Dear Bill Murray, My Sister Needs Your Help

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Dear Bill Murray... My Sister loves you...773-800-0413
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Comments • 2 797

  • Mr. S n a i l
    Mr. S n a i l 11 minutes ago

    she is in need of help

  • Sara0Avader
    Sara0Avader 5 hours ago

    Ví este video en un canal de fandubs y me conmovió mucho. Bill Murray, es increíble 💞💞💞💞
    Espero que logren contactarlo y tener sus final feliz :3

    EYECON 9 hours ago

    Huts ? Wow. Wow wow wow!

  • Edwin Arroyo
    Edwin Arroyo 21 hour ago

    Bill Murray please help
    Alex Clark

  • Tony Luxbrack
    Tony Luxbrack Day ago

    I love you bill

  • Juan pc
    Juan pc Day ago

    Traductor español
    Sabes que ay app que todo lo que borras se re instaler

  • DAIS_16
    DAIS_16 Day ago

    I love bill Murray

  • Pokegamer
    Pokegamer Day ago

    Hola vengo de dabb tube Latino buen video

  • Argento
    Argento Day ago

    Bill Murray, i luv u!

  • Ethan the game master

    Isn't bill Murray dead

  • diviengi
    diviengi Day ago

    That 3rd doing was so funny.

  • Nash Williams
    Nash Williams Day ago

    Your sister has an iPhone as you mentioned apple's iCloud service, There obviously is the option for the "recently deleted" folder unless the people that deleted the photo have chosen the option to "delete immediately". This does depend on the generation of the phone and what ios it is currently running as older ios updates do not have the "recently deleted folder", again this also then depends on the generation of the iPhone in question if the iPhone was an older device that did not support the ios that has the "recently deleted folder" then the image is permanently erased. If the phone was plugged into a mac it would've been immediately connected to iTunes where there might be a back up of all the files and data that was on the device at the time, This also goes for windows. So there are several possibilities with what could've happened to the photo on the phone. Also wasn't the phone locked, when the phone is starting up or has been put into DUI mode then it asks you to set a password and a face for face id on the later models or a fingerprint. This means that the phone must have either not been purchased "new", has been set to have no password OR the people that stole your sisters phone hacked the phone using a Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) although this is very far fetched as this device is employed by special forces and is rarely leaked to the public, these devices have shown up on eBay in the past but with the recent update it gives a higher CHANCE and it is very far fetched that they had a UFED and had the most recent update on the device. So i don't know how this will help as all i have said are some scenarios, but I hope that your sister will get her photo! I probably sound like a nerd but i just like apple a little to much even though i get irritated as i have an iPhone 6 with "touch disease"o sprouting from the bendgate issue. And i have an old mac i love apple a lot and sorry for a long comment. BILL MURRAY u be epic boi!

  • Tytiana Ali
    Tytiana Ali 2 days ago

    Lmaooo your sister is such a badass😂😂😂

  • Karyen Partington
    Karyen Partington 2 days ago

    I don’t know who bill is but I love’ em

  • WolfGames Onex
    WolfGames Onex 4 days ago +1

    Bill Murray

    KASHEM LONDON 5 days ago

    Love you bill

  • Reaper good magic god Gamer

    Bill mury

  • Ian Pasato
    Ian Pasato 7 days ago +2

    BILL MURRAY PLZ HELP HIM she's going to cry

  • Sara Payne
    Sara Payne 7 days ago +3

    He lives close to me and I always see him, I always freak 😂

  • Angel Plant
    Angel Plant 7 days ago

    Bill is the best

  • LJ Holt
    LJ Holt 7 days ago

    Bill Murray is awsome# SLimey boy

  • Nightmare Wolfs_17
    Nightmare Wolfs_17 7 days ago

    More of your sister!!!!!

  • GamerJack
    GamerJack 7 days ago

    I subscribe

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT 7 days ago

    Can I call you Alex?

  • Gabriel Flamerich
    Gabriel Flamerich 8 days ago

    Honestly Bill Murray is the comedy god

  • Marcus Thefirst
    Marcus Thefirst 8 days ago +1

    Yeab happy falls to bad its always summer in my country

  • EnderMC // HulucinatingGrapes

    I don’t know who Bill Murray is, but please call the number, Bill Murray!

  • BBBanana Dog
    BBBanana Dog 9 days ago +1

    To Bill Murray,
    I don't even know you.

  • Lawus Trimmers
    Lawus Trimmers 9 days ago +1

    Are you trying to tell me that your sisters phone doesn't have a pasword?

  • Brainz Rooney
    Brainz Rooney 10 days ago +1

    So how old were you if you don't mine me asking

  • Bonnie Mairead
    Bonnie Mairead 10 days ago +1

    Come to us legendary Bill Murray!

  • Ace_Riptide135
    Ace_Riptide135 10 days ago

    I called the number the voice mail is HILARIOUS 😂

  • وحوش قيمنق
    وحوش قيمنق 10 days ago

    I will call her if you can hear the ring that’s what everybody does

  • PlathipL
    PlathipL 10 days ago

    Did he responded yet?

    WALTER D CASTRO 11 days ago +1

    Bill Murray’s there it’s a way to get his community for him 🤔 let me try my best okay 👌 Alex Clark

  • Kylie James
    Kylie James 12 days ago

    Who the heck is bill murray

  • Joshua Plays
    Joshua Plays 12 days ago

    Look in recently deleted

  • Zac
    Zac 13 days ago

    Who's Bill murray

  • RobotoPlayz
    RobotoPlayz 13 days ago

    Who ya gonna call? Alex clark!

  • Bekka Muffins
    Bekka Muffins 13 days ago

    I am Good at drawling

  • Deanna Bramont
    Deanna Bramont 14 days ago

    I am odd 1 out fan and yours to Abraham a 7 yurod TheXvidr

  • The Spoon
    The Spoon 14 days ago

    Recover it from the recently deleted folder stoopid

  • babykenny in the house

    Ya help and support him

  • Orange Hazza 19
    Orange Hazza 19 14 days ago

    Go Billllllllllllll


  • Orange Hazza 19
    Orange Hazza 19 14 days ago

    Your sister in crazy

  • notalk gaming
    notalk gaming 14 days ago +1

    4:23 was she using a phone for a flashlight lol

  • Used to this C Gaming
    Used to this C Gaming 14 days ago

    Billy big boy bill home slice bread slice bill on bill bill boy 79 we need u!

  • Wxlf Schmitz
    Wxlf Schmitz 14 days ago

    Umm on apple there is a deleted photos thingy
    You probably won’t see this but it exists

  • ItzMaks :D
    ItzMaks :D 14 days ago +1

    6:09 I wont tatally call this number... 🙄

  • Rin _ryuu
    Rin _ryuu 15 days ago +2

    And that kids is why you should always have a password on your phone.

  • Frost
    Frost 15 days ago

    who the second he showed the number called

  • Eirene P
    Eirene P 15 days ago

    Did anybody use the number

  • Do Do
    Do Do 16 days ago

    Call the popo

  • Justinrobert802 Rebel
    Justinrobert802 Rebel 16 days ago

    Help Alex's sister bill

  • SuperBallGamer
    SuperBallGamer 16 days ago


  • Richard Riley
    Richard Riley 16 days ago

    Ola Hi Alex Clark are you may new fan I will maybe see you The next thing Where ever you tuber goes I'm gonna maybe meet you because I my big fan

  • Ajw20!
    Ajw20! 16 days ago

    I can’t help you Alex, but I do know there ARE WAYS to get the photo back, it’s not gone, it’s just marked as gone! Get some fbi or hacker friends and they can get the data back

  • Reilley Farnsworth
    Reilley Farnsworth 16 days ago +1

    My favorite movie is still “ The man who knew too little” Bill Murray is the best! I really really really hope he follows up with this ❤️ it would make my day too.

  • Trash GamerYT
    Trash GamerYT 17 days ago

    Hey I’m from the future 2 weeks in to the future exactly sooooooooo BYE ALSO hope your sis gets that photo

  • Bruhitzjeff The cute bear

    BILL WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!