10 Of The Best Street Foods Around The World

  • Published on Feb 5, 2017
  • 10 Of The Best Street Foods Around The World
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    Most Expensive Street Food in the World:
    Hey Aluxers, we know how much you love traveling the world and that we have a growing foodies culture in our community, so we decided to mention 10 of the most amazing street foods we got to experience.
    In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
    What is the best street food in the world?
    Where is the best street food in the world?
    Which city has the best street food?
    Which country has the best food culture?
    Which foods you really have to try?
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Comments • 2 146

  • Alux.com
    Alux.com  2 years ago +97

    Hey Aluxers, what should we eat if we ever come to your country?

    • Virgin Foods
      Virgin Foods 12 days ago

      Idli and Onion Chutney / Coriander Curry Leaves Chutney / Coconut Chutney / Sambar etc.,

    • MimiSter
      MimiSter 18 days ago

      Vietnam Banh Mi

    • wasswa dornold
      wasswa dornold 19 days ago

      Rolex nyanyambisi 🇺🇬

    • Deadlocked
      Deadlocked 23 days ago

      Shawarma is the best street food you will ever eat

    • shivansh tiwari
      shivansh tiwari 27 days ago

      If you come to india please eat pav bhaji

  • Harsh Reddy
    Harsh Reddy Hour ago

    Out of all dishes you chose Bhel Puri from India? Fucking Bhel Puri? I am disliking.

  • BK Srivastava
    BK Srivastava 2 hours ago

    U are wrong

  • Clifton Regis
    Clifton Regis 12 hours ago

    NYC hot dog the best!!

  • Abhay Kumar
    Abhay Kumar 2 days ago

    Its samosas ans its from india

  • Samkoopay
    Samkoopay 3 days ago

    Feijoada in Brazil

  • Himaloy Mallick
    Himaloy Mallick 3 days ago +3

    and also Shish Kabab is a Bangladeshi food not morroco!

  • Himaloy Mallick
    Himaloy Mallick 3 days ago +1

    add Bangladeshi food Kachi or Chicken Biriyani!

  • super aryan
    super aryan 5 days ago +1

    Wait she can't spell indonesia correctly

  • Jennifer Saladas
    Jennifer Saladas 7 days ago

    Everything that you've stated is not something that am gonna travel only to taste those 😓 who's going to travel canada just to taste the hotdog in there? These are common foods that wasn't exotic so how it became THE BEST STREET FOODS?

  • Aytac Bulut
    Aytac Bulut 7 days ago

    Turkish food is amazing no more word!

  • Yousef Alotaibi
    Yousef Alotaibi 9 days ago

    Her accent is really annoying.

  • Lucas Hawley
    Lucas Hawley 10 days ago

    For being a "classy" rich people channel did you really just pronounce the L's in Tortilla?????? wtf?

  • Gloria Angélica Luna
    Gloria Angélica Luna 12 days ago

    In Vancouver I tried japadog as well the poutine. It was very delicious!!!

  • Virgin Foods
    Virgin Foods 12 days ago

    Excellent Presentation.

  • Jaya Verma
    Jaya Verma 13 days ago

    Hyderabadi biriyani, aaloo chaat, vada pav, pav bhaji of India

  • Harrison Kallergis
    Harrison Kallergis 15 days ago

    Number 2
    Slooulakoiulak and pitta bread from gReEcE
    (Only Greeks understand)

  • Ayaan Subhan
    Ayaan Subhan 15 days ago

    Pakistan and India has same taste in food and street food... The best street foods are gol gappy!, dahi bhalay, samosa, chaat, kachoori, varieties of naans and many more

  • You Will Not Know
    You Will Not Know 17 days ago +2

    Nasi Goreng foreveerr 😂 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
    It's one of the most delicious foods in the world after rendang from Indonesia .

    • You Will Not Know
      You Will Not Know 2 days ago +1

      +Daniel Merupu No, its just rice give some sauce and egg and then fried, so no need many salads

    • Daniel Merupu
      Daniel Merupu 6 days ago

      Does it mean salad rice?

  • Amirhossien Chosen curse

    wtf sambusas and shish kebabs are from Iran :)

  • Morid Dirom
    Morid Dirom 18 days ago

    Shis kebab is from turkey

  • Morid Dirom
    Morid Dirom 18 days ago

    Moroccoians dont eat pork they are muslim

  • swapnil chouhan
    swapnil chouhan 19 days ago

    Pani puri and indorie poha with jalebi and vadapav are most loved ones in india not bhelpuri

  • ALοηe DαRκ ๖ЯάņmάTM


    • ALοηe DαRκ ๖ЯάņmάTM
      ALοηe DαRκ ๖ЯάņmάTM 5 days ago

      +Mehmet Kanari türküm aq inglizcemizde bu kadar kardeşim yabancı kanallarda ülkemizin reklamını yapyoz

    • Mehmet Kanari
      Mehmet Kanari 5 days ago

      1.başlıkta street food yazıyor turkiyede hiç sokakta şiş kebap satan gordun mu ?
      2.ingilizcede buyuk i yoktur

  • LechugaFresca WilsonJoo
    LechugaFresca WilsonJoo 20 days ago +1

    I think @alex.com does not know anything about Peru street food which should be in this top 10 without any doutb!!

  • Nounour ytb
    Nounour ytb 21 day ago

    I come from France is the traditional sandwich is a baguette with ham and butter 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • mapmare65 malren
    mapmare65 malren 22 days ago +1

    where is famous pizza in italy??????/////

    KY VELLE 22 days ago

    You guys should have mentioned pupusas from El Salvador

  • Jason Kalogeropoulos
    Jason Kalogeropoulos 22 days ago

    Greece forever Ελλα’δα για πα’ντα

  • Euza Castro
    Euza Castro 23 days ago

    its because u never eat the street food of brazil

  • Tubers List
    Tubers List 24 days ago


  • BobTheHedgehog
    BobTheHedgehog 25 days ago

    Hell yea Real Tacos

  • panda fire rambo
    panda fire rambo 25 days ago

    You know 7%,about foods. Sorry lol

  • Sheryll Sagum
    Sheryll Sagum 26 days ago

    turon from the philippines

  • Clash Subhu
    Clash Subhu 26 days ago +8

    Sambusas Or Samosas Originated From India!

    • Anton Basuki
      Anton Basuki 2 days ago

      +Clash Subhu nobody cares

    • Clash Subhu
      Clash Subhu 16 days ago +1

      +D. Lawrence But Should Also Mention From Where It Origins

    • Clash Subhu
      Clash Subhu 16 days ago

      +D. Lawrence Agree

    • D. Lawrence
      D. Lawrence 16 days ago

      but the Kenyan one is the best..

  • puji wiyono
    puji wiyono Month ago

    Nasi goreng.. 🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛

  • Special Signals
    Special Signals Month ago


    RAHUL KUMAR Month ago +1

    Samosa is indian correct it

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 20 days ago

      They didn’t say they weren’t Indian

  • Ming's traditional cuisines

    Does looks good it looks amazing I like to invite you to my TheXvid channel please subscribe and give me a comment thank you

  • Shane VDL
    Shane VDL Month ago

    What about a Gatsby from South Africa

  • ONeilTD
    ONeilTD Month ago

    mfw körriwörst

  • ioannis skardasis
    ioannis skardasis Month ago

    Simit bread is a Greek food and cocorech is a traditional Greek food

  • Unais T
    Unais T Month ago

    Come to Kerala, India

  • Taher Abd elmonem
    Taher Abd elmonem Month ago

    there is a war in the comment section. everyone is trying to convince everyone that they invented like any of the street foods mentioned in the video just because they are eating it in their homelands. Actually this is called racism ,isn't it?😅😅 what about i love all the foods mentioned in the video, and i wish i could eat them someday.

  • Harish Raghuramaiah

    Bhel puri ! From india?

  • jojo hairline
    jojo hairline Month ago

    shish kebab is turkish it is not from morocco. yes if you type in “where did shish kebabs originate from” it says middle east. not specifically from morocco. but if you search “which country did kebabs originate “ turkey will come up. so kebabs and shish kebabs are a very famous food and other countries always tend to claim famous traditional turkish food , especially greece who are claiming baklava dolma and kebabs. when these foods originated in the ottoman empire .

  • sometime ENGLISH
    sometime ENGLISH Month ago

    people fighting, just i wanted to watch arepas here :(

    JERIN ROY Month ago

    Samosa is from India!😂🤤

  • eva the yeetball
    eva the yeetball Month ago


  • Atish Tambe
    Atish Tambe Month ago

    Samosa are from Afghanistan but in India it tastes totally different as its stuffed with Indian spices.... Which makes it more tasty than the original one!!

  • Terez Watkins
    Terez Watkins Month ago

    Who this New bitch

  • David Israel
    David Israel Month ago

    sushi is best food

  • David Israel
    David Israel Month ago

    bad opinions

  • Panhamburger
    Panhamburger Month ago

    We want burgerssssss

  • Marco García
    Marco García Month ago

    Where Is the American food

  • Marco García
    Marco García Month ago

    No soy mexicano pero la comida mexicana es única en el mundo los mexicanos son los putos amos de la comida tacos y una pinche coca mexicana ni el pinche caviar le llega🌮🌮🌮🌮😋😋😋😋😋

  • Sir Peterson
    Sir Peterson Month ago

    Klingt echt seltsam wenn sie Currywurst sagt

  • Elijah Kamoche
    Elijah Kamoche Month ago

    sambusa yeeeeeeeeeeah

  • Eurekify!
    Eurekify! Month ago

    Baguette! So good!

  • Harsh kumar Chauhan
    Harsh kumar Chauhan Month ago +1

    कितना लण्ड खाना दिखा रहे हो यार
    तुम्हे टेस्ट की समझ नहीं है
    कभी दिल्ली आओ हम खिलाएंगे स्ट्रीट फूड
    ये सब भूल जाओगे।।😋

  • Ashish khaitan Vlogs

    Walla HER accent is killing me
    So sexy and they say Italian is sexy

  • Abdullahi Abdi
    Abdullahi Abdi Month ago

    The sambusa is Somalias food not Kenya !!!!!

    SAHIL BALANI Month ago

    I had all

  • instablue 1
    instablue 1 Month ago

    i live in greece AND i love σουβλακι! (soublaki)

  • Sophia Kittelmann
    Sophia Kittelmann Month ago

    where are my Germans


  • Aria Carmela
    Aria Carmela Month ago

    Tack-Ohs and Tortilllllahs!!! LOL

  • justin abraham
    justin abraham Month ago

    World War 3 is going on in the comment section. 😵

  • Saurabh Rajput
    Saurabh Rajput Month ago

    Samosa are from india and not kenya

  • Black MURAT
    Black MURAT Month ago

    unknownabout.com/index.php/2019/02/06/top-10-turkish-foods/ did you try before turkish foods. amazing.

  • Frosty
    Frosty Month ago

    Where are Thai pork skewers

  • RR SS
    RR SS Month ago

    You are missing PERU!!! that's where the real delicious food is at! as street food goes, they have this amazing beef hearts kabob (anticucho) so juicy, sweet potato donuts (picarones), salchipapas which is french fries well seasoned with a the best hot dog in the market, plus other amazing stuff such unique creamy fruits and drinks... you are missing out big time! their food not only delicious plus humble also very exotic.. !

  • Şifanur Sağlamer
    Şifanur Sağlamer Month ago +2

    Kebab is a Turkish dish and I think it doesn't a street food ,,,,

  • p y
    p y Month ago

    Indian food >Western trash.

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 20 days ago

      In India you use products even cart restaurants can afford, not like that in the west

  • Munni Devi
    Munni Devi Month ago

    You have wrong information about sambusas

  • Lân Nguyễn
    Lân Nguyễn Month ago

    R you forgot Vietnam's street food??

  • Om Bhujade
    Om Bhujade Month ago

    Samosas are from kenya WTF

  • Robertson Thiyam
    Robertson Thiyam Month ago

    Shitty indian fighting over samosa

    RACHIT K. Month ago +2

    indian cant stop laughing ...😂😂😂

    YİĞİT KOÇ Month ago


  • ツdave
    ツdave Month ago

    Germany is pretty expensive . They don't give u anything under 5€ that's may like 6 dollars?

  • Marvelous1
    Marvelous1 Month ago

    No lie I eat atleast 4 tacos a day

  • Naeem Salemi
    Naeem Salemi Month ago

    Lol all of the salty people in the comments are all Indian
    Lol take a chill pill #screw t series pewdiepie for life.
    food is food as long as the food is good I'm happy and I don't care were the food originated from

  • Jan Vlček
    Jan Vlček Month ago

    No Tteokbokki ?

  • Proncsta films
    Proncsta films Month ago

    Döner is the favorite German Fast Food

  • Hirokjyoti Gohain
    Hirokjyoti Gohain Month ago

    10 . Sambusss . You writing the name wrong . It is samossa . And it is indian dish

  • Hirokjyoti Gohain
    Hirokjyoti Gohain Month ago

    I think Shish kabab is indian dish

  • Paul Carless
    Paul Carless Month ago

    if you are ever in England, wet your appetite with a pint of real cask ale and then go for a bag of fish and chips - total luxury

  • Darijus Rimkus
    Darijus Rimkus Month ago

    why theres no Thailand in this video

  • It's CORNROWS, NOT french-braids!

    Im sooooo glad ALux does not use her voice anymore.
    I couldn't watch the whole vid, cuz her voice is annoying.

  • Mimi Alsubaie
    Mimi Alsubaie Month ago +1

    The real problem is half of this canid of food is back to Arabian ppl👀😂 بطلوا زرف يعععععععع

  • harsha deshmukh
    harsha deshmukh 2 months ago

    Hye. 10. Samosa is of India not of keneya

  • Ahmad Alfarizi
    Ahmad Alfarizi 2 months ago

    mantul indonesia!

  • Zarahy Estrella P.
    Zarahy Estrella P. 2 months ago

    Hey! Where is my Naboa?? :'v why everyone forgets my country... My country is Dominican Republic... If my country it's just tiny :v that don't mean that is a ugly and a bad country... I always try to found something that includes my country.. But I never found anything

  • Aayushman Sharma
    Aayushman Sharma 2 months ago

    The best thing about us Indians is that we don't get offended and start calling you a racist if you mess up something about our culture... it's just that that we have no problem in wasting valuable time and using our entire manpower to fill up an entire comment section to teach you about it.

  • Hân Trần
    Hân Trần 2 months ago

    Phở- Vietnam

  • Canadian Institute
    Canadian Institute 2 months ago

    Dear lord your pronunciation is terrible! Please learn how to actually say the names of the foods before making a video!

  • Amine Officie
    Amine Officie 2 months ago +1

    Grantita 😎 karentika 😎 Algeria

  • gaurav patowary
    gaurav patowary 2 months ago

    panipuri and samosa are most famous street food in India..
    😕 am I the only one who don't like bhel pudi at all..
    is it normal..? 😂

  • gaurav patowary
    gaurav patowary 2 months ago

    Samosa = vegetarian version of Sambusas 😕😂