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  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Time to confront Sheriff Truart with evidence that he's killing hobos.
    That's the opioid manufacturers' job!
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  • Ghost in The shell
    Ghost in The shell 2 months ago

    TMNT is just a ripoff of daredevil. I dont see why people love it so much.

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra 3 months ago

    You liked rdr2? That game is boring as fuck and is packed with modern leftist politics. It literally exists solely as a reason to insert more ridiculous microtransaction into a shitty online game. They made it just so they could have another gta online money funnel because their cocaine piles were dwindling but they were too lazy and stupid to pull off anything more than game journalist's cocks by having shrinking horse balls and a mary sue bounty hunter.

  • trigger happy124
    trigger happy124 3 months ago

    You usually are pretty good about looking into the actual political opinions of people like Mussolini, but you seem to not look into figures like Teddy Roosevelt. The man was a progressive. Look at his political opinions, read his speeches. I recall one in which he talked of having industrial and social justice. The trust busting was the worst thing he did, and I am not an ancap.

  • Namlli Yarrum
    Namlli Yarrum 3 months ago +1

    What a fucking masterpiece of a game. I remember spending days trying to figure out one mission. Finishing every mission gives such an insane level of satisfaction.

  • Looking Glassed
    Looking Glassed 3 months ago +1

    The keepers are "sort-of " in the 2014 game. The abandoned library beneath the brothel is VERY reminiscent of the keeper library from deadly shadows. The gothic ruins at the end of the game are hammerite ruins, as one of the stained glass windows bears a large hammer. Additionally, references to an ancient master thief are found in notes throughout the game and even Garret's mechanical eye can be found at the bottom of a prison. The steam-punk tech in 2014 is more advanced (to some extent) and the old world style is virtually all victorian rather than medieval transitioning to victorian. I think eidos Montreal is even on record as saying that the city from Thief 1-3 is buried under the city in 2014, so that would mean that you play as a completely new character, who is also a master thief and is also named Garrett, but is not the REAL Garrett....REALLY, REALLY, DUMB. However, im glad they weren't trying to sell the "gimp" in 2014 or the half-baked city as the character and place we know and love from the previous games. Should be very easy to make a Thief 4 and completely ignore 2014.

  • MJ A
    MJ A 3 months ago

    It's true that Joker was a well-crafted movie. It'a also true that we don't need another god-damn comic-book movie for at least 10 years.

  • motoguzzigriso
    motoguzzigriso 3 months ago

    This’d was so moody. Great use of a dark environment. The light gem to show you how exposed you were was brilliant. One of my all time favorite game series.

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas 3 months ago +1

    the carpeted rooms in thief 2 is where I want to go when I die

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas 3 months ago

    lol christian supports the jew ahahahahaha

    its like a lamb supporting the knife that butchers it HAHAHA

    Zionists think Jesus was a black magic practitioner they are still waiting for the true "messiah", read some Talmud and your hair will turn white, if you think the catholic church and radical islamists are bad then you will realize that Zionism is the KING among the slaves when it comes to sheer bat shit racism and bigotry and purtism

  • Foster Davies-Smith
    Foster Davies-Smith 3 months ago

    Well you know what they say... Go Taff yourself in the Taffing Taff you Taff Licking Taff hole so that you have to Taff your Taff sideways!

  • Barbarella Alpha
    Barbarella Alpha 3 months ago +8

    I havent seen Joker. I dont want to give Hollywood money.
    Youtber Computing Forever did a video calling the media's campaign smearing the film could be a form of reverse psychology marketing strategy. I think he is correct. Whether or not the movie is great doesnt matter to me. Hollywood is full of garbage that waste money on propaganda and lecture us while they live off the masses money. They have lost me for good.

    • MrRemorseless
      MrRemorseless 2 months ago

      Would you say the same about the Trump smear campaign?

  • Sketch Stevens
    Sketch Stevens 3 months ago

    That is literally how my family votes up here in New York "Just vote straight Democrat".

  • Anon Bunka
    Anon Bunka 3 months ago +1

    Ah Dragon Age Joplin heartbroken that no longer exists.

  • Sketchbro_Luke
    Sketchbro_Luke 3 months ago +3

    Hail RazörFist the Savescum first of his name.

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  3 months ago +1

      @MJ A Lol. Yes you can. (But why would you need to?)

    • MJ A
      MJ A 3 months ago

      I get the feeling that a lot of his hatred for the Metal Gear series stems from the fact that he can't save-scum his way through it.

  • Snake Kasunick
    Snake Kasunick 3 months ago +5

    As much as I love your content Razor, I think your a bit incorrect on the black pilled people. Yes you're right about the fact they're socialist, but you have youtubers such as know more news and vigilante intelligence who are not socialists at all. Just content creators that pin point the corruption that is going on in the U.S., Russia, and Israel.

    • Snake Kasunick
      Snake Kasunick 3 months ago

      You people have no value knowing that you people like to believe in comfortable lies.

    • Cale Boch
      Cale Boch 3 months ago

      I was talking about the person you put words into their mouths
      Also black pills offer nothing of value, pointing out corruption? You can do that with out being like "oh we're all doomed etc."

    • Snake Kasunick
      Snake Kasunick 3 months ago

      @Cale Boch I'm pretty sure he said that. He said black pilled were socialist and they're leader is Richard Spencer.

    • Cale Boch
      Cale Boch 3 months ago

      That's not what he said

    • Snake Kasunick
      Snake Kasunick 3 months ago +1

      Adam Green and Johnny Gat are bad people because of what? Pin point some fact and exposed just recently how much of a fake communist Vladimir Putin is? Gotcha.

  • Michael Maxwell
    Michael Maxwell 3 months ago +1

    Hot damn I love the first two Thief games. Looking Glass was the best dev ever, way ahead of their time, and it's a shame no one has yet to fill their shoes. Hopefully OtherSide will deliver with System Shock 3.

  • HabbleBabbleLabble
    HabbleBabbleLabble 3 months ago +2

    Razor called Tarren Ben.

  • oaa2288
    oaa2288 3 months ago

    2:40:44 LATEX FUR

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf 3 months ago +1

    love the streams can you look into playing the metro games. I think you will like 2 and 3 for the stealth and positioning for combat. for 1 & 2 tweaking the game for ranger mode for damage but higher equipment and ammo in the word make it good. To any Battletech fans the backer video from catalyst game labs on their clan invasion project is currently ahead of schedule, which is a small miracle when it comes to the game in recent history.

  • TheAlphaIncel
    TheAlphaIncel 3 months ago +16

    Even though I'm tired of capeshit, I went to see Joker and I loved it. It's a really good film, but on that note, whilst I've always like the Joker character, I find him overused and overexposed. Yes, he is the arch villain, yes thematically he fits well with Batman, yes they are like yin and yang, but for goodness sake use another villain already! Batman has one of or the best rogues gallery in comics, maybe even in fiction, such a vast array of villainy that eclipses the MCU. That's one of many reason why I didn't like Arkham Knight, just when I was going to get some relief from The Joker, they had to go and shoehorn him in. I think a lot of fans would like Scarecrow get a fair shake, personally? I want to see Mr Freeze, cause he's my favourite Batman villain.

  • Shaggy Rogers’ political ramblings

    Razor: I’m not gonna fuck with the tip....
    My good Jewish boy mind: That’s what she said....

  • HabbleBabbleLabble
    HabbleBabbleLabble 3 months ago

    Tarren should probably google the shit he doesn't know about from the superchat

  • Hardcore Bunny
    Hardcore Bunny 3 months ago

    Yeah Terry doesn’t read questions that aren’t donations.

    • Hardcore Bunny
      Hardcore Bunny 3 months ago

      tyler roberts fuck that, Ben is a human name, and Terry is fat from human. He is more of a muffin man.

    • tyler roberts
      tyler roberts 3 months ago

      @Hardcore Bunny I know, razor called him Ben in the stream, that's going to be a running joke now

    • Hardcore Bunny
      Hardcore Bunny 3 months ago +1

      tyler roberts I mean Terran, old muffin top, you know the guy who can’t pronounce “rural” or most words in English.

    • tyler roberts
      tyler roberts 3 months ago +1

      you mean ben?

  • Kid Dynamite
    Kid Dynamite 3 months ago +14

    California needs an electoral college or split the state up. I liked the last map they had were LA San Fran and Sacramento were cut out.

    • girlcrazyrockstar
      girlcrazyrockstar 3 months ago

      Is that paulie wearing a scouter?

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 3 months ago +3

      ACLU are a bunch of enablers with no moral code. I hope they get infected rat feces in their breakfast and feck off. Sick of them, SPLC, ADL and the UN.

    • Alex
      Alex 3 months ago +3

      California is an unfixable state. Now, we had a chance for it during the recall election that got us Schwarzenegger. The recall election happened because the previous Democrat governor, Gray Davis, was in charge during the dot com bubble burst, so the California economy was panicking. HOWEVER, Schwarzenegger was no Trump and basically cucked to the system so we basically got a de facto Dem governor. By the time we elected Governor Moonbeam AGAIN, the state's state became terminal. Newsom is just a continuation of Brown.
      The cities themselves are really the fault of the ACLU. The ALCU said it was a civil right for people to become vagrants shitting in the streets and yelling at trash cans. Since Californians are bleeding hearts in general, we don't have the nerve to elect a Guilani to clean up the streets. Hence why the streets are so shitty.

  • Pedantic Bastard
    Pedantic Bastard 3 months ago +5

    At approx 4:03:00 Razorfist name doxes TG as "Ben".

    • Sketch Stevens
      Sketch Stevens 3 months ago

      @Pedantic Bastard Even if it was his name, I'll just keep calling him T-bo

    • Pedantic Bastard
      Pedantic Bastard 3 months ago +1

      @Sketch Stevens Nah.

    • Sketch Stevens
      Sketch Stevens 3 months ago

      @Pedantic Bastard Yeah, but it could just be a slip of the tongue. Besides, there's Ben Sisko and they are DS9 fans

    • Pedantic Bastard
      Pedantic Bastard 3 months ago +2

      @Sketch Stevens Not really. He's never called T.G. "Ten" and "Ben" is not even close to "Terran".

  • Chris Sennwood
    Chris Sennwood 3 months ago +4

    Fasces as symbol is very old,too. It means military strength and has been commonly used since the Roman Era by many groups, also the USA itself.

  • Ruck Ruckus
    Ruck Ruckus 3 months ago

    Hey, just popping back on to say thank you for answering my question as well as the many years if premium entertainment you provided to us Rageaholics, even if it's all for your own self...and also, you're breaking my heart by predicting that the Astros are gonna bomb against the Yankees. I want that run back, man - Yao Ming done fucked up the Rockets & the Texans are just ass (and don't even get me started on the Dynamo)!
    God Fucking Speed, you crazy diamond...or God Taffing Speed, for this case.

  • Chris Sennwood
    Chris Sennwood 3 months ago +2

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude 3 months ago +3

    BenT Boogie.

  • Lonely Traveller
    Lonely Traveller 3 months ago

    Greatest game ever.

  • Joseph Tobin
    Joseph Tobin 3 months ago +25

    Thank you razor for going after the black pills. I've always contended that they're just socialists in disguise.

  • Dutterte
    Dutterte 3 months ago +1

    Man I love Thief and the Thief modders ans mission makers.

  • Artemis Arrow
    Artemis Arrow 3 months ago +2

    Why does Razor think he's so edgy for not liking Joker?

    • Fernando Caballero
      Fernando Caballero 3 months ago

      it's not an edgy thing. I watched it on opening night and almost fell asleep. It was a long, boring movie with hardly any action and slooooooow paced.

    • MJ A
      MJ A 3 months ago +1

      @TheAlphaIncel I can respect Razorfist not liking a particular movie. I find it more difficult to respect agreeing to appear on a Sargon of Manchild video, but to each their own.

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 3 months ago +3

      I would like to see Clayface. They got the CGI for it. JUST DEWIT!

    • TheAlphaIncel
      TheAlphaIncel 3 months ago

      @Berserk Shirt Bear Exactly, I want to see Mr Freeze take on Batman on the big screen again.

    • TheAlphaIncel
      TheAlphaIncel 3 months ago

      @Requiem Sequence I understand why they use the Joker cause he is popular, well known and I do like him. But it's a shame cause there is so many villains that are just as interesting or perhaps better. I did hear they might be doing a Two Face film.

  • GameWarrior2216
    GameWarrior2216 3 months ago +42

    I thought I was watching the stream for about an hour and a half until I realized my monitor was off.

    • Debonaire Nerd
      Debonaire Nerd 3 months ago +5

      I would have assumed it was the "Let's pitch a Daredevil First Person Shooter game" stream.

  • McCaffery
    McCaffery 3 months ago

    Stream starts at 0:00 cause skipping ahead is for Mexicans

  • TDS 727
    TDS 727 3 months ago +1

    Simpler times

  • TDS 727
    TDS 727 3 months ago

    Going back in time

  • Inacio
    Inacio 3 months ago +2

    Haha hilarious story on the latex fur guy

    • Lieutenant Dude
      Lieutenant Dude 3 months ago

      What's your favorite seafood?

  • tyler roberts
    tyler roberts 3 months ago +3

    you did say ben

    • Lieutenant Dude
      Lieutenant Dude 3 months ago +2

      I'm just gonna start calling him BenT Boogie. Or maybe T Bennie.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 3 months ago +47