Czechia on August 18, 2019.
    © 2019 Blackened Recordings
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  • Paul Navarro
    Paul Navarro 2 days ago

    Omg that fucking cammo ESP Vulture Holy Fucking Shit !! I Fucking Love It!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Márcio De Oliveira Santos

    Como de costume escondem o baxista fundo do forno p mostrar 1 ano depois sacanagem

  • Michael Senter
    Michael Senter 14 days ago

    Uhh, that's a metric fuckton of people.

  • Steven Abrams
    Steven Abrams 19 days ago +2

    Undertaker Vs Triple H End Of An Era Hell In A Cell Match Wrestlemania 28

  • Daniel Revutskii
    Daniel Revutskii 19 days ago


  • Daniel Revutskii
    Daniel Revutskii 19 days ago


  • Daniel Revutskii
    Daniel Revutskii 19 days ago


  • Daniel Revutskii
    Daniel Revutskii 19 days ago


  • Jorge Alejandro Obando Sotela

    Best of the Best!!!

  • Sercio!
    Sercio! 27 days ago

    Jesus, the comeback! #Goosebumps

  • Grabarz 666
    Grabarz 666 28 days ago +2


  • Дмитрий Лунев

    После посещения этого концерта не могу слушать студийные записи, музыка в них какая-то искусственная. Метла в живую ----- СИЛА. МОЛОДЦЫ.

  • abdul SOAD
    abdul SOAD Month ago +1

    greatest concert 😎🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

  • Perfect
    Perfect Month ago

    3:46 wait that's Laura Orsolya

  • Gandus666
    Gandus666 Month ago

    Where was Marianne Faithfull?

  • Martin Zeman
    Martin Zeman Month ago

    I'm so proud, happy and satisfied that I was a part of it! :-) There you can see real strenght of a singing crowd!!!

  • joe duque jr
    joe duque jr Month ago

    Bad ass thanks

  • Mhc Mad
    Mhc Mad Month ago

    Metallica is a living legend of metalheads \m/

  • Mhc Mad
    Mhc Mad Month ago

    Its like a Hendrix solo..\m/

  • Mhc Mad
    Mhc Mad Month ago

    How is she now? The grandmother in the MTV of this song

  • Oseias Goulart XxX
    Oseias Goulart XxX Month ago

    78 Back Street Boys fans not like

  • Dicasalicor, C.A.
    Dicasalicor, C.A. Month ago

    E X C E L E N T E ! !

  • Ar4i 1%
    Ar4i 1% Month ago

    Из года в год всё лучше и лучше!!!

  • Het's Right Hand
    Het's Right Hand Month ago

    2:54 MISTA HAMMETT!!! I just clicked to hear that and I leave

  • trevor o keeffe
    trevor o keeffe Month ago

    77 ppl need to know what music really sounds like

  • David webmestre
    David webmestre Month ago

    Bizarre, je n'ai pas ressenti une sincérité dans ce public !

  • Mojtaba Hajihasani
    Mojtaba Hajihasani Month ago +1

    Fortune fame, mirror vain gone insane but the memories remain.

  • Ladislav Rusnák
    Ladislav Rusnák Month ago

    70 000 people....

  • dazmac15
    dazmac15 Month ago

    People control!

  • abab zbzb
    abab zbzb Month ago

    wow awsome

  • Nuar
    Nuar Month ago


  • koffet gaming
    koffet gaming Month ago

    Dari duku sampai sekarang ttp nge-fans berat sama Metallica

  • Andry And
    Andry And Month ago

    ттолькко майдааннуттыые додумались ссвоиими тряпками махать😁

    • Andry And
      Andry And Month ago

      @Юрий Забронський ну так в гудок ее себе засунь , бо мандец твоему государству с кучей долгов ,потерей статуса основного транзитера и катастрофической убылью населения.

    • Юрий Забронський
      Юрий Забронський Month ago

      Ето не тряпка паскуда а флаг государства Украина

  • fishdiv fishdiv
    fishdiv fishdiv Month ago

    Ларс как всегда ритм врозь с остальными

  • Shidi86 Studio
    Shidi86 Studio Month ago

    Pls come to Malaysia again

  • Aleksi Lehto
    Aleksi Lehto Month ago

    Naa na na Naaaa naa naa naaaaaa naa naa na na naaaaa!

  • Theseus
    Theseus Month ago +1

    Can we talk about the stage? This is awesome

  • Rockervalera
    Rockervalera Month ago

    Ukraine is wait for you!

  • Black Black13
    Black Black13 Month ago

    Otai band from Metallica...

  • Zynx_007 260
    Zynx_007 260 Month ago

    Why I didn’t see the bassist

  • Bruno Bruno
    Bruno Bruno Month ago

    Brasil 2020 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  • Пётр Гордуз

    Ukraine, eeeahhh!!

  • Tauries
    Tauries Month ago

    This is one of my most favourite song from Metallica...🔥🔥🔥

  • Руслан Ахмадиев

    Метла как всегда бесподобна♥️

  • Vaibhav Tomar
    Vaibhav Tomar Month ago +1

    I wish to God they stop aging any more and become immortals. If not, their music is immortal anyway, no prayers needed for that.

  • Wesley Silva
    Wesley Silva Month ago +1

    I'M Love METALLICA !

  • GODBOYS_Koczo
    GODBOYS_Koczo Month ago

    Its like live in moscow but in 2019

  • Mr. Soda
    Mr. Soda Month ago

    omago dmy name is karlo

  • Shannon Xxx
    Shannon Xxx Month ago

    Excellent Video Coverage. Nice and Crisp.
    I like Concerts at nite....light show.
    Good song.

  • Pavel Mareček
    Pavel Mareček Month ago

    Nice concert! See you next time in the Czech Republic! :)

  • Vuk Darmanović
    Vuk Darmanović Month ago

    I WAS THEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow Life Family
    Wow Life Family Month ago

  • Lesley Nielsen
    Lesley Nielsen Month ago

    Minha banda de rock 'n roll melhor que já existiu!! Brazil 2020 !!

  • Telpon Genggam
    Telpon Genggam Month ago


  • Iisaii Hernández
    Iisaii Hernández Month ago

    Min 04:30 nice❤

  • Robert Jamieson
    Robert Jamieson Month ago

    Cool see the audience singing along i been a fan of Metallica since was 14 now I'm 40 but haven't seen them in concert yet, but im seeing them next time they come back to MN only band of the big 4 I haven't seen and so badly want to see them live 😝🎸😎💀😍😍😍🤘🤘🤘

  • Я
    Я Month ago

    Metallica is the best!!! The classics! Hello from Ukraine!

  • Мачо Бой
    Мачо Бой Month ago

    Wow, im shoked. Best band in history