Love Struck - V Factory - Lyrics (HQ)

  • Published on Jun 26, 2009
  • i love this band :) this song is the bestttt!!! please tell me if there are any first video on this account ...subscribe!!!

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  • Kookie Fangirl.24
    Kookie Fangirl.24 13 days ago

    Just found this song from a kdrama funny video hwarang 🤣

  • Just Peachy
    Just Peachy 2 months ago

    I think I found my desire to dance again.

  • 키위
    키위 3 months ago +1

    Gosh I just discovered this in 2019? Where have I been really aishhhh

  • Logical.Lotor
    Logical.Lotor 4 months ago

    Wow what a nostalgic song lol

  • jamaʀy hamilton
    jamaʀy hamilton 4 months ago +1


  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 5 months ago +2


  • Shelly the Snail
    Shelly the Snail 5 months ago +1

    If your ship ain’t have this song your ship already failed 💯

  • Azia Taha
    Azia Taha 5 months ago +4

    2019 anyone ???

  • Hoshi Pink Mochi
    Hoshi Pink Mochi 6 months ago +1

    2019 and still here bless this bop forever

  • The Intuitive Uprise
    The Intuitive Uprise 6 months ago


  • Sky Warrior
    Sky Warrior 7 months ago +4

    My child hood! (Even though I'm 12) 2019?!

  • Hayden Orlando Story's
    Hayden Orlando Story's 7 months ago +43

    2019 anyone? Nope just me okay.

  • Shinobu
    Shinobu 9 months ago +2

    Lmao 2*1000+19 year

  • Tough Cookie
    Tough Cookie 9 months ago

    A Bunnymund edit brought me here and I don't regret it ;)

  • GingerBreadGaming Xd
    GingerBreadGaming Xd 9 months ago +2

    They remind me of Big time rush

  • Siti Atiqah
    Siti Atiqah 10 months ago +2

    2019 everyone... Please like

  • Haley Lambert
    Haley Lambert 10 months ago


  • Haley Lambert
    Haley Lambert 10 months ago

    I love it

  • Riceish
    Riceish 11 months ago +3

    Lol idky at 2am i suddenly remembered this song 😂😂

  • Sarah '93
    Sarah '93 Year ago

  • Ren XD
    Ren XD Year ago

    oml this was way tooo many years back!!

  • Reo J. Saints
    Reo J. Saints Year ago

    Radio Disney

  • Billiesunexpectedsike


  • jdesparza
    jdesparza Year ago +1

    I havent heard this song since 2009

  • Rain bows
    Rain bows Year ago

    my crush got me love struck 😉😆😍😘😜

  • Gloria Caballer
    Gloria Caballer Year ago


  • Cutie pie 2000
    Cutie pie 2000 Year ago

    I fucking love this song

  • Vanessa Jones
    Vanessa Jones Year ago +9

    Leave a like or comment if you're watching this in 2018.

  • Heide Bumohya
    Heide Bumohya Year ago +93

    2018 anyone?

  • smol but dedly
    smol but dedly Year ago +5

    first 2018 comment!

  • Anderson East
    Anderson East 2 years ago

    Not the song I thought it was. 😢

  • kasumi uchiha
    kasumi uchiha 2 years ago +1

    Wow I love this song oh god😍😍😍😍😍😳😳😳😆😆

  • Stasi
    Stasi 2 years ago +1


  • stellar
    stellar 2 years ago +4

    Leopika anyone?

    • Aira Harune
      Aira Harune Year ago +1

      I ship Killugon more than Leopika tho.😁😆

  • bohul workers
    bohul workers 2 years ago

    Who's watching in 2017?! The songs from those days...god, they were the best. Now look at all this crap, it's just noise.

  • Aleece
    Aleece 2 years ago +2

    This sounds like kpop to me! Now that I revist it Suju I think lol

  • Qrow Branwen
    Qrow Branwen 2 years ago +1

    it was from RWBY anime

  • Qrow Branwen
    Qrow Branwen 2 years ago

    i found this song from wightrose and bumblebee vs ladybug and freezerburn

  • sneaky weenie
    sneaky weenie 2 years ago +1

    Here from a RWBY Yuri vid.

  • Sadistic Prince
    Sadistic Prince 2 years ago +23

    anyone listening rn? 2017?

  • Maisie *Neko Queen*
    Maisie *Neko Queen* 2 years ago +7

    Idk why... but I have a strange feeling, but so lovely when I hear that song!
    But I really love it!!

  • bohul workers
    bohul workers 2 years ago +17

    Wow, just rediscovered this song after so many years...missed it soo much! Watching in 2017! ❤❤

    • My World
      My World 6 months ago +1

      2019 here, and it's been a long time

    • kooper tv
      kooper tv Year ago

      also me

  • Iris
    Iris 2 years ago +1

    here from a fan video - phan + septiplier + rhink + jelix

    • shystormcloud
      shystormcloud Year ago

      Marshall Burney Are you butthurt? 😑

    • Iris
      Iris 2 years ago

      wow some crazy person needs to chill. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is the internet and I''m not the only one shipping them, literally 1000s of people are. And they have zero problems being shipped, so what's with you saying anything? Why are you so offended? And what does "stop shipping REAL people" mean? You even know the meaning of "ship" bro? ._. Nobody offended you and you're boiling in anger on your own. Chill out

    • Marshall Burney
      Marshall Burney 2 years ago +3

      Stop shipping real people you fucking freak

  • Fubuki Shirou
    Fubuki Shirou 2 years ago

    cool video and song

  • Devin Reis
    Devin Reis 3 years ago +3

    I am clearly the only one who thinks of Seven Deadly Sins. The relationship drama for days!

  • xXRikuXx
    xXRikuXx 3 years ago +2

    i came here from a Yuri on Ice Video ❤

  • Rena Cobain
    Rena Cobain 3 years ago +5

    I came here from an Obito amv. 😶

  • pika girl123
    pika girl123 3 years ago +7

    I came here because of oncest

  • Taeyesmile
    Taeyesmile 3 years ago +6

    Song for mi Crush.

  • _army bulettproof
    _army bulettproof 3 years ago +2

    Help me please (me ajuda)

  • BowTai
    BowTai 3 years ago +34


  • Naynay Stingley
    Naynay Stingley 3 years ago +1

    best song

  • ღMercyღ ღThe healerღ

    fav song so far xD

  • Maria Rosas
    Maria Rosas 3 years ago +5


  • Alexis Osborn
    Alexis Osborn 3 years ago +5

    2016 anybody

  • Ms. Kitty
    Ms. Kitty 3 years ago +4

    It's been, about, six years, since I first heard this song and I still love it! ^.^

  • BaconWrappedCupcake
    BaconWrappedCupcake 3 years ago +11

    2:48 - 2:56

  • Allysa Lott
    Allysa Lott 3 years ago +15

    Gilbert and Oz amv brought me here to this amazing song. :D

  • Francesca Vigna Grap
    Francesca Vigna Grap 3 years ago

    is Very Very beatiful! I love That Song because this Nice Song is in a Very nice video of couples of Inazuma eleven.
    I'm italian, so , I'm Not sure That my English is correct.

  • Roxana Balan
    Roxana Balan 4 years ago +92

    they kinda remember me of Big Time Rush i don't know why :))))..anyways i love this song

    • Brittany Wynn
      Brittany Wynn 2 years ago +1

      Big time rush I love them they don't sing no more

    • Ana Malfoy
      Ana Malfoy 2 years ago +2

      Roxy B Oh hi Army! :)

    • pika girl123
      pika girl123 3 years ago +2

      +Tired Down Fall yee

    • Roxana Balan
      Roxana Balan 3 years ago +2

      =)))) I meant yes

    • Tired Down Fall
      Tired Down Fall 3 years ago +2

      Only a week ago I watched that and now Yee is everywhere I go!? Why??