Owner Thinks There's A Plot Against His Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • Grab your tin foil hats.
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Comments • 2 565

  • Mule Juice
    Mule Juice 13 hours ago

    Yelpers are a bunch of twats

  • Kim Husband
    Kim Husband Day ago

    His so convinced allens a conersur of burgers is bull shit he knows nothing

  • Aditya Srinidhi
    Aditya Srinidhi Day ago

    Who would plot against a restaurant like that

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina 2 days ago +1

    It's kinda weird when the son is way mature than his parents.

  • DrZean
    DrZean 2 days ago


  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Feels bad when I agree with a Eugene.

  • dark0ssx
    dark0ssx 3 days ago

    A neurotic paranoid jew that cant except fault
    wow surprising

  • Jacob Robert Desio
    Jacob Robert Desio 3 days ago +1

    I want to fight the owner and his wife. They are garbage humans.


    Can we start a bruh chain?

  • henhouse111
    henhouse111 5 days ago

    I really can't get past the fact how these people did ALL THIS to their son! Selfish bastards.

  • JGames Geno
    JGames Geno 6 days ago

    I've watched countless videos on this restaurant, I hope this restaurant got shut down, or at least under new management.

  • Kylo
    Kylo 7 days ago


  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 9 days ago


  • hash and lexi's world
    hash and lexi's world 11 days ago

    Does anybody know what episode this is in kitchen nightmares I'd really like to know

  • IanEdwardMusic
    IanEdwardMusic 11 days ago

    I’m so glad they lost their business

  • Eduardo Villamar
    Eduardo Villamar 12 days ago

    The only people that leaves reviews are the ones that didn’t like the food

  • alex the great
    alex the great 12 days ago

    Hey guys did you know that I'm 64

  • LAQU
    LAQU 13 days ago

    the fact that the son is going bald like that is a huge sign of compelling stress

  • Auraaa_
    Auraaa_ 13 days ago

    such punchable faces....

  • GrassValleyGreg
    GrassValleyGreg 15 days ago


  • Tommy Noble
    Tommy Noble 15 days ago

    I went to this place twice when it was open. I had a "meh" experience both times. The first time was disappointing but not terrible, so we went back to give it another chance. The second time was a repeat of the first, so we never went back.

  • Fynn the Fox
    Fynn the Fox 15 days ago

    This is why delusional people shouldn't run restaurants.

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 15 days ago

    Hitler killed the wrong people.

  • B
    B 15 days ago

    After bringing out a whole ass crowd Gordon continues to say “I have someone I want you to meet”

  • Shut up Tanya
    Shut up Tanya 17 days ago

    Jen and Alan are the most delusional, childish, annoying, cancelled and stubborn.

  • 1v1 BEATS
    1v1 BEATS 17 days ago +1

    The guy at 3:50 made me feel out of breath cuz of that voice 😂💀

  • Michael Diekmann
    Michael Diekmann 18 days ago

    They edited Niiiiiino backwards in the end.

  • Tim Hajj
    Tim Hajj 19 days ago

    If that was my dad, I would've kicked the shit out of him by now

  • Pika 1
    Pika 1 19 days ago

    Hate yelp reviewers. Reminds me of that South Park episode where people who have no idea about food just try to get special treatment and to seem important. I HATE FOOD REVIEWERS

  • Jaiya Papaya
    Jaiya Papaya 19 days ago

    I M A G I N E if Ramsay had brought the yelpers to Amy and Sammy before he rage quit. It would be madness!

  • james rearden
    james rearden 21 day ago

    Yelp is the sound a dog makes, when it’s tail gets stepped on. I hate yelp & yelpers.

  • Frederik the Wolfman

    Allan reminds me of a retarded Mario Party player, always getting angry when he’s in the wrong.

  • Blake Risner
    Blake Risner 22 days ago

    5:18 so nobody’s gunna say anything about dan feeling himself up..

    • Jack Frazer
      Jack Frazer 19 days ago

      Blake Risner yo what the actual fuck I just seen that 😂

  • Bryan Razo
    Bryan Razo 22 days ago

    5:18 Why is he squeezing his tit?XD

  • Common Freak
    Common Freak 22 days ago +1

    how can you be so delusional? the mother even pretends to fall asleep

  • Dex Francolini
    Dex Francolini 22 days ago +5

    HOLY SHIT THEY REVERSED THE NAME NINO RIGHT AT THE END!!! That editor is getting smarter, a real memer that one

  • Arpan Sikdar
    Arpan Sikdar 22 days ago

    fucking moron owner deserves a jaw breaking kick straight in his face while he's making face

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 23 days ago

    was this sponsored by yelp 😆

  • Xeno
    Xeno 24 days ago

    I hate the wife. The face pisses me off 😤😂

  • Sarg Narg
    Sarg Narg 24 days ago

    Yelp reviewers are fucking stupid anyway but the restaurant is shit

  • The LB Channle
    The LB Channle 25 days ago

    The only reviews that I don’t give 5 stars, purposely is fast food chains because like seriously the food is not quality, I mainly rate on customer service or real complaints about food. Hell there was a Dairy Queen I went to with my sister and the place was a dump, the bathroom was not disgusting and not clean (as if it hasn’t been cleaned in years) and the food was cold when we got it. My sister ordered chicken fingers and they weren’t cooked all the way through. Specifically made a yelp account just for that place.

  • Anon Anonson
    Anon Anonson 26 days ago

    You're missing my point
    works every time

  • ThePotatoPainter
    ThePotatoPainter 26 days ago

    God, she just looks so disinterested and un-caring

  • Elle Dean
    Elle Dean 27 days ago

    If my parents treated me the way they treat their son, I’d disown them so fast. They’re terrible people and they don’t deserve their son.

  • Blame Canada
    Blame Canada 28 days ago +5

    2:24 Gordon sounds like a teacher yelling at a student for falling asleep in class

  • Jacob E
    Jacob E 28 days ago

    I like how the father is mad at his son for “blasting him” but he took thousands of dollars from his son smh

  • Tbro223
    Tbro223 28 days ago

    Plot against his restaurant ?
    The ploy is that he is in denial , and he doesn’t think of his customers !

  • Going Slap Happy
    Going Slap Happy 29 days ago

    These guys need the Yelp special. If you guys know the ingredient

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 29 days ago

    that bitch rolled her eyes when gordon said she had bad manners for sleeping while someone was trying to talk to her

  • Adventurer20
    Adventurer20 Month ago +1

    “Every helper lies, there’s a plot against me.”

    Dude it would be a waste of effort.

    • William Signs
      William Signs 25 days ago

      And, as a mobster's brat, he should know all about plotting and conspiracies. The New South Wales government was the best his father's money could buy, after all.


    Chef Eric Greenspan is the homie! Not only has his food always been Fantastic (to say the least) he does care a great deal about his guests - even those that dont leave yelp reviews! Still remember years ago when a group of a dozen or so friends went to the Foundry for happy hour to celebrate my then girlfriend graduating college that day. Chef Eric came b, made a point to ask how everyone was enjoying their food, and after being told what we wete celebrating, surprised her with 3 off menu dishes for everyone to enjoy at no extra cost! What a chef & a gent. Thanks Chef Eric!

  • greenscreen 33
    greenscreen 33 Month ago +2

    The mother is the physical embodiment of sharting your pants.

  • Dark Power
    Dark Power Month ago

    Imagine Gordon and Jhon from bar rescue saving a Bar/Restaurant...

  • Lvl58DeathKnight
    Lvl58DeathKnight Month ago

    please tell me that pile of shit "restaurant" got shut down and that Alan and Jen "I'm 64 years old" r living on the street

  • Sonicblastersoni
    Sonicblastersoni Month ago

    I think its personal

  • Manuk, Psychonaut
    Manuk, Psychonaut Month ago

    These fuckers deserve so much to file for bankruptcy

  • Jacob Summerson
    Jacob Summerson Month ago


  • Jeff YT
    Jeff YT Month ago

    I really want to punch Jen

  • Vance Elwood
    Vance Elwood Month ago

    This restaurant deserved to close down.

  • Local Jimincafe
    Local Jimincafe Month ago

    There's about to be one.

  • Eerie boi1082
    Eerie boi1082 Month ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay's shirt looks cool

  • Roddy Shikatekime
    Roddy Shikatekime Month ago

    tinfoil hat

  • Osama Manan
    Osama Manan Month ago

    Most of these heads of restaurants are not good managers.. there should be a certificate of goodness for restaurants. If you dont have that in 1 year, you get closed.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble Month ago

    Ida left my parents moved out at 18. And sued him for stealing from me.
    Thrn id become more involved with my girlfriends family and get so involved and part of their family i start to accept my own and only ever call my parents on mothers and fathers day on a friends phone they wanna talk to me they can email my spam folder.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble Month ago

    1:24 can we get a rip in the char for ya boy

  • Agustin Rizzo
    Agustin Rizzo Month ago

    I was hoping Gordon literally says to the dad "And please give your son some more credit, and listen to him. He can help the place grow, more than you think."

  • Wormass
    Wormass Month ago

    hahahahaaha at the complete end of the video it said ONIN which is NINO Backwards 😂😂😂😂

  • MiniHenry
    MiniHenry Month ago

    *’The first step to solve every problem is recognizing there’s one’*

  • Jackson Terhaar
    Jackson Terhaar Month ago

    Gordon not only said that the guy was insane, he made a whole presentation with dozens of people. Never change Mr. Ramsey, never change.

  • ontariodrome InThisBigCity

    *jagdjshgajhdgjsgdjagsjdgasd YeEeLpPp*

  • Ahmed Jibril
    Ahmed Jibril Month ago

    im 64 years old

  • JaneAlbert
    JaneAlbert Month ago +1

    How the actual fuck do people this retarded and delusional have the money to open restaurants and invest so much in this stuff?

  • VCorleone 1
    VCorleone 1 Month ago +1

    INFINITY WAR 2: gardon and others strike

  • Caswell
    Caswell Month ago

    I know It's not right to hit women but...damn I want to punch the mother so hard!

  • WolfHuntr CR
    WolfHuntr CR Month ago

    Every yelper LIES! Nice editing.

  • Ja'Quandre Jones
    Ja'Quandre Jones Month ago

    I hope this is somehow mad max in a super elaborate character

  • Sean Rosenau
    Sean Rosenau Month ago

    0:03 guy looks like Jim Jones of the People's Temple. Of course there's a plot against him. Time for him to drink the flavor-aid. LOL

  • Silent Priest
    Silent Priest Month ago

    This guy thinks his son is part of yelp trying to get him

  • Eric Thach
    Eric Thach Month ago

    26 dollars for a burger?

  • DPP_Memes
    DPP_Memes Month ago

    He. Sounds. Like. Trump.

  • Reid Brassington
    Reid Brassington Month ago

    That oner can suck it 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • champblaze
    champblaze Month ago

    Amy's backing company 2.0

  • Perry Cave
    Perry Cave Month ago

    0:00 New threat detected:


  • Gaming Construct
    Gaming Construct Month ago

    Hope the son Sues his parents for the 250k they stole and got out of there

  • Logan Berlew
    Logan Berlew Month ago

    Nino wouldn’t care about Yelp

  • God of redemption And pleasure

    I am the kitchen

  • AzumaYugi Comfy Gaming

    You can tell the owners spend their days eating undercooked meat just by looking at them. They need to have suffered some kind of brain damage from eating that garbage to be that stupid.

  • Arely Pena
    Arely Pena Month ago

    Daniel didnt agree to put 250 thousand in the first place yet he's open minded and is trying to save the restaurant. Wow. I bet he underwent a shitload of stress :/

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger Month ago

    Even though he's an adult, can he still get child protective services against his parents??

    • Vladicarus
      Vladicarus Month ago +1

      nope, but he can sue them.

  • Charlie Walter
    Charlie Walter Month ago

    Hate crime for not liking a Jewish owned restaurant.

  • Geovanni Botticella

    The restaurant should really just go to son and fuck over the parents

  • Noveau Bleu
    Noveau Bleu Month ago

    Those parents are not human beings. They are some kind of Australian human kangaroo hybrids

  • Gymnasmic
    Gymnasmic Month ago

    How immature that mom was sleeping during that meeting. Children shouldn't run restaurants.

  • Joseph Saenz
    Joseph Saenz Month ago +1


  • Emily's Photography

    ay the fedora couple!

  • The Artistic Fellow

    Judge Judy vibe

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Month ago +1

    W A G E W E B U R G A R

  • Teh finest moosic
    Teh finest moosic Month ago

    There actually was a chance there could have been, considering his father, but in this case its his poor management (whatever little there is.)

  • AC Shadow
    AC Shadow Month ago

    She must've fallen asleep cause she's a 64 year old woman

  • johnwayne87
    johnwayne87 Month ago

    This guy and Amy’s Baking Company really boggle my mind. How can you be so deluded that, instead of taking criticism like a normal restaurateur, you are convinced of some kind of plot or mass bullying conspiracy against your business. If you, genuinely, are that full of yourself/full of shit, you have no business trying to run a restaurant. Just pack it up and call it a day, because the only way you can find out where and what you need to improve upon is by taking criticism and learning from it.