Josh Christopher Brings the DRIP To The Overtime Challenge! Calls Out HIS SON Shaqir O'Neal 😈

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Yaw asked for it, so we had to make it happen. The JOSH CHRISTOPHER OVERTIME CHALLENGE! It was EPIC fam. We had Josh BOXING Larry, playing an NBA player 1v1, and answering the tough questions. You know his signature shot was drippy AF. This challenge went LOCO, what was the point of going to Cali if you don't watch it?
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Comments • 263

  • Meme Lord21
    Meme Lord21 8 days ago +1

    This dude said that his biggest fear was falling off a cliff 😂😂

  • shawn torres
    shawn torres 11 days ago

    Torres high school

  • seth swartz
    seth swartz 19 days ago

    Somebody gotta call jalen green

  • DAYVION Franklin
    DAYVION Franklin 20 days ago +1

    I gotta pic with larry

  • G McDonald
    G McDonald 22 days ago


  • Rodri
    Rodri 23 days ago

    Overtime larry looks like a character from wii sports.

  • Haleem Adeshiyan
    Haleem Adeshiyan 25 days ago

    Challenge me

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le 25 days ago

    I'm retired

  • Darion Hale
    Darion Hale 25 days ago

    First person to actually miss the pull up three 😂

  • Kobey Jones
    Kobey Jones 26 days ago

    Y’all should get emoni bates everyone likes this so he can see it🤣🥶

  • DBK Tube
    DBK Tube 26 days ago +1

    Jalen green unicorn🎠🎠🎠

  • Brandon Raghubar
    Brandon Raghubar 27 days ago

    Get t jazz

  • Millie Barnes
    Millie Barnes 27 days ago

    Do jalen green next

  • Khi The God
    Khi The God 29 days ago

    i been waiting on this one forever 🥵

  • YaBoy LV
    YaBoy LV 29 days ago +2

    this man pat averaged 1 point lol

  • chrissmovesson yo
    chrissmovesson yo 29 days ago

    When his brother takes his starting spot

  • Chris Choi
    Chris Choi 29 days ago +1

    Do jalen green next

  • The Wiz Kid
    The Wiz Kid Month ago

    Aye OT Larry hit me up tho and we can ball

  • Life with Ke
    Life with Ke Month ago

    Do Jaylin house

  • Darius Duke
    Darius Duke Month ago +1

    Do Bronny James next

  • Guidicelli Lou
    Guidicelli Lou Month ago

    this guy needs to stop drugs

  • KingXx Sauce
    KingXx Sauce Month ago

    he aint even do the pushups

  • Thomasthomasthomas
    Thomasthomasthomas Month ago

    that dude sam got some jacked up feet

  • Wavy Nxgga
    Wavy Nxgga Month ago +1

    He just became my favourite player,homeboy said proud family

  • Jekobe Widlund
    Jekobe Widlund Month ago

    8:43-8:46 that folks a crackhead

  • Eugene Son
    Eugene Son Month ago

    Yo please get lethal shooter on the overtime challenge

  • vlon3
    vlon3 Month ago

    i just knew he was gonna nominate shaqir 🤣

  • Treycoyne12
    Treycoyne12 Month ago +2

    Big bro dawged him in his church shoes 😂

  • Yea cashh
    Yea cashh Month ago

    Bro slipped up and said nigga @ 7:36

  • Game time Hoops
    Game time Hoops Month ago

    Put Paige Bueckers on the OT challenge she’s a bucket

  • LaRon The Goat
    LaRon The Goat Month ago

    Yo my name is LaRon

  • Kaleb Tennison
    Kaleb Tennison Month ago


  • CJ Too Saucy
    CJ Too Saucy Month ago

    Can somebody call out bronny already😂

  • Gael Valdez
    Gael Valdez Month ago +2

    I need Rocket Watts on the Overtime Challenge 🙋🏻‍♂️🔥

  • Vine Compet
    Vine Compet Month ago

    But he nice though

  • Vine Compet
    Vine Compet Month ago

    His jumper is mad weird 😂😂

  • King of youtube
    King of youtube Month ago +1

    Overtime needs to bring back 3 point shootout

  • magzhan abdigali
    magzhan abdigali Month ago

    7:36 Did Larry said n word?

  • KingXenokai
    KingXenokai Month ago


  • Ryan Fantone
    Ryan Fantone Month ago

    Nico mannion it challenge would be 🔥

  • Terrel Claybrook
    Terrel Claybrook Month ago

    Do Zion

  • DrakeSs Potter
    DrakeSs Potter Month ago

    Larry your height? Can you dunk?

  • Carter Maberry
    Carter Maberry Month ago

    that king cake hella fake 💀 want a real king cake you gotta bring ya ass to new orleans

  • 360jaymar 1
    360jaymar 1 Month ago


  • OopsITZ- Rod
    OopsITZ- Rod Month ago

    Sub to my channel please I’m tryna make out for my momma 😔 giveaway at 200 subs 😔

  • 48thyounginn_kol
    48thyounginn_kol Month ago

    Say josh u starting trends mane😂

  • Sean Lai
    Sean Lai Month ago


  • Sean Lai
    Sean Lai Month ago

    hey babe

  • Elijah Burgess
    Elijah Burgess Month ago +2

    His vibe reminds me of Nick Young for some reason

  • Tut Thach
    Tut Thach Month ago

    This challenge is rigged

  • d hughes
    d hughes Month ago +1

    them short shorts be killin me 🤣

  • Swagy L
    Swagy L Month ago

    Y’all need to get Jahmius Ramsey out there

  • TG3
    TG3 Month ago

    What is the overtime challenge now 😭 we miss season 1 and 2

  • Kyle Espiritu
    Kyle Espiritu Month ago

    anyone noticed melo number 1‼️

  • Jeremy Shannon
    Jeremy Shannon Month ago

    Like i said on my channel SmithFamilyTv. He a fucking bucket

  • JToCold 4
    JToCold 4 Month ago

    best console player in the world subscribe to get carried or get a dub

  • Jake Ortiz
    Jake Ortiz Month ago

    Do a sneaker closet with him

  • Mo Reina
    Mo Reina Month ago

    Noah has left the chat

  • Batman And Robin
    Batman And Robin Month ago

    Big bro a fucking beast

  • SypremeA 23
    SypremeA 23 Month ago

    Off lamelo number one😂😂

  • connor c
    connor c Month ago

    Where does his brother pat Christopher play now ?

  • Sam Gordon
    Sam Gordon Month ago


  • ball is life
    ball is life Month ago

    Drip alert

  • Malual Mamer
    Malual Mamer Month ago

    my fav hooper

  • SwayJay 9
    SwayJay 9 Month ago

    I like the gear

  • owen long
    owen long Month ago

    Weird every time these pop in my feed I’m taking a shit so that’s when I watch them lol

  • Itz Goated
    Itz Goated Month ago +1

    "OH MY GAWD!"

  • Cam2 Saucy
    Cam2 Saucy Month ago

    Markese Jacobs the best dress player no cap

  • King Tana
    King Tana Month ago

    Big bro traveled on the last point

  • Khalib Jacksonwright

    I’m better now Shaqir put me on the showWe’re the same age and
    everything and the same height

  • Cooper Hough
    Cooper Hough Month ago

    Somebody bring jalen lecque

  • WhatItDo YouTube
    WhatItDo YouTube Month ago +4

    I absolutely love Overtime Larry, his vibe nice and he’s so positive ❤️

  • CJ R
    CJ R Month ago

    Dam that school nice I might have to go there

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson Month ago +1

    Jesus is the homie

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson Month ago +1


  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker Month ago

    Bro said I'm retiring

  • i kill ppl
    i kill ppl Month ago +1

    Overtime single handily making the word drip lame

  • Jan Soto
    Jan Soto Month ago

    Shouldve said jaelen house

  • PriceRonnie17
    PriceRonnie17 Month ago +1

    Shows you how raw NBA players old and young really are.

  • Lowasli 2x
    Lowasli 2x Month ago

    Nigga said “I’m retired” 😂😂

  • Omar Velazquez
    Omar Velazquez Month ago

    Yo on god thats my school Esteban E Torres and I never knew he was gonna go there on god bro

  • Birch Tree
    Birch Tree Month ago


  • WilsonFAM #LIT
    WilsonFAM #LIT Month ago

    Best TheXvid channel🎈

  • Serws Yt
    Serws Yt Month ago +4

    Like if wish drip tee is not sold out

  • Herps and Fish With Palen

    He has Kansas university shorts on 👀

  • Holden Sanders
    Holden Sanders Month ago

    Why Pat Really looked like a genie

  • Nariyah Parks
    Nariyah Parks Month ago

    Larry we’ve been waiting for this one😁

  • Jermaine Bedell
    Jermaine Bedell Month ago

    Been waiting for this!!

  • Camden Howard
    Camden Howard Month ago +1

    Dunking in off white 🔥

  • OC marrr
    OC marrr Month ago +1

    Do Jalen Green. He gotta be on the Overtime Challenge

  • captainben hendi
    captainben hendi Month ago

    Timing: Very Late
    Coverage: Open

  • Young Trendsetters
    Young Trendsetters Month ago

    Yessir finally got jaygup !💯

  • Ya Head
    Ya Head Month ago

    Josh looking like kid buu up in her from dragon ball z

  • Zack Weiner
    Zack Weiner Month ago +1

    I like how josh is drippy and was wearing the literal drip O shirt. Tuff

  • Greg Cooper
    Greg Cooper Month ago +1

    That dap was crisp as hell

  • Latoya Ross
    Latoya Ross Month ago

    Cooper is better than you

  • Rob Benzzz TV
    Rob Benzzz TV Month ago

    The call outs is whack bring back the fire

  • EmptySoldier
    EmptySoldier Month ago

    The baggie pants look so damn goofy on josh. Lmao

  • ReggieBChi
    ReggieBChi Month ago

    He’s dripping 🔥🔥🌊🌊

  • Dhill828
    Dhill828 Month ago

    Jaygup: "Im retired"
    Larry: "Whaaat"