"BLOOM" 🇯🇵 a camera through Japan 🌏 88 Worlds

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
  • In April this year, director Julian Lucas went on holiday to Japan - his camera came with him.
    The result is the film Bloom.
    Score by Matt Hadley
    WILDEBEEST (wildebeest.com.au/)

    88 is double happiness
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  • jason gisellie
    jason gisellie 23 days ago

    so beautifull

    CUTSDATFLO 9 months ago

    Could watch a feature length version of this. Great.

  • alex
    alex 10 months ago

    What camera tho

  • anthony rivera
    anthony rivera 11 months ago

    thank u - from arizona

  • Eve
    Eve Year ago

    This video makes me feel weirdly lonely for some reason, really cool and well done though.

  • john doe
    john doe Year ago

    Alan Watts! cant believe theres not a single comment that picked up on his voice around the 1 minute mark

  • Litefeet Up!
    Litefeet Up! Year ago

    So beautiful, I think I commented on this before...

  • WokAwAy
    WokAwAy Year ago

    Gave me the goosebumps

  • jillian
    jillian Year ago

    this is one of the prettiest pieces of film I've ever seen holy fuck

  • Jose Medrano
    Jose Medrano Year ago

    I really am interested in making videos such as this but I don’t know where to begin

  • Brandon Hong
    Brandon Hong Year ago


  • Alwan Tagar
    Alwan Tagar Year ago

    Cherry blossom

  • Hexa Promos
    Hexa Promos Year ago

    Ayy it's Alan again

  • Kuba
    Kuba Year ago

    Anyone got the music?

  • dipsy
    dipsy Year ago

    anyone want to take me back so i can have some real yakiniku, and some curry from coco's again? i'll settle for just a bite of the macdonald's... please before i cry

    • dipsy
      dipsy Year ago

      also will not leave until i at least get a ride on one of those giant ass roller slides, just in case someone was actually interested

  • Maxflay3r
    Maxflay3r Year ago

    Woo, Osaka :D

  • Hantae95
    Hantae95 Year ago

    So beautiful and relaxing

  • Red Panda066
    Red Panda066 Year ago

    At the beginning, really reminded me of Acid Ghost's album, 'Warhol'
    👌 Super nice video!

  • Tim
    Tim Year ago

    You should make more videos like this, why not in every asian cities, countries. It'd be great to watch

  • Lilly Johansen
    Lilly Johansen Year ago +1

    anyone know the location of 3:27 and forward? it's so pretty

    • Akaza Akari
      Akaza Akari Year ago +1

      Fujiyoshida and Kawaguchiko before the plane ride. Afterwards it's Hokkaido.

  • Todd S
    Todd S Year ago

    Awesome video!

  • Jon
    Jon Year ago

    Could someone help me, what camera was this shot on?

  • Kookie
    Kookie Year ago


  • Link The Ripper
    Link The Ripper Year ago


  • タンギー

    Indian men are like: "sho bob"
    and i'm like: "sho japan"

  • Señor Tomas
    Señor Tomas Year ago

    This is chill asf

  • parkbom wow
    parkbom wow Year ago

    Very touching ⭐️💛

  • Shaka Kon
    Shaka Kon Year ago

    I am a hermit and this made me want to explore the world.

  • D3vil's Advocate
    D3vil's Advocate Year ago

    When I heard alan watts in the background i got so happy!

  • illona freska
    illona freska Year ago

    Damn this is so cool af!

  • KG islands
    KG islands Year ago +2

    What is the outro song called?

  • William Cao
    William Cao Year ago

    I was just at that building in the beginning a few months ago!

    YUNG TEX Year ago

    this would be intersting on acid..

  • hol up
    hol up Year ago +2

    *Masterbates furiously*

  • zs Xie
    zs Xie Year ago

    This is too deep.

  • Phantom
    Phantom Year ago +1

    I can't lie, I've wanted to see japan for myself for a long time just for the aesthetic alone. Whenever I mentioned it to my friends, they usually just called me a weeb or something but honestly I don't even see Japan as an anime thing. For fuck sake I can watch anime wherever the hell I want, I literally just want to go to Japan to be a tourist, to take in the sights without having to worry. I think that's the beauty of living outside of Japan. Free from the stress of an ordinary Japanese man, but capable of viewing it from an outside perspective, a perspective that has not yet been exposed to their residence, their geography, their infrastructure, or their lifestyle. I'll be damned if I can't go one day, just take a seat any time anywhere, and listen to some chill shit.

  • Javier Lago
    Javier Lago Year ago


  • gadoga com
    gadoga com Year ago

    Can't imagine how much shots taken only for 5 minutes video! Awesome! 👍👍⚡⚡⚡

  • Oteb
    Oteb Year ago

    i disliked for it to be 4k 20. sorry.

  • Tanner
    Tanner Year ago

    Why does modern architecture look so dull, dark, and lifeless?

  • changzy
    changzy Year ago

    Anime irl

  • dyln chan
    dyln chan Year ago +1

    Is this one of the Adult Swim bunps

    SKATE CHESSE! Year ago +1

    This channel is pretty much just me in a nutshell #BLASIAN

  • j o h n
    j o h n Year ago

    I didn’t wanna blink to miss a single shot!!! So goodb

  • Rikiya Arihyoshi
    Rikiya Arihyoshi Year ago +1

    3:00 code plz

  • Brolock1
    Brolock1 Year ago

    if you enjoyed this id recommend the film Sans Soleil

  • wafflepiepancake
    wafflepiepancake Year ago

    Simply beautiful. I fucking love Japan

  • lady bonsai
    lady bonsai Year ago +1

    so beautiful made me cry for some reason

  • nyroysa
    nyroysa Year ago


  • miftahul.
    miftahul. Year ago

    i got chills

  • Psalm Paul
    Psalm Paul Year ago +3

    ive not been to japan but this video makes me miss japan

  • aciiid flashback
    aciiid flashback Year ago

    aestheticly pleasing as fuck want to take some acid and roam japan

  • MrShady1234567890987

    Gotta get that 4k going for this.

  • KarlitosDoritos
    KarlitosDoritos Year ago

    Such good camera and editing job, wasn't expecting this from you, 88!

  • vidsofyermom
    vidsofyermom Year ago


  • talk-sick
    talk-sick Year ago

    Please do more videos like this! The cinematography is amazing

  • n
    n Year ago

    Literally every second had me amazed. Absolutely great work. And I still wanna revist during cherry blossom season ):

  • saruman desu
    saruman desu Year ago

    00:55 I heard alan watts voice!!!!!!!!!

  • _*green 2福*_

    2020 welcome to Japan inTokyo🇯🇵🍣🗼

  • Cuttup Gallery
    Cuttup Gallery Year ago

    Show me some love ?

  • GermanGameAdviser


  • ej sese
    ej sese Year ago +1

    love the cinematography not really feeling the scoring tho

  • dead on weekdays
    dead on weekdays Year ago

    i thought this was a muji ad lmao

  • iojDRE
    iojDRE Year ago

    most of you don't like to hear this, but the great fusion between old and new that is present everywhere in Japan has something to do with closed borders.

  • margarita prince
    margarita prince Year ago

    absolutely beautiful!

  • meg bedingfield
    meg bedingfield Year ago

    Excellent work of film.

  • Henry Shakespeare

    I felt powerful after watching this. I could feel the energy.

  • MLTS
    MLTS Year ago

    what camera is that? Looks crisp af

  • Zefanya Pardede
    Zefanya Pardede Year ago

    This makes me miss Japan, though I've never been there.

  • VEGITO Dark Saiyan
    VEGITO Dark Saiyan Year ago +3

    Japan is where I found myself... many people identify themselves as many things but this place identifies me. I remember one night I was walking back to my girlfriends house I had 2 days left to go back home.. I had gone to get some apple juice and bread for the morning at the 7-11 on my way back I could her the waves crashing and the sound of the shore of the beach it all sounded beautiful. Before I never really found something that I could connect to or have a passion for but going to japan I found that connection and I have such a love for that country it’s culture it’s people everything is amazing there waking up every morning to tea and some bread watching the sun rise everything is so peaceful there.. all my family and friends are against me living there someday but I have set a goal for myself to someday live there. That’s where I belong I feel like. I’ve been learning Japanese for 3 years and it has all payed off, japan is my Paradise and my home ❤️🇯🇵

  • quethmaco
    quethmaco Year ago


  • Johnny Batz
    Johnny Batz Year ago

    Only been gone for a month and this made me miss japan so much, fuck.

  • GhostRoses
    GhostRoses Year ago

    Japan is so damn beautiful, I really want to visit one day.

    DE AUSEN Year ago


  • Nguyễn Duy Anh

    the coat on 2:41 tho

  • I N U K
    I N U K Year ago

    This is so cool

  • Shard Eboran
    Shard Eboran Year ago

    Just damn good wow wow wow POWERFULL the daily lives this is how to film a trip nice one I am crying I am home sick to the EAST

  • platonist21
    platonist21 Year ago

    Sooo amazing I feel like im walking through another universe

  • miguel
    miguel Year ago

    was that McLuhan speaking in the background?

  • Takuma
    Takuma Year ago

    Whats the name of the sad machine remix ?

  • evi val
    evi val Year ago

    sooo majestic

  • Guillem Allepuz
    Guillem Allepuz Year ago +1

    I hate that "capturing the essence" bullshit but man I feel like I've been there now

  • Terri Snead
    Terri Snead Year ago

    This is beautiful tho, wow

  • FarZeroDark
    FarZeroDark Year ago

    This is incredible work! The whole video and score create right from the start an overwhelming feeling of harmony. Thank you 88uprising and your artist for I have been blessed!

    • Aetreus
      Aetreus Year ago

      FarZeroDark yeah I agree... thanks for the enlightening, my dude😉👉

    • FarZeroDark
      FarZeroDark Year ago +1

      Basically it means film music, like Hans Zimmer made the Score for Inception.

    • Aetreus
      Aetreus Year ago

      FarZeroDark sorry to interrupt this wonderful appreciation, but what are you guys referring to when you say "score"?😕

  • Wraith bell
    Wraith bell Year ago

    dammit, i'm crying 😂 love japan 💕

  • A N G E R Y
    A N G E R Y Year ago +1

    I love how the music follows the scenery perfectly, and transitions from high energy to tranquil so flawlessly, capturing japan in all it's beauty. I've always wanted to go, and this video only made me want to go even more.

  • Caffeine Overdose
    Caffeine Overdose Year ago +1

    This is beautiful and stunning and makes me nostalgic for a place I've never even been too. There was so much tranquility in even a bustling city

  • Kristopherson X
    Kristopherson X Year ago +1

    Your sound design is fucking crazy

  • Bruce Tea
    Bruce Tea Year ago


  • Riduch
    Riduch Year ago

    Tokyo is indeed beautiful, but if you want to experience the real Japan, go to Kyoto instead

  • Sid Wal
    Sid Wal Year ago

    Damn, now I have to go to Japan...

    RAINY Year ago

    What camera did he use?

  • Thomas Lost The Plot

    what camera?

  • Scoutster Radio
    Scoutster Radio Year ago

    b e a u t i f u l - all I can say 👍

  • SatanSupimpa
    SatanSupimpa Year ago

    At first I thought the video was made by Philip Bloom, because of the title and because he's in Tokyo.

  • fuwafoowa
    fuwafoowa Year ago


  • Kate Pak
    Kate Pak Year ago +4

    This is so beautiful, the one with south Korea would be awesome

  • Robert Tulley
    Robert Tulley Year ago

    It is snowing on mount fuji

  • KusRen
    KusRen Year ago

    I'm gonna cry

  • itshenry
    itshenry Year ago

    this is seriously one of the most beautiful things i have seen